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Life... as seen from Above - part 2

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Once you decided what you wanted to happen in your incarnation, you
worked with the encodement technicians. The encodement technicians set
the format for your incarnation by placing within you the encodements
that would attract you to the experiences you desired. I'm going to
mix analogies in order to assist you in understanding what happens
as much as possible.

When you make the plans for your incarnation, you develop a blueprint
of what you want to happen. Think of this as the blueprint an
architect uses to guide the builders of a house. The encodement
technicians then come in and put in the "wiring" according to your
plans. The encodements attract you to people, places and things,
giving you options and opportunities. There are also encodements to
"hide" things from you. No one is able to experience everything in
life during an incarnation. The various encodements help you "build"
the life you planned before incarnating.

Switching to the analogy of a play, your encodements are activated
according to certain cues in your life. Just as an actor knows to come
on stage when a certain line is given, so do certain encodements
become active with particular events in your life. Developmental
encodements are "set" to become active at particular ages or as you
attain certain developmental milestones. An active encodement attracts
you to an experience in your life.

Unless you have an active encodement, there will be no attraction to a
particular person, place, lifestyle and so on. There are encodements
that can repel you from particular persons, places and so on. Some
encodements have to be very strong to "neutralize" your attraction to
certain people. This occurs when souls who have deep relationships on
the other side are playing a different role in incarnated life.


Continuing the analogy of the play or movie, you and those in your
life take on certain roles. You have heard this many times, but few
people realize the depth of this truth. You are "playacting." You take
on a role that is not truly you, and you would win what you call an
Academy Award if it were possible for anyone to play their role to a
lesser extent than another. All of you are Academy Award-winning
actors or Tony Award winners (in the play analogy). Every person in
your life you have created to play the role they play. The person
agreed to play that role with you.

"How," you may ask, "could I have created someone to play a particular
role? If an individual plays one role with me, doesn't that person
play the same role with everyone else?" No, no one plays the same role
with each person. An individual may be a villain of a parent in a
first marriage and then a beloved saint of a parent in another
marriage. The one known as a thief to some may be a beloved friend to
others. Souls play different roles with different people.

That's why people can go to the same event and some believe the
presenter is wonderful and others abhor him or her. You play different
roles with each other, and these roles may or may not have anything to
do with who you are in the spiritual world. Know that. Believe that.
Accept that. It will make your life much easier.

To reiterate: People play roles. No matter what role, how wonderful or
horrible the role, you, before incarnation, set the experience up.
Don't take it personally. Yes, that is difficult once you have
incarnated and are not with the fullness of your being.

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Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue



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