Thursday, November 05, 2009

Balancing the Ego

Hello Lovers Great and Tall,

I see three aspects to Ego:

(0) The neutral aspect, where Ego is one particular technique to knot Consciousness into an "I" that can then act as "eYe" of All, to see All. Embedding or conDENSing into physical form is an option.

(-) The negative aspect that we usually refer to when se say "Ego". Negative in the sense of promoting judgment, lack of self-worth, separation, disconnection, power over, etc. Needing others to complete yourself.

(+) The positive aspect of Ego. Positive in the sense of promoting self-worth, awareness of skills & talents, to the point of acting out this knowing and consciously living your dreams, sharing your complete self with others. A Celebration of YOU-niqueness.

Balancing this Trinity (-)(0)(+):

In my experience I have seen people heal themselves by focusing on love for the positive ego (active realisation of dreams based on awareness of skills & talents). The combination of Love and Focus on Positive Ego allows a person to dislodge from the grip/domination of the negative ego (e.g. lack of self-worth) and balance the Trinity (-)(0)(+).

Balance of all aspects, acceptance of all aspects, integration of all aspects, wholeness, healing, "transcending the Ego".

Similar trinity and healing exist for fear.

Love and Balance to All,
Koen Delaere



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