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Campfire Call Transcript -- July 5, 2009

ABOUT THIS TRANSCRIPT: This material has been taken from transcriptions of the weekly conference call called “The Campfire,” facilitated by the Tribe of Firekeepers and delivered through an oracle named Sonoktar. It is offered to you in service, and you are welcome to share it with others if you wish. The weekly conference call is free, open to all, and organized and transcribed entirely by volunteers.

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"Laying the Tracks”
Delivered through Sonoktar, July 5, 2009

Opening Transmission:

“Om-Ah-Shay. Wah. Joy! Joy! Joy! Three letters - each holds a place. Each is an anchor of energy. None can be not-present without completely changing everything. Each of you – each of We – have an integral part to play in a universe which is unfolding through us and around us all the time. Never imagine that you are dispensable, arbitrary, incomplete, or imperfect in any way. You are the completion of All That Is. In your perfection, the universe completes itself.

You – We – are the One who have created this opportunity, stepping forward to manifest our potential, believing that somehow our contribution could create change. And indeed it will. It does. It is. It has. Watch. Watch the unfolding. Watch what occurs when people come together around a clear intent, combining their voices, combining their energies, giving their gifts. Love is a gift. Love is encouragement. Love is the sunshine that makes a seed possibly become a tree. Be present to each other in love – not because it is your duty, but because it is your opportunity to grow in what you truly are, which is a spirit, known to itself through a heart, embodied in a physical vessel, traveling through Time on a precious, precious course through this planet Earth.

What are your questions? Where shall we go?”

Questions Asked:

QUESTION: I feel like there is no “Divine Will” as “will” in our language is “control” or “force.” I feel “Divine Plan” would be the more accurate expression. Would you please speak to expanding our understanding of this?


“Expanding understanding of ‘will,’ ‘plan’ – ‘Divine Plan.’ We must begin with the purpose of time. Time is purposeful. It is an illusion. It is operating within the constraints of apparent time-space, which creates the opportunity for growth for Spirit. In other words, it is true that time is illusion. All things exist in time in this plane. However, actually, all things exist in parallel at all times, in all points in space. From outside of time-space, that is what is seen.

However, within time, as a human with a life on a changing planet, it is very important to engage time, to not know the whole picture – to not be able to control the entire course of your life, so that you must have faith, so that you must act constantly, to be prepared for what might occur next. And this makes you grow. This has you be very engaged with an unfolding mystery in which you are absolutely and completely invested in what your life is going to create.

There is a mission. There is purpose in your life. It was defined in its entirety by the moment you were born. In other words, because you exist, you exist throughout all time, and your purpose is set. However, you must shape your life – you must act, you must work, you must create, you must love, you must try, you must act. Because you creating will be what creates your experience of your life. So, ‘will’ plays a role. There are kinds of will, as you can testify. But in terms of which terms you use, it is not our work to define the best term, rather just to shed light on the nature of time, which is that it is purposeful, and you must act. And yes, it is illusion. All moments are there in time, at all times. And still, you must work, create. Spirit will guide you.”

QUESTION: Can you please offer guidance on how we can continue to move from the heart as individuals while continuing to strive for group harmony and without infringing on the hearts of others?


“You cannot infringe on a heart. It may appear that you can because you have emotions, you have feelings. However, actually, the heart is not the flame around the center. The heart itself is the portal, the connection to Source that lies at the center of the flame. At the center of the Sun there is a portal. That portal is literally an emptiness – it is a channel. And you cannot infringe upon that, it is simply a source of connection.

However, for human Beings, there are many, many factors. Our lives are impacted by each other, so we must consider each other’s needs and well-being. Communication is often the source of disharmony because perspectives are varied. And so, even when Beings agree, they may appear not to because of language. And even when they appear to agree, they may actually be in conflict, again because of language. So, it is very important to maintain humility in all of your dealings with others, to share your perspectives – share them clearly, share them definitely because your voice is important, your perspective is needed. The tribe cannot subsist unless its participants act vocally – represent their perspective. However, when you do, do so with humility knowing that you are only part of a grand picture. And you are an integral part, but you are one of the voices, and the other voices must be heard.

There is a key your question raises. Your question was, how can we create together while still respecting individual needs?. There is a reason you appear separate from each other. There is purpose in your individualization. There is truth in your unity. You are connected. You are one thing unfolding. However, you are also at the same moment individuals seemingly separate. Be both. Connect as individuals. There is a big difference between one table with many legs and its stability – especially if the legs are far-spaced between each other – there is a big difference between a table with many legs and one table with one big leg. The table with many legs dispersed far apart will be more stable, able to carry weight in a variety of ways and probably be more carriable, more portable because its legs can be made separate – made independent – when it is time for it to shift or move. So, when you have many, there is a benefit to there being many rather than them all being one.

So, use your ability to be separate, and use your ability to be connected. Use them both. Find the dynamics between them. Interplay. Have a conversation with another in which you both agree and disagree. Do not only agree, and do not only disagree. Then, you will have the strength of the many. Then, you will have the true potential of the group coming forward. Be in agreement, and also represent your own unique perspective. Find the play between those two – include them both. You will become masterful examples of collaboration if you persist in that principle. And, in fact, it is one of the secrets that makes life on Earth truly open into the flower that it is, if you can find and celebrate the gift that exists in the coexistence of duality and unity – the fact that both are always true in this realm.”

QUESTION: As with all new endeavors, we start this one with high hopes and expectations that we are creating a place for dynamic growth and transformation opportunities. We’ve had teleconference calls and emails in the past weeks, and now we’ve come to this first call. And I ask if you would tell us ways that we have interacted and planned well so far in ways that match the highest spiritual standards of those in service to others, but also, please tell us things that we could incorporate into the structure, the relationships, and the focus of the community here to increase and ensure the success for the highest good of all – and I say that because you have already answered that, but thank you.


“Include others. Always seek to include. That is the way that growth happens – not only growth of the group, but growth of your own perspective. Each one will need to experience challenge. When you find the ones – when you find the voices, the ones who come who challenge you (and we speak to each of the participants here) – when you find the ones who come who challenge you, then know it is your golden opportunity. It is time to play the game – the game of ‘the other who is not another,’ the game of interacting with those who are different and the same, and finding the way to co-create.
And the answer will always lie in the group because there are those with whom you could not exist, you could not contend with them unless there was also a group with you so that your energies together can be part of something larger than just your energies, so that you and the one who opposes your perspective can together be contributing to something larger [for the] group.

And that is what will occur for everyone. There will be the excitement, the joy, the opportunity that comes from new voices coming and connecting and sharing and inspiring. And there will also be the challenges – the ones who are included who challenge us as individuals and as groups. And those are the opportunities. Do not stop when the challenge comes. Greet it as the gift that it is because truly, you are Spirit, and you are finding the ways to walk as Spirit. And Spirit, in all cases, recognizes the unification of what exists. And so, it is always you and your own being representing itself as multiple factors coexisting as a group. Include others. That is the key.”

QUESTION: I would like to ask [the channel] if he works with the Christ consciousness.


“Christ consciousness is part of creation. One of the threads that makes this weaving possible is that White Light of Christ. There would not be the worlds that exist had it not been for Christ. There would not be the weave that exists had it not been for all of the Beings that have created this planet. So, there is no separation possible. It would not be appropriate to say that there is any separation there. Nor would it be appropriate to say that this is a channel singularly for the Christ energy. It is more like a portal into Source.

And the source of what? It is the source of this group – that which gives rise to this reality. It will be more understood as the group unfolds, but it is a flower arrangement with many flowers. And that white lily of peace and absolute unconditional love that is the Christ consciousness is, indeed, part of our bouquet. And it is a celebrated part, and it is a part that you and others in this group bring. And so, we are lucky to have it as part of our entourage, our journey.

Let it be known that anything you bring will be part of us now, whether that is anger, love, dedication to a principle, hope, a relationship, a fear, a mission, a purpose. Anything you bring will be part of our journey as a group. And that is precious. And you have great power. You have potential because you have the ability to shape – contribute to the shape - of a group unfolding because of that truth.”

QUESTION: Any advice or guidance that you could give us on what would be steps that we could take that would be the best for this group to evolve and move on.


“Thank you. The first thing is to drive the nails into the ground that will hold in place the first pieces of the track. And upon that track, we will place the engine. The engine will provide the mechanism which will take forward the entire cascade of voices that will want to combine, that will be combining. So, build the track that makes possible the engine. It is a locomotive metaphor. Place the engine on the track. Direct the track as you construct it so that it is oriented towards the guiding star.

What you will see is that if you simply build the beginning of a track, and you place the engine such that it is oriented towards the star on the track, that the rest of it will create itself. The others will come and complete the track. The others will come and bring the rest of the train to fit onto the engine, including other engines. And the others will come and fill the train and celebrate the journey.

And so, for now, it is time to lay the foundation. Make it possible for the engine – and each of you will have a different interpretation of what the engine is, and what the track is, and what is it to lay the foundation of the track, and what is the guiding star. Each of you bring your vision, your imagination, your love, your dedication to that image, and together create the foundation for just the engine. And then the rest of it will come because it is needed. It is purposeful. And there are many legs on this table now, so it can hold a great banquet. But first, we must get the hearth lit so that the kitchen can be warm. And then the banquet will come. And then the table will be fulfilled.”

Closing Transmission:

“We speak in metaphor. We speak in metaphor because it communicates complex things quickly, simply, and without completely defining all of the details, so that there is much left to be completed by you because, ultimately, this is your process. You are the living masters. You are the angels. You are the servants of Spirit. So, you must create the vision.

We honor you. Let us take this moment. Bring your attention to what exists here. Think of all the world right now. Think of all that is occurring in humanity – all of the changes, all of the cities, all of the dynamics, conflicts, celebrations, the many ways that people spend time and invest their energies. And then look. Look where you are. Look what you are doing in this moment and who you are doing it with. You are connected with a group of energetic Beings – we are speaking of yourselves – who are willing to invest energy in something simply because it brings light into the world. Celebrate that. Honor that. It is unique. And then bring your gift to that shrine, that temple that is simply an agreement from a group of people to come together and create good.

What you will see if you give yourself to that is that it is, at its essence, the most precious thing, and you have it in your hands.

Thank you.”

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