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Overview of 2009 --AA Gabriel

Gabriel's Overview of 2009
A Year of Light Beginning to Awaken
the Shadow Side of Humanity
2009 is the first year where you will move from an outer focus to an inner one in a more profound way. This is a tremendous shift, as most of you have known the illusion of a primitive outer focus as the source of your well-being.

Last year was the mid-point of a 9 year cycle of integrating the soul, which began in 2004 and culminates in 2012. Now you being a deeper inner journey, to connect to Self as the source in your more mature way of understanding life as it truly exists.

This will also be a year where you restructure the manifestation cycle as you have known it, from life as a non-unified experience. Man's physical structures will break down a great deal this year as well.

The first four months will bring up depths of the dark shadow, revealing what has been held in the depths of the inner self. This is required for you to nurture and clear, for you to be able to get to the true source of life from the inside out.

The universe itself will also begin a journey back to source. You have only known a single outbreath in the history of your planet, moving into a focus on form and getting to know its potential. You now begin to reverse that process, breaking down the illusion that it is the source, beginning an inbreath of the grand cycle of life.

You will now transmute life, seeing the inside and the invisible as the source from which you create.

The 3 four-month segments of the year will include:
Revelation of the Dark Shadow - in the first four months
Inner Transmutation - taking you deeper to the inner source, looking at all you have revealed
Restructuring of Form begins - with many old systems breaking down
All the kingdoms of nature will reveal how things are out of balance in these first four months. This can be a scary experience, as it forces you to look inward. Due to the fact that most people on your planet have not developed an inner relationship to self, this can be a scary experience at first. It may very well seem like "nobody is home in there." Plus it will first bring an awareness of that which you have avoided for so long.

This will begin this process, when you have your return of the Dark Shadow. There is an archangel that has been much misunderstood on your planet. Lucifer, meaning "light bearer," was the most beloved of God who chose to hold the Dark Shadow energies of the planet until you were ready to take responsibility for transmuting and integrating all that which has been out of balance. That time is now.

The Dark Shadow is now being returned. It has already begun. For instance, in the final months of 2008, you saw the breakdown of your economic structures in a bigger way. You need to understand that this is merely breaking down to reveal what is out of balance, so that you can adjust your choices and inspire more balance and unity on the planet.

Everything operates through cycles. Something cannot continue to move in one direction. All reality moves from a source and returns to that source. We have focused on your personal process for the last two decades to help you understand how to work with the cycles of healing, knowing that this time of tremendous upheaval and transformation of soul light was coming. This light illuminates everything that it comes into contact with, which is what you are beginning to find happening.

Light is penetrating your planet and is having its revelatory impact. There is a tremendous entrainment of that light taking place, when all lower, dense energies are inspired by the new levels of light to an attempt to balance and inspire more evolved choices. It is unlike anything you have known on the planet.

This is mostly because a new level of energy, known as the Photon Belt is now penetrating your solar system. This energy is faster than the speed of light you have known. This has not reached planet Earth fully yet. It has reached some of the outer planets and is having a direct impact there. Scientists have wondered why these planets have begun to glow or radiate light. This will begin to happen on your planet in the next three or four years as well.

Everything is raising and accelerating at this time, unlike anything you have known. The extremes that have begun are only the first taste of what is to come. Wait until the Photon Belt begins to penetrate your Earth plane... So please use this time now to prepare yourselves.

REVELATION of the Dark Shadow

The first four months will be a time of REVELATION.

You can already see the impact of this time. There are revelations of many who are out of balance, both individuals and in corporations or organizations. Many organizations that you have depended upon will be revealed for their imbalances. Your main banks for instance, such as Citibank and Chase. They are buying up the smaller banks, as they have been very important for them to hide some of the corruption.

You will see many things revealed in this time as the light impacts. Some of it will not be pretty. Some may be rather frightening. The Dark Shadow is the part of your consciousness that has been denied or educated or taken responsibility for. It has, therefore, become the most powerful influence in your lives. The more you deny, the more powerful it becomes.
The more you suppress and avoid the truth of your being, the more powerful it all becomes. It controls you and keeps you in fear. And there is a great deal of denial from the last 2000 years of choices you have all created collectively.

You have evolved through a ray of consciousness that has put your focus on ideals and the duality of opposites. This has kept you learning from fighting the Shadow self. You have judged parts as good or bad.

Let us say you have habitually walked along the street of your lives, deciding to throw your gum wrapper or some other piece of trash on the ground, as you didn't have any other way to take responsibility for it. You think it is done and that no one will make you take responsibility. The Shadow merely walks behind you and collects all the parts of self that you have judged, suppressed and tried to avoid taking responsibility for.

It is the place where all of the parts of self that have been misunderstood have been held. These parts of Self so need a place to be nurtured, educated and integrated as vital parts of Self. And the more that you have denied these parts, based on your early conditioning and herd consciousness, you have built up a sense of fear that is more and more powerful. You have had to go into greater and greater denial.

You need to realize that all of your wounded feelings are the primary players that you have avoided and they need to be returned to your consciousness with an understanding that NO feelings are threatening or shameful. You need to realize that you are simply conditioned to fear and avoid them in the name of trying to fit in, to please or to compensate for your accumulated shame of Self.

This has all been acted out in more and more extreme ways. It has reached the point where you could destroy your planet in the name of avoiding the Shadow. However, the hierarchy of your planet has been working to help you integrate this in a more gradual way. In this last year, they were restructuring the grid lines of your planet to make it more graceful for you to integrate these last parts of that you can create an awareness of your wholeness.

However, in this first year of deepening the process, you will experience a Dark Night of the Soul, where you must face the imbalances of your lives in a more direct way. It will begin the process in a more real and accelerated way. The time is now, where you must take the focus off of your outer distractions, glamours and addictions to address the wounded inner Self.
When you are willing to address the Shadow, introducing an adult perspective of compassion and willingness to grow into more evolved relationships to these parts of yourself, you will create tremendous healing.

The outer will accelerate, trying to keep you in fear, distracted by the outside. The ones who are interested in you NOT becoming healed and powerful as individuals will create as many opportunities to keep you in fear as they can. This world management team will try and keep you in fear of the "terrorist threat."

If you are in fear, you will be more than willing to let the "big powers" take care of "protect you" and to eventually let you become a military state. However, when the dupe is up, you may find you have given away all of your rights. You may find that they are arresting anyone who is opposing their plan. The Patriot Act has set this in motion in a powerful way. You need to wake up and pay attention to what you are actually choosing.

You will be able to do this most effectively by taking responsibility for the wounded "frozen child" within your own nervous system. By getting the help you need to evolve and heal your emotional body, you will become empowered adults.

There was an alignment on December 1, 2008, of Venus, Jupiter and the moon, it began to accelerate a revelation of the secrets on your planet. The moon of Jupiter known as Io holds all of the secrets of creation energetically. That information is being revealed into your consciousness, so that you will be able to use that energy with your integrity.

There are many tests being introduced to help you prepare that sense of integrity. You need to learn how to take what is out of balance, to transmute it and to integrate a much deeper, more powerful sense of Self. That is the true potential of your soul connected Self.

That brings us to the second four months of 2009.

TRANSMUTATION of the Dark Shadow

Everything that was uncovered in the first four months will now need to go through inner transformation. You will need to move deeper and deeper inside, beyond the Dark Shadow into the Light Shadow. This is your core connection to Self, where you hold the potential of your soul.
The subconscious is the mind that holds all of this in place. It is a very conscious mind. What you have called your conscious mind is actually the "dumb mind" that only takes past descriptions and a frozen identity of self and redescribes what is "known." That keeps you frozen in place, in herd consciousness, trying to fit in like a wounded child who does not know their own power.
You have been well trained to be enslaved by the outer world of form. Those that you have allowed to set this up, even elected to rule you, not to govern you, have happily played their parts.
You live in a world economic system that is a corporate government that is like a ruler with a feudal system. You are all subject to how you have willingly set it up by not taking responsibility for yourselves. You purchase, take out credit and become completely dependent on your outer stuff. This was not accidental. It was well-planned.

The whole system will reveal itself and it is now beginning to break down. Your comfort zones now being shaken up has been well-planned to keep you in fear in this time of accelerated energies. Nothing is happening arbitrarily.

Do you think the very wealthy will suffer at all? not a chance. Do you think that the largest tax-free corporation, the Catholic Church, will suffer? not a chance.

In this time of transmutation, you need to take all that you have discovered and to diligently begin to transmute these parts of self into something else. You need to create an inner connection, where you love, nurture and develop these lost parts of self. The average person is scared to know themselves. This will bring about an awareness of your inner emptiness, which comes from not being connected to self and your own feelings.

This will bring about more extremes, in an attempt to stay distracted. We urge you not to buy into this conditioned behavior. You need to take this time to re-connect, to become self-empowered creators who are responsible for your lives to learn how to develop an inner relationship and become great manifestors of your dreams.

If it were not for your collective thoughts and feelings as a human species, who are all maintaining a certain description of reality through your attachment to that which is outside, you will know a very different world. You need to go inside and learn how to interrupt those habitual thoughts and feelings. You need to develop a real connection to your inner selves, so that you can know you are multi-dimensional beings, who are powerful creators.

You need to take your power back from the outer world. It is about marrying the inner and the outer, from the point of view of directing the outer from an inner truth and conviction that must now be developed. You have not even known how to do this. This is what is now awakening, as you practice taking responsibility with integrity.

You wouldn't give a car to a child to drive. It is the same with giving you access to the energy of creation. If you are in wounded resistance, you wouldn't use these energies for creative purposes either. You are now learning how to drive, by growing up and taking responsibility in a different way. You are becoming vehicles of empowerment, love and value.

Get the help you need to work this out. Find out who knows how to help you reconnect to your emotional bodies and transform your fearful mental beliefs. As you do, you will begin to see how to create lives that not only fulfill you as individuals, but that serve the good of the whole.
Now as you open to the heart chakra in this time of evolution, you move into the forces of creation and learn how to manifest consciously through the truth of your being. This will always focus on the "we consciousness," not the narcissism of a wounded child who is all about "me."

RESTRUCTURING of old forms

The last four months will be a time of RESTRUCTURING old forms...from family systems, the corporations, economic, medical, etc. Anything that is absolute and frozen in herd consciousness and redescription will be affected in powerful ways.

Anything that does not stand in balance and growth will begin to break down. It puts the focus on greed of accumulating, achieving and being able to dupe that which is outside the self. This will not work within these new energies.

You have been given freedom of will, but you have been conditioned as wounded children, who have no real idea how to utilize your freedom of choice. You have been stuck in a frozen decision about right and wrong, good and bad, held in place through a fear of reward/punishment. This system is dying away, so that you can develop individual conscience.

There is no such thing as the Devil. This is the ego of the collective consciousness, that has kept you from needing to take responsibility. This is the power of the Dark Shadow. The only evil is your ignorance and fear, where you are not able to transform or take responsibility for. In order for you to wake up, the systems will need to break down and get your attention.

As you see this all happening, try not to go into panic and fear. Many will panic, as they are not used to change or taking charge. They only know the familiar comfort zone. They cannot conceive that there could be something better.

Your car industry and oil industry have known that your energy supplies are depleting, but they have done very little about it. You have been stuck in instantaneous gratification and consuming NOW, like wounded children.

The ecosystem of your planet is now threatened. The plant and animal kingdoms are in danger. Every single wild animal is on the endangered species list, based on the imbalances that you are creating. In the last 50 years, you have decreased the oxygen in the air by 25 per cent!
You need to wake up and take responsibility. You now shift from the electrical force of cause and effect into the solar reality of quantum shift and resonance. You need to become a part of the individuals who are forming a critical mass, which will allow your whole planet to shift. It is up to each of you as individuals to prepare, so that you can learn how to direct the forces of creation.

So the breakdown, which is already happening, is necessary for you to wake up and save yourselves. The hints are already taking place. However, Jupiter revealing the secrets of creation, with Venus opening the energy of the womb space of the soul, connected to the moon holding the energy of experience of the soul has set it all into motion in a more powerful way.
This year now begins to reflect this alignment, as well as the most recent initiation, which opened the Sirian vortex...opening the space for your powerful healing.

President elect Obama has been chosen to play a powerful role for this. In many ways, he will support an awareness of all that is out of balance. He will attempt to create inner transformation within your government. However, you all need to do your part.
The last four months could be very frightening and dangerous, as you all must face your cumulative reality together. So hold each other in the light and in the protection of the soul resonance that you are building. Surround your leaders in this light.

This is what you will experience in the year of 2009, first facing the Dark Shadow at the surface of your wounded inner selves. Do it with integrity, not in fear. Practice courage. Encourage others. We will continue to keep you informed the best we can, helping you to prepare.
You will find in this rising Shadow, many levels of physical dis-ease continuing to accelerate. There will be more and more leaving the planet, as their souls are deciding if they are able to face all that is taking place. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you all, but you must show up and become conscious. You must face your lives consciously, for this will all unfold one way or another.

Consciousness gives you the power to respond and heal.

So use this as a general guide for this year. Open to your inner lives and respond with compassion and courage.

Blessings to you all.
- Gabriel

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