Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Experiment --Elohim


Wynn: "Is the ascension process which is coming about on this planet something which is unusual on the galactic circuit? Why is it that people, as I understand it, release their bodies in the physical and move on, rather than dying and move on? What is the reason that it has to operate in that manner if that's so?"

Elohim: "There are no prescribed protocols for this particular ascension process. It is somewhat experimental in nature and the individualized experience of the entities choosing to undergo it will be as many and varied as there are individuals currently incarnate on the planet. Indeed, many will die, many will choose to drop the body - some say as many as two-thirds of your current population. And there are those who would shed the body for other reasons... The great experiment is to be able to consciously ascend, thus keeping certain dna patterns and crystalline blood coatings intact in a way that is a fairly rare one for this sector of the galaxy. This in and of itself is part of a grand experiment, the outcome of which is greatly anticipated by those who would wait and see what happens."

Wynn: "Who initiated this experiment?"

Elohim: "This is a free will zone. The earth is what you would call a wild card. Where the laws of like vibrational attraction have been rather suspended. If you notice, there are many, many discontiguous and disharmonious levels of consciousness vying for superiority and influence on your planet. Normally, this is not the case. It is an experiment to bring about a sort of amalgamation and kind of bringing together of very different kinds of consciousness and birthing it in a particular way. A good analogy might be, you have in your refrigerator leftovers and no particular recipe and you just want to see what can come out with what you have in there because you don't want it to go to waste."

Wynn: "So we're the leftovers, so to speak."

Elohim: "Not leftovers in terms of better or worse, but leftovers in terms of remnants, remnants meaning populations or parts of populations for whom their home planet was no longer a place of refuge, for whom for various reasons, accelerated karmas were to be worked off. This was a choosing place for profound giving of the self of what would have to become unconditional love. Otherwise it is a very hard place."

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