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The Coming Birth and Mass Ascension

This planet is a product created for a specific reason and nobody, including the inhabitants upon it, will ever be allowed to destroy it, because it is too important. You're getting to a point in time where several things are happening and the purpose of this planet is starting to be implemented, and since it is starting to be implemented, you're going through the processes with it. You're in the middle of these changes right now due to that.

Your planet is like a cell getting ready to clone itself. Each living cell has a nucleus. That nucleus, when it separates and divides, makes more cells. This is how you build a body. Your bodies are doing it all the time and the universe does it the same way.

Within a cell, the nucleus first of all clones itself so that it can reproduce another cell. All of your bodies are sitting here doing this while we speak. The nucleus of the cell reproduces itself. From that, it moves to the edge of the cellular structure. At that point, it grows a new cell, the old one dies, and the new one replaces it. This universe works off the same principle.

When the nucleus in that cell is doing that it is called a starr, and that means that the nucleus is cloning itself. The planet you are sitting on is a starr maker. What that means is that this planet is a nucleus for something else. It can reproduce itself, clone itself, and as it does so, you've got something new along side of it.

That is why this planet is so important. What is upon this planet is a culmination of everything that has ever existed in the universes since they began. This planet and these bodies that you're sitting in are archives of every god that has ever lived! They are the largest archive yet created in the universe and you're sitting on it and you're sitting in them! One cell in the body of any of you, could reproduce universes beyond your comprehension!

You are going through a birth process here and this is where all of your changes upon your planet are coming from personally and en masse. As these energies are coming in, you're getting ready to go through what we term a birth process—a universal birth process. This planet is the starr maker. That means that it clones itself.

As it clones itself, it begins to create a place where everything that has ever been will be compressed into a single cell. That single cell will be pushed through something like what you would term a white hole into a parallel universe right next to this. It will genesis and it will birth and you'll have a new universe with every possibility ever known to any god that ever lived here.

I'm going to go back a little bit and fill in a few pieces. In the larger scheme of things there is a source, within a source, within a source. Whatever you want to call it is fine, but you have a source—call it God, call it all that is, whatever you want to call it—but it came from another one and that one came from another one and so on, and each previous one is larger. So if you want to look at it, there is no hierarchy except in the faces of man here, but each one of these sources is just older and more mature.

In the center of all these concentric sources, so to speak, is your universe. This planet was selected and chosen as a nucleus or the center of all these sources within sources. This means that because of the way everything was created in spirit, this system here allows you to be individual entities and to have the utmost of everything that you could ever be and to have the grandest of all possibilities, because you hold some portion of all these sources within each of you.

There are only three planets which exist that have very many of the things that you've got on this planet. That is how rare some of the things that you've got here are.

The easiest way to look at this metaphor is that the source loved you into existence and put itself to sleep. It is not dead and it is not really asleep—it is existing in all of you. For our purposes we separate sources and creators. A creator is what organizes, a source sources the raw material that can be organized by a creator.

The source just makes raw material, that's all it does. If at any point in time, a source started organizing its raw material, everything would die. That is why we separate sources and creators. A source sources raw material. Call it love, call it whatever you want to call it—thought, knowledge, it is the most unconditional love you'll ever find. It is so thought-based that it will nurture anything that it touches. But if that source at any moment said, “Okay, I want to do this to the raw material,” it would start focusing in that direction and everything else would collapse.

A source can do nothing but source, that's all it can do. It has no personality as you define personality here. The personality comes from the creators. The creators are what organize the raw material and you are all creators. The source sources and the creators organize it and decide what it will be.

When you were created in spirit, the source that you came from loved itself into existence. As it did this, it loved you each into particums of itself or individual faces, but it had to have some way of holding you so you didn't collapse, otherwise it would collapse. So it used a portion of its own consciousness as a womb. It actually created a very beautiful sterile medium for you to all grow in so that you could become anything to your hearts content that you ever wanted to be.

So for the metaphor in your mind, the source that you came from created almost a womb out of its own consciousness. But it had to put itself to sleep at the same time because if it was interfering or thinking inside of this womb, none of you would have your free will. Everyone of you would be controlled by its thought. In order for you to have the free will to become equal gods to it, for you to become totally individual, as individual as you could ever get, it had the be the most sterile medium that could be found.

It used a piece of its own consciousness, pushed it to the edges, creating an electromagnetic barrier. This is the edge of your universe. Within that, nothing existed at that point in time. It just held a sterile medium. From that point, life particums were put into it and you were allowed to nurture and to grow and to become anything you could become in this beautiful sterile medium.

However, to carry the metaphor further, since this is your source, it is going to have to wake up at some point in time. This waking up is what we call a birth process. It is what you're all going through during this time of your existence.

Inside this sterile medium, any thought you have ever had is being held. Any possibility you ever contemplated is being held. Anything that you thought you'd like to do and didn't do, is being held. This is why you've always been told you will live everything you think. It exists somewhere because it is being held.

Let's say that you try to make a decision. “Should I go this way or that way?” All the possibilities from all the decisions are held. Anything that could have been, would have been, or has been, are being held inside this sterile medium.

These mediums take a very long time to develop, in a place that has no time. You could take 35 million, put another million zeros behind it, and that's about how many years it takes to develop one of these to have the opportunity to grow in. That's a long time!

Everything any of you have ever done, been, or thought is being held in this sterile medium. This medium is called the consciousness of your creator. It is called the all that is. It is called your Source. It is what you all call God.

However, because this medium is a portion of the mind of your source, when the source wakes up, it collapses. When it collapses, whatever is left, comes down to a single cell which can then be imprinted.

As it begins to wake up it is almost like a respiration. For your mind, look at it as if this source is breathing—opening and closing into the universe. This birth is its respiration or its getting ready to awaken. As it wakes, all of these layers from the concentric sources start pulling in, just like when you breathe. It pulls in and when it does, what will be left is a single cell—a single universal cell.

At that point in time if you pushed it into a parallel medium alongside of here, it would genesis in its birth or respiration and then you would have a universe that has every possibility that was ever thought of here. It would be a universe that doesn't have to go through everything all of you had to go through, because all of your possibilities, potentials and everything else are in it. This is how you are all creating your new universe. All of you are already creating it just by your own existence.

Right now you're in a universal birth process which causes difficulties and complications, physically with individuals and with the planet itself. The planet is in starr status. It made its most major shift in the spring of 1991—in March and April of that year. And it made a shift a couple of years prior to that.

When your bodies reproduce, they reproduce degeneratively. In other words, because there is not as much light in the body, each time your cells reproduce, they seem to get worse and worse and more aged and degenerate rather than enhanced.

In a universal perspective, everything, when it reproduces—produces something better. If you were into a body that is universal—and you will be, because that's what you're trying to create—then what happens is when the old self reproduces or clones itself, it leaves the residue of what you call the junk or the old material in the old and the new life separates. So when the universe reproduces, every reproduction is an improvement over the last.

This is also how your cells are supposed to be working. Your cells in your body were designed originally so that with each reproduction, which they are doing on an ongoing basis, each one would get better and better. In the reproduction cycle, it would dump the junk. It would dump the old stuff that you don't want, the old DNA and the old imprinting.
But when you all got used to hanging onto your past, you started pulling it with you and then the cells degenerated with each reproduction. So now each time these cells reproduce, starting usually after your puberty, they start aging. They start degenerating rather than reproducing into an expanded version.

What you're doing here in this universe is the same thing—it is going through a cloning process. First, you clone the nucleus. The nucleus in this case is the system you're sitting on, called your planet. As it clones, your consciousness has to make a decision—and that's where you are all at. Will you stay with the old planet or will you journey with the new?

Your planet took its biggest step in April of 1991 and most of you felt it. Many of you were feeling fatigue, headaches, nausea, some of you had your skin break out, and different things happened, but you all had some experience with it when it occurred. Much of it was just a fogginess in the head. Some of you felt like you couldn't think right, you were disoriented, but increased fatigue levels were the most common symptom.

Your starr maker, so to speak, or the planet you're sitting on, cloned itself. In the cloning process, as the old nucleus clones itself to make a new nucleus, they have to be attached for a period of time. They have to be attached to provide a way for all the information that is wanting to go across into the new nucleus. If the connection breaks off too soon it kills both.

The system that you're sitting on went through the cloning process. It cloned itself and right now the old nucleus and the new nucleus are overlaying each other. This is where the rifts in your planet, society, and world are starting to come in. At this point, the old and the new are still attached and you have the choice of going with either side of it. But because the brain maintains continuity for most of you, you'll just be living your life and you may not be all that aware of this split. But this is going to create the biggest rift that has ever happened in mankind. You are going to have to choose which side of the nucleus to ride the birth through.

Vibrationally you will make the jump by loving yourself. All you have to do is love that you exist. That is the key. Without enough desire to exist, enough will for life, enough “I want to live and love life,” the nucleus will never make it through the birth and you'll have another still birth.

For your understanding, take 35 million with a million zeros behind it and that is how often it takes to set up one of these births! And about one in three is all that will ever be a live birth. Many of you are getting into joy and you're starting to learn how to enjoy and love life, but for the most part, most of this planet has never wanted to exist. Most of the individuals on this planet spend from almost day one, trying to get out of it. They hate their lives, they hate their existence, they hate it here, they don't like physicality. They are always looking for the better day, when they can leave.

When those feelings are imprinted inside this womb, it has no will to live. So you're in a process right now of giving life to this planet. A lot of you are grand masters that came to this planet for one mission and one mission alone. It is to infuse life into this planet so it can make it through the birth. Every ideal, every belief system that this planet has ever had says, “Let's die. Let's hurry up and get to heaven. Let's hurry up and get out of here. Let's kill it.” And so you have never had a generation upon this planet yet that ever wanted to live—you haven't. Some of you are the first in a new breed of generations that can love life and you are masters that came here to infuse that.

When that single cell completely collapses down to create the birth process—if it wants to live because of the joy you put into it—you've got a new universe and all of its beauty. If not, it will be a still birth and you will have gone through the whole process for naught.

Many of you are very beauteous masters that have already accomplished most of the stuff you're trying to accomplish now. You've already done it. All you did is you came here to love life, enjoy life, have fun and to infuse the will to live into this birth process. Many of you know that you came with a mission, a purpose and it was very important. Then when I tell you just have fun and enjoy life, you say, “It's got to be more than that!”

Understand within your being, the most valuable gift that any of you can give yourself, the planet or anything else at this juncture is the desire to love life and that is what you're all about at this juncture on this planet.

Let me throw this in about your earth changes and opportunities. The nucleus is splitting. You've got to decide which side of the nucleus you're going to ride on. The old one, is going to go through all this gloom and doom stuff, because anything you believe, you'll live. The old side of the nucleus says that it's going to be destroyed.

The new nucleus that is being created, it's got more life in it than the old. And right now they are feeding each other. If you look at this when it reproduces, and finishes its process in a few years or whenever it happens, the old world will feel like hell because the love that it is feeling from the new nucleus, the wanting to live, is not going to be attached to it any more.
This is an opportunity for you to create your reality, and you're gods and you'll do it one way or the other. It's totally your choice. The old nucleus is going to be the old nucleus, it will maintain in its space.

This time it is a mass scenario. This isn't just one person doing it this time. This is a mass event. Right now you're in the middle of this division of these nucleuses where all of you are starting to have funny, weird things happen to you in your lives. You're getting into all kinds of different states of consciousness. But the biggest thing right now is that you've got to make the decision. The old side is not going to want to live. The new side says, I love life. All it takes to get on the new side, is just a will to love life. If you love life, there is no fear left. If you love life, you don't have to worry about a single thing that is going to happen in this reality.

When the two of these realities split, you're going to have a whirlwind, so to speak, and that whirlwind is going to shove that old nucleus away. That is where your earth changes are happening. Your poles aren't going to shift, but the magnetics are shifting—not the poles. The magnetics, when they shift, will do it in junctures. In other words, it's not just going to all of a sudden one day shift totally; it does it in pieces.

The episode you had in April of 1991 was a piece of it and a lot of you walked in a huge, more beauteous, grand piece of who and what you are, more of your own god if you want to look at it that way. It will be almost a jerking or labor action as these nucleuses start separating for a period of time, and this will take the next few years to complete. During this time, each time that there is one of these labor pains, they are still attached, they're connected, and it is going to cause some disruption on the planet.

In your minds and in your brain systems, even if you're riding on the new nucleus, you're going to maintain enough of a continuity that you're going to be able to see it, and thus you'll be pulled into it if you let yourself. You've got to let yourselves get into a state where you totally love who and what you are and where you know that anything that occurs doesn't have to be yours unless you want it to be. That is the biggest thing that any of you can do.

With each jerking the new one's got more strength, so when it jerks, any of the weak spots on your planet are going to move. Any of these weak spots in this jerking motion, is going to stir them up a little bit. So if you've got fault lines, some of those fault lines are going to ripple. Some of the volcanoes are going to get more active, or less active. They're going to fluctuate.

But if you're already decided to love life and ride the wave on the new nucleus, you don't have to worry about it. You'll be in a place where you might see it, and observe it because the two are still connected, but it is not your reality. It will only be your reality if it hits you in your back yard, and it will only hit you in your back yard if you're on the old nucleus. It is a time to let go of fear because fear is the biggest thing that holds you on the old nucleus.

If you're fearing what your reality is going to be, you're probably fearing because you know you're creating it! If you knew you weren't creating fearful events, you'd have no fear about them. So it's a time of getting into a place of saying, “All right. That may be the reality for half of the planet or better than half of it, but it doesn't have to be mine.”

There are all kinds of divine intervention that will go into place if anything gets triggered when it's not supposed to. You've got divine timing and orchestration is another way of looking at it. You're going to have a mass ascension this time. When these nucleuses decide to completely separate, you're going to have an ascension process en masse. This has been written about, where a large number of people just disappear off the planet.
What you'll do for a period of time, because the two nucleuses are connected, your brain will maintain the continuity and you will see it all. You will see the turmoil going on in different places, but it doesn't have to touch your life.

When enough of you reach critical mass, that final splitting will occur, and the electricity generated from the electromagnetics will separate and you'll have the most beautiful mass ascension off this planet you've ever had! Those who go will be on the new nucleus, and they'll take the ride from there until it has gone through the rest of its cloning process.

Many of you will go through pseudo or preliminary ascension processes up to that. Some of you have already gone through them and didn't know you did it. Another way of looking at it is there are multidimensional time slices between the old nucleus and the birth of the new, and so what you're doing is you're being pulled from one to the next, to the next, to the next until enough of you get critical mass here to make the velocity to be pulled the rest of the way. You're all doing it anyway as long as you're loving yourselves, loving life, loving existence itself—you're already ascending.

Most of you are already going through the ascension process and don't even know it! You haven't known it because you're looking for drama that says, “Oh, I disappeared in front of the crowd and so now I've got my diploma!” Because this is a scenario that is timed and orchestrated, you're not going to have that. You're trying to pull this whole planet as far with you as you can.

Most of you, if you were on the planet two thousand years ago, you would have ascended the body already. You would be popping off and disappearing. What makes that type of a drama or big visual effect is when you have a large difference between your vibration and the planet's. You just shift your vibrations enough and you disappear. But what you're doing en masse is that you're pulling the planet behind you! It is right on your heels and so you are vibrationally shifting and the planet is too, therefore, you can't disappear. You are vibrationally shifting, and so is the planet. You're pulling it with you!

So en masse, you're going through this and you're moving, but you're not getting the big drama from it that you're all expecting. You're already taking your bodies with you, whether you lay them down this lifetime or not, you're taking them with you because it is a matter of vibration. Years ago, you would have already ascended the molecular structure. Taking the body with you actually boils down to taking the whole entire DNA, and genetic memory so you can reconstruct it if necessary.

When these nucleuses pull apart here, then any bodies that are vibrating beyond a certain vibration, will disappear and they will go on the new nucleus and the new planet. You'll be objectified as the gods that you are, that will be your system and you'll create it, you will control it, you will rule it, and it will be yours.

Shifting through these dimensional slices is going to cause a lot of the problems, pains and difficulties on the planet. Because of this, you're going through a biological species shift. Your biological embodiments are shifting at a rate that is phenomenal and as we've said before, if in ten-thousand years you look backwards to this point in time, it would have looked like the species stopped and completely severed, left the planet, and a new race started.

It's taking about three to four generations in most genetic makeups right now to make this species shift. You're not going to all start looking funny and weird and strange and all those things, but your bodies are going through it right now, and so is the planet. This is part of the planet's having to dump its toxins and its pollutants too because it is going through a reproduction also.

Your bodies are going to go through all sorts of things and a lot of you are judging yourselves as not being highly enough evolved because you're going through them. You're saying, “If I was a master then I wouldn't have this and I wouldn't have that, I wouldn't have this happening to me,” but your bodies are going through the shift. The earth changes are going through the shifts too, but I would say the biggest thing and the biggest factor is to decide where you're going to ride. If you want to ride on the new nucleus, then you'll go there. If you want to ride on the old, then you're going to have a totally different story.

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