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Talking to the Soul Community

Every once in awhile something extraordinary happens - something which touches our hearts and minds so deeply we cannot begin to express its impact with mere words. Recently, I was privileged to be a sidelines witness to such an event, and am moved to share an account of what happened.

On Thursday, September 3, 2009, my secretary, Nikki, came to me about a matter involving her younger sister, who resides in the small West Virginia town where the two of them grew up. Nikki explained that on August 5 her sister had given birth to a child, a boy, and that there were many complications.

The child was born five weeks premature and suffered several birth defects, including a hare lip, a cleft palette and an unformed right retina. His birth weight was slightly under five pounds and he faced significant survival issues from day one. The hare lip and cleft palette were deemed surgically correctible, but the plan was to delay those procedures until the child was about three months old, allowing him a chance to gain weight and strengthen his constitution before they were performed.

As noted early on, however, the child seemed to be getting weaker, instead of stronger, with each passing day. He had not gained a single ounce since birth. From what Nikki described, her nephew was failing to thrive in almost every conceivable way, and this was the course his life had taken from the moment he was born.

These problems had reached a critical juncture by August 26. The child, while being cared for at home by his father, had stopped breathing for no apparent reason. His father administered CPR ¡V mouth-to-mouth resuscitation ¡V while another family member called the local rescue squad. He was hospitalized in Charleston on the assumption he might have contracted pneumonia or RSV, though lab tests later showed he was negative for both. In the meantime, to the confoundment of the physicians caring for him, he could not seem to continue breathing on his own. Despite an oxygen mask, his breathing ceased three more times in the hospital on August 26 and he survived the day only because he was resuscitated artificially each time. After the third of these near-fatal episodes, he was placed on a ventilator and feeding tube. Although the breathing crises were temporarily allayed by mechanical means, the child's condition continued to deteriorate. After eight days in hospital he still had gained no weight, despite the feeding tube, and he remained wholly dependent on the ventilator for air. Worse still, the doctors had informed Nikki's sister and other family members that the child appeared to have almost no chance of survival and they should prepare themselves for his death.

I asked Nikki's personal observations of the child's affect during the several home visits she had made. She said what had startled her most was his almost lifeless appearance from the time he was born. Her nephew had seemed barely alive, had shown no signs of vitality, had no brightness or signs of life in his eyes, exhibited no facial expressions or body movement, and displayed no alertness or attention to anything. This absence of outward life signs apparently had been constant even when the doctors were reporting his measurable vital signs were within the normal range. Nikki said she'd never seen anything quite like it.

I also inquired about the course of her sister's pregnancy. Nikki indicated that too was unusual, in that her sister had no inkling she was pregnant until a pregnancy test confirmed it midway through the fifth month. Although a lack of awareness of pregnancy by an expectant mother is not necessarily rare, such occurrences more commonly involve overweight women. But Nikki described her sister as diminutive, and said she had experienced no discernable weight gain before learning of the pregnancy. Nikki also said it was only at her urging her sister finally had a pregnancy test.

Nikki asked for whatever advice I could offer about this situation, even if it were not something she would feel comfortable passing along to her sister. She has worked with me long enough to be well aware of my somewhat unconventional views of how things work, and expressly requested advice along those lines. Nikki also asked if I would be willing to make a specific inquiry about this situation to my Muses, meaning the higher plane soul group with whom I regularly consult, to see what information, if any, they might offer on the subject.

As to Nikki's first inquiry, I told her, in my own view, that infant death, like the possible one involving her nephew which seemed imminent, as well as many other seemingly inexplicable infant passings which fall under the rubric of crib deaths, often occur due to a lack of bonding between the soul which undertakes an incarnation and the body through which the incarnation is being expressed. I also added that in many instances an abbreviated incarnate lifetime may be planned in advance by the participating soul, both for its own benefit and for the benefit of those whom its short incarnate life may touch.

I explained it is only the soul which gives life to a body and that a human body, however sound or healthy it may be, is incapable of sustaining itself unless it is animated by a soul which has bonded itself with the body. The cells which comprise the body and the organs within the body are not the life force of the body. The soul alone is the life force, and the body chemistry or cells or organs will register as healthy, as doctors would measure, only to the extent they resonate in harmony with the life force of the soul.

I pointed out as well that, from my own perspective, the soul does not "care" about sustaining a physical life in the same way we, as personalities, care about doing so. The soul knows a body through which it may express itself is not the essence of life, but merely a fleeting expression of its own essence. The soul knows the core of life which we experience through the body resides within the soul itself, not in the body, and the soul has no confusion about this in the way people and personalities do.

Thus, the soul, in my view, dons and animates a body for a lifetime much in the way we as people may don an article of clothing and wear it, as a means of expressing ourselves, for an activity or occasion. The clothing we wear is not our essence, but merely a vehicle through which we express certain aspects of our essence. If there is a lack of bonding or misalignment between a soul and a body it has sought to animate, then the soul may leave that body in the same way any one of us might discard or choose not to wear a particular article of clothing which does not fit us or may be inappropriate for a particular activity or occasion.

Explaining my views as gently as I could in a way I hoped would give Nikki some sense of solace, I also suggested that if her nephew were to die it would imply to me the soul which chose this incarnation had, for reasons of its own, simply decided to move on; and, from her description of her nephew's flat-line demeanor and lack of affect, it sounded as if minimal bonding between soul and body had occurred during her nephew's first few weeks - no more than absolutely necessary just to keep the body barely alive.

I told Nikki this suggested to me the soul involved probably was preparing to depart permanently, as indicated by the three or four episodes where her nephew had stopped breathing for no obvious reason. Hence, the gloomy medical advice probably was well founded. What she described seemed to suggest as well that the soul had planned a very short life in advance of the incarnation.

I also told her this could be interpreted as an attention getter for her sister, as clearly her sister was or had been, in some significant ways, disconnected from and not paying attention to the process of life, even at its most physically creative, personal and intimate level, its reproductive process. As heartbreaking as the child's death might be, an experience like this might serve as a wakeup call for her sister, and might have been designed as such at the soul level.

As I promised I would, I consulted my Muses about the matter that very evening. They observed that the advice I had given was essentially correct as far as it went. They then went on to say that in this instance there was an extreme incompatibility and misalignment of frequencies between this soul fragment and the physical vehicle, this newborn child, it had undertaken to animate. They indicated the soul's frequency was so much higher than the child's that it would be impossible for this soul to continue animating the body of this child, and that the child's physical death was imminent, and likely would occur within the next several days.

They also confirmed the soul had gotten involved in what was intended from the start to be a short-term stay in the body of this child, in part to raise the consciousness of the mother. There was an unspoken element within the communication which seemed to me to imply this soul, perhaps in part due to the premature birth, may have stepped into the breach without much planning, on a sort of short-term rescue mission, but had soon found it could not make a sustained go of it due to the frequency disparity.

Something within this exchange inspired me to ask whether it would be possible in a circumstance like this for another soul, having a frequency level more compatible with this child, to take the place of the soul now preparing to make its final exit.

The response was that normally such a possibility would be so infinitesimally small as to be unworthy of considering, but that there was a very slight chance such a substitution might occur, simply because at present many more souls than usual are seeking to incarnate on Earth to participate in the frequency shifts now unfolding here. They cautioned, however, that such a possibility still was remote at best, and should not be counted on as a likely or probable outcome.

The next morning, September 4, I shared this communication with Nikki. I suggested, if she felt comfortable in doing so, that she might want to consider extending an invitation to the soul realm, directed to any soul who would be a suitable match for her nephew, to invite such a soul to consider choosing to join this incarnation as a replacement for the soul preparing to depart, for the physical life experience, challenges and opportunities her nephew's life may offer.

"Is that what they recommended?" Nikki asked.

"No," I confessed. "They didn't mention it and I didn't ask about it. It was on my mind when I inquired about the possibility of another soul replacing the one leaving, but I decided not to bring it up."

"How come?" she pressed. "I know you must've had some reason."

"Two," I answered. "The first is that what I'm suggesting is in line with the kinds of direct communication I've had with the soul realm ever since I was a teenager. That's given me a pretty good idea how the process works and what techniques are best suited for it. Because of that I didn't feel it was necessary to ask. The second is that I didn't want the process or any expectations about the outcome to be tainted in any way. My own experience tells me guidance on this question might result in a mental or emotional overlay which could adversely affect the integrity of the process. The invitation I'm suggesting you extend has the potential to be a highly creative act. I believe there will be greater value and power associated with it if you do it on your own because it feels right, not because some higher plane soul group told you what to do or that it might work. All the contacts I've ever had with higher plane consciousness have stressed, above all else, the creative potential we have in the physical plane if we choose to exercise it, and this is a perfect opportunity to do so. Does what I'm saying make sense to you?"

"Yes, it does," she said. "I don't quite know why, but it all makes perfect sense. So what do we do next, or what do you suggest I do?"

I reemphasized the importance of framing this in her mind and expressing it as an invitation. I suggested that the end might be best served not by prayer as such, at least in the petitioning, pleading or begging form prayer most commonly takes. A matter-of-fact invitation, such as one might extend for an open house or for a joyful celebration of a special occasion, would work best. Importantly, it should be presented in a way that leaves the choice of rejection or acceptance clearly and explicitly in the hands of the recipient.

I gave her some language she could use to that effect, and we reviewed that language in the office that Friday morning, with a further suggestion that she personalize it to her liking and vocalize it aloud at home that night. To the extent her sister could participate in such a process without undoing or disrupting her religious belief systems, all the better. But I cautioned Nikki it would be better to not involve her sister at all if doing so would be too disruptive for her.

I also cautioned Nikki how important it was not to be attached in any way to the outcome, but to have complete confidence in the process, whatever its outcome. I told her she could be assured that expressing the invitation in the manner I suggested would, without any doubt, get the word out to all those in the soul community now seeking to incarnate on Earth for whom her nephew's potential life would serve as a suitable incarnate vehicle, and that once that connection were made there could be no wrong choices and no wrong outcome, whatever the outcome eventually might turn out to be at our physical plane level. While presenting it, she was to think of herself as a conduit for the communication - not as an advocate for any particular outcome.

I explained to Nikki a little bit about the law of attraction and its corollaries - allowing, intent and manifestation - and the ways those principles interface with the matrix of creation, also known as the divine matrix, the etheric void, the ground of being, etc., that non-physical realm from which the physical plane, including the entire physical universe as we know it, is continuously being created, manifested and sustained. I assured her extending and releasing the invitation in the manner I suggested would take into proper account each of those laws.

"Although it may seem like I'm promoting some kind of magic here, I'm
really not. There is a physics to all this which mainstream science is as yet too ignorant to understand or even recognize. What this involves is the physics of the ether, or ether physics. Although I know almost nothing about physics, I think terms like 'scalar wave' and 'phase conjugation' could be properly applied or at least would have meaning in this context. In quantum terms, appearance of a replacement soul would collapse the wave front of your nephew's imminent death. That's perfectly feasible, because it's just a probability wave anyway, and the invitation will open a doorway of possibility for its displacement."

"I have no idea what any of that means," said Nikki, looking appropriately nonplussed at my mention of physics.

"Sorry," I answered. "Let's think of it in more everyday terms. As I often have told you, thoughts and emotions are concrete, palpable things. People enmeshed in negative thoughts and emotions often look like they're carrying a dark cloud around with them, and they literally are. People whose thoughts and feelings are positive look just the opposite, and they tend to exude a certain radiance or lightness of being. We can tell the difference at a glance, even with perfect strangers. These two groups not only perceive the world differently from each other, they also inhabit entirely different worlds, because their different energy fields are constantly co-creating the negative and positive worlds they inhabit with supportive feedback. Are you with me now?"

"Yeah," she intoned, "that's just common sense."

"The point is that a focused, positive thought clearly expressing a positive emotional intent has great power. Vocalizing it aloud will not only enhance its concreteness, but also facilitate its release. Once it's released and unburdened by attachment it has wings, and will travel anywhere and everywhere you direct it to go. It may take some amount of time to be digested and acted on by the recipients, but, believe me, it's a lot easier to connect with the soul realm in this way than it would be with your fellow flesh-and-blood humans."

"I've got it," she said, "and I'll follow up at home tonight."

The following Tuesday, September 8 (Monday having been Labor Day), Nikki reported she had done exactly as I suggested. She described sitting down alone in her living room the previous Friday night, after her children had been put to bed, and having a fifteen or twenty minute conversation in which she vocalized aloud her invitation to the soul community. She included her rendition of all the joys, challenges, opportunities and love a soul might experience if it were to accept her invitation and choose her nephew's life as an incarnate vehicle for its own soul growth, and said she talked lovingly and joyfully at some length about her own family as she presented the invitation.

Nikki said she didn't know whether her voice was heard, but she felt like it was, and said the occasion itself was somehow a joyous one for her which she felt good about in every way, regardless of its outcome. Nikki also reported she had successfully engaged her sister, at least to a limited extent, to participate in the process. And, for whatever it was worth, she reported her nephew was still alive but was barely hanging on and the doctors were still extremely fatalistic in their outlooks.

"But I just felt so good about that one-sided conversation I had on Friday night," she said, "it's as if the pessimism of the doctors and the lackluster vital signs don't count or matter any more. I don't know how to describe it. I know this soul that's been with him is leaving and I'm just grateful it's stayed as long as it has and that it showed up at all. I don't know if another one's coming, but somehow I know whatever happens will be right. It will be whatever is best or whatever is supposed to happen. I've never felt quite this way about anything before. I just have a sense of peace about it I wouldn't have believed possible a few days ago."

"Well," I told her, "there's no question in my mind your voice was heard. You've often heard me speak of my own spirit guides, and you have them too, just as everyone does. From the sound of it, I would guess yours not only are acting as intermediaries to get the word out but also helped you formulate and present the invitation itself, since it sounds like what you did Friday night was such an inspired act. Now there's nothing to do but wait and let events unfold however they will."

"I know," she replied, "and I'm ready, come what may."

I had to go out of town that day and was away the rest of the week. When I returned the following Monday, September 14, Nikki made a beeline for my office as soon as I arrived to give me an update - a complete and dramatic turnabout had taken place while I was gone.

The turning point seemed to have occurred during the early morning hours of September 9. Her sister told her that on Wednesday morning, September 9, it was as if her son had become "a completely different baby than he had been before."

Overnight he went from being his usual lethargic, listless and nearly lifeless self to being fully awake, alert, alive and even a little curious, abruptly exhibiting all these qualities for the first time since birth. Moreover, in the five days since September 9 the child had suddenly gained more than two pounds, when no weight gain or growth was achievable before.

By September 14 he was removed from the respirator, breathing entirely on his own and starting to show signs of thriving on his own, even managing to smile despite the difficulty posed by his hare lip and cleft palette. Nikki also reported that, perhaps not coincidentally, September 9 was the date her nephew was originally slated to be born if the pregnancy had gone full term.

"What do you think?" Nikki asked, after first filling me in on all the good news.

"They come here for love," I responded. "I've been told over and over that souls come here to incarnate in human form, as well on the many other planets humans inhabit, because the human form not only is centered in the heart, but is in its entirety an organic outgrowth of the heart. As such, the human template offers exceptional opportunities to develop and express the vibration of love in physical form. The frequency changes now occurring on Earth also are creating new opportunities for higher expressions of love than have ever occurred here before. I believe this is why so many souls are seeking to incarnate here now. The invitation you and your sister extended reinforced that opportunity and probable reality to the soul community. And, to the extent presented without attachment to outcome as it obviously was, the invitation itself was an expression of pure and unconditional love, with no strings of fear attached."

I paused a few seconds to catch my breath and contain myself after this mouthful, then followed it with, "Geez! ... It sounds to me like your invitation has been accepted."

Chills ran up and down my spine and tears welled up in my eyes as I spoke these words. As I tried to talk my way through them, I added, "What a humbling and joyful experience it is ¡K to have a sense of working collaboratively and harmoniously with the soul community in this way."

Nikki went on to report the physicians attending her nephew were baffled, and left scratching their heads in wonderment, trying to figure out what was going on. They could offer nothing other than that the mysterious and inexplicable transformation they'd witnessed was a miracle. Would that they could figure it out, as this is the kind of health care reform we truly need, not the bullshit everyone is bickering over in Washington.

Since then her nephew has grown stronger by the day. He is now unplugged from everything, home from the hospital and thriving in every way. Surgery to correct his facial deformity has been scheduled, and it is believed his retinal defect can be surgically corrected as well.

Nikki then informed me her sister had undergone amniocentesis during the pregnancy due to a fetal anomaly seen by ultrasound, and the amniocentesis had shown her nephew suffered a genetic defect which almost invariably meant the child, once born, would have an abbreviated life expectancy of only nine or ten months. At birth the child also was found to have another genetic defect associated with his cleft palette which suggested an early onset of blindness. She asked if I thought these defects, which she had refrained from telling me about during her initial request for advice, meant her nephew's life, despite the dramatic change which had occurred, was destined to be abbreviated or he would go blind.

I told her I did not think so, that my intuition was these genetic markers likely were reflective of the original soul's short-term agenda, but not part of the agenda of its replacement. My bet was that the probable reality which included these possible defects had been displaced by a new one which did not. I told her I would follow up with my Muses to inquire about this and the other aspects of the sudden turnabout.

A day or two later I did so. They confirmed that indeed the soul now animating Nikki's nephew is an entirely different soul from the one which began the incarnation; that the original soul departed permanently in the early morning hours of September 9 and was simultaneously replaced by the new soul which, happily, is vibrationally well matched with the incarnate form of her nephew.

I asked whether the invitation Nikki had extended to the community of souls matched to this child was a factor in the choice by a soul to take the place of the one departing. They responded that it was for all practical purposes the decisive and sole factor which enabled this substitution to occur.

I also asked whether the form in which the invitation was expressed, to which I had gone to such pains to emphasize the importance of to Nikki, actually had made any difference in the process.

They responded that the form of the invitation also was a critical and decisive factor in the process, saying that if the request had been made as a prayerful plea, based on the fear of this child dying and the sense of loss which would accompany his death, there would have been no response and no substitution would have occurred.

They also explained something about the physics of this, at least in terms of its field effects. They indicated a more commonplace prayer or petition for assistance, burdened with an emotional charge of fear, grief or sorrow, would not have resonated with the intended recipients in the soul community because it would have been received merely as a disordered, confused and jumbled message, something like disharmonious musical notes which are heard as cacophony or dissonance. In contrast, the invitation, as presented, was said to have generated a clear, symmetrical geometric form, the vibration of which resonated harmonically within the soul community and communicated a clear and attractive message to the intended recipients.

As they explained it, the geometric symmetry and harmonic of this wave form enabled the invitation to be received and clearly understood in the way intended, as a higher level expression of love, unaccompanied by fear. Put another way, negative thoughts/emotions generate the harmonic of darkness and disorder, while positive ones generate light and order. This explanation immediately brought to mind Dr. Masaru Emoto's widely acclaimed studies of water molecules, and the direct impact thoughts, emotions, and even the hado associated with written and spoken words, exert on their geometric structure. "As above, so below," I thought.

I also asked about the significance, if any, of the coincidence between the child's originally scheduled September 9 birth date if the pregnancy had gone full term, and the fact September 9 was the date on which the original soul had departed and the new soul had joined this incarnation.

They indicated that the availability of this date, within a few days after the invitation was extended in such a clear manner, further supported and reinforced the opportunity afforded by the invitation, and said September 9 was chosen by the newly incarnating soul to reinforce that an entirely new life for this child was then being commenced.

Finally, I asked whether the dire genetic markers Nikki had just told me about were still a source of jeopardy for the life of the child. They indicated this child will thrive, and that the adverse genetic markers previously found had, in effect, been displaced by the new soul, as they were not part of this soul's plan for the incarnation. They also indicated that additional tests would confirm these markers were no longer a part of this child's genetic makeup.

Nikki was as emotionally undone when I conveyed this information to her the next morning as I'd been a few days earlier when she informed me of the child's sudden turnabout. She sat speechless and shuddered as crocodile tears flowed from her eyes.

"You deserve most of the credit for this," I told her, "as it was your presentment of the invitation in your own words which made this miracle possible. That and only that brought this soul into the world and gave life to your nephew, allowing him to be reborn and to have a second chance he otherwise would not have had. I expect this child will always be bonded to you as if you were his second mother, because in a very real sense that is exactly what you are."

"I . . . I'm dumbfounded," Nikki replied. "I'm so happy I don't know what to say. I have no words for it . . . . Thank you for your help in this."

"Glad to've been there as a messenger," I said, "but the real credit goes to the Kosmos, the System, the Creative Source of All, and to the adventurous soul who accepted your invitation and took on your nephew's life. Roll out the red carpet and give thanks to them. And use the connection with spirit you've established here to spread the word to others. It's everyone's birthright and time they knew it. That connection, now that you know about it, will always be there for you."

"I will," she promised.

Amazingly, genetic tests were run on the child the very next day, and Nikki reported that the geneticist, who had traveled from West Virginia University, in Morgantown, to Charleston to run the tests, was so mystified by her initial findings that she took additional samples and ran the tests a second time. She confirmed in both instances the genetic markers so clearly present earlier were no longer there. They had disappeared. One probable reality signaling death had been displaced by another affirming life. The original quantum wave front had collapsed and a new one had taken hold.

In early to mid September 2009, as the remarkable events involving Nikki's nephew were playing out, Dan Brown released his latest thriller, The Lost Symbol. In it Brown ballyhoos the marvels of what he refers to as "Noetic Science." Because of Dan Brown's immense popularity (in spite of his inartful and sometimes atrocious prose style), his focus on this subject is sure to put so-called "noetic" endeavors of the sort involving Nikki's nephew squarely in the cross-hairs of protracted future controversies.

In the name of mainstream science, naysaying establishmentarian cynics, like Spiro Agnew's "nattering nabobs of negativity," will be leading the charge to denounce and debunk such crazy ideas as "junk science" and as a regressive return to "magical thinking." Predictably, those nattering nabobs also will seek to demean and ridicule all who have willfully chosen to inhabit a construct of reality different from the one they inhabit, and to marginalize the "noetic" trend and its adherents in every way possible.

As an aside, there are, of course, many inherent dangers to this noetic approach, not least of which is that it could turn the health care industrial complex as we know it on its ear and undermine a huge segment of the global economy in the process, by liberating the world's population from the thrall of its iron grip. After all, where would Big Pharma and its coven of collaborators be if the consciousness of humanity were elevated enough to empower people to take charge of and responsibility for their own health and well being?

Whether Brown's new novel will bring the conflicts between these two paradigms more sharply into focus remains to be seen, but a war of ideas is being waged between them nonetheless. Persistently large audiences for books like The Secret confirm the increasing resonance of the noetic perspective, and that it incorporates ideas whose time has come. Given a choice, I prefer the paradigm in which miracles or, more correctly, events we in our current state of ignorance call miracles, are a usual, customary and accepted feature of the scientific landscape. This choice sponsors and facilitates seemingly miraculous events and supports their continuing, more reliable and more frequent occurrence. Embracing the self-limiting perspective of mainstream science, wherein such events are routinely dismissed as freakish anomalies, has exactly the opposite effect.

Yet, even for those among us who, like myself, routinely expect the seemingly miraculous to occur, when it actually does our mouths still fall agape and we still are left in wonder and awe at its magnificence. And so, in a case like the miracle of Nikki's nephew, we are reduced to gibbering utterances like, "Wow!!! Is that just too cool for words or what???"

And I suppose that is as it should be, at least for now. But stay
tuned . . .

That's the view from here.

All the best,



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