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Zero Point Technology --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
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An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

We have already discussed ascension symptoms and the Master Template in earlier dissertations, and so we will move on now to other topics. Let us discuss changes in your technology.


In the years to come, there will be a great technological revolution that will make your recent technological revolution pale by comparison. However, it will not manifest itself until the forces of control and domination are on the decline. Until the Internet became available worldwide, most true advances in technology were suppressed in order that the ruling elite could keep their existing systems in place. They do not want ordinary people to become too powerful, since they see that as a threat to their way of life (ruling and controlling). So most of the technologies that are truly useful have been suppressed on your world. You have had cures for cancer for over 100 years. You have had the ability to produce clean energy for a long time. You can grow food cheaply and abundantly with enough to feed the world ten times over.

Although the blame lies partly on the ruling elite, it has been the overall consciousness of humanity that has kept technology in the dark. Most souls on Earth believe in the idea of scarcity (a condition we will elaborate upon in our discussion of economics). You have all been taught that you cannot get something from nothing. Well, on the contrary, it is precisely the “nothing” (in this case the electromagnetic null zone) that holds the key to unlimited energy. Your physicists call this the “zero point.”

Zero Point Technology

In order for zero point technology to proliferate upon your world, your consciousness must embrace the idea that it is possible to live in a sea of infinite abundance. Some of your nuclear physicists have already proven that the universe contains an almost unlimited amount of potential energy.

As souls evolve on Earth and let go of their belief in scarcity, lack and limitation, they create a powerful field of “prosperity consciousness” that then goes forth and alters the etheric field of Earth sufficiently to allow zero point devices to work consistently and accurately.

Because you are electromagnetic beings, your EM field affects your experiments, especially the ones that deal with quantum mechanics and the zero point. This has been proven in your quantum experiments.

The observer affects the observed. In truth, the observer IS the observed, since all is One.

Consciousness affects the operation of technological devices. This fact is easily demonstrated in the quantum physics laboratory, but it also applies to the introduction of new technologies that are not readily accepted by your mainstream scientists. The belief that something will not work affects the outcome of experiments. Many of your inventors have developed what they call “zero-point energy machines” and have gotten very excited about the ability of these devices to tap into the etheric energy field and produce virtually unlimited energy, only to have their hopes dashed when skeptical colleagues are called together to witness the “miracle.”

The physics of zero point energy machines is too complicated to include in this treatise (it involves the understanding of multiple variable nonlinear vector equations, for example). However, the theory is very simple and we will take a moment to enlighten you. The simplest analogy is that of a bi-pole magnet, such as a bar magnet. As you know, one end of the magnet is positively charged and one end is negatively charged. The electrons flow from the negative end toward the positive end and the positrons flow from the positive end toward the negative end. However, a curious thing happens at the point that is exactly balanced between the two poles. At this point, the electrons and positrons lose their differentiation momentarily and become free-form subatomic particles (similar to monatomic resonant atoms). Within the null zone between the polarities, there is virtually no resistance.

As you probably know, resistance is caused by the differential inherent within a medium (device through which electrons and positrons pass). In other words, resistance is caused by the interaction of various particles with each other that are slightly or totally out of phase in terms of polarity. When there is exact resonance (as there is at the zero point), you have what has been termed “superconductivity,” which is essentially the opposite of resistance. (For you electrical scientists, we beg your indulgence here, as we are attempting a layman's explanation. We realize we are omitting some important facts and oversimplifying our definitions.)

At the point of almost no resistance you have nearly infinite energy potential. In this case, the infinite energy field of the etheric planes is accessed, since it is the etheric realm where the undifferentiated source energy “tunnels” into the physical realm. At the exact point where the polarities are balanced, you have a mini-wormhole, or portal, opening up into the etheric realms. The technology that taps into the wormhole is virtually the same technology that utilizes the zero point field to propel a spacecraft through the etheric realms between physical points in 3D time/space. A slightly more in-depth description of spaceship technology follows in a few paragraphs.

As stated above, up until the present time, only a few zero point devices have been able to work on Earth, and then usually only in the presence of those that fully believe and accept this technology. When in the presence of skeptics, the devices often fail due to the negatively polarized EM field present around such skeptics. (We are of course referring to those who refuse to keep an open mind – after all, there is a form of healthy skepticism.) The energy vibrations of negative expectations interact in the quantum environment and affect the ability of inventors to successfully demonstrate their equipment. Such devices are able to function only within a field of consciousness that accepts their reality. Even if the devices work consistently, those that are unable or unwilling to accept their reality will not experience the “miracle.”

As the Earth moves further into the EM null zone and the polarization of the planet decreases, zero point technology will have a more fertile ground in which to become developed. At the same time, the consciousness of the inventors will increase. They will create safe havens for themselves where their inventions cannot be stolen and suppressed.

In order for new technologies to be mass produced, the present systems of economics and politics must change significantly. In the following sections we will take a look at these systems on Earth and offer predictions (which cannot be 100% accurate, but which will likely be quite close).

As Earth approaches the year 2012, the energy will shift sufficiently such that many of these devices will be able to be mass-marketed to those who are ready and willing to accept that virtually unlimited energy exists in the universe and can be harnessed to work on Earth. The enlightened societies of the fourth density Earth will be powered with such devices. There will be no more pollution, no more “scarce” energy, no more need to politically control fossil fuel supplies, and all the rest of this nonsense. Those who survive the Earth changes will realize that the universe is a place of unlimited abundance on virtually every level. The vast majority of worlds in your galaxy have already learned to put away the childish toys of war, poverty, and separatist states. They have realized that there is enough to go around and their societies reflect the mass consciousness of prosperity.

Technology is created to serve humankind and to make mundane, repetitive tasks easier. That is its purpose. It really has no purpose apart from this. Once the repetitive tasks of maintaining the physical body are mastered, human beings are free to create on a scale barely imagined by your more forthright visionaries. Proper use of technology does not create long hours of servitude to machines, although your computer programmers might beg to differ. As your technology evolves, a relatively small number of individuals will be employed to keep the machines running and to improve their efficiency, while the majority of souls will simply harness their usefulness and get on with their lives.

As your society evolves into fourth and fifth densities, you will learn to travel interstellar space using EM field-generating spaceships. The technology of fourth and fifth density spacecraft has already been brought to your world and is being utilized by some of your so-called “black ops” programs. In the 1940s and 1950s, technology from Zeta Reticulus was reverse engineered by some of your scientists. This technology is partially responsible for the rapid evolution of your computers and related devices. The Zeta spaceships utilize the zero-point EM field to create a vacuum through which their ships can travel at multiples of the speed of light. In essence, they create mini-wormholes, or portals, through which their ships are propelled. The more advanced craft are capable of traveling through time as well as space, and yes, some of your visitors have come from the future, as well as from distant stars. Later in this book we will examine what is happening when you receive a visitation from the future.

As humanity evolves farther into fourth and fifth densities, the benevolent ETs will openly share their technology and souls from enlightened ET societies will freely come and go from the Earth plane through the use of these craft. For obvious reasons, the benevolent beings who have this technology are unable to share it in a significant way until humanity puts away their thoughts of fear, attack and violence. This is why we choose telepathic transmission and channeling as our primary means of communication with Earth. Only those souls that understand the ways of fifth density and higher are ready to use these technologies responsibly.

We cannot and will not give these devices directly to humanity until the fascination with war and military supremacy is ended on Earth. You cannot yet be trusted to use these devices for the highest good of humanity.

It is unfortunate that your intergalactic organization, popularly called Galactic Federation or Galactic Confederation, has had to intervene on five different occasions in order to keep you from blowing yourselves up with nuclear weapons. Zero point devices are capable of doing far more than your nuclear technologies and we will not allow these devices to fall into the hands of the unenlightened.

That said, we will give you a short explanation of one of the applications of zero point technology. Although the following information is already available on your planet from other sources, allow us to briefly summarize the method by which Zetas power and propel their craft.

In the center of a spherical or saucer-shaped craft, there is a zero point energy device that creates an EM field around the craft. This field can be adjusted from a circular pattern into an extreme obloidal or elliptical pattern, omnidirectionally, or unidirectionally, depending on the desired direction of travel. This device creates a temporary vacuum in the time/space continuum, which could be likened to an enlarged zero point field. In essence, the device creates an artificial portal or stargate through which the ship can now travel.

The stargate is really an opening into the etheric realms, and so the ship is “sucked” into the vacuum of the zero point field and enters the etheric realms. The etheric realms are constructed in such a manner as to allow the ship to move quickly from one part of physical space to another in a manner similar to what your sci-fi authors call “warp speed.” In reality, they are not traveling faster through conventional space, but taking “short-cuts” through etheric space and then re-emerging back into physical space at the desired point. The best analogy is to take a flat piece of paper, which represents conventional space, and then fold it so that the opposite ends are close together. The ship would be jumping across the gap between the parts of the paper.

As the ship prepares to jump back into conventional space, the polarity of the zero point device is altered to create a downward jump rather than an upward jump (in essence dialing a lower frequency instead of a higher one). Of course, this is again an oversimplified description, but it gives you some idea of how space and time can be transcended. A more rigorous discussion of how to move between dimensions will be forthcoming at a later time.

Other Technologies

In the years to come on your planet, there will be medical advances that will essentially stop the aging process of human bodies. While this is not a substitute for spiritual awareness and ascension, it will nevertheless allow many of those moving into fourth density to remain in their present physical bodies well past the conclusion of the Galactic Shift.

The “aging gene” has been isolated by some of your scientists. Experiments designed to prolong the life of humans will only work if the soul of such humans really wants to be on the Earth for an extended length of time. If that is the case, the DNA can be altered both by consciousness and medical manipulation.

New technologies for food production will be introduced in the self-sufficient spiritual communities. New modes of transport, based on EM field technology, will allow material goods to be shipped anywhere on Earth at virtually no expense and with very little lapse of time. Your scientists have already reverse engineered a number of Zeta spacecraft that utilize EM field propulsion systems like the one discussed above.

We will now conclude our discussion of the changes to expect in the realm of technology. As we stated before, this subject will be revisited at a later time.

The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields, and What's Behind It All

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