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Chaotic Nodes --Hathors

Chaotic Nodes

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

April 27, 2009

Any energetic system that shifts to higher or lower orders of
coherency passes through chaotic events in its journey to a
new resting energy state. Your earth is no exception to this.

With this in mind, we anticipate a planetary increase in
chaotic events. By this we mean that a large-scale chaotic
event(s) is near. We call such events, "Chaotic Nodes." They
are a precursor to geometric progressions of chaotic events,
and you are at the threshold of such a node.

"Chaotic Nodes" are actually crests in quantum wave potential
driven by the interaction of many energetic domains

Let's take a look at water as a metaphor for what we are
discussing, and then we would like to extrapolate this to
your world situation.

When you boil water, the molecules that comprise the water
(which are made from the bonding of atomic hydrogen and
oxygen) speed up. This is unseen by you because this domain
is too small for you to see. But if you touch the pot, you
will feel warmth. As the heat continues, the water molecules
move around even faster, bumping into each other more often,
creating even more friction. Some of the water moves into a
faster rate of vibration and changes its nature from water
into steam. If you touch the pot at this point, you would
describe it as hot. Indeed, it would burn you if you kept
your hands on the pot of boiling water too long.

Prior to the application of heat to the water, one could say
that the water resided within a certain energy domain, which
you could measure via its temperature. As the temperature
increases, due to the application of heat, there is an
increase of chaos as the water molecules start moving more

Now, if water molecules had the human characteristic of
resistance to change, then they would find the increased heat
and the resulting chaos difficult to contend with.

When the water reaches boiling point, it enters what we call
a "Chaotic Node." This is a shifting of energy state, and if
you look into a pot of water just before it starts to boil,
you can see this.

At first there is a trickle of bubbles up to the surface, and
as these reach the surface of the water, steam is emitted. At
first you will see just a little bit of steam, but as the
entire pot of water reaches the boiling point, you will see
what is called a "roiling boil." At this point, the water is
very turbulent and a lot of it starts to change its energy
state from a liquid (water) into a gas (steam).

The point we wish to make here is that a "Chaotic Node" is
similar to water shifting to a roiling boil, in that it
(water moving from being hot to a roiling boil) is a sudden
shift that is inherently volatile. And once a "Chaotic Node"
manifests, it is very difficult to predict what will happen

If you were a single molecule of water in this roiling boil
that just entered a "Chaotic Node," you would be hard pressed
to know where you might be at any moment. You might be at the
bottom of the pot and suddenly find yourself driven up to the
surface by rapidly moving convection currents. And in a swift
unanticipated moment, you could shift your energy state from
water to vapor (steam).

This is a metaphor, of course. And we are not implying that
you are as simple as water. But the principles of "Chaotic
Nodes" apply to all energy systems, including both your energy
systems and the energy systems of earth.

As we said, we anticipate that you are at the cusp of one
such "Chaotic Node." And there are any number of factors that
can start the process. As we said earlier, "Chaotic Nodes"
are driven by the interaction of many energetic domains
simultaneously. And there are a large number of possible
catalysts, including but certainly not limited to, increased
solar flare activity, bacterial and viral mutations,
ecosystem distress, severe fluctuations in weather patterns
affecting the availability of food and water, earth changes
including volcanic and earthquake activity, financial
instability, and political ineptitude in managing world

When a "Chaotic Node" arrives on your timeline it is likely
that several of these factors will escalate and interact with
each other in ways that cannot be anticipated.

As we view it, there is a high probability that you will
experience other "Chaotic Nodes" in the next ten years, with
increasing intensity and frequency (meaning that there will
be an increase in their numbers).

From the vantage point of a being who wishes to reside in
lower energy states and its attendant lower states of
consciousness (i.e. your average human), the arrival of a
"Chaotic Node" is not an easy thing to contend with. This is
because all types of unpredictable events and relationships
will arise as the chaos reaches a crescendo point. Many
people will tend to mental and emotional instability in the
face of a "Chaotic Node." This is a result of their perceived
reality collapsing.

Indeed, in the coming years, many facets of your individual
and collective realities will be challenged.

From our perspective, this increase in "Chaotic Nodes" is both
an inescapable aspect of energy-state physics and a requirement
for your shift into higher dimensions of consciousness.

This will be a challenging time for many as the world they
thought they knew morphs (changes) before them. But it is
also a period with immense potential for accelerated
evolution (meaning a shift into higher dimensions of
consciousness). By higher dimensions of consciousness, we
specifically mean an awareness of time and space that is
simultaneously not confined by these perceptions. At present,
humanity is keenly aware of its material existence, but not
so aware of its existence in other realms of energy
(dimensions). When the bulk of humanity experiences the
existence of other realms of energy collectively, it will
enter a Golden Age.

But alas, you are still in the birthing process of this and
have not yet been collectively born into this reality.

Some individuals are making this shift, even in the midst of
increased chaos. In fact, if you are prepared, these "Chaotic
Nodes" can actually assist you to shift your own energy
states to a higher order. The result of this shift in
consciousness is that you will become more creative when
dealing with new and novel situations. And shifting to an
energy state that is of a higher order (increased coherency)
will allow you to directly experience your transcendent
nature, which is beyond the constraints of time and space
even while you live an embodied life.

Our advice during "Chaotic Nodes" is to engage the Holon of
Ascension as often as possible. This will shift your energy
state and allow you to pass through the chaotic elements of
your reality more graciously and with greater fluidity,
allowing you to more likely be in "the right place at the
right time" rather than in "the wrong place at the wrong
time." In point of fact, from our view, there is no right or
wrong place to be. It is what you do with what presents
itself to you that matters.

As humanity collectively begins to pass into this imminent
"Chaotic Node," expect more of the unexpected than you could
ever imagine even in your wildest sci-fi movies. Engage the
Holon of Ascension often. Shift your own energy. Move up the
ladder of consciousness.

The Hathors April 27, 2009

Follow-up message of October 8, 2009 is here.

A complete description of how to engage the Holon of
Ascension can be found on our website,, in
the Hathor section and is entitled The Holon of Ascension,
March 10, 2009.

I suggest you take it for a spin and see what happens.

You can hear and/or download a free audio recording of the
Planetary Holon Meditation that took place on April 5th, 2009
in Seattle, Washington. Just go to the website homepage, and look on the left bar menu.
Click on the tab that reads Planetary Holon Meditation, and you
will be directed to the recording.

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