Friday, September 01, 2006

Kryon on Accomplishment


We have yet another story of Wo for you. Now Wo is not a male or a female, as we have said before. Wo is a wo-man. So Wo can be either gender in your mind, but we'll call him a "he" because my partner is a he. You realize that in your languages everything is gendered, don't you? English, the language that my partner speaks, is the least-gendered language on the planet. Almost all of the other languages spoken on Earth must have every object be masculine or feminine. You're consumed with it. It's not that way on the other side of the veil, dear Human Beings. There's no gender on my side of the veil. Get used to it!

This is number five and it's about Wo, who asked for ascension status. He sat before Spirit and indicated that he wanted ascension status. "I have pure intent," he said. "May I begin the process?" And God saw the purity and said, "YES!" The angels were excited.

Then Wo, on his own, examined what to do next. He stood from that meeting and said, "I've got it! Now, what I will do is work hard in order to climb this ascension mountain, because I know that an ascension energy is the goal and I'm going to climb this mountain to get there. I know what to do. I've got these steps over here, and I'm going to do this and this, for it is the way of it. I'm on my way to ascension."

So Wo started climbing the mountain, and climb he did, for three years. He went here and he went there; he attended classes; he read books; he fasted; he prayed; he meditated; and he followed the many steps that he felt were leading him to the top. Oh, he slipped a few times, bruised his elbow, hurt his toe. [Kryon smile] But he got right up and started again. "I can do this," Wo would mutter to himself. "I know I can get to the top since Spirit said I could have ascension. I'll get to the top!" And he did.

There he stood, at the top of the mountain, and claimed his ascension status and it was beautiful. "Oh, I feel peaceful. I know this is the beginning of a better life," he said, "and I know I have a lot to learn, but this is the first step and I've worked hard to get to it and it took years!"

Wo was congratulating himself when he happened to look over on the back side of the mountain and he gasped in horror! There was a ski lift! A real ski lift! And there were people like him on that ski lift. They were all coming up the mountain one at a time. The total time from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain was three minutes! They were experiencing ascension status!

Wo cried, "It's not fair. It's not fair."

He went into meditation and said, "Dear Spirit, it's not fair. Why is it this way? I've spent all that time and all that hard work getting up the mountain. Why didn't you tell me about the ski lift?"

And Spirit says, "Wo, you never asked, did you? You took a Human assumption to the maximum and never once examined anything else. You felt you had figured it out, had to work for it, and so you did. It was your choice to make the climb difficult.”

Human Being, let me tell you where the ski lift is. Each one of you carries in your DNA the profundity of lifetimes of sacred experience. Shamans, you know who you are in the room. Have you ever wondered, regarding your past lives, who you've been and what you've done? I'll tell you: Those who spend time in a room like this have been there and done that [massive experience with hard work on Earth] and carry with them in their Akashic Record all of the mastery and the Shamanship and experience they'll ever need to go into this ascension status.

Do you understand? The "work" is cumulative, and you've already done most of it by the time you ever have the conscious thought to ask to work on yourself spiritually. You don't have to work and you don't have to climb that mountain and it won't take years. Just go to the Akash and open that jar that carries the sacredness in it of your experiences on this planet, and put it upon yourself and walk out as a Shaman. You can do it now if you wish! So for Wo, we say that if he had only looked at the divine instead of the Human way of doing things, he would not have spent three years climbing a mountain that he didn't have to climb.

How many of you feel that you've got to work for it? "Kryon, I'm not sure I like your message,” you say. “We don't have to work for some of these things?" No, that's not what I said. I'm telling you that you already did! You want to do it again? You want to go through it again? Why use Human logic with a spiritual attribute? Reach in and take your divinity and pull it out of your own that surpasses almost anything you could dream of. That is, unless you buy into the Human idea that in order to progress spiritually, you have to suffer a bit? Does that sound like God's logic or the idea of men? Some of you will feel wiser tomorrow because you have given intent for your mastery.

"Kryon, what is mastery?" I'll tell you what it is, Human Being. It's when you walk around and you're not afraid of life. It's when you're peaceful when others are not. The situations that would cause drama in others do not in you. It's when the world around you is in chaos and you walk into it and you don't feel chaos. Instead, at some level you feel the wisdom of the ages. You absolutely know it doesn't have to affect you, and it doesn't have to touch you. It's when somebody yells at you and calls you a name and your first reaction is to wonder if they're right! That's mastery. A Human's first reaction is to fight back. A master's first reaction is to check themselves for integrity. Blessed is the Human Being who's asked for that this night for you're going to start to see a change in your life, and the earth will be a better place because of what you've done.



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