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The End of Separation --The Group

~The End of Separation~
Uniting the Hearts of Humanity
Beacons of Light: February 2009
Steve Rother

From the group:

Greetings from Home.

Critical Juncture of Time and Space

Dear ones, your journey has taken you to a time and space which has brought you to a
critical junction. We wish to address what is directly ahead for you this year. 2009 has
become a very critical launching point for the new humanity. We are so incredibly
excited. You are evolving and bringing the Earth and every part of it with you. Your
evolutionary path has placed blinders over your eyes to walk around bumping into one
another, not knowing where you were going or what it was about. Now you are taking
full charge and the blinders are starting to come off. You are finding that you are god
and that you have the same creative abilities as what you consider god to be. In fact,
you have been using those creative abilities in every moment of every day and yet you
are unaware of it. That is changing. Also, the way you communicate and interact with
others is also rising to the next level and that is now spreading over the entire globe.
Yes, you have a world leader that is offering hope. Yes, he is a channel and yes, you
have opportunities to tap into your own energy at this point and change your own reality
to the next level because of these changes that you have set into motion.
Nine = Completion
Let us speak of the year 2009 for the nine is the magical part of this number. If you look
to your own numerology and studies you will see that nine is a completion number. This
is a big date and in fact, we ask you all to celebrate the 09/09/09 that will be taking
place September ninth of this year. It is a landmark. It is simply an opportunity to
celebrate light in a new way because the old ways are ending and that is one aspect of
the completion. Dear ones, what we ask you to celebrate is the completion of
separation. In the beginning, you were in the first dimension and you were an integral
part of god. You were part of what you call the creator of Home, for at Home there is no
separation. Everyone is part of each other. God, in his infinite wisdom, was able to do
all things with the exception of one. He could not see or study himself/herself because
there was no contrast, or polarity. So you left the first dimension and traveled through
the second and were imprinted with duality in the second dimension. You carry that
even today because in a field of duality you only see light when there is darkness, love
when there is fear. You only see the opposites within a field of duality and that, too, is
ending. As you move to the next level, the field of triality is now beginning. The illusions
were that you only saw the opposite ends; you only saw the greatest love and the
greatest fear, the greatest light and the greatest darkness. These are the illusions and
because the third position, the higher self, is making the straight line of duality into a
triangle which we call triality. That is the new connection to the higher self. The higher
self can see from a different position. Because of that, you are moving into a field of
triality where you will still have the light and dark, but the new position of your higher self
will balance it and you will begin to understand that it is not a linear line, but a circle.
The triangle is the beginning of that perception. In the beginning of mankind you
needed the contrast that the line gave you. But now you have advanced to a level
where the contrast is no longer needed for humans to see god.
A lot of areas of separation are ending but above all, the separation of countries must
end. It has begun its downward spiral at this moment. For you to step to the next level,
the countries, the communities, the states and all the places you have separated so
cleanly so that you could see yourself, are now coming back together as one. We are
telling you this because living with no separation is difficult for humans.
Deep Contact = Ending Separation
We have spoken before of the level of deep contact which is now available to you on a
conscious basis every moment of every day. Instead of communicating with a person at
one level, you may now go to the gut level of communication and with very few words
you can communicate with another soul on the heart and soul level. Because of that,
new possibilities are arising. Humans in general are also loosing tolerance for the
extreme separation that currently exists. What is the good news? No more secrets on
planet Earth…and that is nice. It is not bad news at all, is it? It will be difficult for many
because you have so encased yourselves within an energy field. You love your privacy,
and your sacred space. You will never loose your sacred space or your heritage. Those
pieces of you will always be there. Now humanity will find the new connections that do
not require the separation that was needed before. This will be happening on many
different levels. Countries will not cease to exist but humans will soon begin to blur
those lines in the sand. The separation of hearts will begin to end this year and it is only
a matter of time before Earthlings become Earth brothers.
You are one in the same way that you are one at Home. Now you are starting to see
that through deep contact which is about going right to the soul level, right to that part of
another person which is also you, that part that you share with them. The magic now
begins because as this takes place, humanity will begin to form a united Earth. With this
comes the release of tension within the Earth herself as she absorbs your energy. You
are a part of her the same as you are part of each other. This is why you are so
attracted to crystals. They are the highest vibrational range of the mineral kingdom.
They will speak to you if you listen. The Earth will speak to you if you listen. Humans
resonate with the crystal part rather than the rock or elemental parts because it is closer
to your vibrational range. The Earth needs your help in many ways. There are many
different ways of correcting and working with the Earth. It is now becoming popular to
live green and that is helping her. When you release the need for the separation of
hearts, you open the door for the evolution on all levels. This is taking place now.
News is Not New
We ask you to look around at world events and become aware of what is taking place.
Please, do not watch the news and believe what is seen there. Watch the news with a
skeptical eye and with the possibilities of what is missing. Watch the news from a higher
perspective and see the larger picture. Please keep in mind that news is not new. It
only reports events that have already happened. Keep your eye on the bigger picture
and do not buy into the doom and gloom of how bad things supposedly are. You will
change your own reality first then change everything around you. Friends, neighbors,
family, and those you work with will start to evolve very rapidly to end that separation.
Of course there will be fear since it is a normal process for humans. Fear is only the
unknown and once you fill in that vacuum, you may not like what you see. There will be
fear, for many people will feel like they are losing their sacred space and their privacy.
Humans will find different words to describe what is taking place. It is the separation of
large groups of people that cause war on this planet. Humans believe they are separate
from one another. Who are you bombing, yourselves? Yes.
Islamic Evolution
The year 2009 will see changes in many areas. We do not like to use the word religion
for just that one word implies a separation which does not exist. Separation is a human
illusion. The year 2009 will begin to show changes in the Arab world. Arabs and those
of Islamic faith are now coming to into the consciousness of all people on Earth. It has
happened like most changes first through conflict. Soon those who have been
promoting hate and those invested in these conflicts will fail. As that happens there are
great possibilities of unity. We ask you to study it, look at it, become aware of what is
taking place for those differences are diminishing every day and fear can only dissolve
with knowledge. We ask you to take a look at the Koran or Google Islam. Look for the
ways in which you are alike instead of the ways you differ. Then, as these changes
begin taking place, you can support it. A new generation is entering, make room for it
and this time the separation begin to end. It is a part of the process and preparation for
the beautiful year of 2012 which is directly ahead. In order to birth the new Earth, dear
ones, the separation must end and now is the time when you can reach into your heart
and feel the connection instead of the opposition. Now is the time when you can make a
Flexible Belief Systems Are Not ‘BS’
We wish you would all travel to different places on Earth and stay in people’s homes so
that you could see how people live their lives almost identically to you. Belief systems
are what we call BS. As the evolution of humanity continues flexible belief systems will
support unity while rigid ones will support only separation. As the separation diminishes
in this year, you will start to see more how your own belief systems have restricted you
from finding Home here on Earth. Allow your brains and your hearts to open to
possibilities that humanity has never seen before. The magic of The New Planet Earth
is beginning right now. The birth of the new Earth and the new humanity can only be
here when the new Earth is reborn. That, dear ones, is not scheduled for 2012, it is
scheduled for 2010. The separation that holds you apart, the separation of hearts, must
now end for this to happen and we are so grateful that you pay attention to this.
You do not understand our perspective of you and we wish to pull aside the veil for just
a moment so that you can see yourselves through our eyes. You would never doubt
yourselves if you saw what we do. You would always walk with pride; you would always
walk with the light of Home just over your shoulder. No matter which way you wanted to
turn, it would always be there to light your path. You cannot fail. That is something you
must know. It is not possible for you to fail for you are god and god does not fail. Our
purpose is nothing more than to spread our wings to reflect the magnificence of
humans. Our purpose is to help you to re-member who you really are and that is only
possible to do when you start releasing the separation between the worlds of planet
Ending Separation will Trigger First Contact
We will tell you that something else is taking place quite rapidly. It is only a matter of
years before other entities enter this Earth from other realms. They have been here all
along in other dimensions. You call them ET’s. They are simply beings from other
games. We hate to disappoint you but you are not the only game in the universe. Yes,
you are the one that is changing everything and all the attention is on planet Earth and
the Earth beings for you have taken a game of free choice and have raised your
vibration to start remembering. That has never happened before in this context.
Because of it, all eyes are on the universe and the Earth beings here. You think of
yourself as hiding alone in your room when you are lonely, feeling unsupported and not
remembering who you really are, but you have no idea that there are billions of beings
watching you over your shoulder. And you are worried about privacy, if you only knew.
Parental Races will Help
Many of these beings are from your original parental races including the Pleiadians, the
Sirians, the Arcturians and three more are here to help you evolve to the next level.
They are here to help in any way they can because they also helped to seed planet
Earth. They were there at the beginning. They are part of your parental races and
because of this they have come together again to help you close the separation that
was once needed. That is why all humans are starting to see strange things.
Multidimensionality is now possible because of your advancement. You are starting to
see that you are not one person, but have multiple aspects of yourself. You often
wonder why things are. Why does one goes into a coma? Why does a person want to
leave this Earth but cannot? Why does a person who really wants to stay suddenly die?
Some of it does not make any sense, but it is because of the multidimensional self. All
dimensions of a soul share three things: the instant of birth, the life lesson they are
working with and the instant of death. If all 11 dimensions are healthy and you are not in
your dimension, sometimes you go into a coma to wait for the others. That is what
happens to many people and that will become clearer because the entities that are
coming from these other games, these other worlds, have access through the
multidimensional capabilities.
You think of ETs with great powers, advanced technologies and such because they can
walk through the walls and do thing you can not. To them, dear ones, there simply is no
wall. They live in a dimension where they just walk with little or no separation. That is
the final piece we wish to address because the separation between the dimensions is
also diminishing rapidly. This may also cause fear if you are not prepared. But if you
simply look at your movies, your books, your television, you will see more and more
things about multidimensionality every single day. This is happening to implant it into
the collective mind of humanity so that when it starts to happen you will understand the
concepts. All of it is about the ending of separation and that is where you are this day.
That is the most important part we wish for you to focus on this year. How can I be “like”
instead of “separate”? How can I find commonalities rather than the differences? We
tell you that it is only a slight shift in perception. Many of you are so sensitive that you
are afraid to do that. You know that if you lose your separation, you will pick up the
world’s problems. You will not. Your energy spent in raising another heart will make you
stronger than you know. There is a collective healing taking place and you are a very
big part of that. We challenge you, Lightworkers, who feel the connection of this family,
to take the sword and bury it. Take those separation devices and lose them. Stretch out
and get to know your neighbors.
You humans think of this country here fighting that country over there…over what? They
forgot what the argument was years ago and yet, lives are still constantly lost in these
arguments. War is self propagating and it is obvious that humans still have that to learn.
When you see both sides of the veil, you will see both sides of any argument you will
see that it is something that needs to be resolved as one heart. It is not about right and
wrong because right and wrong do not exist. Those are only the outside corners, dear
ones. Now you begin to see that with a field of triality. You will begin to see that there is
room for many different flavors in between that you have not seen before. Do you
understand that if you were attacked by beings from outer space, you would all bond
together instantly? You would all be working together to save planet Earth. Do that now
not in opposition of something, but in union of something---in union of the human heart.
That is the next evolution that is taking place and it begins this year.
Backup Plans Put You Here at the Perfect Time.
This is a magical time. Many of you are in back up plans. Many of you did not have your
original parents that you hoped for because the timing of your birth was critical. Many of
you have postponed entry so that you could be here at this moment. You made it. You
are the ones that will change planet Earth. You have asked to do so and now you are
being given all the tools. That is what the technology is for dear ones. That is why deep
contact is available now. That is why you are able to move to the next level and we are
so very proud of you. You are starting to re-member who you really are and that has
been our hope all along. Now you will re-member enough of your own heritage so that
you would know there is no separation. As you hug another person, feel the heartbeat
as one and not as two. Know that will lead you out into the universe and planet Earth
will become a garden place. It will become the library of the universe because everyone
will travel here to see how you did it. All energies and all entities and all future
references that will be made to planets and other games will look upon planet Earth to
see how it was done, how they still stayed in the physical bodies and ended separation.
We are so very proud of you.
We leave you with only three simple reminders. Treat each other with the greatest
respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Play well together.
The group

By Barbara Rother

Recently I read on article by Jan Goodwin in a magazine called Marie Claire. This
magazine is published in many countries and often has stories dealing with world
issues. This one was about women in India who are fed up with abusive husbands,
corrupt officials, and crimes in general.
India’s poorest women are bonding and fighting back. They have joined together by
wearing bright shocking pink saris unlike the drab colors usually worn. Their quest for
justice is actually working.
This protesting first began in the district of Banda, located in India’s remote, rural north.
Acts of domestic abuse are common. Three years ago a strong women, Sampat Pal
Devi, heard that her friend had been beaten by her alcoholic husband and that the local
police had looked the other way offering no help or discipline for the mans actions.
Something triggered a reaction to the women who was beyond upset about her friends
This 47-year old mother of five gathered dozens of her female neighbors, armed them
with sticks, and taught them how to fight back. They declared themselves the Gulabi
Gang, or the “pink gang” because of the bright pink colored saris they chose to
represent them. They have beaten up accused rapist, dishonest officials and husbands
who have mistreated or abandoned their wives. Last year they even stopped a gang
who were stealing from a local food bank.
This powerful group’s mission is to empower women. They are so popular and known
as heroes that the neighborhood shopkeepers can’t keep up with the demand for pink
saris because women from all over surrounding areas wear them to support this group
of leaders who now number in the hundreds.
There are fewer crimes against women today and more girls are attending school to try
to create a better life than the women of other generations.
This group does not use violence any longer. Now just their name and that they are
coming to correct an act of violence or corruption is enough to stop the crimes.
This story was truly inspirational to me. We all know that injustice happens to not only
women but men and children as well all over the world. It is time to stand up for
ourselves. If you find yourself being unfairly dealt with in your life, no matter how small
or large the situation is, dare to stand up for your rights. Know that you are not alone.
Reach out to others who will help you find the courage to change your world like the
“pink group” of India have done.
With Love and Light,

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Foundations of Swiss bank secret shaking

"According to U.S. officials, when an acquisition in 2000 of a U.S. company brought UBS a host of new American clients, the bank set about to evade new reporting requirements for those clients. To do so, UBS executives helped U.S. tax payers open new accounts in the names of sham entities."


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Reality as a hologram

Hogan, director of Fermilab's Center for Particle Astrophysics: "If the GEO600 result is what I suspect it is, then we are all living in a giant cosmic hologram."


Holon of Ascension --Hathors

The Holon of Ascension
A Hathor Planetary Message
through Tom Kenyon
January 28, 2009

You are about to enter into a highly volatile period, full of extraordinary potential, yet fraught with hazards. In March of last year we indicated that your earth's magneticfield was experiencing perturbations and a morphing, orchanging of its configuration. Your science has nowdiscovered that this is, in fact, a reality. In its most simple terms, there is a breach in themagnetosphere, which surrounds earth, protecting it fromsolar winds. Such a breach is a naturally occurring cycle,but the breadth and magnitude of this opening is quite large.It is allowing, and will allow, large volumes of plasma from the sun to enter. This will increase magnetic storms,disruptions of telecommunications, disruptions inbio-electric circuitry (such as human nervous systems), andclimate change. The results of this breach and the increasedcharging of the magnetosphere will increase over the nextseveral years. Our focus in this communication is not upon the negativeimpacts of this breach, but upon the positive effects itopens for those who are ready. Your subtle energy body, which was known as the KA by ancientEgyptians and called the etheric body by Yogis, is highlysensitive to, and affected by, solar plasma. An increase inthe flow and quality of solar streams increases the vibratoryrate of the KA body. This is a very beneficial and auspiciousopportunity for those who are consciously participating intheir ascension process. Let us be precise by what we mean bythe term ascension, because it has many differentconnotations and ways of being viewed. By ascension we simply mean a movement upward inconsciousness. You do not "go" anywhere. You do not "leave"anywhere. But your perspective, your perception, is radicallyaltered. You begin to see through the maya, or the illusionof this world, which is created through the dance ofsubatomic particles and into a configuration of what you callmatter. Through the ascension process you realize that youare the creator of your experience of that which you call"the world." It does not mean that you leave this world, butit does mean that you have transcended it--while still beinga part of it--for you see through the lens of perception thatlife is a movie that you are projecting. One could say that you are at a crossroads. As the solarstreams enter into your magnetosphere, the KA bodies of allhumans will increase in vibration. But for some, this willlead to disturbances and dissolution, while for others itwill lead to ascension--a movement upward in consciousness. This communication is specifically for those individuals whohave chosen the upward spiral. Your challenge in these timesis to allow the activation of your KA body to move youupward, even as many around you seem to be spiralingdownward. It is, essentially, a question of vibration, joinedwith expectation and belief. It is the union of these threethat births the creative impulse for a new destiny. What do we mean by this? It takes tremendous energy to transcend or transmute anegative condition or a limitation that has been placed uponone. You have been collectively hypnotized into a view ofreality that is fixed, confined, limiting, and nothing shortof imprisonment. When one sees through the lies and themanipulations, the old world does not look the same and yetthe perception of the lies does not free one from them. Theyhave a life of their own and a tendency to continue. It takesnew energy--an increased vibratory rate--to overcome thelethargy and inertia that are intrinsic to your culturallimitations. This is the gift of the solar streams--the solarplasma that is flowing and will flow in greater quantitiesinto your magnetosphere--for they will increase the vibratoryrate of your KA body. But here is the "cross-hair", shall we say, in "the sight" ofyour destiny. For those of you who accept, or at least arebeginning to see through the lies of limitation that havebeen imposed upon you and have made a choice to move upwardinto the ascension process, this activation of the KA body isa beautiful, exquisite miracle to behold, for your life willbe graced with the power to transcend your own limitations inways that have not been available to you before. It shall beas if the cosmos itself is joining you in the dance of yourfreedom. But for those who do not choose to live upward inconsciousness--who choose to remain imprisoned by thelimitations, who seek to blame others for their misfortune,who choose to find scapegoats for their lack of happiness,for those who insist upon living the old world ofconflict--this increased vibration of their KA body will notbe a blessing; it will be experienced as a curse. Becausethey will have to work very hard to keep things the way theyare. The fabric of your old realities is being unwound at the sametime that new realities are being woven. This is, indeed, anodd state. And what we wish to convey most clearly is thatyou have the innate power and ability to weave new realitiesfor yourself, new freedoms of mind and spirit, regardless ofwhat is happening around you. From our perspective, we see this situation escalating overthe next several years, and we would characterize it as adual state in which many of you will ascend, meaning movingupward, while others will move into dissolution, a fallingapart. This is, essentially, based upon a personal choice. This is a very important point, to us, and we wish to conveyit with as much clarity as possible. Each of you has theresponse-ability to choose the thoughts and the creations youdesire. Some of you will choose freedom--because you cannotstand being contained any longer--the lies are simply toogreat a burden to perpetuate. Others of you will chooseimprisonment--for the fear of freedom and the responsibilityfor personal choice is too much to bear. This is a split in the road of evolution. As your realities simultaneously dissolve and re-createthemselves, and by that we refer to the economic challengesyou are facing, and the ecological and social challenges youare facing some of you may experience very difficult times.But never lose sight of the fact that you are the creator ofyour life, and you can re-create it at any moment, regardlessof the circumstances. Those who manipulate you do so throughfear and perpetuation of cultural limitations--the beliefthat your life is dependent upon certain external factors. What you will discover in the ascension process is that theseexternal factors are actually projections from your owndeepest consciousness. They are flickers on a movie screen,and you can change them in mind-bending quickness when youchange them from the source rather than the effect, and thesource is your very mind itself. The mystery of how thisoccurs reveals itself to you in the ascension process, asnaturally as an orchid opening its blossoms. It is imbeddedin nature itself, and this knowledge is self-revealing as youenter the path upward. We have said in previouscommunications that one of the keys is what you callappreciation or gratitude. These states of emotion are asignature and an expression of the creative powers youpossess. What we mean by this will be clear to you as youmove into the ascension process. In future communications we intend to discuss theinterdimensional physics of appreciation and how it affectsyour external reality. But in this communication we wish togive you a tool we feel will assist you in this period overthe next several years, as the solar streams enter themagnetosphere and begin to stimulate your KA bodies. There are a few fundamental points we wish to impart beforewe give the technique. The first fundamental is that you must have made the choiceto move upward in consciousness for this technique to work.The intention by which you hold your KA imparts the outcome. The second point is that you need to be in the emotionalstate of appreciation when you do this method, becauseappreciation is the signature for this kind of creation. The third point is that this is based upon a connectionbetween the KA--your etheric body--and a higher aspect ofyourself, dimensionally speaking, that was known as the BA bythe ancient Egyptians. The BA resides in a place ofconsciousness that is outside time and space, as youconstruct it. It's entry point is at a place above the head where yourhands would meet were you to raise your hands together andtouch them above your head. This interdimensional aspect ofyour self, the BA, is highly receptive to appreciation. Andit is from the BA that you receive the energetic thatstrengthens the KA and prepares it for the influx of thesolar streams. We call this method the Holon of Ascension. Like the twoprevious Holons we have given, the Holon of Balance and theHolon of Healing, it is based upon a specific geometric form.Geometry compels energy and specific geometries compel energyto flow in specific ways. This particular Holon is based upon a disc. It is much like atop, if you played with such toys as a child. You placeyourself inside this disc. The top of the disc correspondswith the location of the BA, where your two hands would touchwere you to extend them above your head. The lower part ofthe disc is the base of your spine if you were to sitcross-legged. If you do this standing or sitting in a chair,then your feet would be at the base of the disc. The centerline that goes through the top of the head, through yourbody, and through the perineum is the central axis of thedisc. In your imagination, you spin the disc around the centralaxis. For most people the natural direction would be to spinit to the right, but it can be to the left--which ever feelsright to you is the correct direction. The size or diameterof the disc is immaterial. You can make it as large or assmall as you wish. The color of the disc also does notmatter, but if you are a visual person, then we suggestexperimenting with making the disc white. This movement ofthe disc in the imaginal world... the world of yourimagination...creates a vortex. Once you start the disc to spin, your attention goes to theBA above your head and you send appreciation to the BA--thefeeling of appreciation. There will be response of some kindfrom the celestial soul, the BA. At this point you move your awareness to the base of yourspine, to the root chakra, as this is the ground that pullsthe celestial energy into the KA body. Then, for the nextfive to ten minutes, you simply reside inside the disc,allowing it to spin with your awareness at your BA and at thebase of your spine. There will be a flow of energy from theBA into the physical body and down to the base of the spine.At times it will be a very light sensation. At other times itwill be like a laser light or a column of fire or a stream.It may take many forms. And as this energy descends from the BA into the base of thespine, it radiates into the KA body, energizing it. You cando this as many times as you wish. We suggest at least once aday. There is a caution: if you practice this too often, orfor too long a period of time, you can experience a healingreaction. This is caused by the celestial energies flowingfrom the KA into the physical organs of the body and causingthem to release negativity, toxins and other negativematerial that constrains their life force. As the KA bodybecomes more energized over a period of time, it will be ableto incorporate the solarized particles from the solar streamand this will greatly accelerate your ascension. This is thebasic method. And as we suggested, once a day, five to tenminutes is all that is required, so long as your intention isclearly to move upward in consciousness. We now wish to turn our attention to planetary service and toan energetic release we are calling The Great Triad. The first weekend of April (April 3-5, 2009) we arecalling a gathering in Seattle, Washington in which we willutilize the Holon we have just discussed and in connectionwith the three sound temples that we established physicallyin New Mexico, Costa Rica and Nepal. The union of these threeshall be for the purpose of increasing the light ofillumination. Before this event, some time in mid-March, we will releaseanother posting, another Planetary Message, with instructionsfor those who are not able to join us physically in Seattle.These instructions will allow those persons who cannot joinus physically, to join us energetically and participate inthis action of planetary service. From the standpoint of the Egyptian mythos and initiatoryknowledge, your civilization is in the Initiation of theAnmit, which is essentially a passage from the pursuit ofpower, into love, and the higher realizations that come fromthe higher chakras. It is a struggle between those who wishto perpetuate a world of conflict, as a stage whereby theycan attain and sustain power, and those who wish to live alife of cooperation--understanding that all life isinterconnected. The purpose of this gathering shall be two-fold: to impart agreater mastery of the Holon we have discussed and how toutilize the solar streams for personal ascension; and torelease into the earth's emotional atmosphere a spiritualillumination that will benefit all life and add to the side of the scale that leads to cooperation over conflict.

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