Monday, July 06, 2009

Dolphin Connection

Our Dolphin Connection
by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Spirit of the dolphin has been very animated as of late. They swim deep
into our hearts and ask us to remember to be fluid in our choices as we move
thru these upcoming energies. They ask us to leap forward joyfully reflected
in the full of the moon.

Today we come to splash into your hearts We are the whales and the dolphins,
we are the Sirians, we are your parents, we are your heritage, we are your
past, and we are your future. We are your hope, as you are ours. When you
look into our eyes, when you see our smiling faces, you remember.

Each person on Earth is connected in body, mind, soul, and heart with the
energies of at least two dolphin energies. These dolphins are very much
alive, They swim inter-dimensionally, and are yours for the thinking. Call
them into your heart when you need love, call them into your body when you
need healing, call them into your soul when you need the company of the
stars. They are the yin and the yang of your soul. They are a part of you
as the oceans are a part of you. The blood of your body has the same
chemical composition as the ocean herself. Call to the dolphins to sweep
and swim through this debris of self and carry it to a port of call of light
that will infuse it with cleansing.

The dolphins of your world are multi-dimensional beings they do not swim
only in the oceans. They are able to swim into all places of your heart, as
well as all waters of your Earth. When you see a dolphin/whale swimming in
the rivers and in your oceans, it brings to you the remembrance of hope. It
brings to you the remembrance of home. That is the memory that the dolphins
bring to you each time you think of them, each time you see them.

In the next several months you will be experiencing a yearning for more of
the dolphin frequency. That is because you are merging into a new
frequency, a new dimension, where their telepathic communications/teachings
will be of a greater intenseness (you will notice how much of your
recreational media depicts telepathic abilities). They are great masters
that come forth to teach you. Allow their healing and their love to be
ingrained in all aspects of yourself.

Call upon their energies. They come forth from the place of the star Sirius
B. They are part of the Atlantean history. The Atlantean masters of the past
have chosen to swim in that particular form to keep Earth awakened on a
cellular level. Their energies work with your pineal gland. (It is a small
psychic gland under the brain, behind the eyes.) We ask you to visualize
this gland, as a point of light opening up. This gland is often referred to
as the dolphin gland. It is where the inner eye lives. Learn to activate
this energy. It is this very gland that is enlarged and utilized as a Sonar
device by the dolphins. They see with the minds eye. They are your
brothers and sisters from the stars. They are your teachers. Within them
lives all truths, through all time. Activate your dolphin connection and you
will activate a star-gate.

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