Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Heart that Remembered

This is quoted from the book
"The Hearts Code"
by Paul Pearsall, Ph.D.

I recently spoke to an international group of psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers meeting in Houston, Texas. I spoke to them about my ideas about the central role of the heart in our psychological and spiritual life, and following my presentation, a psychiatrist came to the microphone during the question and answer session to ask me about one of her patients whose experience seemed to substantiate my ideas about cellular memories and a thinking heart. The case disturbed her do much that she struggled to speak through her tears.

Sobbing to the point that the audience and I had difficulty understanding her, she said: I have a patient, an eight-year old little girl who received the heart of a murdered ten-year-old girl. Her mother brought her to me when she started screaming at night about her dreams of the man who had murdered her donor.

She said her daughter knew who it was after several sessions, I just could not deny the reality of what this child was telling me. Her mother and I finally decided to call the police and, using the descriptions from the little girl, they found the murderer. He was easily convicted with evidence my patient provided. The time, the weapon, the place, the clothes he wore, what the little girl he killed had said to him. Everything the little heart transplant recipient reported was completely accurate.

As the therapist returned to her seat, the audience of scientifically trained and clinically experienced professionals sat in silence. I could hear sobbing and saw tears in the eyes of the doctors in the front row. Instead of commenting on the story, I asked the audience if I could lead them in a prayer. Unlike many of the presentations, this one produced no expressions of doubt or skepticism. The very real possibility of a heart that remembers seemed to touch all of us in our own hearts.



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