Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cristalline Geometry --Elohim


W: In the density where you exist, do you have a physical body?
D: The density where this memory complex exists does not have what you would term "physical body" it has rather an energetic soul overplex harmonic. We however have the ability to manifest in physicality as of our choosing, if we so desire, or for creative pleasures. It is however not one of our most chosen expressions, we rather work with the light forms and sacred geometry patterns of the higher realms whereas physicality is a denser form and less subject to change and transmutation and is therefore more energy intensive to work upon. Does this make sense to you?

W: Yes, it does. Have you worked extensively with this planet?
D: We have worked somewhat with 3rd density transitional habitats, however our main interests tend to be 5 and 6 density worlds as these respond more willingly to the sacred light geometries of which we are universal instructors.

W: Is there a way we can use your energetic presence for our upliftment during the course of the day?
D: Yes

W: Could you describe that? The technique?
D: It is possible for you to set aside 20 min per day to visualize certain geo and crystalline forms in your mind, these can be simple, the triangle, cube, hexagon, octagon, these pristine forms represent vibrational etheric patterns which can be used to catapult your current etheric vibratory mass into a higher vibrational escape velocity so to speak, thus freeing you from the confines of duality limitation.

The more clear your etheric thoughtforms become, the clearer your chakras become, the clearer your lightform, and lightcolumn of kundalini bearing structures become, thereby opening you to receiving more of the sacred divine light from Hunab K'u, the center of the Universe of this localized universe, opening you to maximum illumination, of this particular form. We would advise you to open and uplift yourself with these forms and pristine inputs of music, art, and refined vibration, for this clears the vessel.

Questions and Answers with the Elohim



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