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From Individual Perspective to Group CoCreation

From Individual Perspective to Group Co-Creation
Delivered through Sonoktar, July 26, 2009
Matthew Edwards

“Mah. Each eye opens differently. Each viewpoint is unique. Each person sees the world from an entirely different context and so universes are distinct based on who views them. Each of you sees a world. Each of you works to create the vision of your heart in a way that your mind allows you to do and prompted by the spirit that you are. The result of all of those tryings, the result of all of those forms of creation that come from each of the unique Beings living in a unique universe, seeing the world differently and yet working together, the result of that is this world.

The world as it appears is shaped by the collective efforts to create. The unification of all of the forces that come together when a world of Beings, not only human, come together - that creation, that amazing picture of fullness is what is called Nature. In truth there is nothing that is not natural. Everything is created from Source, and everything that is created is a part of The Whole witnessing itself. So there is nothing that is not part of the balance. There is nothing that is not part of the wholeness of creation. As pleasing or unpleasing as that may seem to you at any particular moment in your life, the truth is everything fits. Everything has a part to play. Everything creates part of the perfection, even the most disappointing, frustrating, tragic, seemingly unnecessary, and yet absolutely necessary events.

So how do you navigate if everyone sees the world uniquely, if there is no one truth, but rather there is a world that is made up of many, many, many truths coexisting, working together, sometimes conflicting, and yet they are part of the same whole? How can that be navigated? How can that creation be served when you yourself are only one voice?

And the answer lies in the group.

The answer lies in the tribe, in the pod, in the schools of fishes, the flocks of birds, the hives of bees. All of these work together to create reality. So in order to have influence, in order to have contribution, you will notice over time that you have to collaborate with others. You have to connect with others, whoever they are in your life.

Look at everything in your life that has taken energy to create and recognize that in some way you teamed up with other Beings to create that. You were not able to create it alone. You created it in concert with other musicians, so to speak. And that because there were always others involved, that meant there were always growth opportunities, because to connect to others, to collaborate with others, means you will grow. You will be expanded. You will learn. You will change. And so will the others, and so will the world. So the more connection there is, the more integration there is between a group of people, the more they can create together, and the more they will grow, the more rapidly they will grow. And the more they grow, the more energy. The work they do can have more energy flow through it, and that also increases growth.

So the opening to growth and the opening to creativity, the opening to changing what exists to be more aligned with who you are now, all of those things result from connecting to others. And because it is always true that two or more human beings will see the world very differently, even if they appear to be very similar, perspectives are vastly different, and so the connection will have to happen through the heart, the heart that unifies because the mind will always see things differently. And that is part of the perfection. It is part of the gift. It is what makes there be diversity of skills and a variety of perspectives that makes the fullness of the experience possible. But the connection will have to happen through the body or the heart or the spirit because the mind will always see things differently from another mind. The perspective will always be unique."

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