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Ego, Manifestation and Intention -- AA Uriel

Our ascension journey can be summed up very simply, it is a process of helping the ego find its place in the Universe. We must learn that we are not less than God, we are God and the ego will not be displaced by our spiritual nature, it will learn to work in partnership with it. With ascension we make a choice to be in the ego or in partnership with spirit. And we can tell where we are in this process by how we manifest and how easily it works for us.

From the ego's perspective life is harsh, cruel, hard work and every step is a challenge. We have to fight for every bit of progress and examples of our success can be found by what we can create in the material world. The ego uses the power of nothing to create more of everything so it feels safe and secure because it finds power in having. It is grounded in the physical world by its possessions because that is the nature of the third dimension, ego's home.

The Universe knows that eventually the ego will realize that there is a limit to the joy that our things can bring us and that it is the inner world that is more powerful than anything on the outside. As we can see in today's economic situation, everyone is turning from the accumulation of material items to their inner world. The ego has found the upper limit to the joy and peace it can create when working alone. Now it is ready for partnership with spirit.

Our challenge on earth is to come to terms with the scope of our limitless power. When we experience problems, heartbreak and challenges we blame it on the Universe, bad luck, karma and forces outside of ourselves. We have to come to the understanding that it is us, everything is part of us, including the power to move the mountains that we have put in our way.
The Universe waits for us to remember who we are and that is much more than the small view of ourselves that the ego holds. When we can see beyond the ego's limited horizon into the vast unknown that is 'no thing' waiting to become form at our request, we can manifest the reality that our heart desires and teach the ego about the effortless creation which stems from our inner power and creates unconditional love, joy and peace in all areas of our life.

Effort versus Intention

From the questions I have been receiving from many of you, I realize that there is some confusion about how to create that next step. Once you have learned your lessons and have their understanding, what do you do next? You do not want to create more lessons so you are careful about what you are manifesting. You have learned about effortlessness and sometimes wait for guidance and direction, which does not always come to you. This is frustrating because you are ready to more forward but that direction is not very clear. If you are at the point of effortless manifestation, do you have to do anything at all?

Is "no effort" the opposite of effort? If we can manifest effortlessly, does this mean we can just sit around doing nothing, waiting for the next thing to manifest? Not exactly. The opposite of creating through effort, where we work hard to make things happen, is not 'no effort', it is intention. Instead of working hard and pushing ourselves to create, we use our intention to manifest what we want. That sounds easy, we can sit around and think about what we want and it happens. Not exactly.

Intention is more than just thinking about having something and it appears. Intention requires faith and trust, our beliefs have to be aligned with our intention, we must be free of fear and detached from what we want to create, which leaves us open to the highest possible outcomes, miracles and blessings that are beyond our imagining. Intention requires patience because we are working at the level of all of humanity, the entire Universe and beyond. Manifesting through intention is working at the level of pure energy and creation at a quantum level, uniting our desires and the flow of the Universal energy to create in an effortless stream.

Using effort and hard work gives us the satisfaction that we are doing something. Intention requires some physical effort but beyond that, we have to trust that everything is moving forward even if we do not have immediate proof. And we must be willing to go through any doors that open, look at every opportunity that presents itself and decide whether it is aligned with what we want. With intention we create effortlessly because we are working at our highest level, being powerful, with faith and patience, aligned with our purpose and believing that miracles do happen, and they can happen for us.

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Jennifer Hoffman

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