Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Balance -- Lord Kuthumi

I am Kuthumi

and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee, the blessings of integration, the blessings of fusion, balance and synchronicity. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we gather with you upon this day, in the presence of the Christed energy, we wish to acknowledge and honour your choice to be present on this sacred day of activating and integrating into your being the right of your 5 dimension Crown Chakra. Initiating your physical body and subtle bodies into the realm of expanded consciousness, which the 5th dimension represents, is a powerful choice. Bringing higher levels of understanding into one's energy field serves not only the purpose of your souls evolution, but also serves the purpose of assisting the collective consciousness in its evolution through the various levels of density and fear which drag it into the higher realms of light and positivity.

Your journey into the 5th dimension today, is one that prepares many levels of shifting energy not only in your crown chakra, but also in your base chakra. You all understand the concept of as above, so below, and so it is also applicable to one's chakras. Therefore, your crown chakra impacts on your base chakra, reflects into your base chakra, and vice versa. Your base chakra roots you to the earth, your crown chakra roots you to the heavens. If you are ungrounded on the earth plane, you cannot be properly grounded in the higher planes. This ungroundedness results in many aspects of the self becoming fragmented, aspects of the self disconnect and one is left feeling scattered, confused and empty.

When one is in such a fragmented state, it is difficult to remain centred, it is also difficult to understand what one's true needs are. This results in the inability to manifest one's needs as being met, the intentions set do not hold the clarity required for one to magnetically draw to oneself all the tools necessary to fulfill one's needs. When one sets intentions, the energy is filtered out through the crown chakra. This energy is picked up by one's guides and spiritual helpers, and it moves through the various dimensions of energy. Now when one it is not rooted properly on the earth plane, one is not properly rooted in order to manifest physically, so there is disconnection at both ends and this means the intensions do not reach their proper destination in order for you to attract what you require.

So being clear in your intentions helps you remain focused and grounded. Fear un-grounds you. Living in the past un-grounds you. Living in the future un-grounds you. One of the major reasons why most people have difficulty manifesting their needs as fulfilled is because they spend far too much of their energy worrying about the past, worrying about the future, and not investing enough focus, time and energy in the present moment in order to create a different future. By focusing on the problems of the past, one perpetuates these problems in the future, because energy grows where energy flows and if the focus is on negativity and fear, you are guaranteed to manifest the same in the future.

The reason why we discussed the base chakra with you as a group today, is because much of what you shall work with through your crown chakra will be to assist individuals and groups in understanding how the two chakras work together. How if one wants to completely connect with Spirit, one also needs to completely connect with Mother Earth. Mother Earth is the feminine aspect of Father Sky, the two are one expression of energy. Humanities journey to earth is important in the sense of balancing masculine and feminine energy. Integrating both principles in order to express a balanced expression of all life. One cannot be rooted only on the earth plane and not be rooted with the sky plane and expect to manifest balance and vice versa. An easy way to remember this is, as above so below.

Your interaction with individuals seeking balance is important because your journey into the mystery schools with Lord Maitreya, will bring about teachings you require in order to understand the higher levels of this particular teaching. I have often said, that unless you know yourself, you cannot know God. Therefore through your personal journey of keeping your crown and your base chakras balanced you will discover tools to assist humanity in manifesting the same balance but more important initially is the understanding of why it is so important.

I have already mentioned this before, but I shall repeat it. One of the reasons why a number of people on the spiritual path have difficulty manifesting their basic needs as met is because they are all up in the heavens, so to speak. Too much energy in the crown chakra and insufficient energy in the base chakra. In order to manifest balanced rooting systems imagine a tree, this is how one should be, rooted firmly to the earth, drawing sustenance and energy from the Mother Earth, extending high towards the heavens, drawing sustenance and energy from Father Sun. Trees live for a very long time, they trust fully that their needs will always be met. The same applies to all of you, trust that all your needs will always be met physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

--Lord Kuthumi

January 25, 2005
Channelled through Michelle Eloff © Johannesburg, South Africa


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