Monday, July 11, 2011

Ego -- TwelveSpirit

Any of you who creates in the world gets attached to what you have created; it is inevitable. Let us rephrase that a little bit; it is automatic; inevitable in the sense that your physically based thought process, ego, will attach itself. It sees only the physical — it has nothing else to respond to — and its duty there is the creation of a semi-autonomous being, capable of deciding the next best thing on a conscious level.

Your own ego processes are invisible to you to a great degree. It is by interacting with others that you become aware of them. You are all creating from the focused center of being that you have adopted for this lifetime. Ego is always going to emerge as a ghost in the middle of that creating. Your freedom is the degree to which you create freely from now without attachment to your own history.

There is a freedom that people find from their own egos when they can agree upon a common task that is beyond themselves. That is the value of tribe. It is also subject of widespread abuse since everyone expects you to conform to what they see as the greater good. However a small group of two to ten people might bring together a sort of communal landscape where they see themselves bonded towards a greater task than anything their individual perspectives might organize.

Our point to you is that in order to derive the greatest pleasure from your earthly experience you must free yourself of attachment to the ghost of self that lingers in your day to day experience. Those people who annoy you are there to remind you of it. It is only the points you are attached to that annoy you, you see. When you let go of all your attachments you will see the world as it is, as we see it, as Creator sees it, in wholeness and perfection.

Our hearts are with you,

Twelve Insight Journal, July 10, 2011

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