Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Transforming the Ego -- St.Germain

St.Germain, December 16, 2005

As you progress in your understanding of self, you are able to more easily to handle the continual promptings of your ego as it vies for your attention. Your ego is behind your pride which has levels of acceptance, or can get totally out of hand. It has to be kept in check and not looked upon as your true self. It should be balanced by following your intuition that is your link with your Higher Self.

At this time when many aspire to raise themselves up, the ego tends to reflect that which you wish to control and push into the background. It brings back ideas or thoughts that may no longer have a place in your definition of what you are now. Indeed, ego can be positively embarrassing when it keeps bringing up the “old” you. It will present you with thoughts that tempt you to forget your promise to self to remain in the Light. It can be a source of inner concern, as you try to cleanse yourself of that which no longer has a permanent place within your consciousness.

Ego will not let you forget how you were, and has sometimes been described as the child within. It wants your attention and like a young child will not let you forget that it is around. It will take time, but you can placate your ego self by telling it that it no longer has a prominent place. The ego is that instinctive reaction to something that may well have caught you unawares, and is how you have programmed yourself to re-act. It is when you take full charge of your thoughts and actions that it becomes but a reflection of the past. Instead of telling yourself, that you cannot help being what you are, you become what you desire to be with full responsibility.

If you are honest you will admit that at times dark thoughts scurry around your mind, and they may in fact worry you because they exist. There is certainly no reason to feel guilty about that which is a normal process of refining your thoughts. The secret is not to give them any life of their own, and simply let them go as quick as they arrived in the first place. If you reject them sufficiently often, they will have less and less affect on your thinking. For example, could you in a moment of loss of self control destroy something, and then perhaps recognize that your anger was a lack of patience. That would have been a throwback to times when you responded as you have seen others re-act, and when it was considered to be quite normal behavior. When you aspire to lift yourself up, these are the type of emotions that you recognize as undesirable, and work to remove.

Do not feel any shame or guilt, or admonish yourself for being that which you are, but by all means recognize your shortcomings and vow to do better next time. Some of you who are making good headway on your path to the higher dimensions can be quite hard on yourself when you slip momentarily. Do not worry about it, as in recognizing your problems, you are already on the path to overcoming them. It is when you accept them as a part of yourself that you can do nothing about, that you are accepting their dominance over you.

No one who is in duality is without something in their past that they can look back on and feel ashamed. However, put it in its place as something that has been another experience that has brought you to where you are today. If you so feel, you can usually make amends for errors of thought or judgement, and when you positively know you could not make the same one again, you can move on. Guilt is self punishment, and often it is carried through a whole lifetime, and through transition when leaving the Earth. It would be best that you clear it away whilst here, and not allow it to hold you back.

Furthermore, I have previously mentioned the Law of Grace, and it is relevant to these end times and it will be invoked and applied to clear outstanding Karma. You will already have understood that as the vibrations continue to increase, you will not be able to take it with you. The cleansing that is taking place is very thorough and complete, and much of it without your knowledge. The old you is changing very rapidly, and you will eventually leave it behind. Notice how much more self control you now have to what it was previously, and how you are not subjected to impulse or hasty actions. You are becoming more in charge of how you present yourself, and you know that no one else is responsible for your actions.

Dear Ones, the ego is the last aspect of your old ways and thinking, and it has grown over millennia of time and has controlled you rather than the other way around. It is the result of your programming of self until you have really believed it to be the real you. Know that you can be what you like, and there is no one else in charge but you. Does it seem hard to you to present yourself as one who is serene and peaceful, and do you find it difficult to control the more base emotions?. You are not alone, and many aspire to reach that level and become a beacon of Love and Light, but you can and will do it. Over the next few years rapid progress will be made in these areas of self development, and you will be guided so as to ensure your success.

Apply yourself to what you see as your goal, and once you have expressed your intentions to progress all else will follow. If you look back over just a few years, I am sure you will admit to having come a long way. There is nothing more natural for you but to be a soul of Love and Light, and it is not new to you, as you came from this level of being eons of time ago. To that level you are now returning and the pathway is clear and leads to Ascension. Many travel with you and will guide you on your way, and you will not want for help, but often you forget to ask for it. Remember that you are surrounded by loving Beings who wrap you in their energies and carry you forward, and that you are never alone on this great journey back to the Creator. Thank you.

--St. Germain

Mike Quinsey


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