Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Power of Nothing -- AA Uriel

by Jennifer Hoffman -- Archangel Uriel

During the course of our lifetimes we experience every aspect of emotional density imaginable, creating a storehouse of emotional memory that we return to the physical plane, again and again, to resolve. Each lifetime in which we are not able to gain the spiritual knowledge to make different choices and resolve the emotional residue that resulted from our past life trauma we have another chance to do so. Over many lifetimes we accumulate a great deal of dense energy that we are responsible for healing. It is our emotional baggage, our karmic template and our destiny. We created it and we have to transmute it to a higher vibration through spiritual learning, forgiveness and healing. This emotional baggage sets the stage for what we will experience in each lifetime and who will participate with us. Until we raise our vibrations the dense energetic template prevents us from creating a life that resonates with joy, abundance, peace and love.

Over the course of time we slowly begin to embrace our power and learn to work with our spiritual side to change our karmic cycles. This is an inevitable process for each of us individually as well as for all of humanity. During the eons of human existence humanity cycles from one side of polarity to the other in its search for reconnection, balance and peace. There have been times when we were completely in fear, and at others times fully into spirituality. Our goal is to achieve balance, where we are at zero on the polarity scale, or at a neutral point that is a mix of spiritual and material. To arrive at this point we must go through the cycle of density and healing many times until we choose to embrace our spiritual learning. One would think that we would quickly look for alternatives to the pain but that is not what we do. We have to go through a great deal of pain and suffering until we figure out that we are creating pain from our own emotional baggage and the way to get rid of the pain is to release the baggage.

Once we are on this path the healing can take place quickly as each healing revelation highlights another layer of density until we are at the point where we have healed enough that we can begin manifesting from a different perspective. Now we have the option to create from an energy other than our pain and we become stuck, unsure of what to do next. Because we have always created a lifetime that is a healing journey, where we enter a lifetime with a healing purpose, create the soul group partners, set up the details and then step into the lesson, we do not know how to create from nothing, which means having no karma, emotional baggage, soul group issues, lessons or pain to create from. What do we manifest when we have to start with nothing? When we are at this point we feel powerless, helpless and confused. And yet, this is where we can reconnect with the power of nothing.

We are so accustomed to dealing with the physical environment and knowing that if we can see, hear, feel, taste and touch something, then it exists. If it is not physically tangible, we are not sure of its presence. And yet our greatest power lies in nothing, an element that is completely foreign to us in the physical realm because it is invisible to us in the physical plane. It is present in the material world as nothing but in the spiritual world it is everything.

If we could see the world in its energetic state we would see points of light with vast spaces in between them, similar to how we see the stars in the sky on a dark night. The points of light are the ‘things’ and the vast spaces in between them are ‘nothing’. The power does not exist in the points of light, it exists in the blank spaces because that is the realm of pure potential. It is nothing, or “no thing”. No karma, no density, no form or substance, no emotion, no memory, no feelings, no creation. Yet from it everything becomes. Nothing exists in the moment before creation, the energy that is waiting to be acted upon and given form. It is the most powerful element in the Universe yet we cannot know it from our human perspective because it cannot be experienced in the third dimension.

Nothing has infinite power and potential and becomes anything and everything. It waits for our instruction and is the source of everything in our reality. We have always used this energy but until we had removed enough of the density of our emotional and karmic baggage, our connection with “nothing” included all of this extra energy.

Now we need to learn to create from nothing with nothing, no dense energy, emotions or karma, no thought or feelings, or memories. And we cannot fool this energy into thinking that we are connecting from this blank space because it will reveal to us all of the energy that we are adding to it from our emotional DNA, cellular memory, karma and experience. Until we can remove our energetic inputs, we do not manifest from that zero point where we are fully aware of the role the ego plays in creating our reality. Our experience of the power of nothing happens in those moments of desperation where we must create a miracle, healing must happen, change must occur. In those moments we no longer have the luxury of doubt or fear and that is when we are able to experience spontaneous healing, miraculous manifestations and instant transformation. This can be possible for us all of the time when we learn to work with the unlimited potential of nothing.

Every moment of our reality is created through manifestation, which is always in motion. Every thought creates, without exception and ‘nothing’ responds without judgment. If we could be present in each moment and observe our stream of consciousness we would be aware of the thoughts that we are creating from. Then our life challenges would not be such a mystery. But because so much of our thinking is habitual, we are aware of a small percentage of the thoughts that are creating our world. The more dense, fear-centered thoughts become noticeable when we raise our vibrations and they no longer flow as smoothly within us. Our awareness of them allows us to notice their presence and choose whether we will add their energy to what we are creating or not. Each time we do this we come closer to being at the point of nothing, where we can do our most powerful, intentional manifesting.

This is part of our ascension paradigm, learning to use the power of nothing to create a reality that includes everything we dream, hope and wish for. Whatever energy we add to the process will reveal where we need healing. Within our new paradigm we can call healing opportunities to ourselves gently, in response to a specific healing purpose and learn what the experience has to teach us. Then we can move on, having learned what we needed to. The energy of nothing provides us with lessons in our own power by responding to us without delay. Our role in this process is to learn to adapt our thinking to work with the energy in powerful, life affirming ways. The energy of nothing waits for our command, how we use it is our choice. But the role of destiny and karma in our reality is quickly fading away and our new choice is to step into nothing, with faith and trust, and create everything our heart desires.

Archangel Uriel

Jennifer Hoffman



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