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Julius Caesar on Sol --Carolyn Evers

Julius Caesar was discussing Sunspot Activity when he was still captive in the Bardo. The Bardo would be equivalent to what you call Purgatory. I thought his observations were interesting and perhaps you will find them of some assistance also. Carolyn Evers

Now it is time to discuss what is on the horizon for Earth, as I see it and as I have been instructed by higher beings who have instructed me. When they pointed out to me that there were changes occurring on the Earth, I started observing and I could see what they were speaking about. It starts with the electron. I am told that, at present, those electrons are carbon-based. I can't say that I completely understand that concept. I come from another world as far as science is concerned, and I have to say that those words I have accepted in faith. That is a point that you will have to investigate and decide for yourself if those words are truthful.
I see clouds of energy surrounding living things. When I trace the energy and the source of it, I can see that this energy somehow comes from the sun. Perhaps those who worshiped the sun in the early days of civilization understood something that we have missed.
This energy seems to come to Earth floating on the rays of the sun. I don't seem to see it during the night, and it lessens when the skies are darkened from storm or wind. Wind seems to disturb the energy also. The energy looks like small particles. Sometimes they seem to congregate in groups, but for the most part, they seem to be separate and float to Earth.
I have noticed that these particles enter the human field mostly at the top of the head. These particles go through dense obstructions, such as the homes you live in, though more particles enter the human frame if you are outside in nature, exposed to the sunlight. You can be in the shade of a tree, and the particles will find you there. As I said, these particles seem to come to human beings, even though they pass through solid objects.
From my perspective, I can see into the human body. It is quite fascinating, you know, to see the workings of the human body from the outside. I can see the blood circulate, nourishing all the parts of the body, the organs and such. I can see the veins and sometimes colors inside the veins. Sometimes the color is a dark blue, sometimes a shade of red, but nevertheless, I can see the heart pump this blood, and I can see this energy sink into the entire body and ultimately nourish the bloodstream. This energy is carried to all parts of the body.
They tell me here that if human beings were more advanced, they could live from this energy source alone. They tell me that at one time, early in the period when the soul came to Earth and started becoming involved with enlivening bodies, our food source was only this energy and some small amounts of fruit. I can't confirm the veracity of those statements, but I am inclined to believe them to be truthful. I have no reason to believe that these souls are not truthful with me. They have always seemed to be guiding me in a straightforward manner in the past, so I accept their words until I find that there is some discrepancy. In all this time, I haven't noticed that their words were not truthful. So I present this information to you for your own discernment.
These beings tell me that this energy will change slightly. Actually, the change has already started. They trace and connect these changes to eruptions on the sun. Now, something of interest to me is the fact that even though I am confined to this part of space in which I find myself, when they speak of these changes, I can see beyond my confinement and follow their words. What I mean is that when they speak of the sun and its eruptions, I can watch the sun and see what they are speaking about.
It appears to me that the sun is convulsing; or rather, I should say that, as of this writing, the sun has already convulsed. I am told that you consider this to be sun-spot activity, that you have been following it for some time and that you have recorded it, so that, at present, you can see that these kinds of sun explosions follow cycles, which you have documented very accurately. It amazes me how you have advanced scientifically. In my age, we never had an inkling that the sun had cycles of energy expression such as this.
Something that your scientists have not connected yet is that these cycles are tied to the workings of outer space. The sun is not going through these cycles on its own. The sun is intimately tied to the workings of the cosmos, rather like the connection of a giant clockworks. We had two different types of clocks, one using water as its energy source and another that used the sun to calculate time through shadows.
It is an incredible thought that the cycles found in the universe cover billions of years. I have taken that statement on faith. I have not had the time to personally observe that time frame, but the higher beings' explanations make me see that this could be so, because of the size of the entire cosmos. We Romans were very interested in the stars and constellations and named quite a few of them ourselves.
We were deeply involved with horoscopes and recognized that the stars and planets pointed to the highs and lows of people, or at least pointed out the opportunities presented in people's lives. The workings of the skies and the cosmos seem very factual to me. It appears that the stars and planets are like giant levers that move everything. This is a very important basis for what I have been told. I am not aware of how large the cosmos is. I know that the sky surrounding Earth is very large, but I was unprepared to consider that the entire cosmos is so large that our Earth is just a speck in one if those groupings that you call galaxies.
Information is not restricted to me. I can learn all I can, and I have taken pleasure in what I have learned. My stay in this part of the construction of Earth is a little different from most. I have been detained here to consider my life and discern my faults; most people just pass through this realm and are led to higher levels by others if they are caught here. I have purposely been detained for other reasons; however, the right to learn has not been withheld from me.
Of great interest to me have been the pictures that your satellites have brought back to your scientists here. I have seen the explosions of galaxies and the creation of stars in star nurseries. When I see these pictures, the higher beings answer my questions. Learning has kept my interest and has helped me grow and examine my life from a spiritual perspective.
You see, nature, science and space really are spiritual. You on Earth have had an inclination to separate science and spirituality, but they are the handiwork of a supreme Source. When you work from that perspective, you will understand a great deal more. There can be no separation. The Source and all the particles of physical nature are the same. The energy from the Source has made all these particles of creation.
From my perspective, life on Earth looks like particles, with energy making those particles cohere. The energy that comes from the sun supports this life—human, animal and what you would call inanimate.
It is really interesting to see that what you call inanimate is really living. The particles are moving at a different rate from that of the human and the human thinks in a different manner, but the inanimate things of Earth are governed by intelligence. They have helpers in spirit that you cannot see, but which nevertheless exists.
I don't want to move away from my subject of the cosmos, but I want to interject that inanimate things, such as a flower, have small spiritual beings moving this energy from the sun into their systems. I was told that some people call these beings devas or fairies. You know, we had something that we called a sprite. We believed that these were human-like creatures that lived in the woodlands. We called them gods of the forest and believed that these sprites and nymphs helped to keep the lines of cooperation moving between all the forest growths, but we didn't understand exactly how it worked. At least, we didn't understand how it worked, according to what I have been able to perceive.
Let's get back to the cycles of the cosmos. I have no means of corroborating the truth of these words, other than the fact that advanced beings have told me this and I have no reason not to believe them. There seems to be a central core that stays stable or static and does not move. That is the center of the creative forces—though I don't quite understand how that exists. I have been told that that is Central Creator. The rest of all life revolves around this Central Creator in a counterclockwise direction.
The cosmos is so large that it takes billions of years to make one revolution. All cycles are intertwined into that cycle and are subcycles of it. The overview that I have received is that it is very mathematical. Mathematics plays a great part in the creation of all systems. It seems that Prime Creator is also mathematical in its creation/structure.
From what I can ascertain, all life that spins around Prime Creator is a reflection of it. We all have aspects that are very similar to this source. If you keep that in mind, it will help you to understand why these cycles exist in this universe. There is a master plan, and all life is part of that master plan and is integrated into it.
If you think of the type of clocks and watches that have gears and pulleys, you can understand how there is movement in the cosmos. The motion of one circle or gear causes another movement, as if moved by a pulley. Energy is transmitted between two structures with the speed remaining the same.
It is important to understand that the leverage keeps the same speed throughout all living matter. It is a constant. When energy is sent from the Prime Creator, it doesn't speed up as it moves between the different substructures. There is an orderly progression of all energy to accomplish the direction intended.
There is advancement and growth according to the energy being sent from the sun systems to their revolving planets. The sun can step up or down the amount of energy that it transmits. I want you to understand this concept because it is important to our subject matter.
If too much energy is sent out to organisms that cannot support it, the organism will burn out and be destroyed. In other words, an organism has the capacity to work with a certain amount of energy. The energy has to be stepped down, or else the organism has to graduate to a point at which it can handle a higher energy force field.
Earth has been working on a lower energy field than that which spirit had intended for it. The sun steps down the force or the amount of energy that Prime Creator sends forth. The sun is slowly increasing those forces, and the result on this planet is that there are changes to be made. This has been coming about gradually over the last forty to fifty years, and has been recently stepped up in earnest.
This has been happening during the highest point of the sunspot cycles. Your scientists have noticed that these cycles have been more intense lately than had been recorded in the past. This is a period of higher sun-spot activity, in which there seems to be two high cycles instead of one cycle, as in the past. This is all being driven by a design in the pattern of cycles. This pattern has to do with where the giant revolution finds itself in the circling of Prime Creator.
It is not necessary for us to understand all the intricacies of how this information is moved to our galaxy; what is necessary to know is that there are changes which have been initiated. The elementary electron is being changed to a crystalline structure. I don't want to sound like a scientist. I have not devoted my life to studying in the laboratory. I have been listening to the teachings of divine masters, and this is the culmination of their teachings.
From what I have been told, only those physical structures that can support higher levels of energy will be allowed to exist on Earth. That means that negative forces will not be able to support their structures here anymore. This was a promise made by Prime Creator—that there is to be a separation—and it has begun.

This is a chapter from Conversations With Caesar
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