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Ascension and Terra --Elohim

Council of Elohim/Daphne:

Wynn: "I want to ask questions about the ascension process. How important is the mental awareness of the person regarding qualifying for the ascension process as opposed to the opening of the chakras?" (The heart)

Council of Elohim: "The mental faculty is but one aspect of the total energization of transference which takes place. It is not necessarily definitely needed that the intellectual faculties comprehend the process taking place. However there must be a willingness on the part of the participant to move with the various incoming levels of energy, thus providing a jumping-off place for the participant's mind to explore the new realms of possibility introduced by the energization of the frequencies present in his own chakras and vortexes. There is a new field being developed within him or her and the exploration of that field is left to the individual discernment of that being whether to participate consciously mentally or not and how far in which to do so."

Wynn: "So if a person is mentally prepared, they have more chance of making a positive choice. Could we say that?"

Council of Elohim: "We would not term it positive or negative choice. It is simply choice. All roads lead to God whether sooner or later."

Wynn: "So to ask the question in another way. A person may have the energetic openness, the chakra vortices open, and choose not to take the ascending path?"

Council: "This is a free will zone."

Wynn: "But they may not understand the choice if they haven't had a preliminary exposure to the concept? Is that possible?"

Council of Elohim: "It is not something that exposure would not necessarily induce a person to choose differently or not. It is rather an internal willingness on the part of self to leave behind a playground, a school ground of third dimensional energy and move into a higher vibratory field. It is more a question is the participant ready to stop playing and experiencing the games of the third dimension. Is she willing to let them go. And there is no punishment if the person is not ready..."

Wynn: "What will happen to a person who chooses to keep re-experiencing the third dimension?"

Council of Elohim: "They will play out the third dimension where they are able to do it. Not in this solar system as this is slated for ascension, but perhaps in another, light years from here."

Wynn: "There was a discussion in one book I read about two parallel earths, one of them called Terra where ascended beings would go. Is there any truth in that?"

Council: "We would say that Terra is the oversoul harmonic of your present earth. She does not exist separately but inter-dimensionally in the future ahead of this present third density."

Wynn: "At the present time are there beings on Terra?"

Council: "The question as you have phrased it, we cannot respond to. We say that Terra exists as an over-dimensional aspect of the present earth. And beings would exist within that framework."

Wynn: "One story I read said that there were going to be holographic images of a Jesus in the sky with flying saucers coming to land that were of a negative dispostion. Is that possible?"

Council: "Many things are possible. We would not say it is necessarily a probable event. At this juncture."

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