Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spirituality -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline


As most of you know, spirituality has very little to do with religion. Spirituality refers to the awareness of the role of spirit in your everyday lives. You are all spiritual beings, as are we. There is nothing and nobody in the entire universe that is not spiritual. All is of God and all IS God. You are extensions of God, expressing through physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric and causal selves. You are also expressing as souls, oversouls, monads, Christ consciousness, Buddhic consciousness, individual God consciousness, and universal God consciousness.

As you ascend in vibration, your dominant consciousness will shift from a physical, emotional and mental-based focus, to an astral, etheric and causal-based focus. You will literally see spirit in all things because your physical body will transform and metamorphose into a crystalline light body form. Your eyes will begin to perceive the higher etheric realms. Your ears will hear the vibration of the higher realms. You will feel the essence of these higher realms. Beings that have their dominant focus within these realms will become visible to you.

As you move more into fourth and fifth densities, your perception will change and you will behold literally many of the things once seen in your visions and dreams. What is currently available to you only through your inner vision will eventually manifest itself in the outer sense as well. Many of your visionary artists have portrayed these etheric and celestial realms in their beautiful paintings.

Your Earth will begin to shine, shimmer and vibrate with colors not currently perceivable with your third density eyes. As you behold God within all things, you will see God in many more ways than you currently perceive. Clearing your hatred, violence, prejudice, judgment, guilt, shame, and all the other vices of the mind and emotions will propel you forward. You will become the saints that your religions talk about. You will naturally become of greater and greater service, without having to force yourself to do “good deeds.” Such deeds will spontaneously burst forth from your being as you free yourself from the vices of ignorance.

Because you are multidimensional beings, you will find that there are a different set of rules and principles for each level of being. That said, there are universal laws and principles that apply to all levels of being. For example, although God is everywhere in all levels and dimensions of being and His laws apply to all levels of being, there are different roles for the various aspects of the Self. One part of your mind needs to simply “let go and let God” while another part of your mind needs to attend to the daily tasks of your life. Many souls on Earth have confusion on this point. They think they either must force everything to happen (“pounding the pavement”), or sit back and wait for God to do everything for them (“surrender”).

The truth is, both of these states of consciousness have value, depending on the situation. You might find that the highest and best way to respond to a challenge is to do both - surrender to a higher power AND move your feet. This is because the part that needs to surrender is not the same part that needs to act. The part that needs to surrender is usually the ego, and until it gives up its demands and expectations and surrenders to the higher self, it will get in the way of clear thinking and wise choices. Yet at the same time you live in a world that requires some form of daily action (unless you are on a mountaintop meditating, in which case you are still acting, but in a passive way).

Again, you can trust your emotional body to alert you if there is an imbalance in the way you are handling the situation. If resting and doing nothing is giving you an uncomfortable feeling, pay attention to that feeling. On the other hand, if you are very busy, but feel you are accomplishing nothing, perhaps that is precisely what you need to do - stop and relax.

There is Divine Perfection in every moment. To experience that perfection, you might need to stop and do nothing for a while. Let go and let God. Surrender. Give up the rat race, at least for a while. If you can see the perfection of life while being busy, then you are most likely doing your true work in the world. This channel has a process whereby he has students list their favorite pleasures and then find a way of earning a livelihood from those pleasures. This technique is designed to get you following your highest and best path of service.

Forget about what you have learned in the past about service. If you are not happy and if you are not giving to yourself, then you do not have much to give to others. There are many entities working with Earth that are giving the advice, “Follow your joy.” Although that is not all you need to do, it is an essential part of your path. Service work can often bring a sense of joy, but unless you are doing what your soul truly desires, you will not be of maximum service. So it is important to get in touch with what your soul truly desires, and that is the purpose for the above exercise. The activities and projects that bring you the greatest joy are indicators of what your soul desires most in life. Of course, you must overcome any negative beliefs that say you cannot do what you truly love, or that it is too difficult, or that people will disapprove, etc. That is why we included the section on psychological healing.

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