Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Creative Consciousness -- Lynda Madden Dahl

"There is stunning purpose to our being. All That Is WANTED us. It loved us enough to give us life free of It's own, yet still remain a part of It. Along with the gift of existence came the ability to create. Everything in the univere creates the same way, be it All That Is, our greater selves, other energy gestalts or human beings. We, consciousness that we all are, do it by using our minds to think thoughts that eventually develop into psychological events. In the case of consciousness residing in a physical reality, those events may be interpreted as material objects, linear time experiences, dreams or psychic events.

Because telepathy is the mode of communication between and within consciousness, we are telepathic. Because consciousness units are clairvoyant and precognitive, we are also. Because each consciousness unit holds the history and knowledge of the universe, we're very well educated. Because consciousness is endowed with unpredictability, we have free will. Because consciousness creates every probability it can possibly experience, we are surrounded by potential unlimited...

Consciousness is imbued with the desire to create, and that's what we do every moment of our lives. We can no more not create than the day not dawn. We do it unconsciously, consistently. The key to getting what we want out of life is, of course, to learn how to consciously create what we desire as individuals and as a world community.

Conscious creation is learning that consciousness is the building material from which we, little gods that we are, create terror and tragedy, just as it's the building material from which we create love sonnets and loving relationships. It's also learning that we can mold consciousness into whatever we choose; IT DOES US THE HONOR OF BECOMING EXACTLY WHAT WE WILL ALLOW IT TO BE."

Ten Thousand Whispers : A Guide to Conscious Creation, by Lynda Madden Dahl


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