Friday, October 16, 2009

Q'uo on thought forms

Q : The discussion we had [in our on-line study group] was what a thought-form is, as Ra meant it. We remembered that the pyramid that Ra created was a thought-form and that Ra itself came to Earth to teach as a thought-form. And so, we thought perhaps a thought-form is something that does not have consciousness but is something that can be created by a being with consciousness. So, can you describe the thought-forms in some other way? Thank you.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Within third density’s space/time, everyday environment it is difficult for the mind of man to wrap itself around the concept that there could be entities and essences which have no physicality but which have there own validity and reality. Were one to look at things from the metaphysical or time/space point of view, however, it is the thoughts of humankind that would stand out, rather than the physical vehicles which in truth are merely systems of nested energy shells.

A thought-form is an entity or an essence or quality that has life independent of those who originally thought about that first. The words of which you so often think when you think about being a loving and kind person—beauty, truth, honor, justice and so forth—are thought-forms in the metaphysical realm, having a life of their own and a nature of their own. This is one instance of abiding thought-forms.

Another example of thought-forms is the common phenomena concerning ghosts. When entities have left the physical vehicle with which they enjoyed an incarnation but for some reason do not wish to go on into the inner planes for the review of their incarnation and healing, that disembodied personality shell which is commonly called a ghost can linger in the physical world. Yet it is not at all physical. [They may remain] indefinitely, until such time as someone is able to contact those souls and lead them on to taking up their rhythm of seeking and learning through other incarnations and other choices.

We of the Confederation have only appeared in your skies as thought-forms. That is to say, there is no physicality to the seemingly very real phenomena reported as UFOs. Certainly those of the loyal opposition, those engaged in service-to-self communication with those who would wish that communication upon your planet, have no qualms about appearing in the skies in perfectly physical form. But we have long since discovered that it is an infringement upon free will to move into your physical existence. However, the thought-form of the so-called Venusian bell craft is a form that is part of the deep mind, for your people have seen these for many millennia.

Other examples of a thought-form are the nature spirit, deva, gnome and pixie. All of those creatures are easily dismissed by an entity who wishes to measure and judge the physical creation by empirical means only. However, all of these forms of disembodied life are real, in the same way that your energy body is real. There are those who can see the pulsing colors of the energy body, and there are those who can see the fairies, gnomes and pixies. There are those who dance with the devas and nature spirits. For they have been gifted with a broader and a deeper sight then their physical eyes will allow.

All of these are good examples of thought-forms and we would offer one more example to indicate how the physical and the metaphysical world can cooperate and coincide. If you will think about the service in the Christian church call the Holy Eucharist, you can see the priest invoking the presence of the one infinite Creator in the person of Jesus the Christ. There is an invocation that Jesus’ very being will come into the wafer of bread and the sip of wine that each communicant shall ingest. For those who believe, it is a powerful reality that they are able to take in the very body and blood of this crucified Savior whose unconditional love the whole world recognizes. The benefit from the ingestion of this thought-form, which is married to the wafer and to the wine, is very real and efficacious.

Earlier, the one known as Ra stated that all of the creation was made up of nothing but thought-forms and we find this to be a perceptive point. The original Logos, that Thought of unconditional love, has indeed spun out the light to manifest all that there is. Consequently, each entity is a form created by the Thought of love, and patterned out in the ways of love by light. In that sense each of you is a thought-form, your physicality being less real then your essence as a spark of that Logos.

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