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New Economy -- The Group

From The Group

Greetings from Home.

The New EarthYou have traveled such a great distance with so many incarnations as souls, and playing a number of games throughout the universe. Some of you think you are old souls, but actually you are all exactly the same age. The reality is that many of you are new to Earth. Some of you have been here many times before, but others have started the Human cycle recently to be in place for the great shift. We wish to speak of this shift today. There is an evolution in progress of which you are well aware. All of humanity is raising vibration at an astounding rate never even dreamed of in the creation of humankind. You are changing the game every second of every day. There is no grand plan, for you are creating the path beneath your feet just before your feet hit the ground. It is becoming both exciting and scary for all of you. You have also chosen to move to another level and to start again.You are going to re-set the energy and create the new Earth here in this space. It is what we call creating Heaven on Earth. In order to create Heaven on Earth you must understand some of Heaven's attributes a little better, for humans do not fully understand what is real and what is not. Humans have always had a problem with reality. You keep thinking reality is real, but it is not. The truth of the matter is that with your every thought and breath, you are creating a new, refreshing creation that is coming through your being bringing light and energy from Home.

The Fall of Rome Over Six to Eight Years

Much of your evolution on this planet has been based on separation, and that is what we wish to speak of this day. There are big changes coming to planet Earth and you are seeing the very beginning of them now. These changes are beginning in the United States, but they are not limited to the United States. You are seeing the air escaping out of a huge balloon. Currently it looks as if all the air is going to come out of that balloon. We have mentioned this before, but just briefly. The Fall of Rome is at hand again. We will tell you that over the next six to eight years, there is a downfall coming of the world's economies. These have nothing to do with your individual locations, but the downfall has started in the United States.Your economies, just as your hearts, are intertwined. It is not possible to have a difficulty in one area without experiencing a similar difficulty throughout the rest of the world, so we are not going to limit this message to any one country or any one people. That is the base of the problem: your entire ideas of creating countries or even communities have been based on separation. Living in a field of duality has given you the illusion of seperation. You thought that it was very important to preserve your heritage and to make sure it was never diluted, so you put up boundaries. This has happened over and over again throughout history. Yet we tell you that much of the difficulties that you will now experience is caused by that separation. Since we have already spoken of the United States, let us use that country as an example. Let us go back to this great nation and tell you what made it great.

What Made America Great

Consider the words of poet Emma Lazarus that are engraved on the Statue of Liberty: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ... I lift my lamp beside the golden door." Are the United States of America welcoming those in need today? No, because her government has stopped the flow, creating a separation that was not there before. The separation that was meant to protect you is instead killing you. It is not just in the United States, dear ones, but it is all over the world. We have told you this before by putting it in terms of Universal Energy. We mentioned that governments, businesses and collective organizations will eventually have people who do nothing more than compare the actions of that business to Universal Energy. If you are in accord with Universal Energy, you are blending; you are not separating. The universe abhors separation, and now that humanity is moving to the next level your tolerance levels are gone. You are seeing the beginning of a very difficult process of re-setting the energy of an entire nation- in fact of the world. It will hit every single soul that lives on this planet. Now that we have given you the bad news let us tell you the rest of the story, for we do not say these things lightly. We told the Keeper about this a week ago so that we could have time to convince him to actually deliver this message, because he was in great resistance to delivering a negative message of this nature. However, we promised that above all we would show you how to change this scenario and claim your power as creators. Let us start by saying that you do not have to follow the path. You do not have to experience the negativity that is at hand, because each of you has choice.

Writing Checks That Can Not Be Cashed

Many of you have been waiting for your leaders to do something to correct the current economic situation. However, your leaders have just written a check that cannot be cashed. It is absolute insanity to expect to fix the problem with the exact same actions that originally created it. We ask you not to give your power to the leaders at all. The leaders of your countries, and even your organizations, will return to the more important things that they were meant to do. Leaders are not meant to make a country great, because only the country's people can do that. Your leaders are meant to do the important things, such as collect the trash, make your highways safe, and coordinate things with all the other countries. That is what your leaders were meant to do, but they have been allowed to do so much more until now. You have constantly given your power to world leaders. They have gladly taken it and said, "Thank you." Ahh, but you have choice at hand now, do you not? Not only do you have choice in the United States of America, but you have choice all over the world. Let us give you suggestions of what to look for. No, we will not tell you who to vote for. Many of you have your pens out?e think that is hilarious!

Fear vs. Love

Let us speak to you about the decision process. First, understand that 97% of the leaders on this planet over the last 200 years have been elected out of fear. Are you tired of being afraid? We hope so. You have been playing the game of fear over and over again. Yes, it is a drama and humans love drama so you have chosen to go back and play the game over and over again. You have elected your officials and representatives out of fear, and that is where the challenge is. If instead you will elect your leaders out of hope, love, and alignment with your energy rather than by trying to measure experience or compare promises, you will not be acting out of fear. We tell you, dear ones, it is time for humans to take back their power. It is not a revolution, and it need not be in a negative way. Instead, it is a quiet, internal decision to hold one's power. However, you are still in a field of polarity and have been living in a field of duality. You see things as up/down, right/wrong, good/bad, or love/fear-all the opposites. That is now changing. It is becoming a field of Triality, where you now have a new balance of the higher self so you no longer see light and dark separately. It is more like a triangle which is illuminating a circle. Differences can be viewed as part of each other, and with a new perception of the higher self you can begin to see the larger picture. The larger picture also includes power...individual power. From the very beginning of these messages we have told you the balance of power is responsibility. If you wish to increase your power in any area, figure out a way to increase your responsibility.

Power to the People!

We ask you to not give your power to your leaders ever again. You hold that power within your heart. You are responsible for your own well being, for your happiness, and for finding joy on this planet, because that is what you came to do. That is why you took physical form; that is what this game was all about. It is going through a re-set, but it does not have to be as difficult as you have outlined it to be. The re-set can be very short, simple and easy. Let us give you some specific examples so that you can see what it looks like from our perspective. We have given you a negative message that the Keeper had preferred we not share. The fear is that as a result of hearing this you will go home, hoard your money, and stop spending.. You will pull things up and protect yourself. We tell you, dear ones, that this is the perfect time to start a business. This is the time to make an investment or to buy something that you have been dreaming of for a long time. This is the time for you to take responsibility for yourself and your own flowing energy. If you wish to increase abundance, it begins at the front door, not the back door.You do not wait for the energy to come in. You are afraid of having nothing. Dear ones, you are about to experience that but you do not have to. We are not telling you this to cause fear, but to help you re-awaken your gifts of creation. We hope you take this and create the greatest dream you have. We would love nothing more than to come back into these rooms three months from now and say, "See, you were wrong!" That is the energy and the creative ability that you have. Find hope. Find love.

Unity vs. Separation

Make your decisions about unity instead of separation. In the beginning, this entire game started from what you know as the Big Bang. There are two scientific experiments on this planet now that have been in progress for many, many years. In fact, one of the experiements has already uncovered universal secrets and the scientists are not quite sure what they mean. It will not be long before you begin understanding more about this thing called the Big Bang and how the game was formed. If we simply give you the basis for it, you will understand where you are in the process right now. From the instant of the Big Bang, everything expanded outward. Although your scientists still believe the universe is expanding, we told you some time ago that it has crossed dimensions and is now in the same movement coming back around, back together again. The out breath has begun; that which was separated to create the illusion of polarity on the gameboard is coming back together. That is the natural flow of energy in the universe. It is all about unity and finding the commonalities between each of you and honoring them. That is the first application you can use this for. Instead of focusing on the ways in which you are different from another person, country, culture or religion, you find the similarities that you share. Find the commonalities between all of you, and that will help to release this.

The Economic Re-Wire

If you look at the Universal Energy we explained as a bed sheet hanging on a line, when you poke your finger in it, it creates a bulge on the other side. That is cause and effect. It is very simple but the natural flow of the universe when you remove your finger is to pull it back together, or to come back to the neutral position. The universe is now shrinking, not expanding. As you put yourselves personally, collectively, corporately and governmentally in the flow of coming back together rather than separating, you will make it an easy shift. As long as you are separating, there will be challenges for now you are now in opposing Universal Energy. Five years ago you could do this with no ill effects whatsoever, but now that the collective vibration has reached a level where the bullshit tolerance is gone. There is no more space for you to weave outside of those lines. As a result, you are starting to see the economic re-set which has been spoken of for many years. The re-set does not need to be a great drama. It can be a fairly easy transition if you will find the hope and love in your heart, and if you will find that part of responsibility that you are going to take for your own life in whatever fashion you can. There is a miracle waiting to happen, dear ones, but we cannot create it for you, because it is not our game. It is yours.We are here to reflect your hearts; we are here only to give you another view. Please do not give us your power either, for that would be just as wrong as giving it to the political leaders who got you into this mess. We ask you to hold your own power, even taking these things we say and running them through your own filters. Keep only those pieces that truly resonate with your heart and release the rest as simply not for you at this moment. The pieces you release are neither right nor wrong, good nor bad, they simply are not for you at this moment. Release them without judgment. The more you can put yourselves into unifying principles even with your governments, the faster you can complete this economic re-wire. We will give you a very specific example. We mentioned this at the United Nations in Vienna when it was happening. The organization of governments called the European Union unites instead of separates. It is the same energy that made the United States the great nation and the economic superpower that it is. We tell you this simply so that you can see the energies that are isolating themselves, and the energies that are blending themselves together. Find a way to do that first in your own heart and your own lives, then elect those people who you believe will do exactly that. The other thing is that when you hear those fear-based messages-for you will hear many of them-understand that fear and pain are great motivators on planet Earth. The irony is that when you get Home, you will re-member that pain as a beautiful human experience and you will say, "Do you re-member when you hurt me so badly? That was so much fun." And yet, you do not need to go through what is ahead. It is not necessary. You are the creators. When you hold a pure thought in your head for seven seconds, it manifests. When you hold a collective thought together it manifests immensely, for it is not 1, 2, 3, 4?it is exponential counting, so it goes 1, 10, 100, 1,000. It moves and amplifies in that fashion when you do things collectively. You are about to make several collective decisions in the United States of America. Do so for those people who you believe will be blending back together instead of separating, and please make your decisions out of love and knowledge, not out of fear. Do this and they will no longer have control of you. You will then create your own reality. Each and every one of you will do this, according to your wishes and dreams. That will make all planet Earth a great place to live again and will bring Heaven to Earth.

An Equal Distribution of Wealth?

Many of you believe that a market crash has to happen in order for a new economic system?one of fair and equal intent?that will distribute wealth equally all over the world. We tell you that this is not possible, dear ones, for wealth is a chosen attribute. Let us explain. There is a ladder we will simply call an economic ladder. Up here, you have wealthy people; down there, you have poor people. This is about money, dear ones, and it does not fit in any other place. You must understand our perception of money, for it is merely a reflection of a reflection. You treat it as an energy, but it is not. It is only a reflection of energy. Money is only a representation of exchange that you use to exchange energy. It has taken new proportions, for there are gaps and air bubbles. There are big balloons in your economic systems. Well, all the air is coming out of the balloon in one of those systems now. It is happening at great expense, but it does not need to happen for it is only perception of perception of perception. That is the economic structure on planet Earth at this time. Change your individual perceptions and you will start to change the collective perception. That can happen very quickly.We find it interesting to watch your television. Some of your channels show only your financial news, because they are watching every second for an indicator to go this way so everybody can jump over here. Then they are waiting for an indicator to go that way, so that everybody can jump over there. It is perception of perception of perception. Pull yourself out of the game, take responsibility for yourself, and it will all change. That is what we came to tell you this day. We hope we give you hope and not fear, for it does not need to be negative. You can change all of it into the greatest structures around. It is not ever possible to get anything equally distributed on your planet, because individuals choose where they wish to be on the ladder. We tell you that one is not better than another for, there are lessons you can learn down here that you cannot learn up there. There are responsibilities up here that you may not be willing to take, so you may place yourself down there. There is no right or wrong, because all of it is a human experience that you decided to have. We just simply wish for you to find your joy and passion. You find that piece that resonates in your heart and you will create heaven right here. There will be no economic structures that distribute anything, for it will no longer be necessary to have those structures. That is when you become free of all of it.

Role Model: The 'Government' of Lemuria

Eventually you will return to the type of government that you had in the days of Lemuria, which was actually a form of non-government. During those great times, you were advanced souls. You did not have laws, but you had customs. If any individual decided not to follow the custom, they took full responsibility of whatever outcome it produced and they were grateful to do so. You were so advanced in those days you did not need the structures. That is what you are returning to, and that is why you are going through a re-set of energy right now.

New Energy Corporations

We tell you, dear ones, it is not the governments that have taken over your world. It is the corporations, but it is not out of fear. There is nothing to fear from a corporation; a corporation is only a collective of people. It is an economic base that has been formed for the sole purpose of bringing in more money. We will give you a suggestion about how you can change the face of the United States and the face of the planet in regard to that simple situation. Currently, you give the corporations on your planet more power than you do individuals. Slavery has been outlawed on Earth but yet corporations have been granted ownership over certain life forms. To be a corporation on this planet should be a privilege and not a right. The issuing government should deem that corporations put the good of humanity first before profit. Currently, if that were to happen in some of your large corporations, the stockholders would sue the corporations and win. Currently your laws say that corporations must make decisions based solely on profit. Change the definition of a corporation and make it an honor to be one. Make it something that they must live up to, and if any decision they make is against the public good then they can be called on it. Do this one thing and you will change all control on this planet overnight. We tell you the war machine will stop at that moment?we promise you that. Perhaps this may be the light in the darkness. If your governments are busy bailing out financial systems, they may not have enough money to engage in the business of war.You have about had enough. We hope so. We hope humans have been pushed in a corner so much that they are now willing to come out creating. You have your chance right now. Change it. Shift it. Take responsibility. Know that we are right behind you, cheering you on every step of the way.Dear ones, we love you more than you know. We are a part of you and you are a part of us. We are so honored to see you get to this stage, yet we can see the fear that may come on this planet as a result of that. We can see the cycles that start over and over again, doing tremendous damage and harm to something that you have put your hearts into and built for so long. Pull out. Change it. Start making all of your decisions based on hope and love, then laugh at the fear. It is with the greatest of honor that we bring you this important message today. We hope the Keeper will forgive us for giving such a negative message, but it is truly a message of love and a message of hope for you are about to start a new game here on planet Earth. Enjoy the ride. It is with the greatest of honor that we thank you for being here and remind you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


Steve Rother


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Broadcast 1977 --Vrillon Ashtar

This is the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth. We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world, and the beings on our worlds around you. This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments. Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. All your weapons of evil must be removed. The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill. Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution. Hear now the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. They will suck your energy from you - the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends and give you worthless dross in return. Your inner divine self will protect you from this. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of evolution. This is our message to our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists admit. We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth. We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the plane of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 2008 events -- Akashic Records

Channeling from the Akashic Records of October, 2008

Question: There is said to be a huge event coming up on October 14where a spaceship will appear over major cities for threedays so that there is no mistake about the friendliness ofUFOs toward humanity. Will this take place on October 14?

Contact between human beings and beings from other worlds is already happening and has been happening for a very long time. It happens a great deal on a spiritual or energetic plane.You are visited by what you might call extra-terrestrials in theform of Spirit all of the time.At some level, you can say that Angels and Spirit Guides areextra-terrestrials right? They are from outside this world. Thenthere is a huge spectrum of beings who do what you call “visit”Planet Earth. Their energy becomes available for you here onPlanet Earth. All of you have a spirit that is holographic andexpansive and is occasionally visiting other worlds in Spirit, as well. Often your human minds block out any stimulation that wouldgive evidence that this is happening because it is confusingfor a human mind to encounter something that does not fit intoexpectations of reality - something that is from outside of thisworld of familiarity. Of course, every human being has a unique threshold inregard to the unfamiliar. Some people are able to comprehendsomething beyond what is familiar, then reach toward it untilit becomes familiar, and then reach again for what is unfamiliarbeyond that. For those people, seeing physical evidence ofextra-terrestrial visitors will occur more often and more easily.There are what you would call spaceships but they are not asliteral as you want them to be. When people sense somethingfrom outside of this world, they make sense of it. The humanmind is really brilliant at taking stimulation and input andcategorizing it so that it makes sense. If something does notmake sense or cannot be categorized, it just gets ignored orexplained away. If something can be made sense of, then itis allowed to be remembered and considered. That is howsome people see spaceships and others do not. That is howtwo people can be standing on the same street corner and onesees something and the other does not. This kind of contact ishappening all of the time in both Spirit and physical realities.The event planned for October 14 is a direct result of a shiftoccurring for humanity on October 12. The shift on October12 seems to be an opening of a connection between the humanheart and the human mind. This is something that is related tothe Mayan experience. The Mayan civilization was expert atthe heart-mind connection.Part of what was accomplished during the ancient Mayancivilization was the building of an illusion of the separationbetween the heart and the mind, which has made human lifevery interesting.Part of what is happening now is that there is a reconnectionof the heart and mind. This is happening over and over againin all kinds of different ways, and there a collective event onOctober 12 in which the heart and the mind are able to makea connection collectively.Some of you will experience this collective connection andsome of you will not, perhaps because you are not readyfor it or you are not interested yet. It will be available forall of humanity to have your heart and your mind come intoalignment in a way that was not possible before.This means that your mind will be able to comprehend thingsthat only your heart could feel before. Your heart will beable to infuse your thoughts more readily than before. It willbecome easier after October 12 to see the world through theEyes of Love. (For more on this, please visit AscensionRadio and listen to “Through the Eyes of Love: MakingEverything Easy.”)When that happens, so many of you will step into that senseof love that a new level of comprehension will becomeavailable. Of course there is choreography amongst all ofthe different beings on Planet Earth. Of course when thehuman race decides something, all of the other beings acrossthe universe are aware of that decision and act accordingly.This is the reason you are predicting a visit from extra-terrestrials. Many are gathering in support of your collectiveshift.For thousands of years as human beings have been planningfor this event on October 12, for your hearts to come intoalignment with your minds, the universe has set up anopportunity for you to start playing with this new connection.That is what your seers and your prophets are seeing as thepotential for October 14.The answer is yes, the equivalent of spaceships over the majorcities across the world from October 12 to October 15 is firmlyin place. This is not unusual; this happens all of the time. Thedifference is that more of you will be able to sense it or see thanever before.There is something important here to know, which is that manyof you will not see it because you do not want to, your mindsare not yet ready or your life path does not involve interactingwith extra-terrestrial life, so do not worry if you do not see this.Another thing to know is most of you who do see this will notsee it as a physical spaceship. You have been using this word“spaceship” because it is the best word you have to help youimagine life beyond Earth. A spaceship means a physical thinglike an airplane or rocket ship and this is not that; this is aspiritual gathering; this is energy and it is energy that can beembodied -- just like some people sense Angels in the roomand others can actually see them. Some of you will sense thisand some of you will actually see it and it is just as real eitherway. Do not get locked into an expectation that you will seesomething that you expect. Do not imagine what a spaceshiplooks like and then look for that.Instead, first on October 12 really look at your heart and whatyou love. Really look around the world and try to see everythingthrough the Eyes of Love. Imagine that you are someone likeJesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha or Mother Theresa. Imaginethat you are the most loving person and imagine how you wouldsee the world and how that compassion would color everythingthat you see. Spend time on this day meditating on those people,animals, places, and experiences that you love most. Let themfill your heart with love.Then on October 13, 14, and 15, spend your time daydreamingor looking at the sky. Allow your eyes to simply see what yousee. It likely will not be a spaceship in the way that you expect;it will be something far more magical and interesting than that.Each of your minds will perceive it differently because that isthe beauty of being separate and it will serve you to share storieswith one another. It will serve you to read about what others see,but do not read so that you can check to see if you saw the samething and therefore if you are right.Instead read, listen and share so that you can build a biggerpicture through each of your perspectives. More than anything,with these unknown or previously unseen dimensions, yourinterpretations will color what you see more than it would forthings that are expected or agreed upon. With this experience,each of you is going to see all kinds of things and all of themwill be true.With this being said, in some places, events will occur thatbring you to the same collective experience of love. Somecities will be distracted by events that lead you to look forlove in one another instead of from outside the planet. Thisis all part of the potential you have built – it is all part ofyour collective path to bring your minds back to your hearts,and your hearts to your minds. If you are part of these events,continue to strive to see the love that infuses every human life.Allow your hearts to break open and make room for a biggersense of love than you have ever felt before. This is theultimate potential in the events planned for October 12through October 15.We have been told that a Stargate would open on October17 -21. What star system would that come through and howwould that affect us?The Stargate that will open between the 17th and 21st isrelated to the star Arcturus and the benevolent beings itsupports, and the Stargate is opening as a resource forhumanity to provide you with a sense of support. They are talking about support like a building supports itself. If atower is beginning to crumble, you might build supportingstructures around it to hold it up - it is that kind of support.Your outdated and insufficient systems are crumbling, andyou can use this energetic support to rebuild a sense of loveand faith in your everyday lives at this time. The energy thatwill pour into the reality of Planet Earth is a deep, grounded,shimmering blue color and many of you will feel a sense ofreassurance during this time.Many of you will sleep a lot more between the 17th and the21st, and many of you will also be eating a lot more duringthose days. It is a good time to replenish yourselves and atime to recharge your batteries, so to speak.The Stargate is opening as a gift from the Arcturians to supportall of the massive changes that occurred for humanity sincethe spring of 2008. It has just been a really intense time andby the time the Stargate opens you are likely to have seensome collective events that are even more challenging.It is likely there will be more hurricanes in the United Statesand other kinds of storms across the world. The Stargate issituated to provide support after you have all been throughdifficulties on a personal and collective level. You mightreserve these days to be days when you have time to sleepor when you do not need to perform too much, or you havetime to just take care of yourselves. It is a very magical,supportive and loving Stargate.

Question: Is there anything else the Keepers would like tosay before we close the Records?

There is so much fear coming to the surface at this time forpeople in the U.S. and across the world. It seems as if it is based on the presidential elections, but the elections are simplyproviding a doorway so that you can bring it all up and resolveit. The campaigns are not causing it; they are showing youwhere your fear arises from within you so that you can takeaccountability for it. You can bring it up into the light and youcan heal it.Fear is healed through connection with one another. Fear ishealed when you choose love. The best thing you can do isto recognize what you fear on a daily basis through the monthof October. When you recognize it, ask yourself how you canchoose love in the situation and how can you share this withsomeone you trust. Isolation feeds fear; connection dissolvesit. Use that as a rule of thumb for yourselves.Continue to rise to the challenge to choose love. That is themost important thing you can do during this very challengingbut very exciting month of October.
The Akashic Transformations monthly channeling is offeredto you by Jen Moffat Eramith in order to facilitate your lifeexperiences as you move through the month. We encourageyou to share this Message with friends and loved ones, providedthat the content is complete; all credit is given to the author; andit is distributed for no financial or other compensation to anyoneother than Jen Moffat Eramith and Akashic Transformations.October 4, 2008 9:15 PM


Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Transition 2012-2013 -- Ptaah

This evening of your time we are to speak to you about the transition, the transformation not only of human consciousness but of the entire planet. It is variously called transition, transformation, enlightenment, super-consciousness and yes, even ascension - whatever that means.Now, many beloved ones are on this path termed spiritual expansion of knowing, of coming into knowing of truth. The search for that which is sometimes termed enlightenment can be quite a desperate struggle. For many, that which is the fervent yearning and desire for this transition is a desperate desire to escape this reality of the discordance, the violence, the humdrum, the pain, the anguish and the fear.Well, you know, the truth is that the desire to escape does not bring transformation. You may say that this transformation, this transition, from third density reality in your terms to what you may term the fourth and fifth density is the result not only of loving every facet of you absolutely, but also of looking at that which is your world. It is to look at this reality and to be able to observe what is occurring without the negative judgment. It is to be in loving allowance and compassion and to be in the joy of your day-to-days without the need for anything else. Does that make sense to you? To be, without the need for more.You see, as you are in that place of joy, of deliciousment, as you are in that place of blessing, gifts are put forth for you of your own creation. Indeed you automatically put yourself in a frequency termed open to expansion, open to transition and transformation. This is a grand dichotomy.Now, you may say that this reality called third density is a world of polarity. Good-bad, black-white, love-fear, and all of the other polarities. Sometimes you judge one part of the polarity to be negative. That indeed is a subjective judgment because, of course, the polarities exist in every level and without them you do not have what you perceive to be this reality. We are speaking in terms of physics here.So in terms of that which you judge to be negative -- good-bad, love-fear, light-dark, black-white -- whatever it is, it is for you to learn to see what the reality is of that which is judged to be negative. It is to be in the embracement, to be in the loving allowance. It is to allow the transcendence of the polarity. It is to see that love, compassion, embracement, and allowance create a synergistic affect where the result of transcending the polarities becomes more than the polarities themselves. Does this make sense? All right.So it is not to look at that which is judged to be negative as something to be pushed away, something to be overcome or overpowered. Rather, it is to look at the why of the negative judgment and how that which is perceived to be negative is created out of fear. And through that love and compassion and allowance you automatically create the more.Now this loving allowance, of course, must start with who you are, every facet of who you are -- that which has been unembraceable, that which has been unacceptable, that which does not match up to your highest idea of who you can possibly be, which is being gods and goddesses realized in this dimensional reality. And it is to acknowledge that those facets of you, hitherto judged very harshly, can be embraced and in the embracement, automatically creating transformation.So you may say that each of you has chosen to come forth in this timing, in this incarnation, to take part in this grand end-time cycle. You have chosen this for the adventure and for the self-realization.Now you know, in a way, this is no big deal. It is not something of great seriousness. Rather it is to learn the joy of being who you are in the laughter and the play of your day-to-days. It is the embracement in the moment where what you are creating is not bringing you joy that will make the change. It is when you are in this space that it occurs automatically without you having to do anything.It is you in that place of love, of embracement, of allowance, that the following occurs. Automatically that which is the frequency that you are, the vibratory frequency of your rate of being, of your energy, becomes faster. You may say that the transition to occur is a speeding up of your energetic frequency.Now there is also the idea that when you have attained this extraordinary state called super-consciousness, called enlightenment, that there is nowhere to go; that that is the end and you have attained perfection! It is not so. You are not to attain perfection in this transformation; you already are perfect. When the transition comes, you will not be more perfect. You will simply be in the realization of the perfection that you are in this now and in the realization of your own perfection.All right, so this is a coming time of change, soon in your time and not in some far off mystical future. It is imminent, this transformation, and it is that which quickens within the breast of you that will make you so very excited. It will make you so fervent in your desire to know your truth.2012 -- it is not long to go. And this transformation is occurring now. Every time you are in the excitement of the idea of this transformation, so you are assisting yourself in the ease and flow.It is not about struggle, it is not about trying to be spiritual, and it is not about trying to be good! You are spiritual and you are goodness. What is that, hmm? What is goodness? You are perfection now -- glorious, powerful, perfect creatures -- unto infinity. You are your perfection.This transition, if you will allow it to be, will be a soft and gentle ease, a flow. It is about love. And that which is your enlightenment is the natural result of loving who you are absolutely and unconditionally. There is nothing to do but to be in that place of love. When it is not thusly, stop and deal with what is occurring, with the feeling, to create the transformation, the transition. That is who you are.And we say, even if there were to be no end time and beginning time, still you are always in a place of transition. Transition is a natural state. That which is termed God/Goddess, All-That-Is is in a constant flow called transition, called transformation, called change, called expansion. That is your natural state of being.You are creatures of love, created of love for love in love eternally. Love is your perfection. There is nothing else. And so you may say that the transition is only about realizing your natural state.There are also, of course, many questions? What will occur after the transition? That is what you all want to know, and the more you know, the less you want to be here, hmm? We know.Well, you want to know how it is to be in that place of expanded consciousness, to be in that place of knowing the truth of you. What do you think it might be like to be in bliss, to be in bliss more and more each day? To be in love? To be in love with you and to be absolutely in love with everything and everybody in the recognition of the God-light of all things? How does it feel?Well, it will be that when you perceive things exterior to you, you perceive that which is the God-light, the Light Sourceness. In that state of being you are lighter. You are less dense in your physicality. You will have a physical body; it will simply be less dense. Your perceived reality, exterior to you, will be less dense.The power of you will be realized to manipulate matter at a consciousness which most of you do not have in this now. Of course you manipulate matter in this now else you would have no reality, but most of you do not know how you do it. You will, in this place of love and loving, come to the realization that the thought embraced by the emotion termed love immediately creates coalesced energy into physical matter.Also you will have the ability to manipulate your own physical matter termed your body. So there will be much fun and games. You are learning this already. You are starting to feel this power of manipulation of matter, of physical matter. As you learn to heal your bodies, as you learn how it is that your emotion -- that energetic power-sourceness of you -- creates your beingness, your physicality, so, if you desire change, you will know how in the power of love. You will also have the knowing to use sound and color to assist you in this changement. You are learning it now. In this change you are recognizing your own power.Many of you become quite terrified at the thought of this boundless power that you are. However, we say to you to look at your life in this now and look back a few years and see how you have already come forth in that place of expansion. See how much you have learned. You see, it has been almost imperceptible in the time that has passed and you are now, in this moment, quite comfortable with that expansion. And so it shall be, the more and the more.But it is for you to be in the ease and flow so that it certainly is not what you would term a great shock. It is not as if you would wake up one day and there is a stranger with unlimited power looking at you from the mirror, hmm? No. It will be gentle and soft, exciting, adventurous, joyous, and wondrous beyond measure.In a way it is difficult for us to use just words to describe that which does not fit into the limited boxes of your conscious understanding. Of course, we say the words to you to keep your mind busy, but really it is that which is the emotion. It is the grandeur of love that touches you so that rather than an intellectual understanding, it becomes a knowing of the heart, a feeling about this change, this transition.Your minds, no matter what we say, can really and truly grasp mostly intellectual ideas, but it is in the feeling where the transformation takes place. It is in the love where we really communicate with you. As we say so very often about what is the incredible reality of this state of being, it is like explaining to a fetus within the uterus what life is like after birth. So it is not to speak about the reality after the transition, but to speak of the natural wondrousness of the reality now which will gently unfold into this place of transition.In a way you may say the transition that you call death is the same. Death is a natural state of beingness of this dimension of reality. It is as natural as birthing. It would be our desire to see the humanities come into more of a knowing about the truth of death so that the fear component in the contemplation of death is totally embraced.Death truly is like stepping out of a suit of clothing that no longer fits you. It is stepping forth into a grand and wondrous new adventure. It is to rejoin with that which is the greater part of your soul energy. And it is to rejoin also with the soul energy of those who are your beloved ones of other dimensions, both from this reality and of other realities because, of course, none of it is separate. It is simply that you are not, in this timing, so aware of those other beings.And that is exactly as it is to be. You come forth, after all, to have this great adventure uncontaminated. We mean no negative thing here by that which are your past and future lives and that which are your lifetimes of other dimensions of reality. You come here for a very pristine adventure. This adventure has great integrity in and of itself, hmm? You are here simply for the experience. You are really not here to learn anything. That you do learn is wondrous and it is all very exciting for you, but you're simply here. If you look at the greater picture, you are here to have an adventure, and it is an adventure of emotion.No matter how you judge it -- good stuff or bad stuff -- it is all energy. You are here to have an emotional adventure, and you are here in this lifetime to learn to embrace absolutely all of the emotions so that there is no negative judgment about any of it. You see? It is quite simple, indeed. The natural next step in your adventure;What is to occur is that very gently you are unfolding, unfolding -- learning more about who you are. You are learning more about love, learning more about allowance and embracement. Every time you choose love, you are changing your frequency. You are lifting that rate of spin faster and faster. Every time you choose love, you are changing the reality. Every time you choose love, you are choosing for all of your species. Every time you choose love, you are changing your physical reality. It is a gentle unfolding.This growth of consciousness, this expansion, is growing exponentially and the matter, the mass, the energetic mass of consciousness, is reaching a critical explosion. And there, in this most wondrous blink of an eye, the consciousness of your entire planet has changed.And nobody will be left behind. Nobody will be left behind! Why? Because this transition is about love, and love means no separation. It is about love. It is about your truth. It is the most exciting adventure for the humanities for 25,000 of your years. In a greater sense, it is even longer than that, and you have all chosen to partake in this adventure. But we remind you there is nothing to do. It is about being. About being who you really are and recognizing the truth of you. Stop struggling!

Copyright Jani King 2001


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Piece of Mind -- Seth

"It is imperative, for any peace of mind, that you believe in that existence of man's innate good intent."



Saturday, October 04, 2008

Novelty -- Hathors

The Hathors
through Tom Kenyon
September 22, 2008 Orcas Island, WA

The Dissolution of the Old World and the Birthing of the New

In this message we wish to give you some specifics regardingthe financial and earth changes that are now upon you. We hadhinted at the probability of this in previous planetarymessages, but now the probabilities have become realities.The main focus of our intent for this communication appearstoward the end when we will share what we feel you can do,individually, to ride the storm. The Current Financial Crisis Those who have created/sustained the dominant planetaryeconomic system are now finding themselves with their "backsagainst the wall." This is because the system, as it exists,is not self-sustaining. It is a form of imprisonment and isnot in attunement with the shifting frequencies ofconsciousness that are taking place (albeit embryonically) onearth. And so financial institutions are attempting tore-organize themselves. But this is an attempt to perpetuatethat which cannot be sustained. They are simply trying tore-arrange cards in the House of Cards. But their attempts will ultimately be futile. This is becausethe current economic system is based upon greed, lies,control, and manipulation, and these thought forms, thesecultural paradigms, are not in alignment with the newconsciousness that is arising. What you are witnessing is thedissolution of that which needs to pass away, but that whichwill take its place has not arisen, and so it is a veryfrightening passage for those marooned in 3Dimensionalreality. The financial situation is complex and interconnected. Thedifficulties currently experienced in both the United Statesand England will affect the entire global economy. These willbe difficult times in terms of monetary considerations, butparadoxically these can be extraordinarily uplifting timesspiritually. We anticipate further deterioration of the financial marketsin the United States, Europe and Asia. The corporatestructures responsible for perpetuating the dominant economicparadigms will find themselves on very flimsy ground. Thiswill unquestionably result in the loss of jobs, real income,and an increase of suffering for individuals. Our advice isget to know your community, your immediate surroundingcommunity, because as the system implodes, it will be localrelationships that matter. Another element that makes this period particularly volatileis that your perception of time is changing. Culturally perceived time is speeding up and more seems to be happeningin less time. This is occurring both for individuals and forthe culture as a whole. This rapid movement and changing ofevents shall become faster and faster. You are entering a relentless pace in which your perceptionof time will increasingly accelerate. Because your perceptionof time is speeding up, and the events within thosetime-frames are increasing in number, many will enter a kindof shock, a state of disbelief. Specifically, it isunimaginable that the economic system can deteriorate sorapidly! What do you do when money is scarce and the thingsyou are used to in your life are hard to acquire? These arecritical questions. Collective humanity is at a pivotal point for it is at thecusp of new cultural paradigms—a shifting from fixation on3Dimensional reality into a realization of higher dimensionsand the possibilities that will be open to all as a result. While such a shift of cultural awareness sounds inviting, theactual process is extremely chaotic, which is what you arenow in the midst of. Factors of Novelty As chaos increases, over the next several years, you canexpect to see radical increases in what could be described asfactors of novelty. By novelty, we are referring to a conceptborrowed from your physics. We are not using the term as itis used in your mainstream culture, which is essentially themindless pursuit of that which is new and different to fillin the void created by emotional desperation and emptiness. Novelty, as we are using the term, refers to unintentionaland unanticipated changes within a system. These changes canbe positive, negative or both. The term, factors of novelty, refers to the phenomenon thatincidents of novelty exponentially increase as systems enterinto a state of chaos. And the probability for chaosincreases when you have many different systems interacting ataccelerated rates. Unexpected results and situations, thatwere never anticipated or intended, can and will arise. Asnovelty increases worldwide, it will create mental andemotional strain for many individuals—primarily due to thefact that the paradigms that they have used to navigatethrough life will be (and are) dissolving right before them. As difficult as these times are, and as difficult as theywill be in the near future, there is an evolutionary catalystwithin all of this. New ways of thinking and new ways of generating resourceshave to be created if humanity is to survive. The old wayssimply cannot continue. This is because they are notself-sustaining; they are intrinsically damaging to life;they are based upon lies and manipulation, and they are outof alignment with the new spiritual energies that areentering the scene. Nevertheless, those who have created andsustained the lies are doing everything in their power tokeep the House of Cards intact. Your evolutionary opportunity in all of this is to passthrough the storm by living (metaphorically speaking) in thecenter of the hurricane—the eye of the storm—where it iscalm. We will offer some suggestions for this in a moment,but let us turn our attention to the Earth Changes, for theyare upon you. In previous communications we said that the melting of thepolar icecaps and the glaciers would accelerate faster thanscientists anticipated, and indeed, this is the case. Thisshall continue to accelerate and the models of weathergenerated by computers will not accurately predict thechanges. Like everything else upon your earth, all changesshall accelerate. From our perspective we see an increase inthe intensity of hurricanes, and we see them arising in timeswhen they do not traditionally occur. There will be anincrease in tornados and aberrant weather. Alterations in thecycle of the seasons (where fall and winter patterns occur inspring and summer and vice versa) will continue to escalate.Plants and animals that have based their life rhythms uponthese seasons shall be increasingly confused. Due to theseand other climatic changes (as well as earthquake andvolcanic activity), we anticipate increasing food and watershortages over the next two decades. Another critical element in this evolutionary stew is theupcoming Presidential elections in the US. For better orworse this Office affects not just the United States, butalso the entire world, and while there are differencesbetween the two camps, in some fundamental areas they are thesame. Those who pursue the Office (from within the ranks ofthe two major political parties) may indeed have theirpersonal visions of what America and the world can be, butthey are like pawns on a chessboard, and the ones who movethe pawns are largely unseen. Unfortunately, their agenda isnot the health and well-being of the United States, nor of theworld. Their agenda is the consolidation of power. And theconfinement and imprisonment of the human spirit that resultsfrom their blind pursuit of earthly power does not concernthem. An unprecedented collision of forces is now upon you. Theeconomic and political situations, conjoined with earthchanges are creating a crack in the facade. This facade isnothing less than the cultural, economic, political, andreligious illusions and delusions that people have "boughtinto." More and more individuals will see through the lies,simply because things will fall apart. The curtains that werehiding the lies will fall. This is not a graceful process.But the old ways of being and doing must come to an end, inorder that new ways can take root. It shall be increasingly difficult to perpetuate the oldworld in the same ways it has been perpetuated. And by thiswe mean both the old world of your civilization and the oldworld of your own personal lives. As the wave of spiritualevolution accelerates, those who insist upon living in theold paradigms will find it increasingly difficult. Fear andparanoia will be the tone of the day, from the minutestaspects of personal life to international relations. This"tug of war" between that which wishes to remain locked inplace, tugging against those forces that wish to open theworld to new possibilities shall indeed become a surrealisticexperience. The evolutionary pressures upon individuals and society areextraordinary, and those individuals who are less centered(psychologically imbalanced) may experience an increase inirrational behaviors. Many countries around the world arealready seeing a rise in irrational acts and unusual crimes. Escape Velocity We have spoken about it on numerous occasions, and althoughit is very simple, it is a powerful ally. Your word for it isappreciation and what we mean by this is the ability toappreciate the smallest things in your life as well as thelarge things. Appreciation is a fascinating vibrational field with multipleeffects. As you watch your economic system go through itsmetamorphosis, as you watch earth changes increasing and thestresses upon those around you escalating, including theescalation of stress on yourself, remember the doorway ofappreciation. All you have to do is step into this field andthe disturbances around you will be less able to effect younegatively. The situations you are dealing with might notchange, but your emotional response to them will be of ahigher order. And you will be more resourceful in how youdeal with the challenges you are facing. Were we to describe, in detail, the probable future in termsof negative events, it would be overwhelming. That is not ourintent, and so we will not discuss it. What we wish todiscuss is escape velocity. How do you escape the negative,imprisoning forces that continue to confine you and the humanspirit? The most efficient and simple way is to cultivateappreciation—as ridiculous as that may sound in the face ofthe immense challenges facing your earth. Appreciation is akey that will unlock the doorway to the new world, even asthe old world dissolves and falls apart, as it must. As the spiritually driven evolutionary forces increase, andthe rip in the fabric of your civilization becomes clear tomore and more individuals, there will be a tendency for thosewho are fixated on 3Dimensional reality (without access tothe higher dimensions of themselves) to enter into a state ofmental and emotional shock, a kind of numbness. You canrecognize these numb people because they will walk and talklike normal, but they are like zombies, half aware, halfalive. Have compassion for these individuals because they arecaught between the old world that is passing away and anuncertain future that has yet to be born. Have compassion,yet be wary of them. Do not let them seduce you into theirnumbness and fear. If you learn to live in appreciation, you will enter adomain, a vibration that will carry you through the chaos ofthese times. You will find a type of solace and comfort, andthe vibrational rate of your energy body will increase. Atsome point you will reach what we call escape velocity. Youwill easily step out of the illusions and the lies of the oldworld. You will see them for what they are, and you willbecome a joyous co-creator of a new world that is beingbirthed even as the old world passes away right before youreyes.

The Hathors
through Tom Kenyon
September 22, 2008 Orcas Island, WA


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Salusa message

Mike Quinsey
SaLuSa 24-September-2008
Even by your measure of time, there is not long to go before you will get a clear indication of where Humanity is going. There are events that are approaching manifestation that will be the precursor of greater happenings, that shall lead you in a different direction to what you are used to experiencing. You are being helped to break away from the iron grip of the dark forces, and this is vital if you are to tread a different path that shall allow you full expression in the Light. As you rise up from the lower vibrations, so you are creating a new energy field around you, and eventually will be totally protected against intrusions from them.
The raising up of your consciousness is a process that you can contribute to by being aware of all of your thoughts and actions, ensuring they are of your highest expression. As you progress, you will attract even higher energies to yourself, and in so doing will help others also awaken. Your presence is all that is required to perform this service, on behalf of those who still dwell in the lower vibrations. Some will remain rooted in them and unable to break out. They will not be deserted, but allowed to continue through their freewill choice.
Part of your reason for coming to Earth was to experience separateness from the Source, and in the end-times that you are now going through to grasp the opportunity to ascend. It is of your choosing, and as your consciousness expands to reveal the truth you must live according to your highest understanding of upliftment. Once you are on the path to Ascension, many dear souls from the Light will accompany you for the remainder of your journey. You have never been alone, but as often as not have been mired in the dark energies and unable to fully respond to the Light.
This particular period of time is drawing many Beings to Earth, who desire to help you overcome the many obstacles across your path. Rigid belief systems are a major difficulty to overcome, and it is so essential that you allow for other beliefs to expand your understanding. If not, many revelations that are about to enter your consciousness will be missed opportunities to break out of the conditioning that has held you back.
Soon for example, there will be irrefutable proof that you are not alone in this Universe. Extraterrestrial craft are no strangers to your Earth, and contact with them is quite normal. What will be different is that the event of the 14th October sighting will happen in such a way that it will be undeniable, and open the door to First Contact.
From hereon, think in a more expansive way that allows for the unity of Man, and his counterparts from all parts of the Universe. You are All One, and it is time to welcome them to your Earth not as strangers or aliens, but your friends. You are One in the Light of the Source of All Life, and your destiny is to once more to become a pure Being of Light. Without the assistance of your ET friends, Man would have been unable to progress thus far. In time you will understand the truth of their presence, and how they have greatly helped you to evolve according to the Divine Plan that has guided them.
As we have often informed you, fear is the greatest obstacle to your enlightenment, and your dark forces play upon it. See beyond their attempts to intimidate you, and take your focus away from the activities of the Light. Some events are natural and real enough, and physical changes will continue to take place. However, others are intentionally brought about to continue the assault upon your senses to cause confusion and despair.
Look further ahead and see that the present conditions cannot remain much longer, without a major change of direction. The dark is already beginning to implode upon itself, as it has no place whatsoever in the New Age. The Light is rapidly manifesting upon Earth, and drawing ever closer to the moment when the new Earth shall come into being. It will be with all of its glory, fully restored and fit for the sovereign Beings that shall have been lifted up.
There should be no concern about anything of value that will be left behind, as nothing of the 3rd dimension vibration can take its place in the higher ones. You will eventually use your own powers of creation to bring into being absolutely anything that gives you joy and happiness. There will be no loss to mourn over, and you will enjoy an existence of wonderful peace and great satisfaction in the company of Souls of Light. The times upon Earth will seem distant, and only those moments of utter love and upliftment will remain in your awareness. Think and meditate upon these things, and you will find a certainty within that knows the Truth in this connection.
We say be aware of what is going on around you, but stand back and deflect the lower energies back to their source by placing the golden white Light around you. Everything is energy, and therefore you have the means to combat any unwelcome energies so that they do not affect you. There will be difficult times ahead but you can soften the blow, if you approach them in the knowing that great changes are coming that will advance you beyond any lasting effect. Everything is happening so quickly with some speed as the new energies begin to manifest the new Earth. It is happening now, and therefore much of the old must make way for it.
Be of good cheer and help others to overcome their fear, by pointing out that a cleansing is taking place that is necessary to enable the new to manifest. Death and destruction are inevitable, but you will learn that nothing happens by chance. All souls decide how they will leave Earth and they accept it without any trauma or regret, as there is a time set for the completion of each souls life period.
One life is but a brief moment of time in the whole scheme and plan for Man. The present one is however most important for those who seek the path of Ascension, and even that is known within the souls subconsciousness and will drive them onwards.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and come with greetings from the Galactic Federation, and much joy at the thought of your soon to come experiences of our craft, as they come close to Earth. Our actions are all in the cause of Love and Light and to ensure your safe arrival at journeys end, and Ascension.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey