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How to Deal with Personal Challenges -- Daniel Endy

by Daniel Endy

A person on another forum asked the following question:
I am still living my life from a wheelchair. I want to ask a question.

Metaphysics says you should pretend what you want to create. How can i pretend to walk, other than via imagination?

Any inputs?

I was inspired to share my perspective as gained from my studies in metaphysics.

Some recommendations based on my studies and personal experiences:

* Count your blessings – There are always many things to be thankful for. There are always people in worse circumstances than us. I work to recognize and be grateful and appreciative for the things I do have.

* Be lighthearted – Don’t worry. Don’t push. Don’t obsess. Enjoy life. Manifestation happens much faster when we’re lighthearted and carefree.

* Understand the lesson – Ask, what am I to learn from this? What is the lesson? What is the purpose? There is always a purpose.

* Let it be – Be ok with things the way they are. Accept the lessons. If that’s what you are meant to experience, then so be it. Things are in our lives to help us. Accept that. Once you accept it, the chances of moving past it are greater.

* Trust your higher-self – Know that your higher self is working for you. Know that you arranged for certain experiences in advance. Know that you can change things if you want to. The higher self is on the mountain top and is directing us past the obstacles. It sees the shortest path and is helping us take that path.

* Set the intention – What am I seeking? Often we’re not clear on the actual result or goals. Be clear about your goals and your reasons for seeking those goals.

* Identify potential conflicting goals/desires – Often we have something in our lives because we have focused on some other ‘benefit’ of that condition or circumstance. It is often fulfilling some other goals we focused on in the past. Identify those and let them go.

* Get Clear and Keep Clarifying – Focus on the goal at least twice a day for at least 5 minutes at a time. I like to do this in the morning as I’m waking up and in the evening as I’m going to sleep.

* Envision – Clearly imagine and envision your life in this new condition. What is it like? What do you see and feel? How does it make you feel? Feel the emotions intensely. The more you envision, the better.

* Minimize expectations – Don’t limit the universe. It is wonderful. It is full of wonders. Every experience can be a joy if we let it. The only expectations should be that, it’s all as it is meant to be and it’s all good.

* Expect good things – Don’t be disappointed when something doesn’t work out the way you expect it to. Be certain that each circumstance, each experience, is leading to positive outcomes. KNOW this and see it in each circumstance. Keep accepting each new experience with positive expectations. If we let it happen, each experience can be magical. Each experience leads to better and better circumstances.

* Be flexible – Be willing to accept other solutions. You never know how your desire might manifest. Imagine all the possible ways it might happen.

* Be ready for the Unexpected – Go with the flow. Life will surprise you. The more open you are, the more positive surprises you will get.

* It’s not about Good and Bad - It’s about LOVE and FEAR – Embrace love and acceptance, rather than fear and rejection. If you love and accept yourself, your life, your situation, you will get the most out of it. Allow the things you don’t prefer to be. Don’t reject them. Don’t fear them. Allow them and accept them, and forgive them, and love them for helping and guiding us back to love!

I struggle with the above recommendations as much as anyone. Things start falling into place and I begin to expect a certain outcome, and then bang, it’s not what I expected. I try to catch myself as quickly as possible and to accept it and to KNOW that it’s leading to a great result. Things always work out for the best in the long run. KNOW this.

Things to consider about your condition:

* You could be destined to be one of the first new stem cell treatments, or a new neural therapy, etc.
* You could be destined to help with virtual reality technologies.
* You could be destined to help others discover new alternatives.
* You could be destined to get the first prosthetic suit that moves for you.
* You could be destined to help others by teaching them what you learn on your path.

I read about a pastor who had a totally horrible accident and excruciating recovery over many years. He was one of the first patients to help pioneer a new treatment that though very painful, worked wonders. He then had an opportunity to advise a young man who was going through the same awful treatment. He was able to provide hope and an example of what would be possible. (If you want to read this story, it’s called – 90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper.) Your path is the exact right one that you agreed to when you came to this life. There are other versions of you that are experiencing alternate life paths. Be the best you can be on this path.

As an anecdote, I had very bad vision for over 35 years. It got progressively worse. I often fantasized about having good vision. I started to set my intentions on it as an experiment to see if I could manifest it. Only a few months after I started this, I had a problem with my eyes. It was very odd. I went to my optometrist and he explained it. I didn’t like his explanation. He sent me to a specialist who said the same thing. I still didn’t buy it. I kept investigating and it brought me to learn about Lasik and to consider it. (The doctors were right by the way. It’s just that I needed that condition to bring me to learn about Lasik.) I learned about all the risks and such. I went in for their assessment. Normally, I would have been untreatable, but I have very tiny pupils even in the dark. This meant I was a candidate. So there I was with the solution in my grasp. I went for it and for almost 3 years I’ve not worn any corrective lenses of any kind. (Note that this is not an endorsement of Lasik. Do your own research if you are considering it.)

Blessings to you All and Namaste,
Daniel Endy

Reproduced from Daniel Endy's blog with permission



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