Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dimensional Shift -- Plato

I heard one of you say that you are put on earth without an operating manual. Well, this is incorrect if you're looking for a physical book to guide you. This has already been tried, as you know, and it helped for a while until you wanted to know more. Then, there isn't enough book for the ones that want to continue advancing in universal understanding. This is why I come in periodically and work with people all over the world. This time I'm not going to entertain a physical structure. I can cover much more ground in the causal body. I really like this. My colleagues and I are directing an entirely new understanding of the earth's return of memory. Every time we have a chance to slip in and introduce a collective understanding to help the switchover, we do so. [...]

Next, I would like to work with you on your many projects. Because of the way the system is set up monetarily, it does not allow some understandings. The one thing that has not really been explored, at least not openly in your time, is the perpetual motion concept to be introduced into your reality. Perpetual motion is what is hurling your planet through space. It is a large part of your life, without you even knowing it. This is something I will be working extensively on with you and your friends. Also, what you're doing with these different methods of balancing water is introducing knowledge from different core factors from other collections of memory. The compounds found in the soil have been shown to bring in this new awareness of knowledge that you're about to enter into. This is why I'm able to come in now, because you have broken through a barrier by using the magnetic field and crystal energy combined with the H2O form of water. It opens up a book that has been buried for thousands of years.

We have helped draw together the ones of you that are introducing the prognosis of consciousness into the realization that has been out of touch since the Lemurian dynasty.

Levitation, perpetual motion and intentional physical projections will be brought back into the awareness of the ones that are experiencing a dimensional transference. What a joy this is! [...]

One of the first concepts we will work on is how the law of magnetic field applies to perpetual motion. All perpetual motion is, is learning how to direct magnetic energy in a series of forms placed into a direct line of magnetic balance. That is the point where the push and pull is neutralized into a compromising formulation. This allows nullification of any gravitational interaction of the objects being nullified. This is basically what you would call levitation. Learning to harness this magnetic energetic field is one of the things on which we will be working with you.

Understanding crystals and their phenomenal role in the transformation of dimensional exchange is key in the new manifestation of awareness. I really like this. Your experiences from using magnets, crystals, waters and laser energy, will bring you to a point of acceptance where you understand that consciousness does not have to be in its set form to follow. You are a free conscious being and nothing can get in your way, except for you and the device you created, fear. The more you release this device, the more we can introduce crystal technological awareness into your being. [...]

At this point you can ask questions that have yes or no answers. Once you get confidence that this is truly a physical connection, and not just a figment of your imagination, it will become quite simple to mentally communicate with me. Basically, when the doubt is out-of-the-way, communication is allowed. It gives me a chance to share the many wonders of universal awareness that you are interested in, but could never get an answer. This is basically our job and has been for many thousands of years. This is why I previously taught in a physical form. Now I do not need to incarnate into the physical because of the advancement that mankind has reached.

When you had that many people in the audience at the concert, with many of them having the intention of needing to know, it brought in an energy awareness that could not be experienced till now. This makes my job much easier working from my causal connection with the universe. In other words, all of the information is right at my fingertips, now that we have a connection with the earth plane and do not have to incarnate to get these messages through. [...]

What is there is a better connection between the physical and spiritual. It allows more clarity with the ones in physical form to understand what creation is all about. Remember, most of you have just come off a very slow boat to China. You have been the same mental spiritual condition for many incarnations. This sudden jolt causes a lot of disruption in your mental and physical body. So, if you hang on and ride out the storm that has some confusion and some discomfort associated with it, and keep fear out as much as you can, the clarity will be beyond your expectations.

Back to the reason we are here. Some of you at this time are working with platonic solids. This originally was my introduction to the earth plane, which was called Plato's science. This energetically charged shape has a key role in the dimensional transference that is going on at this time. For many years, everything in third dimension has had no role in the creative force of the all because of ignorance and staying out of balance. It keeps you in a single view of creation. This is the "I" energy, as you have been told many times. Working in "I" energy only shows one perspective of creation. Once you advance into the "we" energy, where all knowledge is available, you're allowed to explore with no barriers in the way. Since the dawn of man in third dimension, you have been taught that everything is separate. Now you are learning to combine each others reality for a full view of creation.

From this point on, being responsible for everything you think, say and act on is what will govern how you interact with the dimensional change. What is going on at this time is that every single thought that is not in the creative mode of creation will pull you down to where your physical body is not able to match the consciousness of reality. In turn, it makes life very uncomfortable. A lot of you are going through this change now. So be aware that the discomfort is from not allowing the change and still having thoughts that are not balanced. In other words, you still see non-perfection in the physical world.

[...] Thank you. This has been a very very wonderful experience for me and my colleagues. We will return very soon. My name is Plato and I work with alignment.


Gerald Brown,
November 5, 2005


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