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Ascension --Great White Whale

Message from the Great White Whale
Kiara Windrider (channeled Feb 1999)

In 1999 I spent several months on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming with dolphins and whales. I experienced some profound shifts and connections being with these wise and playful denizens of the ocean. One day, after spending an hour communing with a mother and baby humpback whale, I felt new channels opening up in my consciousness. The following message came from what seemed to be the oversoul of the whale kingdom, a white whale known simply as The Great One. A few days afterwards I happened to find out that a white whale had been sighted off the coast of Australia, which represents for the aborigines the same prophetic significance as the white buffalo holds for Native Americans.

This is The Great One. I have come in response to your questions spoken and unspoken. I have come to share not only information but a certain consciousness. It is time to awaken to this consciousness within you, for this is the reason you were constructed.
Do not denigrate the human form. The human form is one of the highest biological forms for the embodiment of spirit.
We will go back through the Mindfields of Gaia to the beginnings of time. Time is creation, creation that began in the mind of Prime Creator, and there was no meaning except in the unfoldment, except in the continual creation, except in that deep awareness and passion to recreate and extend itself.

And so, through the word, through the vibration of that first intent, was created the songlines, and then there was light, and within that light manifested different levels of awareness that led to the creation of dimensions, and within these dimensions form could be played out as ideas generated and regenerated themselves.
And so, many, many, many pathways later various seedings took place. Forms were created. Among them were we, among them were you. Spirit formed itself in biological forms, and our destiny has always been the same—to reunite in the fullness of time to complete the cycle, to gather back to Source all of learning, all of creation.

We carry a certain awareness in our attunement to the higher dimensions. What you call higher dimension is to us spherical, and in this spherical knowing, there is no higher, there is no lower. There is here a fullness of understanding, of knowing, for this quality has no separation within itself. This quality is still connected with the One Source within all of this diversity. It is a quality that your biological circuitry is also meant to carry, to embody. It is a quality that those among you that you know of as Ascended Masters have embodied just as fully. It is a quality that many races throughout the galaxies have achieved, and it is the quality that you are about to achieve more fully than any species ever before, simply because you are no longer an isolated species.
There are representatives among you from across the galaxies, across the dimensions, across the universes. And so what you seek to create now is a living being, an extended being that is far vaster than individual ascended beings. There are few planets that have ascended from this level of density, and of these none that have the destiny that your planet possesses, simply because none have the diversity which your planet possesses. A new order of creation comes into being as you prepare for this moment. We are here with you. We have always been eager to assist, even when our task was not understood by you.
Know now that there is a manifestation of my presence in the oceans as a white whale. The Aborigines know of this. It occurs in their prophecies. Like the white buffalo was born on this continent in fulfillment of prophecy, so is this white whale born in fulfillment of prophecy.
The time is near now when this grand awakening of planetary consciousness is due. We have prepared the grids of the Earth to sustain a new level of vibratory frequency. If it were not so, the new frequencies that have been pouring in could not be anchored and the Earth herself could not survive.

There are what you call gamma ray bursts flooding the Earth—many hundreds, many thousands in the last few years since this grid has been completed. Her soundings have changed. Her songs have changed. Her songs are like the templates, and within these templates creation can be determined with great precision.

As the left brain of planet Earth, your intentions, your understandings, and your direction is much required. Feel our presence within your presence. It is time for us to join what has been separate for too long.
Ascension has been a mystery to many of you. The mystery lies not in the how or even in the why. The mystery has lain in your mind’s great inclination to doubt. The mystery has been in the "if", because you do not feel that you know the way, because you have been separated from those deep knowings within you, because you have given way to your doubts and your fears. It has been a great "if". It holds you back from the recognition of the simplicity of this process.

Dear Ones, this is so simple. Please do not doubt. In fact, this is your destiny.
Your bodies were meant to be receptors of light. You know this. You know that your DNA is equipped for far more than you are currently experiencing. You know of the 64 codons to be awakened. You know of the twelve strands. You know that this has been and will be again.
You know what holds you back. There are many, many, many layers of conditioning and unbelief, and it is the collective barrier that you must break through. We are assisting in this as you call upon us to be of service. The answers may not be a conscious awareness of minds. The answers lie in that deep submerged layer where there is a cellular knowing.

Your bodies understand what your minds do not. Please listen to the body and allow it sacred audience within you. Focus on the medulla in the back of your head. It is a newly emerging planetary center that is a parallel development to the vertical axis of the chakras along the pranic tube. This is the awareness of spherical consciousness, and we, as we breathe, hold this awareness at all times.
Gaia has need of us as the right brain. Gaia has need of you as the left brain, but no longer is this a division to be maintained. Electromagnetic fields of the Earth are changing, which allows a reconstruction of these grids of left and right.
In order for the Mother to make her ascension, right and left brain must act as one, and for this you need to develop this spherical consciousness. In spherical consciousness, there is no separation between left and right, or matter and spirit, or any of the polarities that you experience in daily living. Allow yourself to move into this new awareness.
So ascension is simply the flowering of new life, and in the fruits of that new life, the Earth gives seed and the seeds multiply. It is a very natural cycle.

The triggers within your cellular consciousness are already being probed. Your mind has nothing to do with it because your will, your intention, and your surrender create this activity, and then from this submerged place within your deep unconscious, the seeds begin to bear fruit.

There is a time when the curtains will be parted for all consciousness on this planet. It is to come soon. The ground is being prepared for this parting of the curtains. In that moment, for it will be a moment, you will be tested. Your choices will be weighed, and if you so choose, ascension will be once more the natural cycle rather than death, or rather than participation in the game of separation, a game that you’ve known in your history from times before Atlantis.

Go back into the storehouses of your mind. Remember those days. The cells carry the memories. Many of you were incarnate in the bodies of the ocean people. Many of us were incarnate within the human people.
I speak to you in words that you hear within your minds, but my greater communication to you is now in creating a passageway that allows your spherical minds to become activated—perhaps the experience of throbbing in the back of your head. Perhaps you hear a sound or a tone within that space. Perhaps there are pieces and fragments of your soul returning to you now that have been disconnected and lost. Perhaps you are remembering your true destiny that fills the Earth with a sense of knowing, a sense of joy, a sense of peace. We ask you to trust this knowing, not because you understand with your minds the steps this requires, but because of your intent and desire to join your will with the will of the Earth, the will of the Creator.

Fulfill that destiny that has been chosen for you, those of you who have incarnated on this planet, for we are one mind and know each other already without veils of separation. We know what is known of your future, which to us is already present. It is the end of timelines. It is the end of separation. It is the end of death and the beginning of her birth. The new children being born among you know this, for many of them have indeed lived in cetacean bodies before. We are one.



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