Thursday, December 17, 2009

Waves of Energy -- Bashar

Waves of Energy
Bashar channeled by Darryl Anka

Wave upon wave upon wave of energy is radiating outwardly from each and every single one of you, every moment, every second of every day. You, as bioelectromagnetic entities, with your heartbeat are constantly sending out bubbles, expanding bubbles of bioelectromagnetic energy, at the speed of light, and in so doing are constantly immersing each other in your bubbles of expanding energy creating an ocean of electromagnipheric energy in which you are all immersed and thus all electromagnetically connected.

When you therefore create within yourselves a vibrational state of harmony, a vibrational state of love, a vibrational state of excitement, a vibrational state of peace, that vibration, that resonance, that frequency is imparted to the bubble that expands outwardly from you at the speed of light. And you are thus then sending that frequency to all other beings on your planet and thus then allowing them an opportunity to feel, to receive that frequency from you and thus then if they wish to, to match that energy in their own frequency and send it back to you, to reflect it back to you, to amplify it back to you and allow you to send it back again, back and forth, amplifying, magnifying and escalating in an ever increasing vibrational upliftment. This is what you are doing every day with whatever vibration you are giving off.

So if you are in the vibration of fear and doubt then you are sending those vibrations out and allowing those that are also choosing that wavelength to amplify them back to you and reinforce that vibration in your reality even as you reinforce the reality of that vibration to them.

So it is a matter of choice as to what kind of ocean you want to swim in.



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