Monday, August 24, 2009

Bashar on the Heart

"Bashar on the Heart"

Your vibration radiates! There is now on your planet what you might call a new book, relatively speaking. Some of you may be familiar with it, some of you may not. Though we rarely recommend, we suggest that relative to the conversation we are having right now, you get it and read it. If you ponder its concepts, you will understand quite clearly what kind of impact each and every single one of you can have. That book is called The Heart's Code.

The Heart's Code talks about the re-recognition that your heart has intelligence and that it actually communicates to every other heart--literally, electromagnetically . All your hearts right now are literally talking to one another. I am not making this up; it is not just a philosophical idea or a euphemism or a metaphor. Your hearts are talking to each other in electromagnetic pulses right now.

You are sitting in each other, immersed in each other's expanding heart bubbles. Listen to this…think about this…picture this…give energy to this and you will see what kind of impact you have all the time: Every single beat of your heart sends out an electromagnetic, 360-degree spherical bubble at the speed of light! -- an electromagnetic pulse 186,300 miles per second! That means instantly, nearly every single one of those bubbles pulsates around and through the entire planet from every single being on it.

You are immersed in each other's heartbeats. When you begin to talk to your own heart, you will know how to talk to others, sometimes without saying a thing with your mouth or your brain (which sometimes is for the best--no offense). But you, each and every one of you, have been experiencing a war between your brains, your hearts and your bodies. It is time to allow them their due, to allow them their own unique communication and to function as a triad to work together harmoniously.

The balancing of the heart, body and mind is a matter of letting everything do its job and not more than its job. In that sense, the mind relates to the heart by doing the tasks that are specifically the domain and the talent of the mind, taking the heart's energy and applying it in reality in ways that allow you to have thoughts, but these thoughts need to be in agreement and in harmony with the heart's knowingness and the body's sensing, otherwise you are discordant. For example, the heart can feel something that the mind will think is not in the best interest of the mind. But, it's up to the mind to accept the love from the heart and then the mind will know how to fall into place properly.

I'll give you an analogy of a visual idea that is representative of the balancing of the body, mind and heart. The body is the colors of the spectrum, the seven colors of your visible spectrum of light. The brain is black and white. The heart is a combination of everything.

The body, the mind and the heart each has its own way of receiving information. The body senses vibration…resonance. That's how it gets its information…it senses. The brain gets its information by thinking, processing. The heart gets its information by knowing, feeling. Now all of this contains resonance and vibration, of course, but it is different expressions of it.

The heart can also be of assistance in the healing of the body. We recommend that you access the literature of research to know that there is intelligence and memory and energy and communication that comes from the heart as well as from the brain. By getting in touch with the intelligence of the heart and learning how to listen with and speak from, and hear the dialog of the heart…this will go, perhaps even further than anything towards healing. So, listen to your heart and know what your heart tells you and when you find in your heart that you are whole, your body will be whole as well!


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