Saturday, January 21, 2006

Divine Compassion -- Ra

"The monks and sages and mystics of old, yogis and the like,
have always been able to embrace Divine Compassion within themselves,
and in so doing, balance and unblock all of the chakral centers.

Once this is done, those events that now seem farfetched
become available to the entity on a conscious level.
It is through free will that self can provide self
with these opportunities to fully penetrate intelligent infinity."


Friday, January 20, 2006

Making the Shift without fear - Q'uo

Group question: We're wondering if there is any reason for us to be afraid of anything that's going to occur. Everything that we know is going to come to an end, as we know it, in third density. An entirely new fourth-density vibration is coming in, entirely new ways of looking at things, of doing and being. Is there any reason for fear?

Q'uo: It is with some degree of gratitude and thankfulness that we take up this question of whether there is any reason to have fear at this time in your planetary process. There certainly are great changes taking place, and, indeed, some of the processes of change have completed their pattern to a great extent. The outworking of the forces involved in the planetary shift from third to fourth density, in terms of activation and the interpenetration of third by fourth density, has matured nicely.

We have been pleased to see the degree to which your planet's people as a whole are increasing in their level of awareness of the planetary situation. This new level of awareness among what this instrument would call the grass roots of your globe means that there is more surface area, shall we say, for the light to shine through, which in turn helps the rest of the planetary population if it wishes to join the numbers of those who are awakening, making their choice, and creating for themselves the opportunity to graduate in service to others.

We are pleased, indeed, that groups such as yours all over the planet have enabled the third-density structure they do now enjoy as they have. It is extremely likely at this point that your population shall be able to enjoy uninterrupted and comfortable incarnations at the end of which lies the opportunity to choose the next classroom which you feel that you would best enjoy working in.

It is a very exciting time for your planet and for those of us who have watched your people through a great deal of difficult learning. We see better rates of awakening, shall we say, than the probability vortices of, say, thirty years in the past would have suggested. And we are humbly grateful to be a small part of that energy that has pressed towards the light, has called to the light, and has anchored that light in relatively undistorted form.

We thank each heart that beats, "love, love, love." Thank you for the unimaginable effort that it takes each of you to keep your mind, your thoughts, and your heart on the beam, as this instrument would say. It is easy to be distracted by very many things and we find ourselves applauding the efforts of each of you to stay awake and stay on task.

We can say unequivocally that there is no reason to have fear [while] phasing out the stunning changes that are taking place on your planet at this time.

One reason there is no need to fear these changes is that these changes are largely non-physical. As the questioner expressed the question, it was clear that the questioner was aware that they take place in the unseen realms, the inner planes. Therefore, while these changes are absolutely radical and revolutionary, they are not changes that will affect life as you know it on planet Earth.

Consensus reality shall reflect only shadows of these changes.

In terms of your living out your natural life, there is no physical catastrophe that is necessary in order to express the changes that the planet is going through. Humankind is another story in terms of the possibility of planetary disaster. The planet itself does not need to extinguish itself in order for fourth density to emerge. However, there is a troubling tendency within humankind to use violence and the expressions of violence of which your people are capable at this time.

The only reason for fear that we would see in the picture that we look at at this time is that tendency among your people to feel that it is possible to create a better situation than the one that is currently had by destroying people, buildings and the environments with your weapons of mass destruction. Enough of those weapons of mass destruction going off at one time could indeed remove life from the planet entirely.

Where in your energy do you see the desire to destroy rather than communicate, to blow something up rather than take the long and sometimes messy route of discussion and heartfelt reaction that results in creating light where there was darkness, love where there was bitterness, and so forth?

As you in your heart live, so does the human tribe as a whole live. And so we put this concern to you: if you have fear, let it be fear of your own human tendency to destroy. And see what you can do to create within yourself a heart that is genuinely, deeply committed to building up rather than destroying.

In terms of what is happening to the planet, the third-density planet Earth on which you live is gradually exhausting its capacity to offer an environment in which third-density entities can incarnate. The energies have been strengthened, especially in the last ten years or so, as we said, by many groups such as yours who gather for reasons larger than themselves, and you have in common a great love for the Creator and a great desire to serve the Creator.

This whole-hearted stretching and reaching for the light and this growing desire to learn the truth among so many of your people have greatly aided the situation as regards the strength of the field of third density at this time.

More and more entities, we feel, will find a connection between their own health, in terms of their spiritual health, and the health of the planet on which they live.

The key error among your peoples has been to forget that all things are one. It is a very simple truth. There are many, many ways to say this truth. But you are part of the entity sitting next to you, the entity on the other side of the world, the ground that lies closest to your feet at this time, and the ground of the entire planet. All of these energies coalesce within your energy system.

You are the Earth, just as you are the creation. The kind of healing that has this karmic tang to it is that healing into the realization that is heart-deep: that you are part of all that there is and that you are able to interact as a steward with the Earth around you.

The term, Earth, is not necessarily literal-for you may not live on earth. You may live in a high-rise or in a place that for some reason has no actual earth to it. Nevertheless, your feet touch, your hands touch, and your eyes see a physical world. Even if your environment is only one room, you can make that one room a room in which there are green and growing things, there is cleanliness and order, there is a sense of peace, there is an atmosphere of thankfulness, and there is a deep note of joy. You can make a home, not only for yourself but for all of the energies that interpenetrate third-density, consensus reality.

And this kind of opening up of the self to the awareness of the environment around you is that about which we are encouraging you to think. It is a simple thing to turn the mind to more of an awareness of what is around you. And once you become aware of what is around you, it becomes more obvious how exciting, how stunningly beautiful and how entirely original each day is, what a gift it is, and what an adventure it is to experience it.

Eventually, your planet will no longer be able to sustain the evolutionary energy necessary to live a third-density life. Once this has occurred and there are no longer any third-density entities dwelling on the planet, fourth density will indeed become able not only to interpenetrate third density but to appear.

We would indeed encourage each to take hold of life as the gift that it is, realizing that death is part of life, an outworking and a final stitch in a good pattern that you began in your mother's womb. We do not see this event as being one that needs to be feared at all. We see it as part of a benign and healthy pattern.

[These are selected excerpts from the January 2006 message of Q'uo. The full article can be found here.]

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Release Judgment -- P'taah

Beloved ones, you are so attached to the fear. It is so much a part of your persona that very often you do not see beyond it. You create the scenarios, and the universe supports you absolutely in these scenarios to show you that what you believe is true, hmm? Well that's a pretty pickle, eh? What a wondrous game you play! You are so busy looking outside around you, everywhere but within, to create the transformation that you all desire.

You see, my beloved ones, there is nothing outside of you but a reflection, a mirror. Whatever your focus is, so you will see the mirror. When you focus on fear, violence, discordancy, when you listen to other people tell you about reality, tell you that you do not live in a safe universe, tell you that you must do thus and thus to be safe, so indeed you create grand drama. You tap into all of this. It becomes part of the fabric of your belief structure and then it is exactly what you create because you indeed create it all, hmm?

All of this is very familiar to you, indeed. So it is, as you go about your day-to-days, to pay attention to what is going on within you. You see, when your life is reflecting to you peace and harmony and laughter, joy -- dare I say love? -- there is no judgment. It is feeling wondrous, and in that moment of wondrousness, the energy flows and you create the next NOW from that place of joy.

Then something occurs outside of you that you indeed have great negative judgment about and all of the energy centers close up and you experience feelings of grand discomfort and even pain which will soon translate into physical pain and diseasement.

So how do you transform all of this, especially when it is feeling utterly overwhelming? Well, first it is to pay attention to `how does it feel?' because that is your barometer. It is by your feelings that you know what is occurring for you.

The other barometer you have is your negative judgments. Now you all know that you should not judge negatively. You should not! And as you know that you should not, so indeed you have great judgment about the judgment. That is what is termed to be a double bind and the more you struggle not to, the more you do. That is a law of the universe. What you resist, persists absolutely, hmm?

So we say to you, whenever you find yourself in negative judgment about something or someone outside of yourself, when you catch yourself,
and bless it absolutely, because these negative judgments are your divine tool. You know when you are in that negative judgment. "Ah ha!" you may say, "there is a little something in here that needs attention" because you all know that whatever it is out there is only a reflection to you of what it is in here (points to heart).

(Some people enter late) Greetings beloved ones! Come forth and be seated. You have missed all the best parts. (Laughter) We have nearly finished now. (More laughter) And everybody else is just about to become enlightened! (Great laughter)

Well of course the truth is you all are absolutely enlightened, hmm? You all are enlightened. It is not something that you all go out to get. It is a truth of who you are.

So when you have these negative judgments come forth, bless them absolutely and be still and look at what is underneath that judgment, hmm? It truly is a divine tool and when you bless it, something extraordinary occurs. It is not there any more as you bless it. As you embrace the fact of negative judgment, you are immediately creating transformation. Does that make sense to you? By the embracement, by the blessing, by the thanks, you transform that judgment.

And when you come down to it, whatever that judgment is outside of you, it comes down to a little fear about who you are. And you know, my beloved ones, it is such a tiny thing. It is so small. It is simply that baby boy or girl who has never learned that he or she is worthy of all wondrousness; that he or she lives in an absolutely safe universe.

You know the universe supports you absolutely as much as you will allow it. You create your reality from your beliefs about reality, from your perception of who you are and who you are in relation to your perceived exterior reality. For as long as you believe that you do not live in a safe universe, so it will be. For as long as you believe love equals pain, so it will be. That is a grand truth.

And you know, you do believe love equals pain. That has been your experience and you have inherited it. You have inherited it in many ways. From your birthing. You were birthed into a situation and a belief structure of fear. And in all of your lifetimes you have known fear and known that love equals pain.

You are not isolated and it is quite extraordinary that each one of you feels absolutely isolated, even where there is grand love between you. Within the breast of you, you still feel alone. Well, the truth is you have never been separate from anything or anybody. Again, what keeps you in that feeling of separation is that little fear. So whatever is occurring in your world, whatever it is that you are in lack of, it is to bring it back to the feeling - whatever it is.

This should give you a little something to think about and to start your new year with, hmm? So, beloved ones, to be continued. Meanwhile, sufficient unto the time for this day. It is with grandest love that we issue forth to each and every one of you,




Thursday, January 12, 2006

Huna Kupua - Wisdom of Polynesia

Huna is a Hawaiian word meaning "secret," but it also refers to the esoteric wisdom of Polynesia.

Kupua is another Hawaiian word and it refers to a specialized healer who works with the powers of the mind and the forces of nature. In that respect it is very similar to the Siberian Tungusic word "shaman."

The Seven Principles of Huna

1. The World Is What You Think It Is.

2. There are no limits.

3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

4. Now Is The Moment Of Power.

5. To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something).

6. All Power Comes From Within.

7. Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth.

These truths can be linked to the teachings of Bashar:

Bashar: "What you put out, is what you get back."
This ties in with numbers 1, 3 and 6 above. It refers to how the material world is nothing but a mirror, reflecting your thoughts, words and deeds; reflecting your intention, attention and core beliefs. So "Do unto others as you would have it done unto you." Smile into the mirror, and the mirror smiles back - without judgment, without delay.

Bashar: "Life is what works." which ties in with number 7 above. If some method or situation doesn't work, or doesn't work as good as an alternative, then give yourself the freedom to change your mind. When working for peace, is "an eye for an eye" a dogma that works?

More information on Huna Kupua:
More information on Bashar: or this overview


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lord Kuthumi on Aging

So you can reverse the aging process by investing,
not money, but energy and time, in healing your inner self.

Turning on the faucet to the Goddess energy to flow through you,
choosing positivity, choosing truth, lightness and love
and people will want to know what your secret is.

It is a fact that it works.

Take the time to research female masters and the adepts of the
physical world who have been on a path of light, and look at their skin,
they radiate, even if their hair changes in colour, it is still filled with
light, because the woman surrenders to the natural cycle of change, and that
beloved ones, is just another aspect of the power of the Goddess.

As a young woman, the Goddess energy holds a certain frequency,
as the woman matures in age and becomes a mother,
generally there is another frequency of Goddess energy,
and as she matures after that, there is another aspect of the
Goddess energy that comes into being. This is often referred to as the
Triple Goddess or the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone energy.

--Lord Kuthumi

The Light Weaver

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year's Message from the Hathors

We indeed find it interesting that we are giving this message on New Year's Eve in Bangkok, Thailand, one full day before New Year's Eve will appear in the United States. Surely this demonstrates that time, as you construct it, is an illusion.

We have mentioned previously that time, as you perceive it and experience it, is changing radically and will continue to go through metamorphosis, carrying your global culture into, if there is such a word, instaneity. At a hyperdimensional level of consciousness, all events, past present and future are occurring simultaneously in one moment. This moment of totality can only be experienced directly from dimensions of consciousness outside of time itself. This is one reason it is so difficult to understand, as there is little reference in your world.

As your global culture comes closer to the instaneity, to use the word we have coined, events will transpire, or seem to transpire, more quickly. This will create undue stress on paradigms of reality and your coping mechanisms. Indeed, we see this coming year of your time as an intensification of what has already transpired in the last year, continued Earth changes, more erratic weather patterns, and all that is implied by such changes shall escalate.

As a collective you are not handling the energies of transformation from deep space in ways that will insure your survival. Corporate greed continues to manipulate your media and your governments. You are lied to on every front, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify what is true from what is false. All of this is to be expected. The old guard will not relinquish its power easily, and you are witnessing the power struggles of an old dinosaur tied economically, as it is, to oil. The pun intended.

As oil reserves dissipate, and as water becomes more scarce due to global warming, you can expect an intensification of global conflict. The question for each individual is how to navigate these treacherous times as the planet enters ever more volatile periods of transformation. Essentially, although it is very complex, the resolution, at an individual level, has to do with vibration.

What ring of reality you are resonating with will determine your destiny and your outcome
. Do not be seduced into fear, for it is simply a tool of manipulation by those who wish to control you. We have said previously that the need for ecstasy and joy is paramount. We are still of this opinion and would recommend that you read previous postings on simple ways to experiment with these evolutionary states of mind and body.

We see no value in identifying specific Earth changes we sense in your near future nor in discussing the weather patterns, since there is little that can be done to avert them. Rather we would turn your attention from fear and paranoia to a self-created place of spiritual peace and joy. This would serve you far more than living in the states of fear and paranoia. We said earlier that the "ring of reality" you lived in would affect your destiny. What we mean by this is that individuals, groups and cultures tend to "nest" in specific vibrational fields that can be conceived of much like the rings around your planet Saturn. (Although this has nothing to do with Saturn, it is a good metaphor.) What is truly fascinating about this is the relativity of perception.

For demonstration purposes, let's say that you are living in the "ring of reality" that holds that you have a right to the world's resources and the one who gets them first is the winner. You would then be quite close to the center of action in the cultural ring currently existing in your global culture. If, however, you lived your life with the idea that the world's resources belonged to all peoples and that no one had a right to them, you would be very far afield in the outer rings, far from the current cultural predominance. However, this is all potentially about to change. If Earth, or to be more accurate, humanity survives the transition into the New Age of this Millennium, the rings will shift and those who hold that they have a right to the world's resources to the exclusion of others will find themselves suddenly on the outer rings, for the nexus of global power will have shifted to an understanding of global responsibility, global stewardship, and global community.

All of this is fascinating to us, but the crucial question for you, as an individual, is how to live your life in a time when there is such flux, chaos, and volatility, for you are living in the midst of a dying culture and the birth of a new one-or to be more accurate "new ones" which have yet to be clearly defined. For if you survive as a global culture, through these times, you will find many divergent realities existing together simultaneously upon your Earth, and it shall be the end of your history as you understand it, for time will hover at the edge of oblivion and the totality of human consciousness and all its potential will spawn a new global renaissance and Earth shall become the diamond light of this galaxy.

This is the vision we hold for you in our hearts and the fascinating thing to us is that the key to all of this lies in the individual person, what each of you do, how you live your lives in these times. The choices you make in the smallest matters shall determine the destiny of your species. And so it is that we wish you joy and ecstasy in this coming year.

--The Hathors

Tom Kenyon

Perfection is all around -- Dyfonish

If you can imagine covering up the windows in your vehicles and trying to navigate down the highway you could probably make it but it would be very slow methodical and sometimes quite frustrating. This is basically what it is like running your physical vehicle without a clear picture in front of you.

To move out of the slower frequency one must allow the original creation to have a functional role, not allowing the unconscious emotions to control the decisions that you make throughout your life. A decision should be made with a creative purpose and goal of spiritual recognition that can only be obtained by clarity from the heart, which means of course without self in the way. When we say "make a decision for the greatest good of all" this is exactly what this means.

By letting any emotion or any of the senses be in charge of your everyday life experience is allowing the lowest part of creation to be in control of your life. Since you're here to rise above this whole system, you will become depressed until you push through this noncreative vibrational pattern and take charge of your own stuff.

There are so many roads that are taken in life with absolutely no purpose when you're trying to accomplish any feat. You make a decision not by allowing the emotions or logic to be in charge of what your goal is. Make the decision by what spiritual gain you will receive from this, not what makes the emotions, feelings and senses happy.

Shift your attention over to the real purpose of why you're in a physical body, which is learning to take charge of these different controlling processes that you have purposely introduced into your system. So you can experience life without these different processes controlling you and this is where your strength comes from. It comes from taking your point of power over the controlling factor of these systems.

Remember: you would not be in physical form on this earth plane if you were a weenie, only the toughest and the most advanced beings are able to interact in this most radical symbiotic condition of life force.

This is it! Think about this: what you are experiencing in this dimension on this earth plane cannot be duplicated anywhere in universal consciousness or beyond. You think the situations you're dealing with in this dimension are miserable and unfair. What it is, is just the opposite.

There's nowhere in creation where you can advance in understanding how physical induction into your life force allows you this experience with any more clarity. As soon as you switch your thought pattern into how grateful you are to be in this condition instead of how miserable you are, this is when you will take charge in your point of power. Which only means your emotions, feelings and senses are no longer in control (remember unconditional love isn't and emotion but an understanding, utilizing emotional, spiritual, creative and mental viewpoints). It's ok to have these but your ultimate goal is to not be controlled by anything except what you want to learn and experience.

This is the true free will, being freed from all the controlling factors that your physical being has been designed in its new device of clarity. Now I have seen where you have been exposed to the understanding that the only reason you are in physical form and I mean the only reason is to experience emotions, feelings and senses to a point where they are not in control of you. This is when you are able to rise above the third dimensional interlock of comparisons and see the true form of life experiences without all this control in your way. That direct line of consciousness is understanding the reason you have these blocks and be excited that you have this opportunity to understand and release these process. This is true growth in physical form in this dimension, in time and space, not the attitude of why is everything in chaos and what is the matter with this insane world? Nothing is insane except your view of reality.

Once you reprogram yourself to the real reality of a connected life form of stability, physical life will become complacent in its form and your whole physical system will relax into this new form and you will lose your combatant formula that you have been using for eons.-------------- once you realize that you're overcoming your challenges and this is the entire reason you are in physical form in this dimension and nothing else. The money, the food, the sex and the many amenities that are put in place have nothing to do with the real reason your in this form. So, why not focus on these points understand them and be in control, not letting them be in control of you. Once you reach this demise you have completed and accomplish the reason you have entered into a physical condition of this magnitude. This allows you to go along without any restraints, what a hell of a relief.

Living in a condition where perfection is always part of your reality completely changes your physiological and mental structure to where it starts operating in a manner it was designed to. Tremendous cellular shifts start restructuring and clarity becomes almost unbelievable, because the expediency on how this takes place.

When the first shift starts and the new cells start replacing themselves in group alliance with many multiple factions of awareness that allows mental and visual transformation into a vibrational pattern that has never been experienced in a vaulnated force of cell reproduction as long as human form was put into a creative process. In other words you are crossing over from the thought combination, to a physical compliance of true living physical anatomy. Because you changed your entire thought process, allowing the universal creative force to do its thing without you trying to change anything, turns the creative force that you have always had but it was in dormancy because of the lack of knowing how to use it.

If you are constantly seeing everything as a condition that is not in a creative alliance with the manifestation of the original thought pattern that was introduced from the beginning, your physical body has no place to transpire into so it ceases to exist. You return to your original state in a spiritual realm and then in most cases you try again. Now you have the chance to accelerate out of this condition and into the new vibrational patterns that are being introduced in the magnetosphere of the new higher frequencies.

This is why some of you are having some extended relapse of these new vibrational patterns with your physical body. Your emotions can be at some unrest until the complete new DNA has been tied together, understand trying to keep calm at this time is not an easy task to undertake. I suggest as you are feeling this strange and reactive feeling traveling throughout your body understand this can reattach much more eloquently if it is kept in a calm and quiet state.

One thing I suggest you keep your chacras in alignment. This will help carry you through each segment of attachments and some of you have been spending years experiencing these new DNA attachments. If you just keep patient for a little longer this will soon be in completion. This is the information I'm leaving you with until I can help again.

Thank you,

Saturday, January 07, 2006

What do you desire from life? -- St.Germain

There is a place and time for everything, and at present it is time for you all to consider what it is you desire from life. Most have already set out on a path that will lead to Ascension, and know that it will not simply come to them. Everything you need is about you, and the knowledge is within. There are various teachings available to help you on your way, but it is you who decide how your approach will be made. Bear in mind that not everyone is doing so from exactly the same point. Some are more aware and have expanded their consciousness and understanding beyond that of others, who may have only just awakened.

Whatever your position, once you have made that decision to move on, you have immediately stepped on the path. You will be lead into opportunities that will show you what you need, and the right people will appear that can help you. Just be ready to go along with whatever is presented to you, and you will certainly find an expansion of your understanding. Growth does not happen overnight, and much patience is required particularly at the beginning. What you find is that your outlook on life will change, and instead of being pulled along with everyone else, you choose to become a distinct individual.

You will find yourself gravitating towards new interests and friends, which are more suited to your new found expression of yourself. Once you start, providing you have the staying power and are not distracted you will recognize growth in your consciousness. You see the world from a different perspective, and a clear purpose for life becomes apparent to you. It is as though you never really understood your needs before, and it is wonderfully lifting and invigorating to become alive. It is as though you were previously in a fog, and now your vision has become clearer and you can see where you are going.

Now that you are grasping the reality of life on Earth, you also start to seek the answers to creation and the God force behind it. Understanding the mysteries comes with time, simply because you could not comprehend the whole truth without first laying down the foundations. The most important understanding is to realize that absolutely everything around you is the result of an act of creation. A creation that was first in the mind of God, and has been expressed by those who carry out God’s bidding. Do not be put off by the chaos on Earth caused by Man, and know that when the Earth was first seeded that it was a Garden of Eden.

Today many stand at the crossroads of their evolution, and the choice is to go forward and reclaim your sovereignty or continue in the illusion of this dimension. Some might say that they do not know what they want or what they need, and they will continue to stay in the lower dimensions until they do. In reality these are not decisions that have been left until this end time, as for sure you have all set a goal for yourselves many times previously. You will have mapped out a plan for your evolution over many lives, and the type of lives you have chosen reflects those decisions.

Nothing is by chance, and when you realize it you take more notice of what goes on around you. You no longer feel at the mercy of events that are outside of your control, and you can begin to direct your life. Your intuition becomes your most reliable guide if you will but take notice. Karma is something you will consider as a tool that determines the challenges that confront you. Try to understand the lessons in life, and know that you are not hard done by as you undertake exactly what you have agreed to experience.

As this cycle comes to a close, the vast majority of you are going to see it out and will not incarnate again on Earth. See therefore that you may have a busy life, clearing up old Karmic responsibilities that you cannot take with you. Rise to the challenge and do not allow yourself to become despondent regardless of what happens. The fact that you are on the path to Ascension does not mean that Karma no longer applies to you. Of all times because of your new found strength, you may be called upon to clear the most demanding Karmic debts. When you have found your Light, you can be more introspective and instead of allowing events in life to adversely affect you, can take them in your stride.

Look at how the Earth is now, and the decline in good public behavior, the uncaring attitudes and selfishness that abounds everywhere. You have Leaders who set bad examples, and create laws that imprison you on your own planet. It is enough to send you into depression, and many people do just that because they can see no way out. The Lighted Ones understand that as the Earth and its people are going through a cleansing period, there will be turmoil and upsets. This is a sign of the times as the old is swept away, but beyond this activity is a bright new dawn that is emerging. This is one time when the grass is really greener on the other side.

I am St. Germain and emphasize how necessary it is to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Many events are taking shape that will necessitate changes, and at first it will seem chaotic. However, be assured that Light Beings are already working behind the scenes, and so to say, out of the ashes the Phoenix of ages past will once more arise. You are destined to see the Earth restored to its original beauty, and memories of this are deep within your consciousness. You too will be re-birthed, as you prepare for the greatest evolutionary step you ever taken since you first took on the vibrations of this dimension.

Dear Ones, you are great Beings and we will keep telling you it so that it fully sinks in. You will reclaim your full DNA and reconnect with all of the higher energies that will restore you as the Angelic Beings that you really are. Begin to believe in your true status, you are not Earth Beings but come from the stars and to them you will return. All will be revealed in good time, and do not demean yourselves over any issue that is still unresolved or because of your mistakes. You came here to experience and your choice is not held against you, and eventually the slate will be cleaned off. There is a Creator who is All Love who desires you to return to your greatness, and it shall be so and you will be lifted up in that Light of Love that is all encompassing. Thank you

--St. Germain

Mike Quinsey