Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Life... as seen from Above - part 3


Have you thought about who "directs" or "supervises" the movie or
blueprint (using both analogies) once you incarnate? The "who" is the
crux of the issue. Dear ones, the true you is the director, the
supervisor-not the actor in the movie. When you incarnate, you take on
a role that is different from your true essence. You put on a costume
and play the part you wanted to play. You wrote the movie. You worked
with others to cast the various parts, even the extras. You set the
scenery. Then you took on the role. There needs to be a director,
someone who has the whole script, who knows the theme in depth. That,
precious ones, is your higher self.

What is difficult to understand in this world of duality is that you
and your higher self are the same. Think of your favorite actor: Does
he or she quit being who he or she is when a particular part is played
in a movie? You are still who you were before you took on the part.
You are infinite. You are divine. You are a tremendous creator. Simply
look at your life-you created everything in it! You may be saying,
"This is not a good creation. This is a disaster!" Yes, that may be
your judgment. The truth is that your judgment is not correct. You, an
infinite being, created something in such detail that you believe you
created a disaster.

You did such a wonderful job of creating that you convinced this
aspect of yourself that you think is you that you and all that is
around you is real. You have heard many times that this life is not
real; it is illusion. You created such a wonderful illusion that you
cannot convince yourself it is not real. What power! How powerful you are!

Your higher self knows exactly what you (that's the "you" you think
you are, plus your higher self) wanted to create. Your higher self is
managing everything from the fullness of itself (just like God, there
really is no gender; there is simply love). Your higher self has
complete knowledge of what is happening "down here" (there really is
no "down here"). Your higher self watches you and manages all the
little details of your life.

Let me go into detail of how this might work. Let's say you in your
incarnated form have had such difficulty with your knees that you
chose to have a double knee replacement before you were forty-five
Earth years of age. You in your incarnated form might rage at this.
You might throw yourself a pity party and expect everyone to join you.
Your higher self is only assisting you in what it is that you decided
you wanted to do, learn, experience and even play. You, the fullness
of who you truly are, decided that you, your incarnated self, wanted
to play with the energies of having knee trouble, having surgery and
experiencing all the emotions, reactions and activities that would
bring. You, the fullness of yourself, gathered together the supporting
cast to assist you: surgeons, nurses, therapists, even the experiences
that set off the need for the surgery.

Your higher self is making sure that all you wanted to experience in
this lifetime will occur. Those who might be considered high-level
spiritual beings, which is a judgment, may decide to play with the
energies and experiences of getting trapped in a life of drugs and
alcohol. The incarnated experience, the role you take, does not negate
who you truly are.

Those reading this message in this magazine wanted to experience what
it was like to have access to different spiritual experiences than
most people in your country. These experiences have been labeled New
Age by some, occult by others and, by another group, the devil's
handiwork. Whatever you hear from others is still your creation. The
purpose is to cause you to respond in some manner. Whatever happens
can precipitate a chain of events that you planned.

Have you ever wondered why some people have powerful experiences with

certain modalities, be they encodements, Reiki, affirmations,
goal-setting, meditation, traditional Christianity and so on, and you
don't? The "why" is a decision you made in the fullness of yourself
before incarnation. Your "job," as it were, is simply to experience
life as it is. The job of your higher power is to implement the plan,
direct the movie. Some will experience results using one modality, and
others with using another modality. Some will not be attracted to what
is called New Age and others will be.

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Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue



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