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Stroke of Insight -- Jill Bolte Taylor

Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, talking about her stroke and the insights that came with it, during and after.

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Faerie Elemental Inner Earth Babaji -The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

The Faerie and Elemental Realms

As Earth ascends, you will be drawn closer to what this channel calls the “higher etheric realms.” This is where the nature spirits, faeries, sprites, devas and other fairy folk dwell. As you increase your vibration and expand your consciousness, you will become aware of the spirits that are all around you. While it is possible to become more aware of the lower and middle astral realms, those realms will have less and less appeal to you as you move into the etheric consciousness. Instead, you will be drawn to the loving and kind spirits of the higher etheric planes, including most of the faeries and devas. You can call upon these helpers to assist you in feeling closer to the Earth. They will help you anticipate climate changes and where you should be physically for the greatest comfort and joy. They will help you grow your gardens and find good drinking water. They are Earth specialists.

The Inner Earth

There are civilizations dwelling deep within the Earth in the higher etheric realms. In the physical realm, the inner Earth is mostly molten iron and other metals, but in the higher etheric state, there is a complete inner Earth, with cities, gardens, and all manner of delight. Some of these legendary cities you have heard of, including Shamballa, Telos and Poseidon. The beings from the inner Earth are similar to the nature spirits from surface Earth, at least in overall level of vibration. As you raise your vibration, you will gain access to the inner Earth, if it is appropriate for your soul growth, and you may be invited to visit these etheric cities. These inner etheric beings are not to be confused with the physical beings who hide in tunnels and caverns within the Earth because they are afraid of the Earth changes happening on the surface.

Higher Density Beings Temporarily on Earth

It is very difficult for higher density beings to materialize a human body and walk among you. Nevertheless, a few brave souls always make the attempt during each human era upon Earth. There are seldom more than 100 souls in this category at any given time. Often they will come and go from the Earth at regular intervals to refresh and regenerate in the higher realms before materializing once again on the surface of your world.

They usually bring through a lot of advanced teachings during their limited time on Earth, often passing those teachings down to enlightened humans to in turn pass down through various lineages of teachers. They are called, in Eastern terms, “avatars.”

One such avatar is popularly known as “Babaji,” which is a Sanskrit word meaning “God in the form of man.” Over the last 100 years, there have been numerous reports of Babaji materializing various bodies just long enough to bring through sacred teachings, such as Kriya yoga.

Babaji is a ninth density being from the Central Sun of the galaxy working in alliance with the brotherhoods (and sisterhoods) of Light. There are many others who are lesser known. Most of them live high in the mountains and are very particular in whom they train as their students. They realize that they cannot mingle among the populations of Earth without dropping in vibration.

Some avatars have worked their way up through many lifetimes on Earth instead of coming from advanced civilizations in other star systems. As they ascend, they are given the option of going elsewhere in the universe, or working with Earth from the higher realms. While the majority of souls who have ascended in times past on Earth are now assisting Earth from other realms, these few souls made the decision to materialize bodies on Earth. It is a rare treat if you get to meet one of these souls in physical form. If you do, it is because your soul (and the soul of the avatar) feel this is the highest and best way to reach enlightenment.

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Orion, Draco, Illuminati --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes
Orion constellation: Orion's belt in the middle (3 stars), bright-yellow Betelgeuse at top left, bright-blue Rigel at bottom right.Orion constellation: Orion's belt in the middle (3 stars), bright-yellow Betelgeuse at top left, bright-blue Rigel at bottom right.

The Light and Dark Orions

The largest group of souls on Earth are the Orions. This is due mostly to the so-called “Luciferian Rebellion” that occurred about a half a million years ago on Earth. During that event, detailed in “The History of the Earth,” souls from Rigel and Betelguese in the constellation of Orion came to Earth in large numbers. It was a quiet invasion in the sense that they incarnated into the mostly Pleiadean humanity, diluting the Pleiadean DNA with their Orion DNA, with hardly an eyebrow being raised. The Orion DNA was more aggressive and warrior-like than the peaceful Pleiadean DNA, but it was a close enough match that hardly any souls on Earth were even aware of the subtle changes taking place in “human nature” until it was too late. Some of the competitiveness in humans is due to identification with the animal form (3D body), but most of it was bred into humans by the introduction of Orion DNA, in combination with Draco DNA. You even have a term, “reptilian brain,” that describes the aggressive, competitive centers of the brain.

At this juncture, you have many exotic combinations of Orion and Draco hybrids among the human race. As the Earth approaches the Galactic Shift, many feelings and impressions will be triggered within the DNA of these hybrids. Some of the humans with a higher percentage of the more negative Orion-Draco DNA may begin exhibiting more violent characteristics, depending on how attached they are to the ways of the negative Orions and Dracos. Others will find themselves drawn to the light and may spend a lot of time and effort “atoning” for the sins of the past.

Unfortunately (from a third density viewpoint), it will be very difficult for most of the Orions to move out of third density and remain with the Earth. Although the Orions within their own constellation have evolved significantly since the time of the Luciferian Rebellion and are now about 80% light, the Orions on Earth are only about 20% light. While 20% light Orions sounds a lot better than 10% light Dracos, the sheer numbers of negative Orions will figure prominently in the number of humans who end up exiting the Earth during the Galactic Shift.

The souls of the Orions will make a decision, sometime between now and 2012, if they have not already done so. They will decide whether or not they are able to take in enough light to be able to remain with the Earth during her transition. It will be an arduous task for many of them, but the decision made by the soul will prevail.

Those that have been on a conscious path of soul evolution will have an easier time than those who start waking up at the last minute because their Earthly lives are in a shambles.

Keep in mind, beloved Creators, that it is not wrong for souls to exit the Earth. Every being in Creation eventually discovers that there is a perfect Divine Plan underneath all the seeming disorder and chaos. As stated many times prior, there are several planets already set up to receive disincarnating souls. Most Orions will receive top-notch instruction from the more enlightened leaders of these planets. In some cases, the planets receiving disembodied Orions will be more negatively polarized in the sense that they will be set up primarily to receive warring factions who wish to continue their conflicts. However, such planets will be quarantined and unable to influence the more peaceful Orions entering other planetary spheres.

ETs Influencing Earth from the Astral Realms

There are a number of ETs that have not been able to accomplish their purpose for being here simply by monitoring the Earth in spaceships, or incarnating into the gene pool and taking on a human form. Such entities will often resort to inhabiting the parallel dimensions that are closely related to Earth's dimension. They are influencing humanity from within the invisible sub-planes of the astral. While many astral sub-planes are filled with soul fragments, discarnate entities and the like, there are also sub-planes that contain various ET races that are studying and influencing the Earth. The Dracos are one such race.

The mechanics of how souls inhabit the various sub-planes will need to be left for another discussion at a later date, as it is a very complex subject requiring many volumes to describe sufficiently. In this book, we will only discuss the role of the dark Dracos and dark Orions in the astral realms.

The Light and Dark Dracos and their Future on Earth

Approximately 10% of the Dracos have made a choice to move toward the Light, meaning that they are recognizing the natural progression of all life forms to grow up and become like our Creator. For some, it will be a long and rocky road, especially due to the tremendous amounts of negative karma generated by the Draco races over the last 10 million years. Unlike the Lyra/Vega humanoids, the Dracos began their evolution in another galactic system and migrated here, taking up residence primarily in the Alpha Draconis star system. Like all sentient life forms in this local universe, they were given free will. Like most of the free will entities exploring the outer worlds, they fell in vibration and became identified with the lower densities.

As various star races fell in vibration and became lost in materiality, wars broke out between the various factions that were fighting for physical survival. The wars were usually over so-called “scarce” resources, at least at the surface level, but at a more fundamental state the wars were about who was going to wrestle and grab control of a particular world or group of worlds. The ego's insatiable desire for power and supremacy was the major factor in the decline of the Dracos. Only a few were able to keep the memory of the soul intact, and fewer still were able to create a peaceful existence among the warring factions.

The vast majority of the Dracos who came to Earth were outcasts among their own people. They were often the criminals who were cast out of their home world and forced to find a life for themselves elsewhere in the cosmos. Termed the “laggard souls” by some Earth teachers, these lizard-like beings made their way into your sector of the Galaxy and tried at first to land directly on the Earth in their lizard forms, but when they found the atmosphere and gravity not to their liking, resorted to incarnating into human bodies. As stated in our earlier work, “The History of the Earth,” the dragons of your mythology are the early Dracos in native form.

The Draco star system, like the Constellation of Orion and many others, has evolved significantly since the exodus to Earth of the renegade Dracos. While Alpha Draconis is still largely negative, in the sense that most Dracos there still have not embraced the idea of an ascending soul path, there are nevertheless some great achievements within the Draco worlds.

The Draco high council, composed mostly of seventh density Dracos that long ago went through ascension, has been sending ambassadors to the Earth for some time now in order to help bring the dark Dracos back to the light.

You must remember, dear Creators, that these light vs. dark realities are strictly confined to the lower densities, but since the vast majority of humans are in third and fourth densities, it is necessary to explain what is taking place in those realms in terms that are familiar to you. So let us proceed.

As the Earth changes accelerate, the Draco high councils, composed of enlightened seventh density beings, have been sending the best and the brightest of the Dracos to incarnate on Earth in the hopes that they can balance out the largely negative Draco presence in the astral realms surrounding Earth as well as the human-Draco hybrids that currently walk among you. Some teachers have given the name “dragon children” to the enlightened Dracos currently incarnating into human form.

Without spending too much time giving information that is already available from a variety of sources, let us refresh your memory as to the current role and function of the dark Dracos on your Earth. The dark Dracos currently exist in two forms upon your planet. They roam the lower and middle astral realms as soul fragments, with the intent of possessing as many humans as possible, meaning attaching their energies to the souls of humans (regardless of the DNA composition of the hosts, but definitely attaching to those humans with a lot of Draco DNA), and they exist as incarnated humans, usually in combination with Orion, Sirian and in some cases Andromedan DNA.

There has been a lot of erroneous information given out regarding the ability of Dracos to shape-shift into human form in order to appear as normal human beings. In reality, shape-shifting is a very advanced technique reserved for those souls who have evolved into ninth density or higher. The apparent shape-shifting that clairvoyants are seeing is really just simple astral possession. The astral soul fragments of the dark Dracos, hungry to sap the energy and life force from unsuspecting humans, wander the astral realms in search of those humans who most closely match their distorted energy fields. The preferred targets are those humans with a lust for power and control, since those are the dominant vibrations of the dark Dracos. Unable to control Earth directly due to their incompatibility with Earth's atmosphere and gravity, they resort to attempting to control Earth from the astral realms, or through incarnating into human form. Entering into the bodies of world leaders who already have a strong illusion of power and control is highly desirable for the dark Dracos, as it is the next best thing to having the Earth all to themselves.

Incarnating into human form presents a lot of difficulties for the dark Dracos because the vehicles through which they incarnate are rarely of pure Draco DNA to begin with. As you know, most humans are a composite of many different star races, and so the incarnated Dracos end up diluting their DNA with other strains when incarnating.

Your world leaders are largely possessed by the dark Dracos. According to the recent statistics offered by the Akashic records, almost 60% of the presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, elected leaders, dictators, etc., are partially or totally possessed by the dark Dracos and their brethren, the dark Orions.

While the dark Orions make up a much larger percentage of the overall numbers of humanity (and souls wandering the astral realms), it is the dark Dracos that get most of the press due to their very intense negative presence and thirst for power and control. Such qualities are a bit more subtle, but nevertheless dominant, in the dark Orions.

The dark Dracos are continually seeking ways to perfect their bloodlines and introduce new warrior-strains of DNA into the mix. They experiment with humans in order to extract certain elements from the DNA. They consider humans to be fodder for their own selfish gains. However, due to the large presence of enlightened ETs and ascended beings in and around Earth (as part of the Seventh Dispensation), the ability of the dark Dracos to control Earth has been greatly curtailed. If you are not dominated by fear, malice, greed, anger and the need to control others, you will likely not be the direct target of a Draco attack (physical, astral or otherwise).

Recognizing the plight of the Dracos and understanding their consciousness is very important, as going into denial only furthers their agenda. The dark Dracos (and dark Orions) depend on the ignorance of the masses in order to carry out their agenda on Earth. Many of them are beginning to realize that their time on Earth is almost up due to the accelerating energies of the Galactic Shift and precessional alignment. Therefore, they are getting more desperate in their attempts to wrestle control of the Earth from the Lyra/Vega style humanoids. This is why most of you are experiencing massive fluctuations in energy from day to day on Earth. You have been told by your seers that a battle rages in the heavens. This is only true from the viewpoint of the lower densities. We in the higher realms do not engage in these meaningless conflicts, but we point them out to you in order to assist you in breaking free. It is difficult to transcend illusions if you do not know the difference between truth and illusions.

The main value in discussing the role of the dark Dracos is to help you understand what you are seeing on the stage of world affairs and leadership. Very few of the so-called leaders of your world actually understand that they are being possessed by negative ETs. They consider the greed, competition, warrior-like mentality and power games to be part of human nature. Most of them believe they are doing what is right and good. Many are deluded by religious belief systems that seem to justify their actions.

A significant number of world leaders possessed by dark Dracos and Orions believe they are fulfilling religious prophecy by starting wars in the Middle East. They do not realize that the dark Sirians brought most of the religious prophecies to Earth in order to remain in control of the populace. The majority of dark Dracos and dark Orions are simply falling into the same trap as the dark Sirians. For now, however, we will confine our discussion to the dark Dracos.

Very soon, the vibration of Earth will no longer support the presence of the dark Dracos, and they will be forced to release their host bodies and move into a parallel astral plane around another planet more suited to their level of vibration. This has already begun in some instances, but it will be more noticeable by 2008.

Some of the world leaders will “return” to their human senses and start being more loving and compassionate, while others will likely enter into a state of temporary insanity. A few might take their own lives, or find another convenient way to exit the planet. Some might choose to become “victims” of warfare and insurrection. Only if they are able to influence a massive number of ignorant humans will their charade be able to continue much longer, and even then, it will only last a few more years. They are capable of taking down a large number of unsuspecting souls with them (i.e., leading the blind over the edge of the cliff). It is up to each one of you to extricate yourselves from their influence by psychologically clearing ALL of your negative emotional patterns and negative belief systems. You have our help and the help of thousands of ascended beings in your quest to break free.

The Illusion of Heaven

The dark Dracos and dark Orions, with the assistance of others within the Illuminati, are considering staging an event, using sophisticated technology, designed to simulate the “rapture,” a Christian term that refers to a distorted perception of the ascension. Some of the Illuminati members may appear in front of the masses as holographic projections, having the intention of fooling the people into believing they are messengers from God. Their real motive is to influence the unsuspecting populace into coming aboard their spacecraft or entering into their underground bases, where they will become enslaved to the “New World Order” of the Illuminati, in one form or another.

If enough enlightened Dracos and Orions expose this sinister plot, the Illuminati will be forced to come up with another scheme in their vain attempt to retain control of Earth.

The light Dracos are increasing in number on planet Earth. They are coming into embodiment by the thousands as the “dragon children.” They are the peaceful warriors. They will not tolerate war, conflict, poverty and misery. They will team up with the light Orions to help bring an end to the suffering on Earth. Although they are only about ten percent of the Draco population, they have the backing of many benevolent groups, including enlightened Andromedans, enlightened Pleiadeans and enlightened Sirians.

ETs Influencing the Earth from the Etheric Realms

The Role of the Sirians

One of the brightest spots in the light-dark drama unfolding on Earth involves the Sirians. As you may recall from this channel's work and our treatise on “The History of the Earth,” the Sirians (from both Sirius A and Sirius B star systems) were among the gods of ancient Egypt and Greece, as well as the gods of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. They are also found in other religious scriptures under various references.

Like the Dracos and Orions, the Sirians fell in vibration and became identified with the 3D realm. Originally coming in starships and stepping directly onto Earthly soil, they blended in quite well with the Pleiadean style humanoids, having similar enough features to not arouse suspicion. However, as they fell in vibration, they became infatuated with the idea of having power and control over the ordinary people that did not have spaceships with advanced technology. They used their technological advantage to portray themselves as gods with extraordinary powers. They became addicted to this power and relished the idea of having disciples that worshipped them. They played the “guru” game for many thousands of years, forming cults, secret societies, priesthoods and mystery schools, alongside the more genuinely spiritually-oriented schools of the Pleiadeans. The present-day Illuminati, which started out as a method of genuine spiritual development, quickly became corrupted by the egos of the Sirians.

Today many of the Sirians have evolved to fourth density and are occupying the higher astral and lower etheric planes around Earth. Therefore the majority of them are invisible to human sight, although they do have physical spaceships around the Earth as well.

The Influence of the Illuminati

The Illuminati figures prominently in the events taking place on Earth because it is comprised of a combination of Dracos, Orions, Sirians and Pleiadeans (as well as a few Andromedans). The corrupted priesthoods operated mostly by Sirians became the secret societies of the Illuminati, including the well-known ones such as the Masonic Order and the Order of Rosicrusians. Today, approximately 10% of the members of the upper echelons of these orders are lightworkers, while the vast majority are mesmerized by the idea of having secret power over others and are, therefore, of the dark persuasion.

Many of the higher-order members of these secret societies are aware of the ET presence on Earth and know that there are massive changes in store for the people of Earth. The light and dark Sirians have taught the leaders of these groups about the coming changes (from their perspective) and the unenlightened Sirians embodied within the Illuminati have taken on the belief that they are God's “chosen ones” and deserve a special place in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, they have enlisted the help of the military powers of Earth to dig vast underground tunnels and cities where their members plan to retreat during the more cataclysmic changes. Their plan, of course, is to recolonize the Earth once things settle down.

What the incarnated Sirians and their followers do not realize is that even if they survive physically, they will still need to acclimate to the fourth density vibration of the emerging Earth. Their bodies, hidden deep within the Earth, are still subject to Earth's vibration, and their immune systems will likely fail if they do not keep pace with Earth as she ascends. Our view of the Akashic field of Earth suggests that more souls will depart from failed immune systems than from all other causes combined. Of course, the true cause of the death of the physical bodies of souls can be masked by the apparent introduction of exotic viruses and bacteria, but these invading organisms cannot assail a body that is in harmony with the dominant vibration of Earth. So to the unenlightened Sirians, God is going to pour his wrath out upon the Earth in the form of plague and pestilence.

Many Sirians have “seen the light” and are spending a great deal of time and effort “atoning” for their past sins. Their incarnate members are most likely to be found in social service agencies and humanitarian projects, helping the poor and needy. The more enlightened Sirians in physical form monitoring the Earth from spacecraft are the ones behind the concept of mass evacuations. They are on a Messiah trip and are planning to rescue human souls from the adversities of Earthly decay and destruction. They are perfectly willing to play the role of gods beaming up the “chosen ones” to their ships of heavenly delight. Once these deluded souls are taken aboard the Sirian ships, the Sirians will have to figure out what to do with them. The more enlightened ones (but not enlightened enough to respect the free will of humans) will no doubt help them assimilate into Sirian culture on Sirius A and B, or will bring them back down to Earth when the changes subside, again demanding to be their gods while they rebuild their cities.

The problem with this scenario (aside from the obvious guru trip) is that beaming up large numbers of souls from the Earth deprives such souls of their need for Earthly soul experience. Except in rare cases where it is advantageous to save someone of great importance, most Earth souls need to be on Earth during the time of great turbulence in order to integrate and clear their karmic issues. Just as most souls chose to go down with the ship of Atlantis, most souls will stay with the Earth and possibly perish during her changes.

It is hard for the average human to understand the hows and whys of respecting free will. Often this is because of the judgments inherent within both the rescuers and the evacuees. Souls being beamed aboard Sirian craft will think they are God's chosen people and have been saved because they are more valuable than the humans dying on the surface of the planet. This is not the case. From an ultimate viewpoint (our viewpoint), all scenarios are equally part of the Divine Plan. However, some choices are for the highest and best soul growth of individuals, and some are not. Some choices cause needless delay in the learning of soul lessons. Other choices perpetuate suffering and misery. While ultimately all choices lead to God, there are some paths that are more direct than others.

Beloved Creators, if it is part of your highest soul path to be beamed aboard Sirian ships, then so be it. But do not be deceived by the concept that you are special and chosen by God because you were whisked away when things began getting a bit rough on Earth's surface. Many more of you who are truly becoming enlightened will be needed to assist on the surface of Earth as things get a bit more intense. If our vision of the Akashic field of Earth is correct (and it most likely is despite variations in free will), then you that are vibrating at fourth density and above will be walking among large numbers of humans whose immune systems are failing. They are getting sick and dying. They need love, compassion and help in carrying out their basic human tasks. Who is going to help them if you are sitting safely aboard the deck of the Starship Enterprise? (We borrowed that line from a popular TV series of yours.)

The Sirians' attempts to atone for their past mistakes are admirable, but they have a long way to go before they truly understand and respect human free will. Offering someone your version of paradise might make you feel good in the short term, but is it for the highest and best soul growth of the ones you are “saving?”

Another problem with the Sirian redemption plan is that there may be other less-savory ETs taking advantage of the charity of the Sirians to further their own agendas. One group of Draco hybrids is anxiously awaiting the destruction of Earth and mass evacuation of humans so they can beam down and take over what remains. Others are busy dreaming up ways to deceive humans into thinking they are the “good guys.” They might decide to stage what looks like a Divine Intervention, complete with mirrors, holograms, lasers and projection screens, to entice unsuspecting humans to come aboard the spaceships. Once aboard, they will be implanted and turned into servants of their reptilian masters.

You might be asking, “With all of these elaborate plans to save or enslave us, how do we discern the right thing to do for our maximum soul growth and well-being?”

That is one of the reasons we intervene in the affairs of Earth at the end of each galactic cycle. It is a great opportunity to dramatically advance your soul progress and to do so in a loving and compassionate way. Those of you aware enough of your own process to be reading this have already asked yourselves these questions many times. We cannot give you a pat answer, nor would we even if we could. We are here to point out the pitfalls and rewards of the spiritual path, and to help you consider your various options. It is up to your own free will to make a choice as to what is the best path for you and all concerned.

Meditating, praying, growing and learning to the best of your ability will strengthen your connection to your God Presence. Your God Presence is always with you. You ARE your God Presence. Your ability to identify with the highest part of yourself will greatly enhance your ability to weather the Earth changes. This channel and others teach a lot of specific techniques and processes for getting more in touch with your own Divine Essence. We are pointing out some of the intricacies of the Earth drama in order to help you understand what is taking place on the external stage, but your own state of consciousness and the healing of your inner selves is always the most important part of the path.

Most of the ETs associated with the Earth are doing what they feel is the right thing – for them anyway. We encourage you to bless them, pray for them, and send them light to help them wake up to the glorious truth that they and you are One.

The dark Dracos, Orions and Sirians are aspects of your One Self that believe they are separate from the Creator. Shine your limitless Love and Compassion into their hearts to help them awaken to their own magnificence, so they will stop trying to steal the magnificence of other souls in a vain attempt to save themselves.

[Full book by Sal Rachele:
Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders]
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Zeta Reticuli --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

The Latest Information on the Zeta Reticulins

There has been recent information going around your world suggesting that the Type 1 Zeta Reticulins (with short alabaster white bodies, big round heads, and dark almond-shaped eyes), and the Type 2 Zeta Reticulins (commonly called “greys”, with short spindly arms and legs, light grey mottled skin, big elongated heads, and dark almond-shaped eyes), have largely completed their missions on Earth and have returned to their home worlds. This is partially true, as there have been several sub-species of Zetas that have successfully bred with humans and extracted the necessary DNA codes and keys to keep their species propagating. While some of them have continued their race through DNA extraction, others have created successful hybrids by mating with humans, or transferring Zeta sperm into human females. They have been unsuccessful in their attempts to transfer human male sperm into Zeta females, due to the atrophied organs in both male and female Zetas.

As stated by this channel and others, there have been numerous breeding projects ongoing since the 1940s on Earth. These peaked during the 1970s and 1980s, and have gradually dwindled since then. Those humans who have been taken aboard Zeta craft and who have participated in the breeding program fall roughly into three categories. (1) Willing volunteers who are Zeta incarnates in human bodies; (2) Unaware (unwilling) volunteers who are Zeta incarnates in human bodies; and (3) mostly unwilling humans who are not Zeta incarnates in human form.

There have been close to one million human beings who have been involved in the Zeta breeding program at one time or another since its inception in the 1940s. About 30% of these have been willing volunteers who were invited aboard the Zeta ships and were briefed extensively before participating. They were reminded that they came to Earth and incarnated into human form specifically in order to help save the Zetas from extinction. While Zetas, like all sentient beings, have spirits, the spirits of the original Zetas were having increasing difficulty incarnating into the Zeta worlds, due to the atrophied sexual organs of the resident Zetas. This problem occurred largely because of an imbalance between the intellect and the emotions in the Zeta races, which created sterility and inability to function sexually. In essence, the Zeta intellect was overdeveloped and the emotional body underdeveloped.

Due to the violent nature of many humans on planet Earth and their intolerance of other races, the Zetas volunteering to incarnate on Earth were given implants designed to partially suppress their memory of Zeta. Subsequently, the Zeta volunteers taken aboard the ships to participate in the breeding program were given additional implants to suppress their memory of having been on the Zeta ships, before being returned to Earth. Nevertheless, many of them have recalled their experiences at a later date while under hypnosis or in deep meditation.

Roughly 60% of the “abductees” were Zetas incarnate in human form that were taken without conscious consent. The Zetas aboard the craft that were conducting the breeding program attempted to make contact with the higher selves of the Zetas incarnate in human form and in some cases obtained the consent of the higher selves to commence the experiments. Because the conscious minds of these subjects were not at a level of awareness necessary to willfully consent to the experiments, they were taken aboard the Zeta spacecraft usually during the dream state, so as not to frighten the conscious mind. After breeding, they were returned, with an implant to suppress the memory of the encounters. Many of these subject have later recalled the abductions and their conscious minds are often horrified that such a thing would occur. This is the most widely publicized group of abductees and one that creates a great deal of animosity toward the Zetas by those humans who are aware of this program.

While some of this animosity may seem justified, the Zetas' only intent was to save their race from extinction. They did not have evil intentions. They did not understand human feelings sufficiently to realize that they were causing a great deal of pain among many of the subjects. This is analogous to your scientists conducting experiments on animals without taking into account the feelings of the animals.

About 10% of the abductees were not Zetas incarnate in human form, but were humans having the majority of their DNA from other star systems. You could say, from a limited viewpoint, that the free will of these souls was violated and that they were taken by mistake. The actual case histories of these souls and why they were taken is too complex to go into here, but suffice to say that not all Zetas involved in the breeding program fully understood the principles of free will. Some of them could not tell the difference between humans with Zeta DNA and humans with DNA from other star systems. In most cases, all of the humans taken aboard Zeta craft probably had some Zeta DNA, but it could have been from distant lifetimes in the Zeta worlds, or interbreeding on Earth with other Zeta incarnates. Suffice to say that these 10% (approximately) of the abductees did not give their consent to be experimented on, and the Zetas accrued karmic conditions as a result of these “mistakes.”

Keep in mind, dear Creators, that karma and mistakes only exist within the lower four dimensions of Creation and are not ultimately true. Nevertheless, the souls involved in these “mistakes” have had some hard lessons to learn as they evolve into higher spiritual states of awareness. For example, some of the unwilling abductees came to Earth with a prior soul history of abuse and victimhood. Others were perpetrators in a past lifetime and needed to experience being victims in order to balance the lesson. The myriad of soul contracts, karmic agreements and lessons between races can be quite complex. We will obviously not take time to go more deeply into this subject here.

The Type 1 and Type 2 Zetas are minor players in the Earth changes in the sense that they are not affecting the overall Divine Plan all that much. The main aspect of their involvement with Earth that has significance regarding the Earth changes involves the hybrid races that were created out of their desire to save their race. While spirit is eternal and the spirit of the Zetas will live forever, the desire of the young Zeta souls to be able to experience their world in physical form was the driving force behind their visit to Earth.

Some of the hybrid races will go to the Zeta Reticulus star system and be incorporated into the civilizations there, while others vibrating at fourth density will return to Earth once the changes there become a bit more stabilized. Nevertheless, a few hybrids are walking among the people of Earth now and are blending in fairly well with the other humans. Many of them will survive the Earth changes and be part of the emerging civilizations subsequent to the major celestial events of 2012, 2017 and 2030.

[Note: Darryl Anka channels Bashar, who is a member of a hybrid Zeta-Human race.]

The Type 3 Zeta Reticulins are the rogue element generally classified as Zeta-Draco hybrids, and these entities have gotten a lot of negative press (with good reason). They seem to embody the “worst” of the DNA strains, in the sense that they are the least open to moving onto a path of enlightenment, and the most likely to cause disharmony and destruction in their wake.

In this channel's earlier work, he spoke briefly of the Type 3 Zetas and suggested humans would be wise to avoid contact at all costs. This renegade group will be leaving the Earth as the Earth accelerates in vibration, due to the incompatibility of the fourth density atmosphere and vibration with their dense 3D forms.

The Type 3 Zetas look a lot like the Dracos in their native state, but are smaller and walk upright like Lyra/Vega style humanoids. Their DNA is approximately two-thirds Zeta and one-third Draco in its overall composition, although obviously many have the DNA of other star races in them as well, depending on how their souls have progressed since emergence from the Godhead millions of years ago. So you see, dear Creators, it is not always that easy to simply categorize beings neatly into little boxes.

The Type 3 Zetas tend to remain in ships and rarely land on the surface of the Earth, due to their difficulty with Earth's atmosphere and gravity. If they experiment on humans, they usually bring them aboard the ships before probing, dissecting and extracting fluids to serve their selfish agendas. Their intention is to enslave the human race and use the slaves to mine the minerals of Earth, while observing from the safety of their ships and underground bases (which are few and far between). Due to intervention from benevolent groups, the Type 3 Zeta presence around Earth is more of a nuisance than a real threat, and as the Earth continues to rise in vibration, it will get harder for them to remain here even in ships.

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Enjoy this great book about what links Zeta Reticuli with humanity:
Visitors from Within by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest


ETs on and around Earth --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

It is suggested that you read “The Real History of the Earth,” a 10-part series of messages given in 2005 through this channel, as a prerequisite for the material currently being disseminated. If our current messages are included in the same book as the 2005 messages, you will likely have read the history of the Earth earlier in this book if you are reading the chapters in order, so you will already be familiar with this background information. (The 10-part series is also offered in standalone format on the channel's website.)

To refresh your memory, there have been many races from various star systems involved in the development of the human race. Your DNA is a composite of your ancestral lineage of this lifetime plus the combined experiences you have had during your past lives on Earth. In addition, you have within your DNA a memory of all lifetimes and experiences you have had as an individual soul on other worlds, other star systems, other dimensions and other time frames.

The Nature of Timelines

The universe is not linear, although there are linear timelines that run through the fabric of eternity. As a soul, you have explored many of these timelines, not necessarily in any kind of order. Order implies time and when you are in the part of your Self that is beyond time, the idea of a sequence of events becomes meaningless. In essence, everything is happening now, including your so-called past lives, parallel lives, other self lives, etc. Ultimately, you are God, choosing to express through individual human bodies. As an individual soul, you are a unique part of God choosing to express through the body whose eyes are viewing this page. Although it may seem impossible to your surface mind, it is possible to view reality through the eyes of any of God's creations. This is, of course, only possible when you are not perceiving life from the viewpoint of the ego. The ego is necessary in your world in order to function as human individuals with seemingly separate bodies. However, your consciousness does not need to be identified with the ego. It is free to travel the cosmos and explore other realms and other lifetimes.

Many of you that are here on Earth now, have already been through spiritual ascension many times. In some cases, you have explored future timelines and have come back in time for the express purpose of participating in the Galactic Shift on Earth. As stated before, the past and future are not set in stone, but consist of an infinite number of possible and probable realities. The realities given the most energy and attention, or that are believed by the greatest number of souls, are the dominant timelines. The reason for reviewing the nature of timelines is to prepare you for our discussion of the various non-human beings associated with Earth. Not all of them are evolving in the same timeline as Earth. While this can be confusing to your linear minds, it makes sense when viewed from a higher perspective.

The Nature of the ETs on and around Earth

Returning to the subject of Earth's helpers, we would like to divide them into various categories to assist in your understanding.

(1) Physical ETs from other star systems (beings who have stepped off spaceships and are walking among you or are sharing airspace with your conventional aircraft)

(2) Astral entities, including ETs in astral form (not the same as phase-shifted entities)

(3) Etheric entities, including fourth and fifth density beings, devas, faeries, elementals, etc.

(4) Higher density entities temporarily residing in this dimension (beings who have stepped down their vibration to appear in human form)

(5) Walk-ins (permanent trance channels, partial or total soul transfers)

(6) Higher density entities telepathing through Earth channels (angels, ascended masters, Creator Gods, ETs from the celestial and God planes)

(7) Other higher density entities helping quietly without general human knowledge

(8) Future versions of yourselves and others coming back in time to assist you

Categories (1) and (2) above include entities that are not entirely aligned with Divine Principles. Although this section is entitled “Helpers,” it would not be complete without some discussion of those that hinder, sometimes with the intention of helping, but without the understanding of human free will necessary to truly be of help.

We will begin with a discussion of the ETs present in physical form on or around your Earth.

Physical ETs associated with Earth at the present time

This information is continually being updated by those humans who are dedicated to monitoring and researching the ET presence. Our discussion will be current as of late 2007 and early 2008. We will do our best to anticipate the levels of activity leading up to 2012, based on communication we have with some of these groups, and our understanding of their intentions.

ETs Walking Among Humans, and the Non-Intervention Policy

There are a relatively small number of ETs walking among humans. The reason for the small numbers should be obvious. First of all, only a few species are able to blend in without causing suspicion. Only a few species can tolerate your atmosphere and gravity. Even fewer can spend a significant amount of time on Earth without falling in vibration or getting sick from the pollution that is everywhere.

Some of your people naively wonder why ET doesn't just land in front of your governmental centers, step out of the ship and shake hands with your presidents and prime ministers, all in front of national television. Things are not that simple.

As you know, there are forces on your world that are not friendly toward other life forms. There are some that would appear friendly on the outside, but would have a hidden agenda to steal ET technology, or even to kill and dissect ET, or even worse, expect ET to solve all of humanity's problems. All you need do is look at the bulk of your sci-fi movies and television series to see how the mind of humanity works regarding ETs. It is true that in recent years, a more enlightened genre of sci-fi films has emerged, including “ET – The Extraterrestrial,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Starman,” and “Star Trek,” to name a few. The early movies that showed mostly battles with savage ETs (usually from Mars) have been replaced with a more eclectic view of the universe.

To many of you it is obvious that a great number of the ideas presented in sci-fi programs are stimulated by actual events in the universe. The higher minds of film and television producers and writers are fertile ground for receiving telepathic transmissions from various ETs. Only a few of them would acknowledge the source of their ideas. Certainly many of their visions come from within their own God Presence or are spontaneous creations of their imaginations, but nevertheless there are some strong parallels to what is actually taking place in the cosmos.

In your television series “Star Trek,” there is something called the “prime directive,” which is amazingly similar to the Galactic Confederation's policy of non-interference. This means that ET cannot simply land wherever and whenever he pleases and announce himself to the natives of the various worlds with fanfare and chest-beating. The intricacies of free will are tricky, even for us. It is, in fact, our greatest challenge when dealing with humans and other similar life forms.

So the most obvious reason why ETs have not made a public appearance on your world has to do with the policy of non-intervention that is still functioning on all but the most extreme of levels. Although there is a Divine Dispensation authorizing help from outside of Earth, that authorization comes with a few rules and regulations. First of all, direct intervention is limited to neutralizing certain weapons of mass destruction and keeping the EM grid system of your planet balanced and functioning. None of us have been allowed to openly declare our presence in front of your television cameras.

Renegade ETs

That said, there have been a few races that have defied orders from “on high,” and are intervening in ways that are not authorized. Most of these races do not have your best interests at heart. Most of those that are landing physically and walking among you do not want to be found out because they have hidden agendas designed to either take over your planet or enslave you to meet their selfish ends. A few are simply curious and are studying humanity at close range, but they are in the minority.

Think about it for a moment. If the “good guys” are not allowed to intervene, who is most likely to intervene? They are not going to announce themselves publicly because they know there are more of you than there are of them, and quite frankly, they tend to view other races as “enemies” (not surprising since their consciousness of fear is projected outward wherever they go). We are not saying all of the visiting ETs are coming from fear. There are some races that simply do not understand the non-intervention policy or are justifying their presence because they are on a Messiah trip.

Since the 1940s on your world, there have been between 16,000 and 23,000 ETs in physical form walking among you, mostly from the Orion and Sirian races. A small number of Zeta Reticulins and hybrid Dracos have also walked on Earth in their native form during that time, but only with the protection of black operatives within the world's governments and militaries, or in secret and remote sections of the planet. They do not look enough like humans to be able to blend in.

A few fourth density Pleiadeans have also walked among you, but they are relatively easy to spot, as their facial features and stature are a bit different than yours.

Some of the races are here to help humanity and are simply not very wise about how to go about helping. Most of the physical visitors, however, have their own agenda. They are either mining the Earth's resources, monitoring the progress of humanity with the intent of taking over this world after you destroy yourselves, or have in mind a more sinister agenda of enslaving you to do physical labor for them, or to participate in breeding experiments, or in some extreme cases, to serve as food for them.

While there is a great deal of sensational press regarding those who would harvest humans for food, we assure you that such groups are in an extreme minority and are not allowed to proliferate upon your world. There are some more benevolent ET groups that are “policing” the heavens around Earth to keep the invaders at bay. Although these “police” might actually be helping in some instances, they are still violating the policy of non-interference.

The vast majority of ETs who wish to help the Earth choose to go through the incarnational process so that they can understand first-hand what you are going through. This is an act of selfless sacrifice in the sense that most races forget their purpose and mission once they reach Earth in the form of human bodies. The birth process itself is quite traumatic for most souls, whether human or otherwise.

Up until recently, there were no limitations on who could incarnate on Earth. That is one of the reasons there are so many races on your world. Earth is truly a melting pot of the galaxy. A lot of the problems on Earth stem from the fact that a lot of the “undesirables” found safe haven on Earth. A lot of other planets in the immediate vicinity of your spiral arm are unsuitable for the renegade and “laggard” souls, but Earth had an open door policy and did not turn away anyone who wanted to incarnate there.

Star Races on Earth

At the present time on Earth, there are over 22 star races incarnate on Earth. The vast majority of incarnated souls have a blend of several star systems within their DNA, meaning they have experienced multiple lifetimes on other worlds before coming to Earth. In some cases, souls have alternated between Earth and other worlds during their soul history. Those souls that have had the majority of their lifetimes on other worlds and are relatively new to Earth are often called “starseeds.”

In the channel's hardcopy book, “Life On the Cutting Edge,” a breakdown of the percentages of the various star races is included. Since that book was published, the numbers have only changed slightly. There are fewer Zeta Reticulins now, for example.

As Earth increases her vibration, there will be limits on who can incarnate. Once Earth reaches the fourth density, only souls vibrating at fourth density and higher will be able to take on human bodies (or light bodies in the case of fifth density). That means the races that are still stuck in 3D will be unable to continue coming to Earth. They will incarnate on other 3D planets.

Many of you who are reading this were once ETs who incarnated into human form. In essence you are all ETs because you emerged as souls in seventh density long before you ever came to Earth. Some of you are more identified with Earth than others. If you have a lot of the original Pleiadean DNA, you are considered “root race,” but it is rare to find souls that have spent their entire progression of lifetimes strictly on the Earth.

The purpose of this section of the treatise is to detail the roles of the various ETs and helpers during the Earth changes. We will not elaborate on the history of ET intervention on your world. Some of that information is available in the History of the Earth series, and some is available through other channels. This channel can furnish you with a recommended reading list.

We will, however, give you a progress report on the various groups visiting your Earth and to the best of our ability, detail what we believe to be their intentions during the coming years. As with you, they have free will and can change their minds, so this information may need revision at times.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Politics --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline


Many of your countries have regularly scheduled elections and you are under the illusion that you are creating a leadership that represents your values and ideals. This is not so. With only a few exceptions, the so-called “elected” leaders have very little to do with leadership of the people. They are also not directly part of the illusion of control, manipulation and domination of the society for that matter. They are merely puppets of the ruling elite, taking their orders from a conglomerate of special interests, lobbyists, and “black operatives” that function outside the budget and control of the elected parties.

Most of the elected leaders have no idea who is in control of the society. They merely do their job, which largely involves getting re-elected, and seldom question what they are doing. As with the various social systems, the political structures will begin breaking down as Earth approaches the zenith of change. Many political scandals will bring to light the corruption that has been there for a very long time, but which has been ignored due to the massive denial of the politicians and the people they are supposed to represent.

The solution, as always, is for each individual within the political system to evolve a greater awareness of the nature of the soul, and to realize that no authority figure is going to save them from themselves. Enlightened individuals create enlightened groups, which in turn create enlightened policies and procedures. That is the only way the political structures of Earth will change for the better. As your teachers have repeatedly stated, change begins within each one of you.

Your social and political structures will likely break down completely before they are rebuilt. There could be a prolonged period of chaos and confusion as the old structures crumble. Many fear-based individuals will resort to violence and other insanities in a vain attempt to protect what they believe is theirs.

In the channel's country (the USA), there could be a second revolutionary period where the working class simply refuses to support the ruling elite anymore. They might choose to stop paying taxes, or abiding by the rules and procedures of the games of the ruling elite. They might form their own systems of currency and stop trading with fiat currency. Some of them might form militias.

Specific Political and Military Predictions

As stated numerous times before, the governments of the world are largely controlled by a ruling elite, often called the “Illuminati,” that consists of a small number of individuals and organizations that make decisions affecting most of the world. The original purpose of the Illuminati was to illuminate the hearts and minds of spiritual seekers. Today, only about 10% of its members still uphold that original purpose. The vast majority have become mesmerized by the illusion of power and control. As the world accelerates toward the fourth density, most of the rulers will find it increasingly difficult to maintain the illusion of control. This illusion, like most, requires a great deal of secrecy and denial. Once light shines into darkness, the darkness vanishes, and so the dark enclaves of the Illuminati depend on being anonymous and hidden from the light of scrutiny.

Some of the more enlightened members of the ruling elite are aware that great change is coming. They may or may not understand the spiritual aspects of the change, but they can see that the planet is running out of easily obtainable resources and that the climate is changing.

Some Illuminati operatives have channeled their “black funding” into elaborate schemes designed to protect themselves during the Earth changes. They have built extensive underground tunnels and storage areas, and are even constructing underground cities, in order to keep their members in control while the surface of the Earth undergoes cataclysm.

In the meantime, the rulers will do whatever they can to gain control of the dwindling resources. They will start wars with the express purpose of gaining control of the oil fields and fresh water. As they become more desperate, they will even forego the usual formalities of international law in favor of ruthless conquest. They will dissolve the system of checks and balances that many governments set up as a way of distributing the power more evenly throughout the system. They will likely invoke emergency powers acts (aka martial law) in order to enforce those laws, rules and procedures that they feel are necessary in order to preserve their position in society.

The military systems of the world are mostly controlled by the Illuminati. The governments will be pressured and coerced into war, under the guise of protecting the people. The Illuminati operatives use mind control and other propaganda techniques to convince the people that there is a real enemy that needs to be overcome. In reality, the only enemy is within your consciousness, in the form of fear and the belief in separation. However, until enough people on Earth realize this, there will be escalating warfare.

As oil and other resources become more scarce, more and more wars will break out in an attempt to control the supplies. The Galactic Confederation and other off-planet organizations will step in to prevent the use of nuclear, chemical and electromagnetic weapons, but the use of conventional weapons will continue. Although it can be prevented if enough souls wake up fast enough, it is likely that a third world war will ensue. Some souls believe war will get them what they want (i.e., the spoils of their so-called enemies), but in reality, war will hasten the demise of the 3D world.

Some military organizations will become fragmented and decimated as a result of nearly continuous warfare and disillusionment among the soldiers. Someone on your world once said, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” That will eventually happen. There are only so many able-bodied soldiers available to fight the Illuminati's wars. They will, of course, attempt to resort to new exotic weaponry that requires less manpower, but their attempts at exploding these weapons will largely fail. Knowing that they cannot simply push a button and annihilate their enemies, the warriors will be forced to induct people that are normally too young or old to fight. This will be met with a tremendous amount of resistance, and defections will reach an all-time high.

With a lack of money and material resources to keep building the military legally, various black operatives will take over, with their nearly unlimited funds, but one thing they still depend on to keep their wars going is the participation of soldiers. Many soldiers will be sick (from chemical poisons such as depleted uranium), others will be disheartened, and still others will be dying from immune system disorders. Some will awaken spiritually and start questioning why they are fighting. Some of their superiors will also begin to question the status quo and begin to grow spiritually.

The Emergence of the New Earth

Eventually the population of the Earth will begin to decline and the remaining resources will begin to grow, and balance will be restored. It is expected that large areas of the planet will be uninhabitable for many years, either due to warfare, climate change, or disease. Most sea-level cities will be decimated. The oceans will rise and obliterate the coastlines. The dead will pile up as the immune system disorders accelerate. Pollution from warfare will make large land areas poisonous chemical dumps. Droughts and floods will drive the surviving population to migrate in search of food and water.

Meanwhile, the self-sufficient communities will thrive and prosper. Although they will still be physically visible to would-be attackers, their high vibration will render them psychologically invisible. Roving bands of soldiers and plunderers will literally go right past the peaceful villages without even seeing them. The lightworkers will be protected in many ways. As they emit positive vibrations, the governments, militaries and Illuminati operatives will either ignore them or fail to find them. To quote this channel, the enlightened ones will “drop off the radar screen.”

Those who are listening to the inner voice of God will be guided as to where it will be safe on Earth. They will meet with others who are receiving similar visions. They will be guided as to how to set up an enlightened government that is unlike the dying systems in the unsafe areas of the world. For a time, they will undergo many challenges, and their egos will still attempt to interfere. However, the councils will be composed of the brightest and best, and great wisdom will come out of the council meetings. All souls will be respected and honored. For a time, the communities will be somewhat isolated from the rest of the world, but eventually, they will form a strong worldwide network of light.

Our advice to those of you reading this message is the same as it has always been. Grow, evolve and expand your awareness of the Limitless Love and Compassion within your Self. Come from the center of your being. Reside in God consciousness. There is really no other way if you want to break free of the illusions of this world. You have our help and the help of the Galactic Confederation. You have more help than ever before.

In our next message, we will talk about the helpers and their role in the transformation of Earth.


Economics --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline


As the Earth continues to accelerate in her evolution and the vibrational frequencies increase, the thought forms and desires of the lightworkers on Earth will become magnified. As detailed in the psychology section, a rising vibratory frequency automatically brings to the surface of consciousness all that has been suppressed, repressed and denied. Some souls will be able to withstand this rapid, intense cleansing, while others will be unprepared and unable to cope with the purification necessary in order to ascend. Many of the corrupt systems in place on your world will be brought to light in the same manner, and it will be quite painful for most of humanity to face these “demons” in their midst. One such system involves your economics.

The control of the world's monetary systems by a ruling elite has been going on for thousands of years, although the methodology has changed since the earlier civilizations. During the so-called Roman empire, taxation was a primary scheme. Tax collectors for the government would go from door to door and often would take up to 90% of the assets of the people. In your present technological environment, this brazen form of control has been replaced with more subtle, yet also more insidious, means of extracting assets from the common people and concentrating them in the hands of a few individuals.

As detailed in many of your alternative economic writings, you have a system that is called “fractional reserve” banking, in which money is printed and distributed in such a way as to cause the fictional assets of the banks to be replaced with real assets, meaning that paper is exchanged for things that have real value in your world, such as houses, land, crops, etc. Banks loan these fictional assets (paper money) to borrowers, who then pay interest on the loan. The interest is compounded, which drives the “value” of the paper money lower (as if you could subtract something from zero in the first place). When the borrower is unable to pay, (often due to inflation caused by the fractional reserve system itself), the bank repossesses the borrower's property (having real value). Now the bank has received something for nothing, and the owners of the bank have acquired resources having real value in exchange for the inconvenience of running a few printing presses and distributing a few pieces of paper.

We are not going to go into great detail on the nature of your economic system because you can find out this information from other sources. We will, however, detail some of the scenarios we see as likely in the years to come. These scenarios are based on several energy patterns, including the effects of the precessional alignment and Galactic Shift on the consciousness of the bankers and their money-making schemes.

We are also going to point out, however briefly, that the increase in natural and man-made disasters on your world will figure prominently in the mechanism of economics. You have several factors, some of which you are already aware, that we will elaborate on at this time.

The Impending Medical Crisis

The greatest impact to your economic systems will come from the fact that the levels of illness and sickness on your planet will probably rise dramatically over the next several years. Between 75 and 80 percent of the souls on your world will likely not choose to make the shift with Mother Earth. Not all of them will simply go to sleep and not wake up. Most of them still believe they want to survive. Their survival mechanism will kick in and attempt to keep their bodies functioning, even though their souls are putting pressure on them to wrap up the affairs of this lifetime and move to another world.

The result of this battle between the body and soul (really between the body and mind, since the soul does not do battle) will be a lot of people getting sick and becoming dependent on the medical system for their care. In strictly 3D terms, this will manifest as an increased rate of allergies, chemical reactions, debilitating viruses, sensitivities to bacteria, molds and fungi and “environmental illness,” as well as long-term cancers, heart and lung conditions. So-called “exotic bugs” will surface, which are really just hybrid viruses and bacteria that are able to penetrate the weakening immune system of humans.

There are, of course, some biological warfare agents on the loose, but as we have discussed previously, the more serious of these will not be allowed to proliferate beyond a certain point. The vast majority of the illnesses will be due to the soul's desire to exit this planet as the changes become more pronounced.

As more and more people get sick and die, a tremendous burden will be put on the medical care systems of your world. Hospitals will be full and overflowing. In countries that do not have government-subsidized medical care, thousands of people will be unable to pay their medical bills, which will create further defaults within the credit system. In countries where the government subsidizes medical care, the balance sheets of those governments will sag significantly.

In some countries, dead bodies will pile up in the streets and along rivers, which will contribute to the rise in contagious diseases, so it will become a downward spiral of decay. The rapidly increasing number of sick will immobilize some businesses and government agencies, as there will be a shortage of qualified people available to perform daily tasks.

The Energy Crisis

Your modern world is heavily dependent on what you call “fossil fuels.” These are largely fuel sources created by the fossilization of organic matter going back to the time of the dinosaurs, the most readily apparent of which is petroleum. If all of the petroleum in your world were to dry up tomorrow, within a few short weeks, most of your modern civilization would come to a halt. The computer you are using to read or retrieve this material, or the book in which it is printed, for example, come largely from petroleum products. If you look around your house or place of business you will find that nearly everything is either directly or indirectly the result of petroleum products.

As your supply of petroleum dwindles, or becomes harder to extract from the ground, major political, military and economic battles will be waged around the “scarce” supply. Most of the wars currently being fought around your world have petroleum as one of their primary factors (after accounting for religion). You can read all about the politics of oil on the shelves of your favorite bookstore.

Disappearing Natural Resources

It is, of course, a blessing that you are running out of petroleum, for indeed it is a major source of pollution on Earth. You have pundits preaching about the effects of global warming, which you have attributed to the rise in carbon dioxide on your world. While there is some truth in this correlation, a far more significant change to your climate will come from the effects of the Galactic Shift. The immediate effect of the solar storms (as your sun moves into the EM null zone) will be to dry out and warm up much of Earth's surface. It is not the temperature of the sun that has the greatest effect on Earth, but rather, the EM fluctuations. A large EM burst can increase Earth's temperature more dramatically than an increase in carbon dioxide.

As Earth's temperature increases, her natural tendency is to want to bring balance. Certain natural mechanisms will kick in and you will see her making large corrections in order to restore herself to an ideal temperature. This means you will have heat waves and droughts in some areas, while ice ages resurrect themselves at the same time in other areas as a means of counterbalance.

How does this discussion of Earth's climate figure into our look at economics? Very simply. If you have less and less land available for growing crops, the supply of goods and services decreases and prices rise dramatically.

In the USA, you have a place called California, which grows up to one-fourth of the food consumed by people of that country. Other countries have similar “breadbasket” agricultural regions. The majority of this particular region is within six meters of sea level. Sea levels around the world are rising rapidly. Within a very short time, the sea will be invading this region, causing salt water to mix with fresh water (it is unlikely that your dams and dikes will solve this problem). This will result in the destruction of over 90% of the crops grown in this region. The most immediate effect of this catastrophe will be a rise in food prices, since there will now be a scarcity of food.

Eventually, if the pattern continues, there will be real food shortages for nearly everyone, but in the interim, the main problem will be more and more humans being unable to afford to buy food to feed their families. At the same time, the heat waves and droughts will exacerbate the fresh water shortage on your world (not to mention the melting ice fields and glaciers). So a larger and larger part of the income of the people will be spent acquiring dwindling supplies of food and water.

We have pointed out previously that we do not see the majority of humanity perishing due to famine, hunger and thirst. Nevertheless, the reduced availability of food and water will contribute to the decline of the immune system, which we do see as the biggest cause of exit for the average 3D human.

For those of you that are committed to remaining with the Earth by entering fourth or fifth density states, it is essential that you reduce your dependence on the things of this world. You can start by simplifying your lives so that you require less resources in order to keep your lives going. As you raise your vibration, you will naturally need to consume less and less of Earth's resources anyway. You might start by reducing your intake of products from mammals (beef, pork, dairy, etc.) since the production of these foods consumes a great deal of natural resources. As you continue to raise your vibration, you will likely reduce your intake of all animal products, becoming what is termed “vegan.” Eventually, you will find that only a tiny amount of highly nutritious food will be necessary to keep your body healthy. At some point in your ascension process you will eliminate food altogether and drink only water. Then the water will also become unnecessary and you will become what some call a “breatharian.” Finally, as your light body becomes fully activated, you will exist on direct etheric energy and even oxygen will no longer be necessary.

It is unlikely that very many of you will reach this stage before the economic systems of the world collapse. Therefore, it will be necessary to form the “enlightened self-sufficient spiritual communities” that this channel talks about. In these communities you will create a safe haven, grow your own food, acquire your own water, and produce your own energy based on solar, wind and EM power sources. You will form your own governments, which will really be more like the high councils of more enlightened worlds.

Economic Actions to Expect in the Coming Years

The Illuminati and other controlling interests, in order to consolidate their power and protect themselves from the effects of dwindling resources, will likely implement a series of measures during the coming years on your world. These prophecies have a large margin of error, as do all specific predictions, due to fluctuations in the free will of humans. These are only guidelines and pointers to the most likely scenarios according to our viewpoint from outside the veil of your world.

In order to gain maximum control over the populace, the rulers will attempt to create a single currency to replace the many individual currencies used today in various countries. This will be in response to the financial crises of individual countries.

The vast majority of countries around the world will enter into a deep financial crisis very soon, probably long before the year 2012. The reasons for this financial crisis will be many, but they will all revolve around the natural and man-made cycles of change. Below we will summarize the reasons (discussed in previous pages) why most countries will become insolvent:

(1) The skyrocketing cost of caring for the sick. As the immune system of humans begins to fail, the number of people expecting medical care will rise dramatically. Whether or not you live in a country that provides free medical care, the burden imposed on the economy will be dramatic.

(2) The cost of acquiring energy. Until solar, wind and EM energy sources are fully developed and distributed, the world will rely on “fossil” fuels, including oil, gas and coal. It will become too costly to build nuclear reactors as an alternative.

(3) The cost of food and water. As food and water supplies dwindle, more and more time, energy and money will be spent acquiring sources of food and water. While you have the technology already in place to feed the entire world many times over, those that are in control of that technology will not easily give up their control.

As countries become unable to take care of their own people (it is already happening in some parts of the world), they will end up defaulting on their loans to the central banks.

The central banks then have a choice. They can forgive the debt, which essentially means devaluing the currency (you can follow the step by step process of how usury or fiat money is constructed, and you will see how the devaluation process happens). Or they can attempt to seize the land and assets of that country or province and set up a provisional government (dictatorship or puppet regime). Either way, life gets harder for the souls of that country or province, and the central banks (and the organizations that control them) are able to further consolidate their power and control.

For a while, the power and control of the elite rulers will continue to grow, but eventually, as the energies on Earth continue to accelerate, these rulers will become unable to cope with the rising frequencies. Many of them will go insane and begin fighting among themselves in a desperate attempt to retain control. You can already see this in some of the rulers. Their immune systems will begin to fail. They will attempt to hide in their underground bunkers and remove themselves from society, but the disease comes from within and will follow them to their hiding places. They will enact further systems of control in a desperate attempt to hold on to their illusion of power. They will likely resort to military violence and warfare, which we will discuss in the section on politics.

The Spiritual Perspective on Economy

The universe is naturally abundant. The economic systems of the world have been in almost direct opposition to natural laws since they were created. These systems were specifically designed to create a controlling class, or ruling elite, and a working class, whether or not they are called capitalism, communism, or some other “ism.” As long as the ruling elite desire to control the working class, you will have unbalanced economic systems. Your dictionary defines “economy” as “the allocation of scarce resources.” Since resources are not really scarce, your economies are based on untruths.

Scarcity, as a manifestation of collective belief, continues because those who are labeled the “haves” are afraid to share their prosperity with the “have-nots.” The “have-nots” usually enter into their situation carrying a belief in victimhood. Often the perpetrators (the ruling class) and the victims (the working class) trade places in different lifetimes so that the soul can have both experiences as it strives to understand the full spectrum of life on Earth.

Understand that we are not judging the way things have been on your world, but we are suggesting that these systems will not function any longer as the world changes its vibration. Already you can see that your economic systems are on the verge of collapse, due to the debt structure inherent within the banking schemes of most countries.

The ruling elite are creating what you commonly call “karma” and the working class is creating what is often called “reverse karma.” When you pay interest on the interest on the interest on the principal of a loan, you are repaying the lender far more than the balance of energy would dictate. Therefore, the lender accrues karma and the borrower accrues reverse karma. While karma and reverse karma are irrelevant in the higher realms, on Earth they tend to determine the outcome of a soul lesson. As the victims and perpetrators change roles (in order to balance their karma), you have what some of your teachers call the “meek inheriting the Earth.” Later in this lifetime, or in another future lifetime, the elite rulers will end up becoming the workers, and the workers will end up becoming the ruling class. Although this might be appealing to the current working class, it is not a solution to the problem of imbalance.

Those that continue to play these games will have an opportunity to act them out on a group of planets being set up to accommodate them. Those that remain with the Earth will put away these foolish ego games and concentrate on evolving and growing as souls. By harnessing the technologies explained earlier, there will be no manifestation of scarcity or lack, and therefore, no need for the “haves” and “have-nots.” Every human being remaining on the Earth will experience a great deal of abundance, both internally and externally.

As souls increase their spiritual awareness, they will naturally be of service to one another. There will be no need for coercion or convincing by preachers and so-called “men of God.” The Creator naturally creates, extends and expands Itself infinitely. It does not withhold anything from anyone. “The sun shines on the just and the unjust alike.” The Creator does not judge who is upholding universal laws and who is appearing to violate them. However, human beings (and souls throughout the universe) that insist on opposing Divine Principles will experience the consequences of living out of balance with the natural flow of Creation.

A Word About NESARA

This channel has asked us to speak regarding one of the economic programs currently being promoted in your world. We normally do not concern ourselves with specific projects. However, due to the prevalence of this particular one, we do not mind adding our observations. Keep in mind that all viewpoints including ours are just that, viewpoints. Although we are considered to be vibrating at a very high frequency relative to your Earth plane, this does not give us any special credibility above and beyond our dedication to truth. Therefore, we are only offering you our viewpoint and this is not to be taken as the gospel according to anyone.

Your program called NESARA (we're not even sure what the acronym stands for, something like National Economic Security Act for Restoring America), was introduced in the country known as the USA by members of its governing political body approximately seven years ago. There were elements of the program that provided resources for those calculated to be below the poverty line according to your financial experts and statistical departments. The legislation was killed in subcommittee (we believe that means that the bill never got a chance to be voted on by the full governmental body of the USA).

Subsequent to the cessation of the bill, a group of overly zealous new-age type people (that's the channel's term, not ours) continued to promote the bill even though it did not have the backing of the government. It appears this group of souls that called themselves Dove, or something like that, received channeled messages suggesting that if they promoted the bill among the common people, the government would fulfill the promises made during the original legislation. Those promises apparently included giving a large sum of money to the common people – several million dollars per person or something like that. Since we did not read the details of the bill (and have no desire to do so because it is irrelevant to our purpose), we do not know if it actually said something like that or not. Looking energetically, we do not believe there was ever any intention for any governmental agency to distribute that much money to the common people, but apparently some of the “new-age” supporters are continuing to promise that the common people will each receive millions of dollars from their government.

The idea here is that the wealth of this particular nation (USA) was to be distributed rather evenly among the common people, instead of having it concentrated in the hands of a few wealthy individuals (the ruling elite). While there are benefits to this idea, and some of those promoting it truly want to see everyone elevated to a high standard of living on Earth, those responsible for making these promises are either extremely naïve as to how the ruling elite operate on Earth, or they are intentionally misleading the souls of Earth for their own personal gain (ego). Looking energetically at this group that call themselves Dove, it appears some of them are what you would call “altruistic” while others are caught in the vices of the ego.

Beloved Creators, let us repeat some of what we said earlier. There are a lot of souls (approximately 80% of those involved with the Earth) that are still operating under a “separation” consciousness, meaning they are governed primarily by the desire to control and manipulate others in order to fulfill their own selfish “needs.” These are, of course, the needs perceived by their egos and are based on identification with physical form. Most of these souls are planning to exit the Earth during the changes, voluntarily or involuntarily depending on their perception. Only a tiny percentage are open to the idea of sharing their wealth. The vast majority have worked for lifetimes to gain the perceived control that they have today, and they have no intention of simply handing over their wealth to an altruistic group to be distributed to the common people.

We have said repeatedly that understanding the so-called “dark forces” is essential to understanding your Self, because a part of your Self remains in darkness and will remain there until all souls have been brought to the Light. Understanding, in this case, means shining your light into the dark recesses of the ego. Once an understanding is reached, then it is possible to anticipate the actions of the dark ones and plan accordingly, but not unless you have removed all psychological barriers and pretenses from your own consciousness. As a pure and radiant extension of the Creator, you can accurately predict the overall trends and activities of the dark ones because you understand them intimately – how they work, why they work, etc.

As we stated before, it will likely be well after the year 2015 before enlightened economics can gain a foothold in the developed nations of Earth. The consciousness of your world is still far too dense to be able to accept the ideas of higher truth and implement them through the governments. Those souls that are promising large sums of money to the common people have little or no understanding of the dark ones, and it is unfortunate that some of you have not used your ability of discernment when investigating the claims of “Dove” and others in similar states of consciousness.

We understand your desire to see an enlightened economic system on Earth. We share your desire. As you know, in the various worlds that make up the higher realms, the economic systems are either enlightened or do not exist at all because they are irrelevant to a world that knows the universe is infinitely abundant. What we are saying is that on most worlds in this universe, there are no “haves” and “have-nots.” That is a concept brought by the dark ones in order to control planets such as yours. Only about 20% of the universe consists of factions that believe in these ideas of “more for me and less for you.”

Your enlightened helpers from the higher realms urge you to dispel these illusions immediately, even while you live among those that believe in them. You are waking up while they are still asleep. Gently and lovingly they will awaken, with your help and ours. It may be difficult to practice patience, but patience is called for. Most of you will live to see the day when the abundance of the universe is manifested on Earth. It will be worth the wait. Until then, you must be vigilant in your desire to refrain from buying into illusions, including the illusion that the dark ones will somehow magically come to the light without any real effort.

Perhaps some of your more industrious members of humanity will create a new currency and enough of you will align with this new economic system to be able to build a momentum that will eventually overtake the old system. However, that will take time. The Earth changes will soon take center stage and the concentration of most souls will be on fulfilling the choices they are making regarding the shift.

As the shift subsides a bit (sometime after 2015), attention will be rightly diverted to the rebuilding of the world, and to do this, an enlightened economic system will be called for, based on the principles of truth. We, your guides in the higher realms, will be happy to offer our assistance in any way we can. In the meantime, this book (and others like it) will help to illuminate the tasks in front of you. We added this discourse on NESARA not to discourage or disillusion you, but to help you realize the magnitude of what you seem to be up against, knowing that in truth there is only One God, One Unlimited Reality. In that sense, truth will indeed be victorious because it cannot be otherwise.

Let us now turn our attention to your political process.

Continue reading here: Politics


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Awakening to our full potential - Suzanne Lie

November 2009, PART II

As we expand our consciousness, our perceptions expand as well. With the awakening of our expanded perceptions, the volumes of information that have been hidden behind the limitations of our five physical senses come to the surface of our awareness and create a transparency in our reality. This “all knowing” in our daily life serves to tear down the remaining illusions of limitation and separation.

Just as we have special talents in our daily lives, certain expanded perceptions will be stronger and will come “online” first to our mundane consciousness. We all have these expanded perceptions as an innate component of our true, multidimensional nature. A greater number of us would openly use our expanded perceptions if we had not suffered judgment from those who feared that which they could not understand. Fortunately, as more and more of us awaken, there is less judgment. Therefore, more and more of us are “coming out” with our newly activated, or long hidden, perceptual abilities.


As with all spiritual/enlightened endeavors, we cannot try to awaken or force our expanded perceptions. The Path to awakening is like a river in which we must stay in the center current to allow ourselves to be easily carried along with the flow. If we struggle or work, we only push ourselves out of the center current and into the many eddies and whirlpools of third dimensional life.

One of the main keys to restoring our innate “psychic” perception is to listen to the still, small voice within that whispers into our mind, heart and body. Just as our physical body uses our five sense to inform us of what we are hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and touching, it also alerts us to information that resonates to the expanded frequencies of our higher consciousness.

Through merging with, downloading and integrating our Multidimensional SELF into our third dimensional earth vessel, we upload our new, multidimensional operating system to bring these expanded perceptions online. Then our brain, our biological computer, can signal our body to respond to frequencies of information that were beyond the threshold of our old, third dimensional operating system.

Remember, we do not just raise our consciousness. We expand it. As we expand our consciousness, thinking, expectations and perceptions, we receive information, not only with the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions and beyond, but also with the second, first dimensions, and the quantum realities. When we moved into our exploration of the extremes of individuality, we became separated from our body, our animal instincts, our SELF, others, Spirit, “Heaven,” the planet and all of Nature. One of the innate, animal perceptions that we lost was our instinct.


Instinct, which is an innate "knowing," is a second dimensional ability based on our "primitive self" who has the ability to tune into the planet to know where there is water, what food will heal us or poison us and the location of our "tribe." If we "give a horse his head," he will find water. Animals in the wild know what food they are meant to eat and what food will hurt them. Animals know when a predator is stalking them or simply sharing the waterhole. In our quest for evolution, we have lost some of our basic survival skills.

Our instincts are usually a physical sensation, which our left-brain, logical self has been trained to ignore. However, as we regain our Whole Brain Thinking, we begin to become close friends with our earth vessel. As we awaken, we begin to realize that WE are not our body. WE are IN our body. Our physical form is one of many forms that surround our consciousness. However, without our physical body we cannot continue to play the 3D Game.

In other realities in which we held a tribal consciousness, or in which we had to survive off the land, our instinct was one of our most important perceptions. Our instincts are able to pull together information from our five physical senses that are just below our threshold of perception. However, when the distant vision, quiet sound, faint oder, proximity of someone or something that we cannot touch comes together in our right brain, our instincts give us the meaning of the subliminal information. Unfortunately, if we still deny our right-brain perceptions because we have become trapped in our logic, we will not receive their message.

When we say, “I just have a feeling,” or “I sense that I am being watched,” these statements are arising from our instincts. When we give our attention to these messages, we reinforce our instincts and invite them to remain active in our lives. All of our expanded perceptions are much like muscles. If we use them, they get stronger, but if we don't use them, we lose them.


Empathy is the ability to feel another person's emotions. It is a second dimensional ability shared by "primitive" tribal societies, herd animals, and birds in a flock. An example of this is when our pet comes up and nudges us in an attempt to comfort our sadness. Other examples are a mother's understanding of what her nonverbal infant needs or a healer's deep knowing of how a patient feels.

Empathy is another one of our “animal perceptions,” in which we must pay attention to our bodies in order to receive and understand them. Darwin wrote about animals' four basic emotions as a means for survival. The survival purpose of fear is to create a state of fight or flight; sadness creates bonding within the herd/pack/flock; happiness urges procreation of the species; and anger's purpose is to break through barriers. Our third dimensional animal self makes use of emotions in much the same way.

We tend to be more empathic with people that we deeply care for, even love. However, intense anger or fear can doom us to feeling the emotions of the person whom we greatly dislike. The complicated part of empathy is that we feel the emotions of another in our own bodies, as if they are our emotions. Therefore, to avoid confusion we need to understand our own emotions. For example, if we are in a fine mood and we walk into a room where someone is angry, it will not feel like that person is angry, but instead it will feel like we are angry.

In order to differentiate between our own feelings and someone else's, we need to have a conscious recognition of our own emotions. Then, when we walk into that room and say, “I suddenly feel very angry,” we can also say, “However, it does not feel like my anger.” In that case, we can look around the room to determine the source of the anger that we have been feeling inside our own body. Empathy is not limited to time and space. We can suddenly feel an emotion from someone far away. However, this is usually only when we have a strong, psychic attachment to that person.

Fear and anger are very loud emotions because they are important to activate the Fight/Flight Response of our body. These emotions are loud in our psyche because they are directly related to our survival mechanism. Sadness is not as loud, but it is very contagious. We have all had experiences of crying at a funeral of someone we didn't know that well, but we empathically feel everyone's sadness.

Love, and the happiness that arises from love, comes in two categories: 1) conditional love (from humans); and 2) unconditional love (from Spirit). If we have no ability to feel and identify a certain emotion in our own body, it will be difficult for us to empathically feel that emotion in another. Hence, if we have never experienced someone loving us, or if we have never loved our self, we may be very close to someone who deeply loves us and never know it. It is sad to say that love is learned, but here, in the third dimension, it can be true.

Fortunately, there are those who never lose their connection to spiritual love. These people have “eleventh hour luck,” for they always find someone to love them when they need it, even though they currently have no loving support. In fact, many of those who vowed to awaken in this lifetime were born into loveless childhoods to urge them to look inside to find the love they need. The gift is that when they look inside, they not only find love, they find unconditional love from spirit.


Intuition, another form of bodily knowing, gives us answers, "gut feelings," without the need for thought. Intuition is the ability to combine the perceptions of the fourth dimension and beyond, such as vision, hearing, proprioception (your location in space) and smell. All these abilities are derived from our brain's functioning beyond the 10-15% range that is considered "normal." Many people use their intuition everyday, but they call it "luck."

Intuition is much like instinct, except that it calls in the messages, answers and protection from our Spirit Guides. Instinct and empathy come to us while we are in daily, beta brainwave consciousness. On the other hand, it takes alpha wave consciousness to access our intuition. We get an intuition when we “think outside of the box,” beyond the limitations of daily, third dimensional thinking.

Intuition can come to us as a warning or message from “above.” Of course, as we awaken, we realize that the message does not come from above but instead, from within. Hence, in order to receive our deepest intuition, we need to venture into the hidden places of our unconscious mind and injured heart. If we cannot gain a clear reading on our own emotions, we will project that tainted reading onto our intuition about others and get faulty information.

In other words, if we look out into the world with dark glasses, or an unclear aura, it will look as though the outside world is dirty or unclear. Because we are unaware of our “dark glasses,” we will not realize that the darkness and lack of clarity is within our own consciousness. Unresolved fear, anger and sadness tarnish our vision of reality and make us feel too unsafe to surrender to Spirit to receive our healing. As children, many of us had perceptions of faeries, ghosts or the face on the tree, which were lost in our adult struggle for survival.

To return to our innate intuition, we need to heal our wounded ego and regain the innocence and wonder that we had as a child. When we find the courage to make this journey, we will meet with higher and wiser expressions of our SELF who will assist us with our awakening.


Telepathy is the ability to read, or have a "knowing," of another person's thoughts. An example would be when we answer a question that the other person has not yet asked. It is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability, which is a natural consequence of either moving beyond the constraints of third dimensional time and into the more fluid fourth dimensional time, and/or moving into fifth dimensional consciousness where all life is blended in unity with the ONE.

Many of us have had telepathic experiences where we knew someone was going to call us or say something, and they did. We can write it off as a coincidence, recognize that we are awakening to our expanded perceptions, or realize that we are finally acknowledging what has been happening for a long time. Awakening to our full potential is a process of acknowledging that we are more than we once believed and accepting our new SELF as it is revealed in our daily life.

It is important that we take the time to commune with our Multidimensional SELF through meditation, reflection, being in Nature, enjoying a creative endeavor, or whatever we choose. If we can take at least 5 minutes before we start our busy day to calibrate our consciousness to the resonance of our SELF, we can better maintain multidimensional thinking, expect that we are awakening to our true SELF, acknowledge our expanded perceptions and allow them to guide us to BE our SELF in daily life.

Therefore, when we have a moment of telepathy, we can take a long breath of gratitude to be thankful for our transformation back to SELF. Thanksgiving for the moment at hand will duplicate that moment indefinitely. Furthermore, as we communicate regularly with our inner Self, telepathic messages no longer seem unique. Hence, they don't illicit fear. In fact, as we activate more and more of our expanded perceptions, our innate love grows, our fear diminishes and our consciousness expands exponentially.

When our consciousness expands beyond the third dimension and into the fourth and second dimensions, we can more easily have telepathic communications with fourth dimensional Elementals and Spirit Guides, as well as the second dimensional plant and animal kingdom. When our consciousness encompasses the fifth and first dimensions, we will have more and more telepathic experiences with our Soul/SELF, fifth dimensional parallel realities, and with the genetic, cellular, and DNA foundations of our personal and planetary bodies.

When our consciousness expands into the fifth dimension/first dimension and the sixth dimension/quantum reality, we gain freedom from time/space, form and the linearity of third dimensional thinking. At this point, we regain our multidimensional/quantum thinking to receive, accept and understand messages free of any bondage of third dimensional limitation, separation or space/time. It is then that our messages can become precognitive and clairaudient.


Precognition, seeing into the "future," is the fourth and fifth dimensional ability to move beyond the constraints of 3D time and into the mutable time of the fourth dimension or the NOW of the fifth. Precognition is helpful to assist us in creating our personal road map through life.

As we further expand our consciousness, we begin to perceive our physical reality from different points of view. While limited to our five physical senses, we perceive our reality as though we are in a huge forest among many trees which our block our view. Conversely, using our expanded perception is like being in a control tower at the peak of the highest mountain. From this “tower,” which is beyond time and space, we can see where each trail of our thoughts, emotions and actions leads.

With this information, we can change our course at any time by raising our consciousness, changing our thinking, expecting another path and perceiving solutions that we could not find before. For this reason, the future is very fluid. Once we have mastered our precognition, we can more easily discriminate between a "possible reality" and a "probable reality." A possible reality is a choice of the ego and may or may not happen. On the other hand, a probable reality is a reality that already exists in the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, if we are in alignment with our Soul, we will choose to manifest that reality.

The challenge is that, no matter how much mastery of our precognitive abilities we have attained, there is usually a “blind spot” regarding ourselves. Therefore, our best choice is to tune into and follow the directives of our Soul/SELF. By surrendering control of physical reality to our Multidimensional SELF, we have assistance in maintaining an expanded consciousness. In this manner, our daily consciousness, thoughts, expectations and perceptions can be harmonious and loving.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear sounds and communications from the fourth dimension and beyond. With practice, we can all communicate with realities that resonate to frequencies beyond the third dimension.

Clairaudience differs from telepathy in that clairaudience usually refers to communication with higher dimensional beings that cannot be seen with our physical senses, whereas telepathy usually refers to non-spoken communication with beings of the same dimension. Channeling is a form of clairaudience. There are two kinds of channeling: unconscious and conscious.

With unconscious channeling, known as “trance medium,” the recipient, known as the “channel,” vacates his or her third dimensional form and allows the messenger to use his or her body as a link to the third dimension. With this type of channeling, the channel cannot hear the message, even though their vocal cords are being used. Someone else needs to record or write down the message that was spoken through the channel. Edgar Casey is an example of a trance medium.

On the other hand, during conscious channeling we are fully aware of our physical body and awake to our daily life. However, we are in an expanded state of consciousness. Because we are using our multidimensional consciousness, third dimensional consciousness as well as fourth dimensional and beyond, it is difficult to remember our message if we do not quickly manifest it in our physical life by transcribing it as written material, poem or song. Art forms such drawing, painting, dance, architecture, athletics, etc, are more often perceived via our clairvoyance.

We can activate our clairaudience by listening to the still, small voice within. As we listen to our SELF, we calibrate our consciousness to that resonance. It is vital to remember that there are many dimensions above the third, including the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension, which is a realm of fear and darkness. Also, just because a person is “dead” and speaking from the fourth dimension, does not mean that they know more than they did when they were “alive” on the third dimension. Therefore, it is vital that we ONLY attend to messages that come to us within the carrier frequency of unconditional love.

Furthermore, messages from the fourth dimension have a different time sequence than the physical plane, and those for the fifth dimension and beyond come into us in a flash of light from the NOW of the ONE. We then need to translate these massages into our third dimensional language in order to incorporate them into our daily life and share them with others. Our brain, which translates these messages, is like a computer. It only contains the information that we have downloaded into it. Therefore, it will be difficult to translate a light message if the concepts are totally unique to our third dimensional thinking. When the channel/medium vacates their physical form to allow the higher being to use their voice, the channel does not need to translate the message. In this case, the channel does not need to understand it.

However, no matter how benefic the being that we are channeling may be, it is dangerous to leave our bodies. Many channels who have done so have found this to be true. When we vacate our form, we greatly weaken our immune system, as well as take on energies that are not of our life-stream. Often we can take on the energy patterns, and even latent darkness, of the being we are channeling. The being on the other side may be able to deal with their darkness, but it can be extremely damaging to the third dimensional channel.

As we are awakening to, downloading and integrating our Multidimensional SELF, more and more of our channeling comes from a higher dimensional aspect of our SELF. It is important to remember that we have a resonance of our SELF on many planets, galaxies and dimensions. With our expanded perceptions activated, we can learn to communicate with them while we still hold a physical, earth vessel.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see objects that resonate to the fourth dimension and beyond. As we expand our consciousness, our perceptions expand beyond the confines of the physical spectrum of light. Hence, we can "see" objects and beings in the fourth dimension and beyond.

Whereas clairaudience is our multidimensional hearing, clairvoyance is our multidimensional seeing. We perceive the various dimensions differently, as they resonate to diverse frequencies of light. One of the most common clairvoyant experiences is the perception of ghosts. Within our third dimensional thinking and belief systems, we think of a ghost as being dead. However, death is an illusion, for it means only that the person has returned it's resonate frequency to a higher frequency. The exception to this is when one moves into a lower frequency, the Lower Astral Plane, often labeled Hell.

Hell is not a place; it is a resonance of the lowest frequency of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane. The fourth dimension is the aura of planet Earth, as well as the aura of each person. We perceive different frequencies through placing our attention on the correlating resonance within our aura. Just as we have dark and light patches in our aura, so does Gaia. There are many power places on Earth where people have expanded their frequency, grounded that expansion into the planet and crossed over, returned Home, in bliss and unconditional love.

On the other hand, there are other places on Earth where great injustice, cruelty, fear and anger have scarred the face of Gaia and left a blotch in Her aura. Once we have activated our clairvoyant abilities, we can easily tell the difference between these two places. As we awaken our clairvoyance, as well as our clairaudience, we are called upon to take the initiation of creating a tunnel of light through our own Lower Astral Plane and ground the tunnel into the body of Gaia. If we are unable to clear a pathway through the darkness of our own aura, our expanded perceptions will be a beacon to the collective darkness that humanity has left in the aura of our planet.

The initiation of clearing our “tunnel of Light” teaches us to differentiate between voices and apparitions who resonate to either the light or the dark. There have indeed been many actions of fear, hatred and darkness that have left their mark in the Lower Astral Plane. We have also suffered many fearful, angry or sorrowful experiences in our life that have left darkness in our aura. First, we must heal our self, which is healing our aura, or the darkness in our aura will mar our ability to differentiate between messages from Lower Astral Plane and from the higher planes. Our aura is the filter for our perceptions. If our filter is darkened with fear, so will be our expanded perceptions.

Fear is our psychic braking system. If we have a fearful experience, then fear will bring us out of our expanded perceptions and back into our mundane reality. Fortunately, once we have become the Master over our fear by confronting, healing and releasing it with our light, we become the Master over fear in the Lower Astral Plane. One of the ways we can confront and gain Mastery over negative entities is to stretch our hand and stand with firmness and love, “In the name of the ONE, be gone!” It is a Cosmic Law that the lower frequencies cannot stay when commanded to leave by a being of a higher frequency.

We can also send unconditional love to these wounded, lower dimensional apparitions. In this case, they will either show gratitude for our concern, then ride our wave of unconditional love into a higher resonance, or they will run from us, overwhelmed by their own fear. The real initiation is that we must face our own fear in order to have the courage to stay in our altered state and confront the apparition that can only be perceived through our own fear. Once we have become Masters over our own fear, we can sense the darkness, place our greater light around us and continue through the darkness, creating a tunnel of light as we do so.

A lower frequency entity cannot harm a higher frequency being anymore than a monster at the bottom of the ocean can harm a sailor on the surface. This astral “monster” cannot raise its resonance toward the higher frequency until the fear that has bound it to that resonance has been healed and released. Spiritualists are a group of people whose spiritual purpose is to assist those trapped in the Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension.

When our consciousness flows through our tunnel of light into the Land of Faerie and the Emotional Plane of the fourth dimension, the colors are very bright and the beings beautiful, although their forms can easily change. In the Mental Plane, the colors are calmer and the forms even more wavering. In the Causal and Spiritual Planes, the beings all flash with light. They seldom seem to have feet, and their hands and face are so full of light that you can barely make them out. Often, all we can see of their face is their eyes, and their hands are torches of light.

In the void between the fourth and fifth dimension, we experience complete nothingness. We appear to be alone, although we feel life all around us. Before we can release our ego enough to gain entry into the fifth dimension, it is our initiation to release our attachment to the forms of the third and fourth dimension and perceive our self as a speck of light. Once in that resonance, our “seeing” is more like a “think-see” (seeing through our Third Eye) or a “feel-see” (seeing through our High Heart}. In other words, we must trust our SELF unconditionally to KNOW that if we think it or feel it, our perception is real. With practice, we can learn to perceive in a thinking/feeling way.

Once we Master our fifth dimensional perception, we can begin to “see” and “hear” beings who exist only as a group consciousness. We experience the call from these beings within our own physical body, usually our Third Eye or High Heart. We need to expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension to be able to have a communication with these beings. Our inner planes are FULL with wondrous beings, eagerly awaiting our ability to remember how to perceive them. They have illumined information to share and wise guidance to give.


Clairsentience is the umbrella term for all psychic senses together. When we are clairsentient, we can access our expanded senses to smell, see and touch another person's aura, hear another person's thoughts, feel their emotions and/or communicate with higher dimensional beings.

Clairsentience is experienced as a feeling, usually accompanied by a physical sensation. We may smell something that “isn't there,” get a quick glimpse of something from the corner of our eye, know something we didn't know a moment before, blink out for a second to another reality and/or suddenly feel confused and disoriented. Very often we experience our alternate realities through our clairsentience.

There are different kinds of “alternate realities.” One is usually known as our “past lives.” However, time and space are an illusion particular to the third dimension. Hence, once we raise our consciousness into even the fourth dimension, we often begin to experience ourselves in a lifetime that is not consistent with the third dimensional life that we are used to experiencing.

Once we can look “down” in frequency through our fourth dimensional consciousness into the third dimension, we are able to perceive any time frame that we wish. Our many incarnations on third dimensional Earth can be witnessed from this perception as being aligned on a wheel of time. From our viewpoint on the fourth dimension, this wheel is not bound by time. Hence, we can visit any lifetime without the constraint of sequential time. In other words, we can visit a life in 223 BC, then visit a life in 2034 AD, then visit one in 1895 BC. Nevertheless, once we enter any of these times, we are limited to the chronological movement of third dimensional time.

Clairsentience can be experienced as a “Knowing” that comes into our consciousness. If we can trust that knowing, it can guide us through the many roadblocks of life. This inner guidance also directs us toward a better Knowing of our self. The more we know our self, the more we can discriminate between the inner sensations that we have picked up from another and the inner sensations that arise from our expanded perceptions. As with all relationships, unconditional love and trust are\ what develop intimacy. Being intimate with our self is a foreign concept to many, but once we remember and embrace our true, Multidimensional Soul/SELF, this intimacy expands exponentially.


Telekinesis is a fourth and fifth dimensional ability, which allows us to move objects through space without the workings of our physical body. In our fourth and fifth dimensional self, our mind, emotions and intentions are more powerful than our muscles. Therefore, we can displace objects by combining our thoughts and emotions with our conscious intention.

Telekinesis is often referred to as “mind over matter.” In other words, with conscious use of our telekinetic abilities we can move and/or influence matter with the power of our mind. However, emotions also play a strong role in telekinesis. Conscious telekinesis is one of the least common of the expanded perceptions. On the other hand, we often influence matter with our mind/emotions in an unconscious manner. For example, those who have more of a proclivity towards telekinesis, sometimes turn street lights on or off simply by walking underneath them.

These people may be attracted to martial arts or sports such as tennis, baseball, golf, wherein the power of their intention can be consciously used to direct the course of the ball or the force of their martial arts blow. Artists who work with carving or sculpting may also have an unrecognized talent towards telekinesis, as they manipulate matter with their hands, but the intention of their unconscious minds/emotions may also be a strong component of their artwork.

Another type of unconscious telekinesis is a poltergeist. A poltergeist is not a “ghost,” but the movement of matter through the unconscious intention of a living person. Often this person is an adolescent who is unaware of the force of their extreme emotions. In fact, fear, anger and sorrow can be very powerful forces. Unfortunately, when these emotions are unconsciously used to manipulate matter, it is usually terrifying to the person who unwittingly created that movement. Carl Jung, the famous psychologist and disciple of Freud, spoke of his adolescent telekinetic experiences in his autobiography, Memories, Dreams and Reflections. As a teen, he read all the thirteenth century books on alchemy he could find. Hence, he awakened a great power but had not yet gained any mastery over his emotions.

Strong emotion is an important element in telekinesis because emotion is “energy in motion.” Once we have gained mastery over our emotions, we can use love-based emotions to consciously and lovingly raise the frequency of the matter to the fourth dimension where it is less encumbered by time and space. We can then move it without the limitation of third dimensional weight or mass. If we can consciously connect with our quantum consciousness, we can use the instant manifestation of our quantum thinking to teleport matter anywhere in the Universe, instantly!

Our “junk DNA” has been proved to function as tiny wormholes where messages, and eventually matter, can be instantly teleported to any location. In one experiment, samples of the junk DNA were put in vials and taken to another room. Pictures of fearful emotions were shown to the subject, and the DNA in the other room instantly collapsed and became somewhat unraveled. Pictures of loving emotions were then shown and, instantly, the DNA perked up and returned to its most vibrant state. The experimenter, the US Military, then moved the vials hundreds of miles away and the DNA still responded instantly. It is likely that the “teleporting” used on the Star Trek shows is an example of this form of telekinesis. The matter is taken down to the quantum level, where it can move beyond time and space, then restructured at the intended location.


Illumination arises as we surrender our ego to our fifth dimensional Soul/SELF to become ONE with the NOW of the higher dimensions. Just one 3D moment of such Union can set us on a Path that takes most of our life to travel.

Illumination is what occurs as we download and integrate our Multidimensional SELF into our physical earth vessel. Once we have fully integrated our SELF into our self, our consciousness expands from Personal Consciousness to Collective Consciousness to Planetary Consciousness to Galactic Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness. With each expansion of our consciousness, our sense of SELF expands. Our “sense of SELF” is defined as that with which we feel a complete sense of UNITY.

While in Personal Consciousness, we think of our self as a third dimensional human being who is fully conscious of the workings of our mundane life. We are also aware of our Inner Child and Ego. However, we may not be able to consciously access our expanded perceptions. With Collective Consciousness we feel unity with all humanity and think of our SELF as being a member of the family of all humanity. Because of this, we can use our expanded perceptions to tune into the fourth dimension and communicate with the mass, Collective Consciousness of humans on Earth.

With Planetary Consciousness, we feel complete unity with our planet, which expands our consciousness to embrace the fourth dimension. With the awakening of our multidimensional consciousness, we can perceive our SELF as a component of Gaia, the consciousness of Earth. In this case, we use our expanded perceptions to communicate directly with Mother Earth, as well as with ALL Her inhabitants. We can also connect with the fourth dimensional Elementals of earth/gnomes, air/ sylphs, water/undines and fire/salamanders. With fourth dimensional consciousness, we can also communicate with the many realities and beings that resonate to the fourth dimension. At first, we may only be able to believe that these wondrous Beings and Spirit Guides even exist. Then, over time, we realize that many of these beings are fourth dimensional expressions of our own Multidimensional SELF.

With Galactic Consciousness, we feel complete unity with the many planets, solar systems, and galaxies that resonate to the fourth and fifth dimensions. This unity allows us to fully integrate our Multidimensional SELF and expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension and ground that frequency of Light into the body of Gaia. By now, “ETs” are perceived as other expressions of our Soul/SELF and members of our Stellar Family.

We have moved beyond the limitations of duality, time, space and separation. We perceive our physical body as the earth vehicle that we use and maintain to “drive” us through the experiences of being a member of the Planetary Ascension Team. We perceive every aspect of our physical reality as a blessing or an initiation to remember to release all fear and live in unconditional love, forever and always. From this state of consciousness, we are Masters of Energy and keep close watch on our thoughts and emotions so that they do not threaten to lower our consciousness. We are no longer victim to any person, place, situation or thing and take full responsibility for every manifestation in our life.

With Cosmic Consciousness, we can move into the sixth dimension and beyond, as well into quantum realities and quantum thinking. We are preparing to release all attachment to form and see ourself as a being of pure consciousness. Inter-dimensional travel is normal, as we interface with our Oversoul in the seventh dimension to assist our Soul Family in bringing ALL of our expressions of SELF Home to the resonance of Multidimensional Consciousness.

We no longer need to seek, for we live in Divine Intelligence, Spiritual Wisdom and Infinite Creativity. We share our Illumined Being with other expressions of our SELF and with all who seek our counsel. If we still maintain a grounded, earth vessel (usually to participate in the planetary ascension), we maintain a constant connection to our Multidimensional SELF and the heart of Gaia. We see one of our services as being “step-down transformers” to ground the higher frequency light and quantum reality into the body of Earth. With this service, we raise the resonant frequency of the planet to facilitate planetary ascension.

We are free of ego, so we do not seek fame or recognition and often see it as a distraction to our true work. We walk planet Earth as a “regular” person who still has to pay bills, go to work and feed our body. We know that it is a huge task to maintain a third dimensional form with the expanded frequencies of our consciousness, but we live with the many aches and pains of physical reality knowing that “this, too, shall pass.”

We KNOW we are greatly privileged to be a member of this Cosmic Moment and constantly strive to hold the connection with our Oversoul, through all our many dimensional realities and into our physical body. Most of us have suffered greatly in our sacrifice to forget our SELF in order to serve in the creation of and return to fifth dimensional Earth. We know that, since fifth dimensional Earth resonates beyond time and space, “returning to” and “creating” can happen simultaneously.

We seek others of our kind who hold their SELF within their vessel of clay as a planetary and galactic service. We still get hungry, tired, angry, confused, poor or sick. It is the ultimate sacrifice that we have made to ground our great SELF into Gaia and to assist in the ascension as an entire planet into the fifth dimension. Fortunately, more and more of us are awakening to our Illumined SELF and realizing that we don't have to DO anything. We only have to BE our SELF!

Thank you for sharing this moment of the NOW with us,

Suzanne Lie