Monday, January 26, 2009

Truth stranger than fiction --Pleiadians

Pleiadian Renegades
through Amanda R. Ryan

"You will see strangeness, yes, but as you say, the truth is stranger than the fictions you have been asked to believe."

Life on your planet is on a timeline which is in the inner is-ness oftransformation for every frequency from one level of vibration, whichyou could call a roller-coaster sine wave of stomach-churningnon-sense, to another which, from your current perspective, seems likesimultaneous multidimensionality. Can you survive such atransformation? Yes, you can. It is not such a difficult thing tonavigate, if you know what is going on, what to expect, and youprepare yourself for it. This is what has been happening for the pastmany years, with increasing intensity as more and more clues andguidance have become discernible. Eventually, preparation leads tochange, and expectation to decoding an answer. We come to you now withthe information you need if you would like to take asoon-to-be-discerned opportunity to make a rather drastic jump infrequency, and rest awhile from preparing for change by experiencingit within yourselves. By no means is this the only source ofinformation regarding the changes in the structure of reality that areapproaching your doorstep with immediacy, but it is offered freely for any who would like to explore a little bit of the dimension of love that opens when our presence is made known to you on a craft you've noidea the beauty of.

An interval of time between the peaks and valleys of a sine wave, likea roller coaster, is what you perceive as the distance between one state of awareness and the next - or from one flip of the stomach tothe next. Time is relative to what you perceive as change. Shadows move across the face of a sundial. You move through your experience.Your planet moves through the magnetic fields of the galaxy. Measured thus, time itself moves through your awareness. Other than that, itdoes not exist unto itself. It cannot as a concept of relative changeagainst a standard be separated from the matrix of reality any morethan wetness can be separated from water, or love from life. It is ameasurement system that really only exists in your mind. Change isconstant, and ordered to the consciousness of which your individualawareness is a part. The point of timelessness is the same as thepoint of changelessness, a fact of which your sages long have knownand which your scientists are about to be able to validatestatistically and, ironically perhaps, with repeatability.

What else may we say about these strange days ahead of you? They will be stranger yet than these days you have noted already as strange. Andwith only a short time before the gate to multidimensional awarenessis flung open, we will add that while you may come into contact withsome rather strange-but-true phenomena, you would do well to rememberthat the time has come for tying up some loose ends and getting readyfor a whole new vista to present itself to you. You have, as aspecies, reached a critical point in the development of your culture.You face a construct of opposition you cannot truly understand, giventhe runaround you've gotten for so long. As the strangeness unfolds,realize that it is the truth that is, bit by bit, being revealed toyou. And if the truth seems a little strange, remember: It is all justone piece of a greater puzzle, and as the picture develops you willsee how a little strangeness makes the whole a lot more sensible.Otherwise, the alternative - that you are slaves, that your governmentlies to you, that your future is a drama of Orwellian darkness - iswhat you may inadvertently wake to. Perhaps, as you continue to awakento the morning news, you will decide rather to step out on the porchand look at the rising light instead. In that light, nonsensedissolves, illusions vanish, and the truth shines clear as day. Nolies can hold their shape for long in the light of the truth. You willsee strangeness, yes, but as you say, the truth is stranger than thefictions you have been asked to believe. Less than one sole truth iswhat has passed for the history of your world. Will you let the liesshape the future as well? We will be showing up soon. In the light oftruth, not a laser-drawn show of smoke and mirrors, will you see. We will show up soon. It will not be as strange as you might think.



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