Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fear of Speed & Losing Friends -- Bashar

Question: Hello.

Bashar: And to you, good day.

Q: I have a question about a fear that I became aware of a couple of
years ago.

B: Speak up. Speak up. Speak up!

Q: I have a question about a fear that I became aware of a couple of
years ago.

B: Yes. Is it still with you?

Q: Yes.

B: All right.

Q: It's a fear of speed, a fear of crashing if l go too fast.

B: Crashing, if you go too fast.

Q: And it started out very simply, so that if l was with someone who
drove too fast, or did a jackrabbit start or something, I would just
get terrified.

B: Jackrabbit start.

Q: Yes... You are such a trip! ... So my question is, where did the
fear come from, and what can I do to keep it from limiting me as it
does at times?

B: May I ask you a question?

Q: Yes.

B: Thank you! If you went as fast as you thought you could go, do you
think you would out-distance everyone and leave them behind?

Q: Yes. It leaves me with a feeling of loneliness.

B: Do you recognize that for every vibration you are willing to be --
for every frequency, for every reality you are willing to be -- there
is always an infinite amount of beings already waiting on that level
for you to join them?

Q: But then I would have to leave behind the people.

B: No, no, no. You will encounter the aspects of those individuals
that already exist on the level you're going to.

Now, the idea again is to understand that the external representation
does not carry meaning intrinsically. Therefore, it is not a matter of
leaving someone behind, literally. The idea simply is that everyone
already exists on every level there is to exist upon; everyone has an
aspect on every level.

Some of them are more or less focused, more or less concentrated, more or less expressed. But they have aspects on every level of reality you can possibly exist upon. You will still be dealing with them, in an
overall sense, but you will be dealing with the version of them that
is most representative of the level you have now created yourself to
exist upon as well.

So you haven't, in a sense, left them behind. You have joined another
facet of them. Understand?

Q: Kind of; but it sounds like I'm already somewhere else.

B: We are only using your colloquial language, because there is no
other way to say it. You never really go anywhere -- not literally.
All motion is an illusion; it is all here, now! It is only the idea of
listening to another program because you have shifted your dial.

Q: Yes.

B: The other program, the one you are no longer listening to, is still
there. It is simply that you are now expressing a preference for
another program. Now, you do not have to feel the idea of loss or
regret or sadness. That is only based upon the assumption that you
actually are literally detached from them. You aren't.

The idea also is that you can be of best service to them by being most
fully who you are, because then, if they desire to join you -- by
seeing who you fully are -- they then get an idea, by seeing the
example in you, of what it is they need to be to match you, to join

Now, if they don't want to match you, if they do not want, in that
way, to share with the you you prefer to be, then why would you want
to share directly with them? Understand?

In other words: the idea of having a "friend" that resents the changes
that you make... by definition, then means that that person was not
really being a friend. And by judging that you can lose a friend just
by changing in a way that is natural for you, is to not really believe
in what friendship is, and eternity is. Understand?

Q: Yes.

B: You will always be with all of your friends -- the ones that are
willing to match your frequency, the ones that are willing to look at
those ideas now. Any other individuals that are not willing to look at
those ideas can still be your friends; but the idea is that you will
be of best service to them by being fully the friend you know yourself
to be. Otherwise you're only giving half a picture of yourself. And
that's not friendship either. So in a sense, you are not there for
them, if you're not being fully who you are -- by going where you need
to be. Understand?

Q: Yes, I do.

B: Does that assist you?

Q: Yes, it does.

B: Well, thank you very much, my friend.

Q: Thank you.

Bashar ~ Friendship And Multidimensionality
through Darryl Anka



At 04:26, Blogger ahna128 said...

This was the perfect thing I needed to understand right now. I was going through a hard time dealing with "friends" who either wanted me to start compromising who I an or left all together when I no longer fit the definition of who they wanted me to be. I wasnt able to sleep very well feeling the "loss". Now I will cherish all those friends and loved ones who cherish me for who I am. I will not concern myself with those who choose to leave. That is their choice and I don't judge them.


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