Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Social Responsibility -- Ruth Ryden

MASTERS: “This is an age of many different cultures and religions that put forth to themselves their own concepts of dos and don’t’s. Living in countries where more than one culture holds sway, it becomes difficult to know how to relate to other people, especially in the workplace or entertainment arenas. We are calling this Social Responsibility because it is a direction that has inherent necessities of behavior, one to another.

The principals of right action here must be simply to accept the traditions and religious beliefs of others as their right, as it is yours. Then, if you are serious about getting along with these concepts, do some studying of what other people believe in and accept. You will find, amazingly, that the underlying ideas are really not so different from your own.

This leads to the importance of Respect. There is very little respect being given to each other in these times, and it is showing up in how people are putting up mental and physical fences between each other. Is it really so hard to respect the person who bows down in prayer every day or those who dance in circles to find their connection with the infinite? Sometimes it is even difficult to respect religious beliefs that are far from your own in your own home town or as you travel around the world.

Dear ones, try to remember that you all come from the same place in time and space; you are soul beings trying to find and make sense of the world you live upon in any way, and primarily usually, with belief systems formulated a long time ago. Are we saying to toss them all out? No, of course not. But it is time to be realistic about what you really feel is right for your own inner belief system as you traverse this lifetime.

What your parents, schoolteachers, ministers, etc., have taught may not seem just right to you, therefore many people simply turn their backs on spirituality in self-defense. The art of meditation was put into place many centuries ago by those who understood that they needed to get their own perception of what to believe and feel. And this is still the infallible way to connect with your own soul in its infinite glory in order to realize what you need to understand and trust. Then, when one looks and listens to the reams of books and articles, what is true for you personally can come into focus.

Human beings need to relate to other human beings and, very importantly, in affairs of spiritual belief, it is a longing that has to be fulfilled.. That is why churches are full of people who simply go there to be with other people who at least try to follow the right rules of living; this is a comforting way to live. We do see this as a responsibility for each human being to search out those groups who have a firm awareness of inner communication with the spiritual soul being each of you are and always will be, and with the Eternal Energy you refer to as God.

To live as a hermit and not relate to other people at all is to turn the back on the social part of the lifetime. The responsibility of a lifetime is to learn to live on the third dimensional plane, with all its highs and lows; to relate to other human beings in the best way possible, and to learn how to both give and to receive in equal graciousness.

We have indicated before that the world’s population is beginning to merge and that is especially true in the western continents. Many different cultures and religions are brushing shoulders with each other, and sometimes end up drawing back into their own little bubbles. It is time to break those bubbles and extend the hands of respect, curiosity, and understanding to those who are so different from your place in the world.

Yes, it is a responsibility to connect with others; a responsibility to be kind and caring, to lend a helping hand when needed, to say hello and joint with all humanity; to finally realize you are no different as a soul being from all soul beings who are relentlessly striving to learn and to climb the spiritual ladder to the higher dimensions of time. Help each other, understand each other, and love each other. It is time.”

Ruth Ryden



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