Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cristalline Geometry --Elohim


W: In the density where you exist, do you have a physical body?
D: The density where this memory complex exists does not have what you would term "physical body" it has rather an energetic soul overplex harmonic. We however have the ability to manifest in physicality as of our choosing, if we so desire, or for creative pleasures. It is however not one of our most chosen expressions, we rather work with the light forms and sacred geometry patterns of the higher realms whereas physicality is a denser form and less subject to change and transmutation and is therefore more energy intensive to work upon. Does this make sense to you?

W: Yes, it does. Have you worked extensively with this planet?
D: We have worked somewhat with 3rd density transitional habitats, however our main interests tend to be 5 and 6 density worlds as these respond more willingly to the sacred light geometries of which we are universal instructors.

W: Is there a way we can use your energetic presence for our upliftment during the course of the day?
D: Yes

W: Could you describe that? The technique?
D: It is possible for you to set aside 20 min per day to visualize certain geo and crystalline forms in your mind, these can be simple, the triangle, cube, hexagon, octagon, these pristine forms represent vibrational etheric patterns which can be used to catapult your current etheric vibratory mass into a higher vibrational escape velocity so to speak, thus freeing you from the confines of duality limitation.

The more clear your etheric thoughtforms become, the clearer your chakras become, the clearer your lightform, and lightcolumn of kundalini bearing structures become, thereby opening you to receiving more of the sacred divine light from Hunab K'u, the center of the Universe of this localized universe, opening you to maximum illumination, of this particular form. We would advise you to open and uplift yourself with these forms and pristine inputs of music, art, and refined vibration, for this clears the vessel.

Questions and Answers with the Elohim


Monday, January 26, 2009

Truth stranger than fiction --Pleiadians

Pleiadian Renegades
through Amanda R. Ryan

"You will see strangeness, yes, but as you say, the truth is stranger than the fictions you have been asked to believe."

Life on your planet is on a timeline which is in the inner is-ness oftransformation for every frequency from one level of vibration, whichyou could call a roller-coaster sine wave of stomach-churningnon-sense, to another which, from your current perspective, seems likesimultaneous multidimensionality. Can you survive such atransformation? Yes, you can. It is not such a difficult thing tonavigate, if you know what is going on, what to expect, and youprepare yourself for it. This is what has been happening for the pastmany years, with increasing intensity as more and more clues andguidance have become discernible. Eventually, preparation leads tochange, and expectation to decoding an answer. We come to you now withthe information you need if you would like to take asoon-to-be-discerned opportunity to make a rather drastic jump infrequency, and rest awhile from preparing for change by experiencingit within yourselves. By no means is this the only source ofinformation regarding the changes in the structure of reality that areapproaching your doorstep with immediacy, but it is offered freely for any who would like to explore a little bit of the dimension of love that opens when our presence is made known to you on a craft you've noidea the beauty of.

An interval of time between the peaks and valleys of a sine wave, likea roller coaster, is what you perceive as the distance between one state of awareness and the next - or from one flip of the stomach tothe next. Time is relative to what you perceive as change. Shadows move across the face of a sundial. You move through your experience.Your planet moves through the magnetic fields of the galaxy. Measured thus, time itself moves through your awareness. Other than that, itdoes not exist unto itself. It cannot as a concept of relative changeagainst a standard be separated from the matrix of reality any morethan wetness can be separated from water, or love from life. It is ameasurement system that really only exists in your mind. Change isconstant, and ordered to the consciousness of which your individualawareness is a part. The point of timelessness is the same as thepoint of changelessness, a fact of which your sages long have knownand which your scientists are about to be able to validatestatistically and, ironically perhaps, with repeatability.

What else may we say about these strange days ahead of you? They will be stranger yet than these days you have noted already as strange. Andwith only a short time before the gate to multidimensional awarenessis flung open, we will add that while you may come into contact withsome rather strange-but-true phenomena, you would do well to rememberthat the time has come for tying up some loose ends and getting readyfor a whole new vista to present itself to you. You have, as aspecies, reached a critical point in the development of your culture.You face a construct of opposition you cannot truly understand, giventhe runaround you've gotten for so long. As the strangeness unfolds,realize that it is the truth that is, bit by bit, being revealed toyou. And if the truth seems a little strange, remember: It is all justone piece of a greater puzzle, and as the picture develops you willsee how a little strangeness makes the whole a lot more sensible.Otherwise, the alternative - that you are slaves, that your governmentlies to you, that your future is a drama of Orwellian darkness - iswhat you may inadvertently wake to. Perhaps, as you continue to awakento the morning news, you will decide rather to step out on the porchand look at the rising light instead. In that light, nonsensedissolves, illusions vanish, and the truth shines clear as day. Nolies can hold their shape for long in the light of the truth. You willsee strangeness, yes, but as you say, the truth is stranger than thefictions you have been asked to believe. Less than one sole truth iswhat has passed for the history of your world. Will you let the liesshape the future as well? We will be showing up soon. In the light oftruth, not a laser-drawn show of smoke and mirrors, will you see. We will show up soon. It will not be as strange as you might think.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

You Alone Exist --Meher Baba

a wonderful prayer on music:
"You Alone Exist"
by Avatar Meher Baba


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Solar Storms --The Group

In this message the group gave us a current overview from three different perspectives. They looked at current events in relationship to the Earth’s changing role, the sun’s changes and how that will affect everyone. On the cosmic level they mentioned an event that is taking place now that they say fits into the larger picture quite well. They talked about the particles from what we call solar storms to the seeds of the universe. They also related that there are times when these seeds are now being directly deposited into Earth’s magnetosphere. They say it is an intentional planting of seeds, intentional for the re-birth of planet Earth. You call see the article from NASA that describes what is taking place from a scientific perspective here.


From an energetic perspective, they said this was the overlay of the hologram of the third Earth. It is in motion now. Hang on, here we go! Have a great new year!
Steve Rother

From the group:

Greetings from Home.

Magical Moment

This time is magical. This place is magical because you have set it into motion. You have set your intent to have a magical experience on this planet and it is starting to happen. One by one you are being triggered into the things you love to do; you are being triggered into the sacred contracts that you set for yourself. You knew what you wanted to do, and you chose your direction. You placed a veil between the two parts of your brain to completely obliterate your memories of Home and your own power of who you are. Then you came in to play a game of Hide and Seek. You bumped into walls and other people, all the thinking you have done wrong or made a mistake. In fact, you were simply wandering around trying to find that connection, that part of Home which has you completely connected through your own higher self.Now that is becoming more important. We wish to give you an overview on several different levels today. We are going to show you a little bit of what is happening on both the cosmic level and on the Earth level. Then we will tell you the possibilities on the personal level, for many of you are now prepared to move. You have placed yourself at the edge of the cliff waiting for that gentle breeze to push you off. Well, a gentle breeze has just come along. We are known for gently pushing people off the cliff. That is one of the things we love to do as we spread our wings, to re-mind you of who you really are. This time we will share with you some of the overviews of not what is ahead, not necessarily what is in your future or what your destiny is, but simply the direction you are going and the overview of what is taking place on Earth to accommodate this. Cosmic OverviewWe will speak first on the cosmic level, because cosmic events are starting to form in your section of the universe. The cosmic events are starting to take place to build to a climax which we will simply call an event. That is all that is being referred to, even in your scientific world at this moment. But everyone who is watching sees only one thing: it will be a big event. Nobody knows exactly how it is going to happen or how it is going to take place. Let us share with you our perspective.First, you are having connections with the sun which you have had for a number of years. It has to do with the re-structuring of the magnetics of Earth and has been going on for some time, reaching a conclusion a few years back. What also took place is that a lot of the solar flares coming through the sun were energy from Home. It is energy through the central sun directed through your own sun; the solar flares are explosions that occur space from the energy contained within the sun. The challenging part is that when you measure the energy of any one of these bursts you would realize that only three of those bursts could be contained within the sun, and yet you have seen hundreds such bursts. Where is the energy coming from? What is happening? Is there a chemical reaction going on in the sun? What is taking place? We tell you the sun is not what you think it is. It is not an object of its own. It is a dimensional portal for energy and has been from the very beginning of time. Even the warmth and gamma rays that help you live on this planet are constantly coming into your world from that portal. It is a portal that comes directly from Home through the Central Sun, so things that are set in motion will normally happen through your sun. It is your energy distribution network. There are two events unfolding right now to accommodate what is ahead. Scientists believe these to be new discoveries, things that have been happening for a very long time that they have just discovered. However, this is not the case; these things have never happened before. One of these events is the melding of the Earth’s magnetic field with the sun’s magnetic field. The second is the recent discoveries regarding the particles contained in a solar storm. We would never have used the word solar storm to describe this event. These two discoveries work together to open the magnetic field of Earth just long enough to fill it with a generous amount of these seeds. This is all in preparation for a big, yet undefined, event to come.Earth Sun ConnectionFrom the larger perspective, we will tell you the interactions between the sun and the Earth are changing. The earth is being charged by the sun once again; the first time was a magnetic charge from the solar flares. Now the sun and earth have formed a connection point. It has been labeled as a portal because the two energy fields of the Earth and sun occasionally connect and stretch out through time and space to connect the energy fields of each one. During those times, particles are passed from one to the other. You have known these occurrences only as solar storms to this point, because that is the only word you have been able to use to understand what this is. However, it is much more than this; it is the life force of the universe. If you were talking about the physical body, we would call it sexual energy; this is the life force of the energy of All That Is that is flowing between things.These solar particles created planet Earth in the first place. These particles could be called particles of possibilities, because they will carry with them anything you create in the process. Re-member, it is your creation for you are the creators of Earth. There is no grand plan in place. There is no bearded god who looks like Charlton Heston that is going to stand over everybody saying what is right and what is wrong. You are creating your reality with every thought that you have. The Earth is adjusting to your thoughts. That is who you really are; you create the path just seconds before your foot hits the ground, because you expect it to be there and therefore it is created. Your relationship with Earth and all the cosmos will be clearer in the next three years as some of these events unfold.Birth of the Third EarthAs you find the Earth and sun connect, some of the things that have been called solar flares, or coronal mass ejections, will be further understood because these particles are passing life to planet Earth. Planet Earth began as one of these particles. It began with an energy field around one of these particles and the field began to grow. It began to give form to the intention of god. God had a thought to create planet Earth. Many of you think of god as an omnipresent being more powerful than everyone else, when it is actually you who are that thought. When you think of things of that nature, you create them. You have been creating something we call the Third Earth, a thought of god. It is your collective thoughts of what you would like to have and what you would like to see take place on planet Earth as it evolves. Your thoughts have formed a hologram for many forms of light. With your light, as you have a thought and as you create something with your thoughts, you send a beam of light. When many of those beams cross at different angles they create a three-dimensional object called a hologram from this particle. The hologram that you have created of the Third Earth is now in the process of over-imprinting the original hologram of Earth. You are redesigning planet Earth.A while back someone asked, “Tell us more about the sick Earth. How can we help planet Earth to heal and to recover and move to the next level?” We told you very clearly that the Earth is not sick. She is pregnant. She is about to give birth. That is what you are looking at. She is giving birth to your thoughts. The Third Earth is being born; the seeds are now entering through the particles that you are now receiving through the sun. You are starting to see new discoveries of things that have just started to happen. It is incredibly exciting from our perspective, because we see you pulling the veil apart every part of the day to see what is really taking place. Higher Vibration Hologram Over-Imprints Original HologramYou will experience things start to unfold. On a collective basis you will see changes taking place in the business sector, as well as all organizations including governments. If the template or base of the company will embrace and adapt to the age of empowerment, then it will flourish. Most companies and organizations will have some changes they must deal with. How they deal with those changes will determine their future in most cases. If the collective can not adapt to the higher vibration it will fall apart very quickly. The economic flow problem you are now experiencing is an example of this. You will see more of the same, because when you have a high vibrational planet and a low vibrational planet the hologram over-imprints the original hologram. Those elements which are not of a high enough vibration to make the shift will have difficulty, and many times will fall apart. Yet, this is perfect on your path because the Shiva must come in and destroy everything so that the Shakti can build it anew. That is what is taking place on the larger scale. You will see it happening everywhere—not just in the economic systems and organizations. You will see it with groups of people or friends, and in your own environment on many levels. Without warning something will fall apart, or you will lose something only to make room for something else even better. There is nothing wrong with this process, as it is exactly what you have been asking and waiting for. It is the ascension process and the evolution of Earth that you have set into motion yourselves. Take this opportunity to shine your light every place that you can. This is the trigger, the time to celebrate your light. The Earth is pregnant and she will be giving birth to the new Earth—your creations, your designs, a place that will support you no matter what you do, no matter which direction you try to go. You have created for yourself a magical environment. Do not fear it now that it is finally coming. Step forward and create it into exactly what you need. As the Earth is going through a pregnancy, she will go through some grumpy times just like any woman going through pregnancy. There will most likely be some hiccups in this pregnancy, but you can nurture her and work with her. You can work to coach the Earth through this pregnancy, and to help bring this next evolutionary process of your own design right here, right now. This is the creation of Heaven on Earth. It becomes imperative that you now step into your own right, and that you now step into your higher vibration that has been waiting there for you to hold your energy. Only you can do it. Nobody else can take that step for you. We can push all we want, but if you are not willing to walk to the edge of that cliff and spread your wings, you will never know that you can fly. You will never understand that you cannot go into something without creating the magic around it. You will always have it. You may think that you just happened to fall into this or into that, but we tell you that you can only experience it if you are out there falling. So get out there and fall. Get out there and make mistakes. If you wish to call them mistakes, that is fine. Whatever it is, the forward direction at this point in your lives is what will make all the difference in creating your reality to your liking, instead of the default answer that will be handed to those who do not create their own reality. New RulesTimes have changed, dear ones. You are no longer sitting here as a result of circumstances. You are sitting here by your own accord. Everything in your life is by your own conscious design. Take responsibility and bring yourself full of light, love and laughter first. Fill that cup first with your passion and doors will open for you to spread it throughout the universe. The doors will open for you to continue to create the Third Earth. They will open for you to create something magical that has never been there before. The time is now.We are incredibly excited, for all eyes throughout the universe are watching planet Earth. Skeptics have thought that planet Earth would never work without the rules, guidelines, and the things that you thought you needed to keep you in place. Instead, you took the rules off and said, “Let us play a game with no rules at all, a game with no pre-direction. Let us play a game that is totally up to us and see if we can find our passion, see if we can find everything that we wanted to find.” It is before you now, directly on your path in whatever direction you move. It is easy for you to take a look right at this moment and say, “Well, here is the direction we are going and here is where I am going to be five years from now.” We ask you to please not use the old forms of creation any longer, for they will severely limit you. If you expect to go here, spirit has to scale down the plans for you in order to make that happen. Let it go. Do not set limits for yourself or worry about the destination. The destination is the illusion. It is the journey ?all the experiences that you have from one point to the other?that matter. Those experiences are what life is about. You are not spirits trying to awaken from the dream. Awakening is easy. You just die and go Home, and that is that. No problem. Staying here and carrying the light within your physical body in your daily experiences is where the challenge is, and you are doing incredibly well. Preparing for a Cosmic EventYou will witness cosmic events. You will see excitement from the scientists who follow those cosmic events; because they can see that something big is building. They still do not know what it is or exactly the direction it is headed, but neither does anyone else because you have not finished the creation yet. You have simply opened the door. This is your job, not ours. We are not here to help you stay on your path. However, we are here to help you re-member who you really are and what you came in with from the beginning. This is an empowered society that you are building unlike any society you have built before. Can you imagine a society established with customs instead of laws? It is what you are creating, dear ones, a place where each person is encouraged to carry their own empowerment without the need for leaders to take us here or to take us there. This is why we have asked you to begin spelling god with a little “g,” so you can find an entity to take your hand and walk one step to the next along with you instead of sitting on a high pedestal telling you which way you have to go. It is time for new relationships.. It is time to take your power in any way that you can to move into that area of passion, and even into those areas that you are somewhat afraid of. Yet, when you do, if you will just reach out your hand, you will see all the others right there, too There was a very wise man who once said, “I have figured out how to get everything I want in my life. I do it by helping other people get what they want in their lives.” That is the cycle. That is the process you have come with for you are those who are called Lightworkers. It is a chosen title, not one we put on you, but a title that you put on yourself. You are the ones who have agreed to open those doors. You are the ones who have agreed to be the mirrors to people as they start to awaken, so that you can reflect their magnificence the same way that we reflect yours. You have come so far, so fast. None of this was expected and we are so incredibly in love with you because you are us. You are the hand of god on planet Earth. You have manual dexterity in your world that is divine. It is your nature. We are so honored to be in the room with you, not the other way around. You have created our greatest hopes and dreams already and now you are taking it even further.We only have three little reminders for you. Treat each other with the greatest of respect for you are looking in the eyes of god. Nurture one another every chance you get and as your path becomes difficult, share that with others so that they may soften their path. Know that it is a beautiful game you are playing here on planet Earth and play well together.

The group

Connecting the Heart
By Barbara Rother


Friday, January 16, 2009

4th and 5th dimensions --Ramshi

Dimensional Structure and Earth's Transition

Ramshi: We want to give you a galactic perspective to help you see a larger picture to understand that you are about to reacquaint yourselves with the galactic community.First up, dimensional structure, at least the specifics of the third through the fifth and then what to expect in the coming years. As you know, dimensions are structured in a similar fashion to your musical scales. There are notes of discord and notes of harmony. And they are just how they sound. Notes of harmony are frequency ranges of sound where construction occurs, and notes of discord are used when we deconstruct matter. Occasionally we will do so (deconstruct matter) when starting to design systems. But sound is used to create frequency ranges for dimensions.

Question: So what is the difference between light and sound if it is all just frequency and vibration?
Ramshi: The difference occurs in the frequency range. Again don’t think hierarchical. Higher is not necessarily better. It just is, and different frequencies are used for different things. For example, light uses a higher (shorter) carrier wave to travel. That is how it is perceived by the senses, as light. Sound uses another bandwidth. Just as you have elements that have basically the same building blocks, certain conditions will alter its state like water into ice or steam. Same with sound. Under certain conditions it translates into light. So for building universes we use sound.

3rd Dimension

Ramshi: The third dimension is one of physicality. It is one of density, of corporeal bodies, where there is a complete cycle. It is based on the geometry of a circle: a beginning and end, which by the way are the same point. It is not always perceived as a dimension of duality. There are only certain sectors that have this added layer. Some sectors enjoy the physical, but yet remember connections. But for you right now, let’s focus on this galaxy filled with duality. Within the third dimension there are some limitations such as travel because there are limits to which the human body can go; there are limits to the tidal forces.There is the illusion of time and structure, form and function. It is one of linear thought. That is the perk, a chance to not see all points at once. It allows one to see in depth one perspective through to its conclusion; again start to finish within that. Because of your multidimensional self, layers are added to look at each singular experience with every variable from start to finish. You long to still have that full (multidimensional) perspective. It is who you are. You can only limit that so much.So that is the third in a nut shell. Your sector of the universe is one of duality. Polarity. It really shakes things up. It is possible to be in the third dimension and remember other dimensions, but only to a limited extent. For to remember what it is to be multidimensional means you must take your self out of the game. It is a part of the experience and desire of the third (dimension) to be able to look in depth at just one “perspective”. It defeats the purpose (of being 3rd dimensional) otherwise.

4th Dimension

Ramshi: The fourth dimension is one of fluid change. It is a transitory zone if you will. When one delves into the lower dimensions, 1-3, there is a time needed for the fragmented self to readjust to the multidimensional experience. Time and space do not exist as you desire them to. They are free flowing and malleable. It exists as a marker. Think of it as a bookmark. You can flip through the books and return where you left off. Both time and space still exist, just not as you may perceive (currently).

Question: So what should we expect when Earth ascends?
Ramshi: Great things. It will be gradual and many of you will move back and forth. Because you are not fully departing and beginning a new life, there will be difficulties for some in fully grasping the events that have transpired. It will be like a dream that they are waking from. And to be honest, exactly what will transpire emotionally will be a wholly new experience because no planet full of conscious beings has ever done this before. We see probable futures, but they are rewritten every second.Emotions can only be experienced in the “now”. Although past, present, and future are one, if we go to the future to view, it is like viewing a movie. You aren’t having the experience. Only the current moment has that potential. The emotional archive is there. Emotions are a tricky thing for us to tap into, that is, your emotional experience. We certainly have our own, but when reviewing Earth’s records or akashic records, emotions are hard to get. Just like you watch a movie, occasionally the story will take you to an emotional place of empathy. Not quite the same as the first hand experience. But close enough to give you a notion of the emotional state. It is very much the same. That’s why there is no substitution for incarnating. It is the difference between watching and doing.So the fourth is transitory. Not a place many stay for long. Question: Does every dimension have a transitory zone?Ramshi: Not all. Mainly for the lower realms because of the density. The lighter density realms don’t need it.

5th Dimension

Ramshi: The fifth dimension is a fluid one of light bodies, crystalline form. There is no corporeal body. The lessons of the fifth are harmonics, resonance, learning to move through and explore space without time. There is only desire and immediate manifestation. Thought and physical projection. Harmonics = Harmony, the resonance that matches at particular peaks. It is an experiment in the exploration of creativity and understanding.Viewing TimeRamshi: When we view time and timelines, we focus our energy, our thought, on one specific moment, the now for you. But we can see as we shine our light that past and the future of that now. Because that moment was structured from a specific set of circumstances from the past, a very unique set of future events. So these are dependent on the now. Change the now and you change all the future. That is how you create probable realities, and that is how we can view them. We focus on the “now” version of you that is trying to connect with us, the now version that is having emotions and driving this line of questioning. So when we want to look at records or history, this is how it’s done. You can think of it like a film strip that we can focus on the now and we see the animation of the future and the past on the strip. It can not be helped and they can’t be separated. That is what it means when we say they are all one. So when a being wants to check out your DVD as it were from the akashic library, they cannot feel emotion unless they are watching the now. It would be like you fast forwarding through the disc with a marker where you started. If you are seeing the future while strips are quickly passing you are just getting a glimpse. You don’t really feel or emotionally connect. Same for us and while we can see it, just like you watching a movie, we can empathize. But it is not exactly the same as if you are having the experience. That’s why it is so special to be able to incarnate. You can watch all you want, but it’s not the same as being/doing. Life is so very special and precious. And we hate to see you spending one moment in fear when there are so many rich opportunities that await you. Fear is such a limiting emotion. Clear it. You’ll find that there are far more exciting and fulfilling emotions. Earth is so unique because of its genetic makeup from its wildlife, fauna, oceans, and skies that the range of emotions is vast. Other worlds aren’t like that. Because the diversity, the sheer number of variables, potential for duality, for polar extremes is so high, an enormous range of emotions can be experiences. Other sectors of duality are far more limited. The issues and experiences are limited thus so are the emotions. Question: What are emotions?Ramshi: Life, simply put. Your connection to the source. Your life force. Intellect is the connection to the body. Again duality for the bipolar sector. Believe it or not, there are some sectors of the universe that are tri-polar. That means they can choose to be linear (experiencing duality) or multidimensional (connected to all things) at will and that is the next step for you on your way to being multidimensional. You will move back and forth. Some of you preparing yourselves so that when others come you will help them to make the transition. The third point is in another realm (one or two realms). Not all realms as with fully integrating into multidimensional existence.

4th and 5th Dimensional Earth

Question: What will 4th dimensional earth be like/look like?
Ramshi: It will be quite different to you because it will be peaceful and healthy. There is no lack and sense of duality. So things you associate with lack (disease, poverty, negativity) cease. Because there are no limits, you leave behind old notions. It will not be easy at first. Earth doesn’t support lack in that dimension. So thoughts of it are difficult to reconcile. It will be hard to fully grasp where that feeling is coming from. So healing is going to be extremely important. You will be doing a lot of processing of your dense portion of life (3rd Dimension) and learning about your energetic body.

Question: And what about those who don’t ascend?
Ramshi: You will remember them and still feel your connection to them, but you will not mourn for them as you would have in the third dimension because you understand from a multidimensional perspective. But there will be events that divide, to assist beings in determining which path they wish to choose. They may choose one of enlightenment or they may reincarnate to another planet. Earth will cease to exist in the third. Just as you choose, so has/will she. Planets reside in multiple dimensions, but they choose to complete lessons and cease to occupy points in dimensional space. Just like myself. I no longer incarnate into physical beings. But she will remain in the fourth through the twelfth. She will join the other planets in your system you no longer see. Time exists in all dimensions as markers. Time just isn’t always linear. All experience is coded so it may be catalogued and put into libraries. It’s our own type of Dewey Decimal system. Lots of good books to read. You will still have the lingering perception of linear time so yes for approximately eighty of your earth years you will remain in the fourth dimension. But it will be another conscious shift into the fifth and all of Earth’s inhabitants will harness consciousness to shift. That means through desire, will and focused thought you will envision and raise earth’s vibration. You will assist her consciously whereas this go around, she’s doing the work while most of humanity is unconscious. So with the shift into the fifth will come a time of complete freedom from linear thought to a wholly multidimensional perspective of reality. And within that comes great travels and exploration of the galaxy. The fifth is a dimension of mastering interdimensional and harmonic shifts. One may go into higher frequency ranges but that is not where your focus is so you won’t remain. It would be like a school group taking a trip to the local capitol to learn about government for the day, but it goes back to school to learn more in depth and to cover other studies. You learn about the integrity of timelines and dimensional structures. You get to play with it. To move through time and explore. So that’s a very quick explanation of the fifth dimension.

Question: And day to day life? What is that like?
Ramshi: Similar. You still have friends you meet with to play and explore. Your family still exists. Again unique, because of this conscious shift. As we get closer to these times, we will try to explain in greater detail as you have the ability to grasp these new concepts. For now, it is just completely beyond for you.



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Present --Matthew

"Be at peace in the mystery, knowing that mystery allows you to be more present in the current moment. And if you knew what was coming you would simply be fully preparing for the future rather than engaged in the present. So be present with what you are given, and that is the current present moment. And know that that is enough. That is all you need. It is enough to fulfill yourself, to be current in the present moment."



Monday, January 12, 2009

Life Purpose -- Jesus

channeling 1997- Eileen Adair
for group

My blessing is upon all of your lives.

I greet you, I have spoken once before to your group, I am the one who has been known to carry the karma of your planet, however at this time my heart turns to joy for your people when I behold entities such as your self, who in the midst of the mass hype that your are laden with here, can set aside all the messages of fear, and mistrust and come with open heart to join together in this endeavor to attempt from open heart to assist your mother in her change. When I behold groups like this, I am filled with awe. Because I came with all my knowledge intact, I came filled with the spirit of the father, and you come without this, and yet you endeavor to remember. I am filled with awe at all of you. My blessing is upon all of your lives, that you will find joy and peace that you have never experienced, because you have been faithful to your hearts and souls. This is the time of choosing, choose well and stay true to your selves that others may choose well. Peace upon all of you and my deepest love and regards.

I have come also for each one of you that you may ask one question of your life. Just allow whatever is uppermost in your heart to be asked. It is not often I can tune into individuals and so I ask you only to think of me as your friend and ask of me as you would a friend.

Q: May we have a sound vibration.

I have walked among you as Jesus.

Q: We may be overwhelmed at asking a question of Jesus.

Please understand I am not above you, I am of you, and you of me. We are all of each other. You have chosen my vibration as your symbol of what you desire of this planet, and what you have become. This group has entered the state of conscious creation. Please regard me as a brother of your endeavors.

Q: We will try.

I have superceded the other communication which would have taken place. I apologize if I have disturbed your flow.

Q: We are very pleased you have come.

Q: What would you like me to know while on earth, to bring love as you did?

Remember please that all of us must bring our gifts in our own way. Of these gifts you have many. We ask this- it could apply to all. In your day to day living, there are choices to be made in every moment. These choices are significant. However the father did imbue me with the knowledge that every choice can bring you closer to your true self. What I ask of you, my dear, is not only to choose for those whom you care and those who depend on you, but to include, what does my soul wish to learn, to give to this choice or task. Frequently we ask what are the needs of others, and you are one to whom many call for help, not only in the waking but in the sleeping, much is asked. But in order to allow your gifts to pass in the simplest of endeavors is the place of my soul in this. The desires of your soul must be included in the awareness of the moment. For being true to the self is how others are nourished by us. You are firmly upon the path. Every life is a living testament to the strength of the spirit on earth. This is all we ask of you.

Q: I would like to know what I am doing when I am asleep, I want to remember.

My friend you have been so useful.

Q: I always want more.

The soul of [name] that you inhabit in this lifetime and the group spirit of which you are formed have different intentions.You feel the longing of the greater part of your soul to learn, and learn, and learn and to expand and expand and expand. Yet we limit the extent of your experience so that you may inhabit this personality and remain in this body for as long as you have volunteered. If the expansion is too great you will decide strongly to leave. If you remember too much you will not come back when the time as right. So we remain veiled. However all questions will be answered, all questions. Thank you for your service.

Q: It's really been fun.

This lady is a testament of what life can be here, look to her. Other questions.

Q: What is my purpose and service?

Lady, we greet you, know that all of us in a body live two lives the life that your personality gives, and the other life given by spirit. What you are feeling now with these stirrings and longings is the need to move into the depths of emotions experience. Many aspire to the high path. Many aspire the culmination of the highest ideas. You have recently passed thru a purification time, an opening of the upper energies. As above so below. Open to the deepest levels of emotions. Go to your cave and play like a child. Ask the earth what you should eat and eat foods that are alive so they can give you information. The earth wants to give of itself this way. To move into more of the depth of the soul. Now that the opening has occurred, the opening
must occur in the lower. Sitting on the ground. Swimming in the water, the sensual experience of the planet give and feed the soul. They open the soul to know itself. Explore the subconscious,
such as hypnosis, and revealing of past lives. Get into the depths of that self. You will begin to feel the cohesion of the upper life and the lower longing.

Q: I have many dreams of dying what is the message? All of them are in water. I am not in fear.

Please note she speaks now of water. Here on this planet we have the elemental forces to purify the soul in the expression of self. All must master these elements. During the experience you know of as the death of the body. You will have an inniation in the element of water. This will be the completion of a very great cycle for your soul. You have held the energy of the earth, the air and the fire, very well, in the death experience you will be reunited with your twin soul. The water carries the deepest of emotions. This will be a profound experience and the soul will use this element for an inniation of yourself. I must take my leave, as I sit with you I learn. I too change, nothing remains the same.

Greetings I have come back.
The energy was difficult to ground so the channel will need to rest.
Any more questions.

Q: I did a channeling recently and experienced a very powerful entity. I never knew who he was. It lasted a while and had instructions. I was a bit overwhelmed.

It was the male aspect of your higher self, which by anybodies estimate would be a robust figure.
Quite a powerful and forceful being. Please if you are channeling, allow all experiences, all experiences are correct. Do not expect others to agree from person to person, not here to agree, but to stimulate.

We will all honor each others information.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Cause of Global Warming --Elohim

Q: What's causing global warming? What's causing it and how is it going to impact us?

Elohim : Global warming is a direct result of the increased energy flowing into earth as the solar system moves into the higher energy belt. This creates more friction of particles. As one can see Neptune has increased in light manifestation in the last 4 years so earth has increased the impacted energy on its sphere and atmosphere. This is having a direct effect on the warming of the planet. The release of burned energy in the form of warmth into the atmosphere as a result of heating and burning of fuel has also contributed although not in the way one might think. It has contributed to gases which rise into the atmosphere, increasing the amount of heat that is transferred from the sun. we have already discussed some of the manifestations of the quickening of energies, increase of energies, impacting earth, increasing and settling out discrepancies and pressures within the earth. It is a very complex mathematical equation including many possibilities but a rising curve of affects upon the earth and its inhabitants. The increase in earthquake frequency will continue. There are misalignments that need to be equalized.

Questions and Answers with the Elohim

Friday, January 02, 2009

Edge of Evolution --Kryon

Creators on the Edge of Evolution
Master Guide Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling
I come here this evening to speak to each of you. In doing so, I ask you to open your hearts to me words, for what I'm to say is not said to counterbalance anything that you've heard, but hopefully to open up a new pathway where you can feel the presence of love itself. It is me greatest desire today to talk about “edge” versus “fill-in” creation.
I begin by adopting a number of words that might help you understand the two concepts. No matter where you feel your energy when I'm through, do not hold yourself back. Instead, be willing to set yourself free, for it is a journey of the human world that unfolds before us today.
In the light of being on this Earth plane, you must first recognize that your journey is but the simple task of a light that one day will stand before the Creator. Oh, in that respect, my friend, you're just particles of light the Creator called forth and asked, "Who would go to the world that I have created? I have woven together the many different realities. I have brought the mineral weave together; I brought all the dirt and the stones and the grand crystals, the rock formations of the mountains. I've brought together the plant weave to hold it all together, and then I've woven the insect weave to spread the spores of all of that about. Yes, I have also brought the animal weave."
The Creator then said, "I have gone through all of my dimensions; I've gone through all of my worlds and I've taken the thoughts, the expressions of nothing but the very best, and I have now created the weave of human. That is what you will be when you arrive on this planet called Earth. You will be given the love of light itself. Be reminded that I, as the Creator, am the light, I am the love, I am the expression."
If you are a spiritualist, you know in your heart that you stood before this grand Creator, this most beautiful expression of love tingling throughout the entirety of your particle lights, and that you were so honored to have been chosen to see what the Creator had created. Oh yes, you started out very unsure of yourself, very veiled once you reached this plane, but over a period of time, you diminished that veil. With each incarnation, the veils dropped to where you see yourselves now.
Now you're sitting here reading the words of a grand Master from another force of light. Oh yes, you identify me, you call me Master Guide Kirael, and I say I'm from the seventh light. Don't you know there are those out there who still hold the veils in tight, and say to me, "How can you be from the seventh light, Master Guide Kirael?" I say to each of you, this is the difference between filling-in and being on the edge of creation. So, let us talk more about that difference today.
The first thing you'll think is, “I don't want to be a fill-in creator. I don't want to be that bunch of particle lights held together that does nothing with me life while I'm over here.” Well, I can assure you, me friends, no one reading this right now is a full blown fill-in creator energy, because in order to be that, you've got to be much younger than you are today. You've got to be in your early stages of incarnations when you still do some really rascally things and wonder why people don't appreciate all you've done. As you age through this process, you come here with less and less veil, and that simply means that you move closer and closer to being on the constant cutting edge of creator energy.
How many of you would count yourselves as constant on-the-edge creators? Let me define edge creator for you. It means that you have absolutely no fears. If you're constantly on the edge, your fears have dissipated. It means that you understand about this Creator Force and the Love that it exudes, how it constantly loves every being on every level of consciousness that it has brought forth, and how you are the most valued part of that Creator's Force. If you're constantly on the cutting edge of Creator wisdom and Creator energy, you find yourself seeing things that you've never seen before. You observe life through eyes that you've never looked through before.
When someone hands you a wee flower, you don't just stick it half-way up your nose and say, "Yeah, that's nice." You place it well below your nose and mouth and inhale and get the essence of the flower that the Creator created. You become so involved with it that it's hard for you to put it down.
If someone gives you a glass of wine, you'd rather inhale it than drink it; you'd rather look at the brisk colors. When a full on-the-edge-of-creation creator interacts with someone, she sees everything that the other does as perfect; everything around her is perfect because she accepts this understanding that the beautiful Creator never errs. The edge creator never allows anything to happen that shouldn't happen. Why is that?
As an edge creator, you understand that life is a gift and you judge yourself only in how you use it. Being on the edge of creation gives you the grandest opportunity to weave all five senses together to cause that sixth sense.
Just yesterday I was talking to a group of young ladies about this new energy permeating your world plane now called photon energy. They asked me questions about how we would use this energy. I will share with you just one way in which you can use this photon energy, because this is what I consider being on the constant edge of creation.
Imagine, if you would, that all of a sudden you caused a particle of light to be created right at the front of your third eye, and then you caused another one to form behind it so it stuck out just a wee bit, and another and another until you had a stream of them, a laser beam of them. Then imagine that you connected them into the photon energy, which is a force of light itself, and you chose to talk to your best friend somewhere across the waters, somewhere on the other side of the world. You just kept projecting those particles, and then continued to flow them out. As you got them all connected, and they found that person on the other side of the world, suppose you took another batch of those particles and balled them all together in your hands and let them brush your lips with a kiss. Then you floated them on the stream that you'd created, and the ball went all the way across the world, and when it arrived, it brushed your lover's lips, and together you could feel the sensation.
You see, that's where you're going in this Great Shift. You're headed for things that will completely fulfill your expressions of love. So, being on the edge of creation, my friends, may be the defining glory of being human.
It’s unlikely that anyone reading this would be a fill-in creator, but those out there who are still doing fill-in creation should understand that that energy holds the veil the tightest. Fill-in creators are not willing to recognize the Creator as Love. They still need to see Creator as some guy up in the sky with a parchment and quill making notes of the bad things that you do. Fill-in creators still blame the Creator when a giant wave devastates people who then return home through the death process. A fill-in creator is simply afraid most of its life.
Fill-in creators pick at those of you who are edge-creators. Fill-in creators try to aggravate you because they’re not happy. They’re not happy that you see light in the world when they see shadows. They say things to you like, "You go to those weird places, do you? You listen to mediums. You should have your head examined." You know, some of you start to feel as if maybe you shouldn't tell anybody where you’re going, but you've got to, my friends, because you see, it is the Creator's greatest desire to bring billions of you through this new grand Shift.
If you have to deal with fill-in creators a lot in your life, remember that they’re going to come at you kicking and screaming. When they say something bad about you, don't get angry with them, and for God's sake, don't try to get even. Pray for them, love them.
Master Jesus once said, "Turn the other cheek." He didn't mean that you should slap him again. I believe in me heart what he was saying is give them something else to look at, not a target, but love. When you run across that person who says something bad about you, go inside yourself and say, "Wait a minute; I am part of the Creator. I am made of light, and what that person is saying doesn't mean anything to me because I know what I am. I am beauty and life itself." Let him say what he must, my friends; let him speak his words. Remember, maybe not so long ago you were doing the same thing, perhaps not in this life but in another. You were doing it because you had your veils on tight.
Please don't call him on it, don't tell him, "You're a fill-in creator energy, that's why; you’ve got veils all over yourself." Turn your other cheek; let him see light in your eyes. Thank him for his criticism, for it will help you understand how you might have said something that aggravated him. Thank him for having the courage to continue trying to find a way through the veil, but let yourself be the Creator Light. Let yourself be on the edge of creation at all times.
So, that, me friends, is the love that I would share with you this day. I'm praying with you. I hope for everything I'm worth that you'll come away from this knowing that you were touched by something deep inside of you, because, you see, when you talk to me in the Great Shift, you will feel me in your heart.
Now, some of you right now can feel me in your light, and it's not as though I am a ghost or something that must cross over or come and stand before you. I can sense every being who's reading this right now and just for the moment I've offered you everything that I have ever learned from Creator Force, and all of the thousands upon hundreds of thousands of years that I've been working at being a guide. I offer it all to you right now by reaching inside of you and touching your heart light.
Try to feel me if you can. Close your eyes wherever you might be and just feel the passion. Every one of you reading this, no matter what country you're in, no matter where you'd be, try it. Open your heart to me this moment, feel my love, because I come here not to teach, but to share wisdom that at some level you already know. I come to remind you that the Creator's in love with you all the time, as am I.
If you're an edge-creator, my friend, you can do nothing but love everything and everybody. If you're living constantly on the edge of creation, then you're looking for ways to open your heart further and further. You're looking for ways to experience things you’ve never experienced before. You're looking to see colors that have never been shown to you. You're living to smell smells that have never even crossed your nostrils before. You're living to eat a meal, not just to fill yourself, but to honor your body. You're looking to bless the food for being part of it. If you're living on the edge all the time, when you say a prayer, you don't try to think it through; you just let it flow through you.
That's on the edge, my friends, that's on the edge of creation. Can you be there constantly? Oh, God, yes, you can; you’ve just got to have the courage. You’ve just got to be brave and let no fear cross your path, because fear is just a mask of energy; it's a shadow that makes you think that you're less than in control. Look at your fear and think about it with me for the moment. Pick any one fear in your world this moment. Realize that whatever you're afraid of, whatever's causing that fear, was created by the Creator. It was created in love; therefore it is susceptible to love.
Those of you who come whenever I'm in state, or those of you who come to see me medium as he's wandering through the world plane now, you just mark a big "C" on your forehead, because that's the edge of creation. You know what I'm saying, my friends. Look in the mirror at your third eye; let it develop. Oh, you don't have to make it like the medium's, but let it develop, let it open, let yourself be on the edge and let creation and your Creator Force constantly walk the path of love.
The difference between those who are still doing the fill-in creation and you is your courage to love. Fill-in creators are those who sit around and watch some mindless energy on television all day, or those who are not willing to expand their own light. So, me friends, spend the rest of this time with me, and let yourself breathe, let yourself feel, let yourself be on the cutting edge of creation, always seeking to find the answers. Every answer that you find opens the door for more. Celebrate that, because you only get so many times on this level of consciousness, and every one you get is a great honor. Ask the questions: What's next for me? What can I do now to evolve to something I've never done before? Can I write a book, can I sing a song, can I play the piano, can I dance a dance? Can I travel the other worlds? The answer is an emphatic yes. It is time for all to awaken. I pray that what I've spoken will touch you deep enough in your heart to make you know you're on the edge. Let's go for it.
I'll let that stand as me opening statement, and I understand we have a number of questions that have been submitted and I will take those questions in the now.
Q: How does an edge-creator keep from letting his emotions get the best of him so that he can continue to create without chaos?
KIRAEL: Oh, that's a grand question. First of all, you have to recognize that as an edge-creator, you will be constantly pushed from behind. You will be constantly challenged, because people will look at you and sense there's a beautiful part, an edge to you. When you find yourself getting swept into the emotions and you want to go backwards a wee bit to let anger somehow fill in for you, just take a breath, count to three, and say these words: "If I responded in love, what would it sound like?"
If you're driving down the highways of life and some fellow swerves past you and causes you to suddenly step on your brakes and you want to get aggravated with him, count to three and ask the question, “How could I respond to this in love?” If you can say that much, a sense of peace will come over you because you are an edge-creator. You're used to working in that light. You're used to being out on the edge of creation and that sense will come over you. It will be fleeting in the beginning. It'll just be a little pop, if you will, and you've got to learn to take advantage of it, because immediately that guy who cut you off will no longer exists. He will fall out of your reality.
You see, fill-in creators can't get into your world. You are surrounded by the angels and the guides, and they'll tell you things such as: "That's his reality for now, don't make it yours." You probably remember that when you first started meditating, it was difficult in the beginning, wasn’t it? There isn't a person out there who wouldn't share that with you, but can you imagine where you'd be now without your meditations? It takes time.
When you're pressed by the energies of the fill-in creators, understand that they can sense who you are, and you scare them a little bit. You see, fill-in creating is about being secure in where you are, being all comfy and rock 'n rolly, or whatever you want to call it. On the other hand, the fill-in creators feel as if edge-creators have something they don’t, and darn if that doesn't upset the fill-in creators. You can't see it because it's not written on their foreheads, but there's an energy about edge-creators; they smile a lot more and they don't get angry.
Don’t you know that a fill-in creator just might want to push on that person, see if he is really made of what he says he is. The answer is, “One, two, three, now let me feel the Love of my Creator just for the moment.” When the Love passes through you, and it will, you'll feel the shift. It may be short in the beginning, but as you get better at it, it'll last long enough to latch onto you, and you'll say to that person who just said something bad about you, "I'm really sorry that you feel that way about me. I didn't mean for you to, and I'm going to work at trying to make sure I don't do that to someone else." You’ll let it go, and that person, that fill-in creator, will walk away going, “What the heck happened?” Maybe that one time, you gave him the opportunity to become this on-the-edge-creator.
Q: Being on the edge is often uncomfortable. How do we become comfortable with the discomfort?
KIRAEL: I'll give you an example. The medium went to El Lopez and said, "You’ve got to create the music that was played in the time of Lemuria." El said, "Oh, okay I can do that." He walked away saying, "Oh, my God, I've never heard Lemurian music; I've never even sensed Lemurian music. What am I going to do? I know what I'll do. I'll just sit down at me piano here and I'll let me fingers touch the keys." He did, and he might not even remember this, but an energy entered in with him, a beautiful particle of light. It was an Elven energy, one who was one of the first or second beings of the Lemurian world, who played and played and played. He made up song after song. That's how the Elven carried on the histories of their world. That particle is still vibrating in El today.
Here’s how you overcome a fear, that uncertainty. You simply say, "I've got to do this; I've got to get through it. There's something on the other side calling me. It can’t be any more than a veil; I've got to walk through the veil. I've got to demystify it because there's something waiting for me that's greater than anything I've ever done." Like El, when you face that fear and walk through it, you find that you're never alone, that there's always someone there with you.
When you hear the music of Lemuria, listen, feel, and see the colors come up in your eyes. Feel the emotions rush to the front of your thought systems. Feel the music as it surrounds you, draws you in and engulfs you in a spirit light itself. Feel it, feel yourself get goose bumps, feel yourself want to relax and be loved. It's as though Mother Goddess herself puts her hands on your face, looks deep into your eyes and gives you a gift of love. This is the music of Lemuria. This is what the Lemurians listened to, to enter the states of consciousness in which they could create anything anywhere. Listen to that particle within El as it vibrates through you, entering your physical world, feeling the presence of your love. Know that you've been touched by Lemuria itself.
Q: Would you please comment on how being an edge-creator is affected by our passion and willingness to heal?
KIRAEL: When you look at the world you've created, just about everything around you seems formed in some sort of solid mass. If you hold up your hand, you see it as a solid mass. If you look at the computer screen, or if you look at the chair in front of you, they each appear to be a solid mass.
As we know, and even your scientists would tell you, you can't be solid; you are a vibration of particle lights. The smallest particle of light possibly known to humankind is about to explode into the future. It's about to be understood. For instance, El's music came from one single particle of light with a string inside of it. The string was brought to him by me, Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, each representing one of the four beings of light: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I had the honor of carrying the spiritual strand to that particle. Inside that particle, we wove colors and sounds together, and every time El taps into that energy, he begins this new formation of sound.
Accept and love the fact that you don't come from Earth. Each and every one of you is a composite of Love of the Creator developed from all other sources of light. To heal this expression, to heal the P-E-M-S — the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — you've got to weave them together so that they’re not seen as separated. You've got to understand that your physical body is your emotions personified. You’ve got to see that your mental world holds nothing other than the thought capsules of sound and understanding of this life and others. You've got to see that this spiritual world that you've connected to is a vibration of color and sound, and all blend together.
You’ve got to weave them together and stop separating them. Understand that when you go out into the world, your physical is woven together with all the other bodies. When you look up into the hills of Sedona and see the mount of red rocks, fall in love again and again and again. When you look at a bubbling stream, run your emotions down into those beautiful flickers of water. When you see a kitty-cat standing alongside the path, let your mental body connect to it for just a moment. Weave all the bodies together and you'll find that you're constantly on the edge.
Q: I understand that creation depends on how much passion I can bring forth in the process. How can I increase or improve my passion?
KIRAEL: Oftentimes most in the human world juxtapose the words excitement and passion. Many of you look for excitement in your life. Excitement is something you seek when all else has failed and you just need to get that blood sugar or adrenalin running. For instance, if you go to a sporting event, very seldom will you find yourself in passion. When you watch a sporting event, you're watching somebody get hurt, for the most part. You can't say that's a passion, because if it is, then you're probably not in a good place. When you watch ballerinas or acrobats, they're creating a living art and that takes passion.
To draw on the depths of your light is to bring the passion forth, and a passion can be totally distinguished from an excitement, because excitement is an erratic energy; it's just bouncy. You know, you see people at a sporting event jump up in the air and scream. That's excitement. You've seen people watch a dance, and be enthralled, just held almost in a grand passion itself. When this happens, suggest to yourself that you want to remember it. Every time you know you're in passion rather than excitement, passion becomes a way of life.
Watch me medium some time; he's passionate a great part of the time. If you say something to him like, "Uh, you know you got a big spot on your shirt," he says something back at you like, "Oh, boy, you should have seen how much I loved eating what caused that." He just finds everything in passion. Everything has passion.
Practice recognizing excitement and then practice recognizing passion, and when you know you’ve got the passion down, start to move with it and cause it to happen all of the time. The more the passion happens, me friends, the stronger and more powerful you become.
Q: How can we place our beingness on that edge without losing balance?
KIRAEL: What if the Creator's energy was full with every moment of every space of every time? What if it wasn't a measurable energetic form, because it made everything? What if you in the human being world wanted to get on that edge and balance there? To find that balance would be to merge your senses in collective force from the five into one, call it the sixth, and begin to feel yourself fully immersed in this energetic force-of-creation-light particles. You will know to pull in just a little bit for this balance that you seek when you go to a state of consciousness that surrounds you so that you cannot see the Earth. You will know when you fall back towards the matrix, because you'll feel the pull of the vibrational magnetic force of Earth tug on you and you'll move back out a little bit. Just like riding a bicycle and balancing, one day you'll realize that as long as you're in constant motion, you can't fall over; you just keep going and there's no stress and no loss. You're simply balanced in the Light of Creator Force. That, my friend, is the edge where you can pull from the Creator's Love and adjust the matrix energy. It's right there within your reach at all times.
Q: How can my guides and angels help me heal my fears?
KIRAEL: When you learn that your consciousness is connected to energetic patterns molded in light and do not have vocal cords, you will learn that they can communicate in such a grand fashion that you cannot doubt that they are with you and guiding you. Your angels gave up speech a long time ago. Your speech is sometimes a deterrent to your connected force. Impassion your energies to enlist the angels, the guides, and the Elven world. Just don't ask them to do the journey for you. Ask them to open the path of light before you.
When you ask an angel, "Would you get me out of this fix that I'm in," they don't have vocal cords to respond, me friends, and they don't have hands to stop the rock coming at your head, but they hear you if your question is asked in passion. Somehow or another your body will move in such a way that you never knew it could before, and the rock will pass you by, because the angels and guides can touch your cellular consciousness. They can touch the particles of what you are and they can be in service to you.
When you call them only in distressed times, they're a little slower to react. Sometimes by the time they can finally figure out how to interact with you, it's too late and your lesson plan has changed. So, be constantly in touch with them. Love them enough to let them know that you love them. Simply chat with them and thank them for the great things in your life. When you've got that opportunity, you begin to practice your communicative skills and you never feel alone again. Don't wait for the voice in your ears; you know from the feeling in your heart what is right and not right. When you follow that one, my friends, you will not be misguided.
You say, "Master Kirael, what about the good and the bad or the good and the evil? What if I get tied up with an evil energy?" In the first place, in the Creator's Force, everything is love. You can't get this so-called bad or evil energy unless you ask for it. If you see something dark and out of alignment with everything you want, understand the gift you've been given. Penetrate it with your light and it will return to the Creator. There's nothing to fear, me friends. Talk to your angels, talk to your guides. Let them know of your love. Weave all your five senses together, let them know you care and you will have constant communication with them.
With that, I'll make this my closing statement: I love this world and all those calls I get in a day. Oh, it's not always as busy as that, unless there's a Tsunami or something, then I really get busy, but be mindful that even though there are mediums on this world who can tap into the source of a master guide, in order for them to do that, they must be tapped into some other sources as well, such as angels and higher selves.
Get yourself up on the edge of creation. Get passionate about what you do. Let yourself have the flair and the passion to know that every moment of every day imparts something to you, and every moment you spend on the edge gets you that much closer to understanding the love that you were born from. You were born from a Creator of Love itself. You were created in the form of love and in that love you can never be lost, because all of us are there awaiting you. We all love you. You don't have to die to find us.