Friday, May 29, 2009

Matthew May 2009 --Suzanne Ward

1. On behalf of all souls at this station, this is Matthew with loving greetings. It was with mixed emotions that we watched the United States' Memorial Day observances. We know these forces of darkness that influence self-serving individuals to start wars and keep them going for more land, more money, more power. More deaths is meaningless to these lords of war, who have lost their conscience and see the death toll as the means to an end. These individuals don't recognize the hypocrisy in annually commemorating the millions whose deaths they caused or the grief their families and friends endure. All of this is sadness for us, including those warmongers who are foundering in darkness. By universal law, they will experience the same suffering they caused, and by divine grace, they will be given opportunities to rise into the light, and that is reason to feel joyous—as an inseparable part of God and all other souls, their acceptance of light elevates the Oneness of All. Another reason for joyousness is, the darkness that captured those souls is but a wisp of its former force on Earth and cannot linger much longer.

2. We also see the survivors of wars, some with bodies so damaged that their lives and their families' lives are radically changed. We see the veterans whose psyches are shattered, many of them lost among the homeless, and the anguish of those who love them. Yet, along with our sadness for all of these souls is also the joy of knowing that they have surged in spiritual growth. Those whose bodies die will know in Nirvana of their leap in soul evolvement, and those who survive with light will be healed when Earth reaches the higher vibrations of her ascension pathway. Yes, either way, these men and women will learn the truth about the wars they fought "for freedom," but in their higher understanding, they will feel forgiveness and compassion for the souls who became enthralled with their power to make killing "patriotic" and those who killed and were killed "heroes"; and all these enlightened souls will become warriors for peace.

3. Many of you have been waiting for decades for the promised era of love and peace on Earth, others have become aware only recently about the spiritual and physical journey into that era, and most want to know WHEN: When will wars and violence end? When will we meet our space family? When will the truth about 9/11 come out? When will planetary cleansing be completed? When will cruelty to animals and destruction of the environment stop? When will polluting our world cease?

4. Beloved souls, if we had answers to those and your other "when" questions, we would joyfully share them with you. But until there is no more tumultuousness in Earth's energy field of potential, exact timing of specific milestones cannot be precisely ascertained. If you will put this into the context of approximately six billion souls sending forth energy with their every thought, action and reaction, you can see that countless variables constantly are affecting what happens when. Yes, absolutely all darkness on Earth will have been transmuted into light or vanquished by the end of your year 2012—there is no question whatsoever about that, only about the timing of individual advances as Earth moves into fourth density. Thus we say, patience and steadfastness in the light will give peace of mind and strength of spirit during these transitional stages to the ultimate reward, life in the Golden Age, where the vibrations of love and harmony with all of Nature exceed your grandest expectations.

5. Because the higher frequencies of the ascension pathway are having a variety of effects, I shall mention those that are of concern to readers: fatigue; weakness; unexplained restlessness; short attention span; forgetfulness; fluctuating emotions of intense sadness or intense joy; uncustomary impatience or angry outbursts; blurred vision; digestive upsets; and the sensation that "insects are on the head." If these, and no doubt many more types of physical, emotional and mental reactions, are of temporary duration or recur in fleeting moments, they may indeed be natural adjustments to the prevailing energies and not cause for seeking therapy. As how to best deal with those symptoms—and to maintain a sound immune system, the best defense against any malady—simply live a healthy lifestyle: get plenty of sleep, drink lots of pure water, eat nutritious food, exercise daily, avoid stressful situations wherever possible, and spend restorative time in silence. However, if any condition becomes more severe or is prolonged, do not assume that it is attributable to changing frequencies but rather, consult a trusted health care specialist. If nothing is organically abnormal, your mind is relieved; and if some condition does need medical attention, you can receive proper treatment.

6. Moving on to another topic in many minds, that US President Obama's recent decisions are discouraging, just "more of the same." Please remember how often my messages have stated that we are apolitical, impartial and nonjudgmental, that we only report what we observe from our vantage point and information from our many light sources. It is on that basis that I say, the person who wrote that Obama is being "micro-criticized" termed it appropriately.

7. While some steps in the direction he intends to lead are receiving the congressional support he requires, opposition to major changes still is fervent because Illuminati pressure upon members of Congress still is fierce. It is the same with that country's military forces and the international industrial, banking and commerce complexes. Obama cannot be, nor does he wish to be a dictator, and he inherited a global bag of worms, so to say. What has been called his "flip-flopping" actually is careful and wise maneuvering as he becomes aware of more elements in the insidious web the Illuminati has tightly woven around the globe. Efforts underway—some are "transparent," but of necessity, many more are progressing behind closed doors—will lead to exposure and riddance of the dark influence that has set the direction of many previous administrations and is trying to do the same in the current administration.

8. In this sense, the government of the United States is not unique—the Illuminati have controlled most governments, institutions, organizations, corporations and business conduct throughout your world. As evidence of this truth emerges into public knowledge, you will see decisive action on numerous fronts to impart integrity and honor to governments and all other bodies that impact life everywhere on Earth. In this moment a number of hot spots of belligerence are considered major threats to world safety. Saber rattling will continue in some areas, but those situations will not blossom into the full scale wars, much less an all-out nuclear war, that some see as inevitable. Progress toward peaceful resolutions in active or imminent war zones will come in stages as Earth continues to move into higher frequencies. In the ever intensifying light, leaders who follow Illuminati orders will be toppled and replaced by wise leaders with integrity and honor. The "black ops" behind terrorist activities will be revealed, the origins of "pandemics" uncovered, chemtrails stopped, mind control measures ended. Incrementally, like a row of dominoes slowing falling, all sources of corruption, deception and vile intent will be unmasked.

9. We welcome the questions about former US Vice President Cheney's motives in defending the Bush administration's use of torture because there is considerably more significance to his speaking out than may be apparent. As a top Illuminati operator, Cheney wants to reignite the fear of global terrorism—remember, the magnified energy of fear is both the most effective tool of the darkness and the fuel that keeps it going strong. By instilling in the minds of the citizenry that any lesser policy than torture to gather information would imperil the United States and the world, he is attempting to abort Obama's negotiating resolutions to conflicts—that policy would doom Illuminati aims to keep old conflicts brewing and initiate new ones. Cheney is publicly reminding Congress of the leverage held over them, whether in the form of bribes they have accepted, acute embarrassment leading to personal and professional ruin via other kinds of blackmail, or death threats to members or their families—a strong warning that they must continue to toe the Illuminati line. This accounts for congressional furor over the proposed release of the terrorist suspects imprisoned at Guantanamo and lets Cheney prove to his Illuminati colleagues that even outside of the government, he still wields powerful influence within it. And, however unwittingly, he is clearly showing his intense desire for no more discussion about torture. We know his fear that any thorough investigation could lead to his involvement in "9/11," and we can tell you, it already has.

10. Has the economy stabilized as some statistics indicate? No, and there is far more to this than statistics about banking and stock market activity, unemployment, real estate sales, bankruptcy, lost pension funds and the like. The most honest and astute of your economists are saying what we often have stated: The foundation of the global economy is broken and returning it to former operations is not the solution. Although those economists are not saying what we have told you—the Federal Reserve is an Illuminati-owned banking system and will be dismantled along with other means they have devised to control global finance and commerce—some are speaking out against usurious interest rates on mortgage loans and credit cards as well as decrying the greed and unethical policies that led to the current economic crisis. You may know of their strong statements, but are you seeing them as the evidence they are of increased consciousness-raising facilitated by the higher vibrations prevailing on the planet?

11. Let us speak about vibrations for a moment. Everything in all of Creation is energy vibrating at one frequency or another, and the vibratory rate determines its consciousness level. Bringing this vibration-consciousness scale down to Earth, it includes inanimate things such as boulders, sand and all manufactured items. Considerably higher on the scale are plants—it is the vibrations of vegetables, fruits and grains that give them their nutritional value and it is the same with medicinal plants—and at the top are trees, whose intelligence and vibrations send forth healing energy in great abundance. The Devic kingdom is aglow with high vibrations that enhance all other life on the planet. It is the cetaceans, not humans, whose vibrations are the highest in the animal kingdom—as a species, the whales and dolphins are the most spiritually and intellectually evolved souls in your world, and they anchor light beamed to Earth from far distant sources.

12. When a celestial body travels into higher planes of energy, its vibratory levels increase and so do those levels and thus the consciousness of everything that exists on that body. This is what is transpiring on Earth—communication is flowing clearly between Earth and all her life forms and those lives with each other, including energy-sensitive and clairaudient humans. Even though some people may choose to believe this is not even a possibility, the capacity for telepathic communion is an ingredient of every soul, therefore a totally natural occurrence. Regardless of beliefs, everyone on the planet is affected by the higher vibrations because they are magnifying all characteristics and intensifying patterns of behavior. The differences between those who have embraced the light and those who have not are becoming glaringly obvious.

13. Other sources of high vibrations abound. The forcefulness of wind, fire and water at times "goes off the chart," so to say, and the vibrations of earth continuously sustain and enrich life on the planet. The expression "Take time to smell the roses" has much more wisdom than you may realize—the vibratory levels of floral essences are therapeutic and the fragrance of roses has the highest. Spices and herbs also have therapeutic value and so does the purity of white, the synthesis of all natural colors. But it is symphonies and concertos composed in the eras that you lump under classical that have the most power to stir the strings of the soul because their vibrations are attuned to the tones of the universe. Not surprisingly, at the other end of the vibratory level are odors that cause gasping; muddy colors, like the khaki of many military uniforms; and cacophonous music along with other harsh sounds that shatter balance.

14. is with joy that we watch the world's interest in Susan Boyle, and to the readers who requested our thoughts about her sudden popularity, we see this as consciousness-raising on two fronts. First, energy streamers with dark attachments long, long ago patterned third density minds to see beauty as perfect physical form and features and to have diminished interest in individuals whose appearance did not meet those criteria. Aided in much more recent years by relentless advertising and its intended influence on society, that patterning has maintained the standard for who is or is not beautiful, who is or is not worthy of significant notice. Second, melodious tones and lyrics of music with high vibrations lost favor with the masses and raucous noise and vileness in expression gained favor. This is not being critical of the composers, instrumentalists and vocalists—all were responding to the low vibrations when Earth was in travail and more recently, the flailing about of dark energy streamer remnants. Now, suddenly there is Susan! The outpouring of genuine caring and interest in her reflects the world's growing recognition and appreciation of true beauty—her singing that showers the world with high vibrations and, of greater importance, the beauty that radiates from her soul.

15. I digressed, I know, to take advantage of the opportunity to explain the vital nature of vibrations, and now I return to your questions about the economy. As for my opinion about whether investing in real estate now is wise, please understand that I cannot knowledgeably make recommendations of this sort, but if I could, it is not within my province to do so. Our purpose at this station is to enlighten you about universal laws and put into that context everything that is happening on Earth, and to offer advice for growing spiritually. We understand that the economic turmoil has bred great confusion about investment safety, and in this perplexing situation, we can only advise what applies to every area of uncertainty in these times: Ask within and pay attention to the answers that come as intuition. Heeding these messages from your soul always is the best course.

16. Most questions about money pertain to NESARA, an acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and here I have a great deal to say. There are serious misperceptions about this cooperative venture between on- and off-planet souls, and clarification is called for. Succinctly stated, NESARA is the very foundation of Earth's Golden Age. Believing that prior to birth you chose to help create something as wondrous as a world of love, peace and harmony requires an enormous leap in consciousness and spiritual clarity. Enlightenment in such huge measure cannot be imagined in third density, and by universal law, it cannot be imposed; so the thought of specific reforms had to be "seeded" in your consciousness in a way that could be comprehended, and it was introduced in the form of US legislation at the appropriate time in this evolutionary process of unprecedented magnitude and speed.

17. Although the participation of every person on Earth and countless off-planet souls in spirit worlds and physical civilizations is known by all at soul level, it is conscious thoughts about a desired result that produce it. Because Earth is your current homeland, the energy of your thoughts about the legislation's stated reforms was necessary to initiate action on the planet that would manifest the worldwide reformation and spiritual renewal that is the purpose of NESARA.

18. Now then, back to the legislation itself. When it was written, the US president and his closest advisers were Illuminati members or under that "umbrella" group's control. One provision of the Act calls for their immediate resignations upon the televised announcement of the legislation's enactment, and a related provision provides for that announcement. Neither of those provisions is applicable now. The incumbent president is one of the principals in the Golden Age master plan that has its basis in NESARA; and Illuminati interference prevented the requisite legal compliance within the timeframe covering those resignations. When that window of opportunity expired, another route leading to the same ultimate goal in the same timeframe was undertaken, and developments along this route have been steadily proceeding ever since.

19. Other misperceptions about NESARA pertain to its economic provisions. Some believe that shortly after the announcement, a huge sum will be distributed to every person in your world. Others believe that individuals who paid small amounts into private investment programs will receive handsome returns when that Act is formally announced. And there are those who believe that with NESARA's announcement, all mortgage and credit card balances will be wiped clean. That there will be no such announcement is not the reason that those beliefs will be realized as understood. Always the intention of NESARA has been to end the unconscionable disparity between the world's wealthiest and the impoverished masses, and to abolish the unfair taxation and usurious interest rates that have kept many millions with "nose to the grindstone" just to eke out a living. The vast fortunes immorally and illegally amassed by various Illuminati members and institutions they control will be recovered and distributed on a global basis to the neediest among you, the billions who have been the most exploited and ignored by the greediest; and fair taxation and lending rates will replace the current ones until you reach the consciousness level where money no longer is an issue at all.

20. We honor the good intent of individuals who share what they believe to be true so as to enlighten and give hope, and without judging them when they err in evaluating information or may not receive it clearly, we say that at times they pass on incorrect information along with the accurate. This is one reason we repeatedly have urged you to develop discernment and heed intuition—quiet the mind and listen with the heart, the seat of the soul wherein all truth is known.

21. Now then, let us relieve your concerns about mandatory swine flu vaccinations. If this mandate does come to pass, the effects will be harmless because the live virus in the vaccines has been neutralized by space family members' technology.

22. There were more deaths attributed to swine flu in parts of Mexico than elsewhere because due to substandard living conditions, those people's immune systems were seriously compromised; the outbreak was purposefully initiated in those areas.

23. We could not help smiling at this question: Why is our government so interested in everyone in the country having digital TV? Well, the interest does not stem from the desire that everyone in the United States have the clearest TV reception available. This plan that was devised under the previous administration would enable surveillance of every viewer as well as emit harmful rays. It is unlikely that the former purpose will be used very long, if at all, and the emissions are rendered harmless, also via the technology of your brothers and sisters from other civilizations.

24. Persons with multiple personalities, or any other mental disorder, have the same opportunity as all other people insofar as the ability to absorb light and undergo the cellular restructuring necessary for physical survival all along Earth's ascension pathway. With rare exception at this time in your history, these individuals chose to experience afflictions of the mind to complete third density karma; by doing so, and if their lifetime longevity choice permits, they will go along with the planet into the higher frequencies where only soundness of health in mind, body and spirit exists, and dis-ease of any kind is healed along the way. Because pre-birth agreements are designed to benefit all persons sharing the lifetime, those who are especially close to an individual with mental, emotional or physical hardships also have great opportunities to grow spiritually. And spiritual growth is the aim of every soul in every lifetime!

25. Yes, often souls return to the same homeland and religion of previous lifetimes. Usually they choose the same circumstances such as family composition, riches or poverty, health or sickness, high or low intelligence and educational opportunities to once again try to accomplish what they have chosen many times but failed to do so. Other reasons for returning may be as volunteers to assist other principals in the pre-birth agreement complete their contracts or to provide conditions or situations designed for many souls to work on their karmic lessons. Perhaps during life in the spirit world, where deceit in government and the church is known, a soul may return with the chosen mission of trying to right the wrongs. Or, a soul may return to a beloved country or familiar religion to enjoy a tranquil lifetime that balances one with many hardships.

26. Not only the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers, but all darkly clandestine associations and organizations will be literally dis-membered in the higher frequencies, where bodies without light cannot survive.

27. No, Earth is not ascending as two worlds, one that will reach a higher density than the other. Earth is a soul with one planetary body, and it is rapidly and steadily moving out of third density toward her destination in fifth. The physical bodies of her residents who refuse the light that would enable them to accompany her will die, and the souls automatically will go to any one of a number of different worlds, whichever has the same energy make-up as each soul's lifetime energy registration.

28. I have chosen to end this message with an endearing and illuminating little story. About two years ago my mother adopted a 13-year old dog who is nearly blind and deaf. On warm, sunny days she takes the dear little fellow out into the yard, where he enjoys roaming and lying on the grass. A few days ago when she went out to ask if he was ready to come in, he said, "No. I'm still with Nature." When she asked him what Nature is, he said, "Nature is God outside."

29. And now, in farewell I say, all beings of light throughout this universe are beaming their love to assist you every step of your spiritual journey.



Suzanne Ward

Tibetan Monks' Remote Viewing

Remote viewing

Tibetan monks see Extra Terrestrial powers
saving the World from destroying itself in 2012

N.K. Subramanium, Special Correspondent
December 26, 2004

Remote viewing is nothing new in Tibetan monasteries. For thousands of years remote viewing in the middle of other spiritual activities have dominated Tibetan culture. What some Indian tourists came to learn from a few Tibetan monasteries under the current Chinese rule is extremely alarming and fascinating.

According to these tourists remote viewers are seeing world powers in the course of self-destruction. They also see that the world will not be destroyed. Between now and 2012 the world super powers will continue to engage in regional wars. Terrorism and covert war will be the main problem. In world politics something will happen in and around 2010. At that time the world powers will threaten to destroy each other.

Between 2010 and 2012, the whole world will get polarized and prepare for the ultimate dooms day. Heavy political maneuvers and negotiations will take place with little progress.

In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war.

And at that time something remarkable will happen, says, Buddhist monk of Tibet. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time.

Scientific interpretation of the monks’ statements makes it evident that the Extra Terrestrial powers are watching us every step of the way. They will intervene in 2012 and save the world from self-destruction.

When asked about recent UFO sightings in India and China, the monks smiled and said the divine powers are watching us all. Mankind cannot and will not be allowed to alter the future to that great extent.

Every human being though their current acts in life called “Karma” can alter the future lives to some extent, but changing the destiny in that large extent will not be allowed to that great an extent.

Monks also mentioned that beyond 2012 our current civilization would understand that the final frontier of science and technology is in area of spirituality and not material physics and chemistry. Beyond 2012, out technologies will take a different direction. People will learn the essence of spirituality, the relation between body and the soul, the reincarnation and the fact we are connected with each other are all part of “God”.

In India and China UFO sightings have increased in many folds. Many say the Chinese and Indian Governments are being contacted by the Extra Terrestrials.

In recent days most UFO activities have been seen in those countries who have indigenously developed Nuke capabilities.

When asked if these extra-terrestrials will show up in reality in 2012, the answers remote viewers are giving is: they will reveal themselves in such a way that none of us scared. They will reveal themselves only if they have to. As our science and technology progresses, we are destined to see them and interact with them any way.

According to the remote viewers, our earth is blessed and is being saved continuously from all kinds of hazards all the time that we are not even aware of. As our technologies progress we will realize how external forces saved us.

Something to think about..

Mitchell Gibson MD


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ascension --Great White Whale

Message from the Great White Whale
Kiara Windrider (channeled Feb 1999)

In 1999 I spent several months on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming with dolphins and whales. I experienced some profound shifts and connections being with these wise and playful denizens of the ocean. One day, after spending an hour communing with a mother and baby humpback whale, I felt new channels opening up in my consciousness. The following message came from what seemed to be the oversoul of the whale kingdom, a white whale known simply as The Great One. A few days afterwards I happened to find out that a white whale had been sighted off the coast of Australia, which represents for the aborigines the same prophetic significance as the white buffalo holds for Native Americans.

This is The Great One. I have come in response to your questions spoken and unspoken. I have come to share not only information but a certain consciousness. It is time to awaken to this consciousness within you, for this is the reason you were constructed.
Do not denigrate the human form. The human form is one of the highest biological forms for the embodiment of spirit.
We will go back through the Mindfields of Gaia to the beginnings of time. Time is creation, creation that began in the mind of Prime Creator, and there was no meaning except in the unfoldment, except in the continual creation, except in that deep awareness and passion to recreate and extend itself.

And so, through the word, through the vibration of that first intent, was created the songlines, and then there was light, and within that light manifested different levels of awareness that led to the creation of dimensions, and within these dimensions form could be played out as ideas generated and regenerated themselves.
And so, many, many, many pathways later various seedings took place. Forms were created. Among them were we, among them were you. Spirit formed itself in biological forms, and our destiny has always been the same—to reunite in the fullness of time to complete the cycle, to gather back to Source all of learning, all of creation.

We carry a certain awareness in our attunement to the higher dimensions. What you call higher dimension is to us spherical, and in this spherical knowing, there is no higher, there is no lower. There is here a fullness of understanding, of knowing, for this quality has no separation within itself. This quality is still connected with the One Source within all of this diversity. It is a quality that your biological circuitry is also meant to carry, to embody. It is a quality that those among you that you know of as Ascended Masters have embodied just as fully. It is a quality that many races throughout the galaxies have achieved, and it is the quality that you are about to achieve more fully than any species ever before, simply because you are no longer an isolated species.
There are representatives among you from across the galaxies, across the dimensions, across the universes. And so what you seek to create now is a living being, an extended being that is far vaster than individual ascended beings. There are few planets that have ascended from this level of density, and of these none that have the destiny that your planet possesses, simply because none have the diversity which your planet possesses. A new order of creation comes into being as you prepare for this moment. We are here with you. We have always been eager to assist, even when our task was not understood by you.
Know now that there is a manifestation of my presence in the oceans as a white whale. The Aborigines know of this. It occurs in their prophecies. Like the white buffalo was born on this continent in fulfillment of prophecy, so is this white whale born in fulfillment of prophecy.
The time is near now when this grand awakening of planetary consciousness is due. We have prepared the grids of the Earth to sustain a new level of vibratory frequency. If it were not so, the new frequencies that have been pouring in could not be anchored and the Earth herself could not survive.

There are what you call gamma ray bursts flooding the Earth—many hundreds, many thousands in the last few years since this grid has been completed. Her soundings have changed. Her songs have changed. Her songs are like the templates, and within these templates creation can be determined with great precision.

As the left brain of planet Earth, your intentions, your understandings, and your direction is much required. Feel our presence within your presence. It is time for us to join what has been separate for too long.
Ascension has been a mystery to many of you. The mystery lies not in the how or even in the why. The mystery has lain in your mind’s great inclination to doubt. The mystery has been in the "if", because you do not feel that you know the way, because you have been separated from those deep knowings within you, because you have given way to your doubts and your fears. It has been a great "if". It holds you back from the recognition of the simplicity of this process.

Dear Ones, this is so simple. Please do not doubt. In fact, this is your destiny.
Your bodies were meant to be receptors of light. You know this. You know that your DNA is equipped for far more than you are currently experiencing. You know of the 64 codons to be awakened. You know of the twelve strands. You know that this has been and will be again.
You know what holds you back. There are many, many, many layers of conditioning and unbelief, and it is the collective barrier that you must break through. We are assisting in this as you call upon us to be of service. The answers may not be a conscious awareness of minds. The answers lie in that deep submerged layer where there is a cellular knowing.

Your bodies understand what your minds do not. Please listen to the body and allow it sacred audience within you. Focus on the medulla in the back of your head. It is a newly emerging planetary center that is a parallel development to the vertical axis of the chakras along the pranic tube. This is the awareness of spherical consciousness, and we, as we breathe, hold this awareness at all times.
Gaia has need of us as the right brain. Gaia has need of you as the left brain, but no longer is this a division to be maintained. Electromagnetic fields of the Earth are changing, which allows a reconstruction of these grids of left and right.
In order for the Mother to make her ascension, right and left brain must act as one, and for this you need to develop this spherical consciousness. In spherical consciousness, there is no separation between left and right, or matter and spirit, or any of the polarities that you experience in daily living. Allow yourself to move into this new awareness.
So ascension is simply the flowering of new life, and in the fruits of that new life, the Earth gives seed and the seeds multiply. It is a very natural cycle.

The triggers within your cellular consciousness are already being probed. Your mind has nothing to do with it because your will, your intention, and your surrender create this activity, and then from this submerged place within your deep unconscious, the seeds begin to bear fruit.

There is a time when the curtains will be parted for all consciousness on this planet. It is to come soon. The ground is being prepared for this parting of the curtains. In that moment, for it will be a moment, you will be tested. Your choices will be weighed, and if you so choose, ascension will be once more the natural cycle rather than death, or rather than participation in the game of separation, a game that you’ve known in your history from times before Atlantis.

Go back into the storehouses of your mind. Remember those days. The cells carry the memories. Many of you were incarnate in the bodies of the ocean people. Many of us were incarnate within the human people.
I speak to you in words that you hear within your minds, but my greater communication to you is now in creating a passageway that allows your spherical minds to become activated—perhaps the experience of throbbing in the back of your head. Perhaps you hear a sound or a tone within that space. Perhaps there are pieces and fragments of your soul returning to you now that have been disconnected and lost. Perhaps you are remembering your true destiny that fills the Earth with a sense of knowing, a sense of joy, a sense of peace. We ask you to trust this knowing, not because you understand with your minds the steps this requires, but because of your intent and desire to join your will with the will of the Earth, the will of the Creator.

Fulfill that destiny that has been chosen for you, those of you who have incarnated on this planet, for we are one mind and know each other already without veils of separation. We know what is known of your future, which to us is already present. It is the end of timelines. It is the end of separation. It is the end of death and the beginning of her birth. The new children being born among you know this, for many of them have indeed lived in cetacean bodies before. We are one.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Creator Dolls --The Group

From The Group:

Greetings from Home.

Blind Creator Dolls

You will see this Earth change very rapidly over the next 200 years. Yes, we
know you think 200 years is a long time, but you are beginning to see an evolution that has never taken place anywhere. For that reason, all eyes of the universe are on planet Earth watching what is taking place to see what is going to happen as these beings awaken from a dream, take their power and try to continue to live in that same space. It is quite exciting to watch from our perspective. There is much drama, energy, a lot of fun, laughter, tears... There is everything you would expect from a human drama, and yet we wish to tell you of a perspective from which we see you. It does not mean we are right or that we see things the way everyone should see them, but please understand when you have multiple visions of yourself, you have choices. We are offering you another vision.

Let us tell you what you look like to us. Imagine you have this little doll that walks around and interacts with the world around her. The doll keeps looking back to you to control her, and to tell her which way to go. The secret is that the doll is actually the creator of the scene, while you are the observer. The doll is actually not only creating her own experience, but controls every element of where she goes and what she does. That is much the way we see you. You are creators of Heaven on Earth. All we are attempting to do is to re-mind you of that fact. You create every thought that you hold in your being and it is revealed in some way. The thoughts you are most comfortable with most often are fear-based. As much as you consider that negative, difficult and bad, we tell you there is also beauty in the darkness. So do not judge yourself, but understand first that your entire reality is based on your thought process. Coincidence and accidents are illusions of the gameboard. Literally, you have placed your being in one of these physical bodies to try and find your own controls, to see where you can start leading yourself.

I'm Stuck!

Many times you find it confusing when you say, "Yes! I will take responsibility. I will take control of my own life. I will start using my powers and passion to the highest possibility," and nothing seems to happen. Then you worry that you did something wrong, but consider instead that perhaps things are starting to be right. Perhaps you are ridding yourself of some of the things you have to do. We ask you first to start becoming comfortable with yourself and your own ideas of what your own reality would look like. Now let us stand back and look at things from perspective wider view. It is the larger perspective on a collective basis where you are seeing changes on your planet, much more than individually at the moment. Many of your organizations and collective gatherings of souls now have to adapt to the higher vibrations you are creating and demanding that your world be in. As that happens you will see many changes that seem to have control over you, but realize that they do not because you are actually releasing that part of control. It is perfect for you to say that you want to be in your passion and to move in that direction no matter what it is and even if you cannot figure out a way to make a living doing that. Just experiencing your passion in the evenings or on weekends will help raise your overall vibration and all your interactions in your world around you. So the first thing you need to do is find out what makes your heart sing, and try to figure out ways of doing more of it. If you still feel like nothing is happening, there is another approach to try.

Conscious Perception Shift

The easiest way to change a situation is to shift your point of perception to
accommodate a larger view. Humans are not conscious of doing that, but you will learn to do that very well over the next 100 years or so. Being able to change your perception about a situation at any time and to see it from multiple angles will be a very important part of human evolution. That is what is happening as you move out of this field of duality where you see everything as light and dark. It is now being balanced by the third position of the higher self, so in effect you are moving out of the field of duality and into the field of triality. The field of triality gives you more capabilities of your god-self in the physical body. When you first reach triality you ask yourself what you are going to do. You can do this or that, but you can also choose not do anything because you do not need to do anything. There is nothing wrong with that and it is not being stuck. That is simply enjoying a vibrational level where you need nothing from the outside.

There will come times in all of your lives when you will have those magical
moments. It may be a moment, a day, a week, or a month, but whatever it is each one of you needs those times. Do not consider that to be stuck, because instead it is a time when you can catch your breath, a time where you are going to adapt your higher vibrations. There has been much confusion as you look at yourselves in this field of duality, for duality only shows light and dark and not all the different rainbow colors in between. It shows only the light and the absence of light, but those are the ends of the spectrum. There is no truth in these ends, for it is all in between. When you start to understand that you have been seeing everything in a very limited range, a very small field of vision and vibration, you can start to see what is happening on a larger scale. That is where your confusion lies. You expect everything to come through those same channels, yet that is not the way spirit attracts or comes through you. The easiest way for you to change your perception is to move out of what is happening to you and put yourself in service. How about volunteering at a hospital or a hospice? How about doing anything to get you out of your stuck mode? Being in service helps transform me into we, and that dissolves the separation that makes everyone feel stuck. It simply is not possible for you to feel stuck when you are connected with other humans. Place yourself in a position of service and you change everything at that moment. It changes your perception, and gives you purpose and focus. At this point, you want to bring in your passion. You want to find that one gift that you can give better than anybody else, because each one of you has it. Every one of you came with a gift from Home that is not possible for anyone else to carry. It is your soul's mission to share that, and the moment you change the me and into we you start to understand, you feel of use and your power returns. What magic! Now you have possibilities, so we will give you very definite pieces.

A Soul View of Humanity and Racism

Much has gone before you. Many have taught and brought you their truth. Many have worked from their hearts to improve humanity in some way. Most of it has been misdirected, for humanity does not need improving. All you need is a space for empowered humans to be able to thrive and grow without restriction and limitation. The new planet Earth is a place of encouragement. Because of that, you will be re-thinking much of the larger picture and even some of the things that are taught in your schools.

There has been much confusion about one particular point we wish to address this day. We understand it is confusing, but we ask you to look at it first from the perspective of spirit because dear ones: you are not humans. You are borrowing this body for a short time to let your spirit pretend to have a human experience. Now let us look at a larger perspective, because there have been many leaders on your planet who through an honest desire to try and help have misdirected energy. You have seen it in slavery and racial struggles. We wish to give you another vision.

The Origin or Racism

There was a gentleman who came in and confused everyone with incredible
knowledge and vision. His name was Charles Darwin and he channeled messages about the larger vision of life. Some of these messages helped humanity to adapt very quickly to the world around it and make fuller use of every part of their world. But there were certain elements of the explanations that seemed to be either incorrect or misunderstood. Let us address one in particular, the Theory of Natural Selection. This theory states that the fittest races seem to survive, while the weaker races seem to die out. It is easy to see in the animal kingdom that the Theory of Natural Selection proves true almost every time.

That would indicate to you that one is better than the other, but that is not
true and it is the part the human sees that the spirit disagrees with. Put another way, let us say that you, as a spirit, are coming into planet Earth. You are going to have an incarnation and you want to get this one right so you have your choice: you can choose this model here that has these attributes, or you can choose this model over there that has those attributes and may help you to learn a certain life lesson. Quite honestly, it does not make any difference which model you choose. The confusing part is that Darwin's theory implies that one of these models is better than the other, but that is not true. Many times a soul will put itself into a challenging body to gain something or to be able to teach others. Never is a soul hampered by a physical body because you are not physical; you are a spirit pretending to be human. That is the most important part we wish to share with you, because as this new energy comes in and as these new concepts are revealed to you, you will have to release some of the old ideas.

The concept of racism on your planet is one of these old ideas. Powerful leaders
convinced others they were doing something positive by eliminating select races or cleansing their ethnic background. You look at that and think it is the most atrocious thing you have ever heard, yet we tell you that it began with good intent. It did not work because the conclusions derived from Darwin's work were from a human perspective and not from that of spirit. You keep forgetting that important point. One physical vehicle is not better than the other in that sense. Within each race there are specific attributes that are very desirable as a soul beginning a new visit to earth. Is it true that some races are dying out while others will survive and grow? Yes, that is a mater of nature and the physical. Yet it does not affect the choice of the soul as much as you would think. No spirit is ever hampered by a physical body, ever. That is important to keep in mind. On the spiritual level, everyone is equal, always because you are a part of each other, there is no difference.

When you unravel that mystery and look into the hearts and souls of all people,
no matter what the bodies they inhabit are like, you will understand. Although one body may be designed better than another to accomplish a particular task, there is no such thing as bad or better just as it is with vibrations. Higher vibrations are not better than lower vibrations, they are simply different. A low C is not better than a high E on the piano, the two keys simply are made for different effects and uses.

Areas to Watch

You can see the soul inside a physical body if you just look. The moment you see
the soul, everything else disappears because it is then that you start to see
yourself. At that point, you can even fall in love. It makes no difference what body type, nor what your preferences or belief systems have historically been. If you pull away the veil and truly see another soul, you will fall in love with yourself and your image in the others eyes. That is what is happening more and more on this planet. We will also tell you that in the years directly ahead, many of you have great sensitivities to the environment around you. Some of that may become difficult for some of you, because your sensitivities will increase at the same time as the background noise-what we would call white noise-of Earth will also rise. Many of you will feel distracted, as if you have a problem or cannot stay focused on things.

Understand that the energy is changing, and your own preferences of how and where you would like to be, as well as what you need to support you are also changing. Many of your own preferences, even for things you love to eat, will change over the next few years. Suddenly you do not care for your old favorites anymore, yet things that you never tasted before or things that you did not like as a child all of a sudden you just cannot get enough of it. You will find that many of these things will change to help support your own vibrational changes as you move forward.

There will many of you who will start to discover your spirit. Those of you here
in these rooms and watching this broadcast, you are teachers, dear ones. That is why you are drawn here, because you have something to say. We are here not to give you messages. We are not here to tell you what to do or even to give you hints about what is right or wrong for you because only you can tell that. We are here to help you find your voice. Let us explain because that, too, may help you to understand the overview of spirits pretending to be humans.

Life Extension

We look at it many different ways. We have had people come to the Keeper and
ask, "Is it possible that I could be channeling the group, too?" He said, "Of course it is." He is not the only one who hears these messages. Many of you resonate with these messages, because it resonates in your heart before it hits your ears. You know there is something here that you want to be reminded of something that can help you re-turn to your vibrations of Home. Yet many times when the Keeper calls on you and says, "Maybe you have something to say, too?" You pull back and say, "No, no, not me. I am here to listen. I am here to watch and learn." That is fine. You can learn all you wish. The reality is that we know who you are, and your light is becoming so bright that it is not going to be possible to hide it for much longer. It is quite amusing to see people hide behind a bush and then when they light up they cannot keep hiding but still pretend to be. It is so funny for us to watch.

You are spirits, dear ones. Your bodies are only a temporary vehicle. Bless your
body and enjoy it. It does a great job. Yes, the physical body can easily last for
300 years. It was originally designed for even more and has lasted more than 300 years in your own recorded history. You will return to that if you so choose, for life spans are more flexible than you think. There are people who automatically think, "I want to live for 1,000 years." You would be bored out of your mind. It would be like living amongst the cockroaches and you would not be able to relate. Many of you will not be able to get rid of that image. As you move forward, this is an image we would like you to see.

Ice Cream

When the Keeper first began bringing our messages in, he was reading a book by Kryon and he asked, "Do you guys know Kryon?" We laughed hysterically. We
thought it was so funny he asked the question, but he really wanted to know the answer. We said that when all is said and done, you will pull away the veil and find out you have all been channeling the same entity. That is confusing for you because of the truth. You are not accustomed to your own greatness. You are not accustomed to who you really are from our side of the veil. You are not accustomed to seeing yourselves the way we really see you. So let us give you an image of something that might help you see yourself in our eyes, for this is what you truly look like.

Many of you will not attempt to write a book because you think, "What can I say
that has not been said before?" Many of you do not wish to stand on stage because you see greatness and think you are not great. You compare yourselves many times, so here is the image. Let us talk about ice cream for just a moment. We have never been to Earth so we have not had the pleasure of actually tasting this delicacy of yours called ice cream, but we can tell you that it is incredibly popular on this planet. Why? It is popular because of choices. Ice cream gives you different flavors, variety and choices. When you think of ice cream you do not think about how good it is going to taste, you think, "I get to choose this flavor, or I can choose that one," and you are so barraged with the possibilities that the ice cream is already good before you ever taste it. You are the creators and you create that way ahead of time, so let us give you this view:

We are the ice cream.

You are the flavors.

We will come through you and yet each one of you will have a different flavor of spirit, because of your life experiences and of who you are. Chocolate ice cream is not better than vanilla, they are just different flavors. It takes a different perception at that point and we dare you to be the best flavor you can. Take all of your life experiences and that beautiful energy you feel coming through your heart and find a way to express it whether it is through art or channeling, music or writing. It makes no difference; you can use this anywhere. Let it shine through your beautiful flavor of this physical being that you are. Your soul will put the flavor on the ice cream and it will be one heck of a sundae.

Dear ones, if only you could see yourselves the way we see you, you would laugh hysterically at the whole game and all the restrictions that seem so big in your field. You would see the true nature of who you are and walk more proudly than you ever have before. We hope, this day, that you walk with pride with whatever flavor that is, because it is unique. It is your blend of light and spirit, that beautiful spirit being of yours that has gone on from lifetime to lifetime to be here right now. We love you more than you could possibly know because we see ourselves in you. We do not come here to give you messages to help you become better people. We come here because we are honored to be in your presence and that is how we see you-the bravest angels that have dared to take off your wings and play the game of being human. You are advancing all of the universe through every step you take, and it is beautiful beyond your understanding.

Walk with pride. Be the best flavor you can be. It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Re-member it is a game. Play well together.


The group

Steve Rother

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The Ice Cream Channel
Beacons of Light
Reminders from Home

May 2009


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ascension and Terra --Elohim

Council of Elohim/Daphne:

Wynn: "I want to ask questions about the ascension process. How important is the mental awareness of the person regarding qualifying for the ascension process as opposed to the opening of the chakras?" (The heart)

Council of Elohim: "The mental faculty is but one aspect of the total energization of transference which takes place. It is not necessarily definitely needed that the intellectual faculties comprehend the process taking place. However there must be a willingness on the part of the participant to move with the various incoming levels of energy, thus providing a jumping-off place for the participant's mind to explore the new realms of possibility introduced by the energization of the frequencies present in his own chakras and vortexes. There is a new field being developed within him or her and the exploration of that field is left to the individual discernment of that being whether to participate consciously mentally or not and how far in which to do so."

Wynn: "So if a person is mentally prepared, they have more chance of making a positive choice. Could we say that?"

Council of Elohim: "We would not term it positive or negative choice. It is simply choice. All roads lead to God whether sooner or later."

Wynn: "So to ask the question in another way. A person may have the energetic openness, the chakra vortices open, and choose not to take the ascending path?"

Council: "This is a free will zone."

Wynn: "But they may not understand the choice if they haven't had a preliminary exposure to the concept? Is that possible?"

Council of Elohim: "It is not something that exposure would not necessarily induce a person to choose differently or not. It is rather an internal willingness on the part of self to leave behind a playground, a school ground of third dimensional energy and move into a higher vibratory field. It is more a question is the participant ready to stop playing and experiencing the games of the third dimension. Is she willing to let them go. And there is no punishment if the person is not ready..."

Wynn: "What will happen to a person who chooses to keep re-experiencing the third dimension?"

Council of Elohim: "They will play out the third dimension where they are able to do it. Not in this solar system as this is slated for ascension, but perhaps in another, light years from here."

Wynn: "There was a discussion in one book I read about two parallel earths, one of them called Terra where ascended beings would go. Is there any truth in that?"

Council: "We would say that Terra is the oversoul harmonic of your present earth. She does not exist separately but inter-dimensionally in the future ahead of this present third density."

Wynn: "At the present time are there beings on Terra?"

Council: "The question as you have phrased it, we cannot respond to. We say that Terra exists as an over-dimensional aspect of the present earth. And beings would exist within that framework."

Wynn: "One story I read said that there were going to be holographic images of a Jesus in the sky with flying saucers coming to land that were of a negative dispostion. Is that possible?"

Council: "Many things are possible. We would not say it is necessarily a probable event. At this juncture."

Questions and Answers with the Elohim


Friday, May 01, 2009

Overview of 2009 --AA Gabriel

Gabriel's Overview of 2009
A Year of Light Beginning to Awaken
the Shadow Side of Humanity
2009 is the first year where you will move from an outer focus to an inner one in a more profound way. This is a tremendous shift, as most of you have known the illusion of a primitive outer focus as the source of your well-being.

Last year was the mid-point of a 9 year cycle of integrating the soul, which began in 2004 and culminates in 2012. Now you being a deeper inner journey, to connect to Self as the source in your more mature way of understanding life as it truly exists.

This will also be a year where you restructure the manifestation cycle as you have known it, from life as a non-unified experience. Man's physical structures will break down a great deal this year as well.

The first four months will bring up depths of the dark shadow, revealing what has been held in the depths of the inner self. This is required for you to nurture and clear, for you to be able to get to the true source of life from the inside out.

The universe itself will also begin a journey back to source. You have only known a single outbreath in the history of your planet, moving into a focus on form and getting to know its potential. You now begin to reverse that process, breaking down the illusion that it is the source, beginning an inbreath of the grand cycle of life.

You will now transmute life, seeing the inside and the invisible as the source from which you create.

The 3 four-month segments of the year will include:
Revelation of the Dark Shadow - in the first four months
Inner Transmutation - taking you deeper to the inner source, looking at all you have revealed
Restructuring of Form begins - with many old systems breaking down
All the kingdoms of nature will reveal how things are out of balance in these first four months. This can be a scary experience, as it forces you to look inward. Due to the fact that most people on your planet have not developed an inner relationship to self, this can be a scary experience at first. It may very well seem like "nobody is home in there." Plus it will first bring an awareness of that which you have avoided for so long.

This will begin this process, when you have your return of the Dark Shadow. There is an archangel that has been much misunderstood on your planet. Lucifer, meaning "light bearer," was the most beloved of God who chose to hold the Dark Shadow energies of the planet until you were ready to take responsibility for transmuting and integrating all that which has been out of balance. That time is now.

The Dark Shadow is now being returned. It has already begun. For instance, in the final months of 2008, you saw the breakdown of your economic structures in a bigger way. You need to understand that this is merely breaking down to reveal what is out of balance, so that you can adjust your choices and inspire more balance and unity on the planet.

Everything operates through cycles. Something cannot continue to move in one direction. All reality moves from a source and returns to that source. We have focused on your personal process for the last two decades to help you understand how to work with the cycles of healing, knowing that this time of tremendous upheaval and transformation of soul light was coming. This light illuminates everything that it comes into contact with, which is what you are beginning to find happening.

Light is penetrating your planet and is having its revelatory impact. There is a tremendous entrainment of that light taking place, when all lower, dense energies are inspired by the new levels of light to an attempt to balance and inspire more evolved choices. It is unlike anything you have known on the planet.

This is mostly because a new level of energy, known as the Photon Belt is now penetrating your solar system. This energy is faster than the speed of light you have known. This has not reached planet Earth fully yet. It has reached some of the outer planets and is having a direct impact there. Scientists have wondered why these planets have begun to glow or radiate light. This will begin to happen on your planet in the next three or four years as well.

Everything is raising and accelerating at this time, unlike anything you have known. The extremes that have begun are only the first taste of what is to come. Wait until the Photon Belt begins to penetrate your Earth plane... So please use this time now to prepare yourselves.

REVELATION of the Dark Shadow

The first four months will be a time of REVELATION.

You can already see the impact of this time. There are revelations of many who are out of balance, both individuals and in corporations or organizations. Many organizations that you have depended upon will be revealed for their imbalances. Your main banks for instance, such as Citibank and Chase. They are buying up the smaller banks, as they have been very important for them to hide some of the corruption.

You will see many things revealed in this time as the light impacts. Some of it will not be pretty. Some may be rather frightening. The Dark Shadow is the part of your consciousness that has been denied or educated or taken responsibility for. It has, therefore, become the most powerful influence in your lives. The more you deny, the more powerful it becomes.
The more you suppress and avoid the truth of your being, the more powerful it all becomes. It controls you and keeps you in fear. And there is a great deal of denial from the last 2000 years of choices you have all created collectively.

You have evolved through a ray of consciousness that has put your focus on ideals and the duality of opposites. This has kept you learning from fighting the Shadow self. You have judged parts as good or bad.

Let us say you have habitually walked along the street of your lives, deciding to throw your gum wrapper or some other piece of trash on the ground, as you didn't have any other way to take responsibility for it. You think it is done and that no one will make you take responsibility. The Shadow merely walks behind you and collects all the parts of self that you have judged, suppressed and tried to avoid taking responsibility for.

It is the place where all of the parts of self that have been misunderstood have been held. These parts of Self so need a place to be nurtured, educated and integrated as vital parts of Self. And the more that you have denied these parts, based on your early conditioning and herd consciousness, you have built up a sense of fear that is more and more powerful. You have had to go into greater and greater denial.

You need to realize that all of your wounded feelings are the primary players that you have avoided and they need to be returned to your consciousness with an understanding that NO feelings are threatening or shameful. You need to realize that you are simply conditioned to fear and avoid them in the name of trying to fit in, to please or to compensate for your accumulated shame of Self.

This has all been acted out in more and more extreme ways. It has reached the point where you could destroy your planet in the name of avoiding the Shadow. However, the hierarchy of your planet has been working to help you integrate this in a more gradual way. In this last year, they were restructuring the grid lines of your planet to make it more graceful for you to integrate these last parts of that you can create an awareness of your wholeness.

However, in this first year of deepening the process, you will experience a Dark Night of the Soul, where you must face the imbalances of your lives in a more direct way. It will begin the process in a more real and accelerated way. The time is now, where you must take the focus off of your outer distractions, glamours and addictions to address the wounded inner Self.
When you are willing to address the Shadow, introducing an adult perspective of compassion and willingness to grow into more evolved relationships to these parts of yourself, you will create tremendous healing.

The outer will accelerate, trying to keep you in fear, distracted by the outside. The ones who are interested in you NOT becoming healed and powerful as individuals will create as many opportunities to keep you in fear as they can. This world management team will try and keep you in fear of the "terrorist threat."

If you are in fear, you will be more than willing to let the "big powers" take care of "protect you" and to eventually let you become a military state. However, when the dupe is up, you may find you have given away all of your rights. You may find that they are arresting anyone who is opposing their plan. The Patriot Act has set this in motion in a powerful way. You need to wake up and pay attention to what you are actually choosing.

You will be able to do this most effectively by taking responsibility for the wounded "frozen child" within your own nervous system. By getting the help you need to evolve and heal your emotional body, you will become empowered adults.

There was an alignment on December 1, 2008, of Venus, Jupiter and the moon, it began to accelerate a revelation of the secrets on your planet. The moon of Jupiter known as Io holds all of the secrets of creation energetically. That information is being revealed into your consciousness, so that you will be able to use that energy with your integrity.

There are many tests being introduced to help you prepare that sense of integrity. You need to learn how to take what is out of balance, to transmute it and to integrate a much deeper, more powerful sense of Self. That is the true potential of your soul connected Self.

That brings us to the second four months of 2009.

TRANSMUTATION of the Dark Shadow

Everything that was uncovered in the first four months will now need to go through inner transformation. You will need to move deeper and deeper inside, beyond the Dark Shadow into the Light Shadow. This is your core connection to Self, where you hold the potential of your soul.
The subconscious is the mind that holds all of this in place. It is a very conscious mind. What you have called your conscious mind is actually the "dumb mind" that only takes past descriptions and a frozen identity of self and redescribes what is "known." That keeps you frozen in place, in herd consciousness, trying to fit in like a wounded child who does not know their own power.
You have been well trained to be enslaved by the outer world of form. Those that you have allowed to set this up, even elected to rule you, not to govern you, have happily played their parts.
You live in a world economic system that is a corporate government that is like a ruler with a feudal system. You are all subject to how you have willingly set it up by not taking responsibility for yourselves. You purchase, take out credit and become completely dependent on your outer stuff. This was not accidental. It was well-planned.

The whole system will reveal itself and it is now beginning to break down. Your comfort zones now being shaken up has been well-planned to keep you in fear in this time of accelerated energies. Nothing is happening arbitrarily.

Do you think the very wealthy will suffer at all? not a chance. Do you think that the largest tax-free corporation, the Catholic Church, will suffer? not a chance.

In this time of transmutation, you need to take all that you have discovered and to diligently begin to transmute these parts of self into something else. You need to create an inner connection, where you love, nurture and develop these lost parts of self. The average person is scared to know themselves. This will bring about an awareness of your inner emptiness, which comes from not being connected to self and your own feelings.

This will bring about more extremes, in an attempt to stay distracted. We urge you not to buy into this conditioned behavior. You need to take this time to re-connect, to become self-empowered creators who are responsible for your lives to learn how to develop an inner relationship and become great manifestors of your dreams.

If it were not for your collective thoughts and feelings as a human species, who are all maintaining a certain description of reality through your attachment to that which is outside, you will know a very different world. You need to go inside and learn how to interrupt those habitual thoughts and feelings. You need to develop a real connection to your inner selves, so that you can know you are multi-dimensional beings, who are powerful creators.

You need to take your power back from the outer world. It is about marrying the inner and the outer, from the point of view of directing the outer from an inner truth and conviction that must now be developed. You have not even known how to do this. This is what is now awakening, as you practice taking responsibility with integrity.

You wouldn't give a car to a child to drive. It is the same with giving you access to the energy of creation. If you are in wounded resistance, you wouldn't use these energies for creative purposes either. You are now learning how to drive, by growing up and taking responsibility in a different way. You are becoming vehicles of empowerment, love and value.

Get the help you need to work this out. Find out who knows how to help you reconnect to your emotional bodies and transform your fearful mental beliefs. As you do, you will begin to see how to create lives that not only fulfill you as individuals, but that serve the good of the whole.
Now as you open to the heart chakra in this time of evolution, you move into the forces of creation and learn how to manifest consciously through the truth of your being. This will always focus on the "we consciousness," not the narcissism of a wounded child who is all about "me."

RESTRUCTURING of old forms

The last four months will be a time of RESTRUCTURING old forms...from family systems, the corporations, economic, medical, etc. Anything that is absolute and frozen in herd consciousness and redescription will be affected in powerful ways.

Anything that does not stand in balance and growth will begin to break down. It puts the focus on greed of accumulating, achieving and being able to dupe that which is outside the self. This will not work within these new energies.

You have been given freedom of will, but you have been conditioned as wounded children, who have no real idea how to utilize your freedom of choice. You have been stuck in a frozen decision about right and wrong, good and bad, held in place through a fear of reward/punishment. This system is dying away, so that you can develop individual conscience.

There is no such thing as the Devil. This is the ego of the collective consciousness, that has kept you from needing to take responsibility. This is the power of the Dark Shadow. The only evil is your ignorance and fear, where you are not able to transform or take responsibility for. In order for you to wake up, the systems will need to break down and get your attention.

As you see this all happening, try not to go into panic and fear. Many will panic, as they are not used to change or taking charge. They only know the familiar comfort zone. They cannot conceive that there could be something better.

Your car industry and oil industry have known that your energy supplies are depleting, but they have done very little about it. You have been stuck in instantaneous gratification and consuming NOW, like wounded children.

The ecosystem of your planet is now threatened. The plant and animal kingdoms are in danger. Every single wild animal is on the endangered species list, based on the imbalances that you are creating. In the last 50 years, you have decreased the oxygen in the air by 25 per cent!
You need to wake up and take responsibility. You now shift from the electrical force of cause and effect into the solar reality of quantum shift and resonance. You need to become a part of the individuals who are forming a critical mass, which will allow your whole planet to shift. It is up to each of you as individuals to prepare, so that you can learn how to direct the forces of creation.

So the breakdown, which is already happening, is necessary for you to wake up and save yourselves. The hints are already taking place. However, Jupiter revealing the secrets of creation, with Venus opening the energy of the womb space of the soul, connected to the moon holding the energy of experience of the soul has set it all into motion in a more powerful way.
This year now begins to reflect this alignment, as well as the most recent initiation, which opened the Sirian vortex...opening the space for your powerful healing.

President elect Obama has been chosen to play a powerful role for this. In many ways, he will support an awareness of all that is out of balance. He will attempt to create inner transformation within your government. However, you all need to do your part.
The last four months could be very frightening and dangerous, as you all must face your cumulative reality together. So hold each other in the light and in the protection of the soul resonance that you are building. Surround your leaders in this light.

This is what you will experience in the year of 2009, first facing the Dark Shadow at the surface of your wounded inner selves. Do it with integrity, not in fear. Practice courage. Encourage others. We will continue to keep you informed the best we can, helping you to prepare.
You will find in this rising Shadow, many levels of physical dis-ease continuing to accelerate. There will be more and more leaving the planet, as their souls are deciding if they are able to face all that is taking place. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you all, but you must show up and become conscious. You must face your lives consciously, for this will all unfold one way or another.

Consciousness gives you the power to respond and heal.

So use this as a general guide for this year. Open to your inner lives and respond with compassion and courage.

Blessings to you all.
- Gabriel

Copyright © 2008 Children of Light


Alter your brain --Djwhal Khul

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. We are going to begin with a golden white light coming in through the Crown Chakra just rather dancing its way into the top of the head.

Now this has a very interesting effect upon the brain tissue; a little bit of a tingling, maybe a little bit of euphoria. As the energy shifts, it changes. The whole body is really responding to the energy field and I would say specifically this time I am targeting it to go directly into the brain tissue to begin to alter some of that. Why? Because thought consciousness is more contained within the brain tissue than it is anywhere else in the body.

Now, for example, if you had a shoulder injury, playing football, and suddenly it looks like someone is about to tackle you, your shoulder could very well remember the injury and begin to ache. Or you could be watching a football game and then go into sympathy pain.

So thought consciousness can resonate in any tissue. However, when we get specifically into the way in which we store a lot of belief systems, they are through the brain network. So if you hear for example that swine flu is pandemic, the brain records that information and then each time it is heard or written or seen or any variation of that, it gets ingrained a little deeper in that particular tissue even though your physical body doesn’t particularly have a memory of it.

So then we take the power of the hundredth monkey if you will. If you have not yet heard about that particular syndrome, enough other humans believe the same thing: it brings it into a concrete reality or becomes the normal practicing mode.

In the case of the monkeys, some monkeys were taught to wash their food first, and then monkeys on a completely different island began to do the same thing. So [sneeze] pardon the little sneeze there.

The concept of how much your brain absorbs and how you put it into reality is very, very important. By the way, that was not a flu sneeze that was a little bit of “dust in the air” sneeze, just in case you were wondering about the synchronicity. I am sure that a little bit of humor will go a long way.

So watch your accepting into the coding of your brain. Watch what you choose to be reinforced and accepted. Be especially careful that as the masses give credibility to a belief system or thought form, it becomes more readily available to be put into play as a reality.

Now on the subject of swine flu, personally I am not seeing such a concern. There may be something similar to the avian flu however probably not even on that scale, unless humanity really grabs hold of that thought form or belief system programming.

So, if anything, remember that your personal belief system and the group thought form are what will fuel it and that you have the power of choice and that you can alter your brain chemistry, you can filter your belief system, you can use an affirmation to declare what you do want, and that you are in equal power to all of Creation. In other words, nothing can be forced upon you unless you choose to adopt it.

Alright then, that is my information for this particular week. I hope you enjoyed the Spirituality Article. Keep in mind that it is translated into French, German and Spanish and available on the website in all four languages.

As always, thank you and my love to you,

Djwhal Khul

Channeled by Rev. Terri Newlon


Chaotic Nodes --Hathors

Chaotic Nodes

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

April 27, 2009

Any energetic system that shifts to higher or lower orders of
coherency passes through chaotic events in its journey to a
new resting energy state. Your earth is no exception to this.

With this in mind, we anticipate a planetary increase in
chaotic events. By this we mean that a large-scale chaotic
event(s) is near. We call such events, "Chaotic Nodes." They
are a precursor to geometric progressions of chaotic events,
and you are at the threshold of such a node.

"Chaotic Nodes" are actually crests in quantum wave potential
driven by the interaction of many energetic domains

Let's take a look at water as a metaphor for what we are
discussing, and then we would like to extrapolate this to
your world situation.

When you boil water, the molecules that comprise the water
(which are made from the bonding of atomic hydrogen and
oxygen) speed up. This is unseen by you because this domain
is too small for you to see. But if you touch the pot, you
will feel warmth. As the heat continues, the water molecules
move around even faster, bumping into each other more often,
creating even more friction. Some of the water moves into a
faster rate of vibration and changes its nature from water
into steam. If you touch the pot at this point, you would
describe it as hot. Indeed, it would burn you if you kept
your hands on the pot of boiling water too long.

Prior to the application of heat to the water, one could say
that the water resided within a certain energy domain, which
you could measure via its temperature. As the temperature
increases, due to the application of heat, there is an
increase of chaos as the water molecules start moving more

Now, if water molecules had the human characteristic of
resistance to change, then they would find the increased heat
and the resulting chaos difficult to contend with.

When the water reaches boiling point, it enters what we call
a "Chaotic Node." This is a shifting of energy state, and if
you look into a pot of water just before it starts to boil,
you can see this.

At first there is a trickle of bubbles up to the surface, and
as these reach the surface of the water, steam is emitted. At
first you will see just a little bit of steam, but as the
entire pot of water reaches the boiling point, you will see
what is called a "roiling boil." At this point, the water is
very turbulent and a lot of it starts to change its energy
state from a liquid (water) into a gas (steam).

The point we wish to make here is that a "Chaotic Node" is
similar to water shifting to a roiling boil, in that it
(water moving from being hot to a roiling boil) is a sudden
shift that is inherently volatile. And once a "Chaotic Node"
manifests, it is very difficult to predict what will happen

If you were a single molecule of water in this roiling boil
that just entered a "Chaotic Node," you would be hard pressed
to know where you might be at any moment. You might be at the
bottom of the pot and suddenly find yourself driven up to the
surface by rapidly moving convection currents. And in a swift
unanticipated moment, you could shift your energy state from
water to vapor (steam).

This is a metaphor, of course. And we are not implying that
you are as simple as water. But the principles of "Chaotic
Nodes" apply to all energy systems, including both your energy
systems and the energy systems of earth.

As we said, we anticipate that you are at the cusp of one
such "Chaotic Node." And there are any number of factors that
can start the process. As we said earlier, "Chaotic Nodes"
are driven by the interaction of many energetic domains
simultaneously. And there are a large number of possible
catalysts, including but certainly not limited to, increased
solar flare activity, bacterial and viral mutations,
ecosystem distress, severe fluctuations in weather patterns
affecting the availability of food and water, earth changes
including volcanic and earthquake activity, financial
instability, and political ineptitude in managing world

When a "Chaotic Node" arrives on your timeline it is likely
that several of these factors will escalate and interact with
each other in ways that cannot be anticipated.

As we view it, there is a high probability that you will
experience other "Chaotic Nodes" in the next ten years, with
increasing intensity and frequency (meaning that there will
be an increase in their numbers).

From the vantage point of a being who wishes to reside in
lower energy states and its attendant lower states of
consciousness (i.e. your average human), the arrival of a
"Chaotic Node" is not an easy thing to contend with. This is
because all types of unpredictable events and relationships
will arise as the chaos reaches a crescendo point. Many
people will tend to mental and emotional instability in the
face of a "Chaotic Node." This is a result of their perceived
reality collapsing.

Indeed, in the coming years, many facets of your individual
and collective realities will be challenged.

From our perspective, this increase in "Chaotic Nodes" is both
an inescapable aspect of energy-state physics and a requirement
for your shift into higher dimensions of consciousness.

This will be a challenging time for many as the world they
thought they knew morphs (changes) before them. But it is
also a period with immense potential for accelerated
evolution (meaning a shift into higher dimensions of
consciousness). By higher dimensions of consciousness, we
specifically mean an awareness of time and space that is
simultaneously not confined by these perceptions. At present,
humanity is keenly aware of its material existence, but not
so aware of its existence in other realms of energy
(dimensions). When the bulk of humanity experiences the
existence of other realms of energy collectively, it will
enter a Golden Age.

But alas, you are still in the birthing process of this and
have not yet been collectively born into this reality.

Some individuals are making this shift, even in the midst of
increased chaos. In fact, if you are prepared, these "Chaotic
Nodes" can actually assist you to shift your own energy
states to a higher order. The result of this shift in
consciousness is that you will become more creative when
dealing with new and novel situations. And shifting to an
energy state that is of a higher order (increased coherency)
will allow you to directly experience your transcendent
nature, which is beyond the constraints of time and space
even while you live an embodied life.

Our advice during "Chaotic Nodes" is to engage the Holon of
Ascension as often as possible. This will shift your energy
state and allow you to pass through the chaotic elements of
your reality more graciously and with greater fluidity,
allowing you to more likely be in "the right place at the
right time" rather than in "the wrong place at the wrong
time." In point of fact, from our view, there is no right or
wrong place to be. It is what you do with what presents
itself to you that matters.

As humanity collectively begins to pass into this imminent
"Chaotic Node," expect more of the unexpected than you could
ever imagine even in your wildest sci-fi movies. Engage the
Holon of Ascension often. Shift your own energy. Move up the
ladder of consciousness.

The Hathors April 27, 2009

Follow-up message of October 8, 2009 is here.

A complete description of how to engage the Holon of
Ascension can be found on our website,, in
the Hathor section and is entitled The Holon of Ascension,
March 10, 2009.

I suggest you take it for a spin and see what happens.

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